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Bay 12 news, progress reports, Q&A etc.
Red Dwarf fan site Ganymede & Titan expand into the podcast arena with a series of reviews and episode commentaries.
Giant Dwarf
A Kings of War podcast from Oslo, Norway - in English!
Giant Dwarf
A Kings of War podcast from Oslo, Norway - in English!
Blue Dwarf
Adventures of the Blue Dwarf, a giant mining ship with an inept crew. This interactive story is written by members.
In this monthly podcast, everything Chaos Dwarfs will be discussed including Warhammer News and Events. Join the Chaos Dwarfs community!
Dwarf Star Tavern
A science fiction and fantasy book club with a podcast
Short Stories by Fergus Hume (1859 – 1932), a prolific English novelist. - Summary by wikipedia
A bunch of people talking bollocks
Hosted by Wayne Brekke, owner of Dungeon Crate, the DnD5e Podcast is all about gaming with the new rules to this classic game. As a 30 year veteran of Dungeons and Dragons, Wayne Brekke mans the helm, inviting other gamers on the show as panel guests to talk about every aspect of roleplaying in the 5th edition world.
Convert to Raid has the latest news from World of Warcraft and other games from Blizzard Entertainment. From noob to pro, our players keep you in the loop on all the latest additions and changes that affect you most!
Story Club
Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.
An in-depth look at the louder form of the guitar-driven music genre that seeks to dissect and disseminate the cultural significance of the art itself......or, sarcastic jokes about bands that wear spandex and breath fire.
Carpool is a simple online and TV series. Robert Llewellyn gives someone a lift in a hybrid car, they talk. Like you do when you ride in a car with someone. It's not an interview, just an informal and often very funny conversation
Hosted by Jed Shepherd & Daniela Phillips. Your guides to every episode of Red Dwarf, leading you up to the new season on DAVE in 2016!
About Last Night
Comedians Brad Williams and Adam Ray share crazy stories from their lives on the road. From sex, to sports, to booze, when a dwarf and a Jew come together the results are unpredictable but always entertaining.
A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!
Hosted by Jed Shepherd & Daniela Phillips. Your guides to every episode of Red Dwarf, leading you up to the new season on DAVE in 2016!
Role With Us
A group of die-hard role-players gather weekly to delve dungeons, investigate the supernatural, and blast into space. Whether you are new to role-playing or a life-long adventurer why not Role With Us? (NSFW, CONTAINS A LOT (Seriously... it's like, A LOT) OF ADULT LANGUAGE)
Calvin's Epic
After a failed suicide attempt, Calvin, a hilariously eccentric, mentally unstable, and incredibly violent quantum physicist awakens to find himself in a fantasy world complete with trolls, elves, dwarves, and other stupid fantasy creatures. Unwittingly, our hero (if you can dare call him that) is thrown in the middle of an international conspiracy involving a tyrannical elf queen and a ploy to turn the global gold standard to her favor. However, Calvin's ever swinging mood and severe manic ...
Hosted by Jed Shepherd & Daniela Phillips. Your guides to every episode of Red Dwarf, leading you up to the new season on DAVE in 2016!
Dungeons and Chill
A Dungeons and Dragons real play 5th edition original adventure podcast. The power of the Darkness is ever growing, our heroes are tasked with stopping the impossible and saving those in need. You'll laugh, you'll love, you'll cry as you follow us on this once in a lifetime adventure. With our characters: Sif the Bard @ChillcastRobert Ni'leth the Paladin @NilethRosethorn Arya the Cleric @AKAAryatheElf Kai'avi the Druid @VeryBlueDruid And David the DM @DungeonsNChill
We are two pair of brothers who have decided to record some of our 5th edition real play Dungeons and Dragons sessions. "The tale of three fortune seekers, three wanders of sorts, maybe even adventurers.. but definitely Not Quite Heroes."
The Treknobabble podcasts discusses all things Star Trek, scifi and geek, each week we discuss SciFi movies, series or any subject geeky
In a live therapy session, guests tell stories about when life got so bad it got funny.Hosted at Giant Dwarf by Rebecca Huntley and Sarah Macdonald.
From the creators of Doctor Who: Podshock, a podcast covering all of British science fiction including but not limited to Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, UFO, Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, War of the Worlds, The Tripods, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and more. Hosted by Louis Trapani and friends. (MP3 version). A production of Art Trap Productions. See other podcasts at
Nailed It
Great Comedians. Terrible Thinkpieces.Nailed It! is a live show performed at Giant Dwarf, Sydney where comedians SKEWER the big issues of the day.This. Is. So. Important.
Story Club
Each week, we bring you stories told live from the Story Club chair at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney.
the Front
Host Deron Stone takes a non-partisan stance filtering through the lies and misinformation being spoon fed to the the American public.
Stephen Mangan, Alistair McGowan and Sophie Winkleman star in this fantastical BBC Radio 4 comedy by Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto. Sam (Stephen Mangan - "Green Wing") is a fantasy novelist who is whisked off to a Tolkien-style parallel universe by a noble elf, a sexy warrior princess (Sophie Winkleman - "Peep Show", "Red Dwarf") and a feisty dwarf called Dean. Why? Because Sam's dog is the Chosen One who is destined to save 'Lower Earth' from the evil Lord Darkness (Alistair McGowan - "Alist ...
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Disney Film Project Podcast! This is the show that creates magic for one and all, by all of us talking about your favorite Disney films, and some of your not-so-favorite films. Whether it’s Tangled, One Magic Christmas, Condorman or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we’ll capture it all here… eventually. Hosted by Ryan Kilpatrick, Todd Perlmutter, Cheryl Perlmutter, Rachel Kolb, & Briana Amberger. If you like the show, tell your friends. Tell 572 other peopl ...
Videos produced by and about the ministries of 3'10" tall evangelist James Croft and the James Croft Evangelistic Association.
Jed & Daniela from the SMEGHEADS podcast, turn their attention to the new Season of X-Files for a limited edition run of 6 episodes! As well as discussing the episodes, at the end of every one, they speak to David Lieve Hart from 'Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!' about his experiences being abducted by aliens.
Behold! An RPG audio drama! Live tabletop roleplaying with cinematic sound effects and score. If ye be seeking hilarious and perilous improvised adventures – look no further!Join Jamela the dragonborn, Chair the dwarf that used to be furniture, Vimak the goliath, Jen’Ifer the tiefling, Barty the roguish performer, and Lefty the pirate queen on mayhem-filled, morally-questionable quests for wealth, honor, and crunchy corn chips.
Ruga Nano
Two Dutch fans of Red Dwarf make a podcast about Red Dwarf. Leonard and Dedan-Jah introduce themselves and discuss seminal scifi influences and find tenuous connections to Red Dwarf.
Join two friends as they journey through every episode of Red Dwarf, offering you their insanely witty and goofy commentary.
Riding Chimeras
A dungeons and dragons podcast
A podcast about PC strategy games, tabletop games, and war games. Ranging from Gary Grigsby's monsters to titles like Crusader Kings and Dwarf Fortress.
No Rangers Allowed
Dungeons 'n Dragons, house ruled to death, as played by weird and weary videogame snobs. Starring a desertwalking Zoroastrian dwarf druid; a backwoods halfling elftaku, master of banjo, jaw harp and double flute; an emo cat-summoning death cleric; and a filthy, feral anarcho-syndicalist barbarian. A Selectbutton Gaiden podcast. Join us at Radical show icon by art subgenius @BachelorSoft
An enhanced podcast, reviewing past and present episodes of Red Dwarf, with some speculation of future episodes. Also we discuss current Red Dwarf news and rumour in the GrooveTown section, and finish off with a general chit chat in the Parrots Bar
Crits & Hits
Join the adventure as the dungeon master Chandler takes the party through the dangers of the land of Miridowin, following along with the party as they begin their adventure!
Fully Charged
Robert Llewellyn (from Red Dwarf and Scrapheap Challenge) investigates the changes taking place in transportation and energy generation
Home of several shows: Tardis Tapes, Heather & Karen Review Cool Sh!t, & Boys from the Dwarf
Music loving dwarf with soulful tendencies....
Dudes Watch Disney
Dudes Watch Disney is a podcast started by two grown-ass men (pictured) who are searching for the quintessential Disney animated classic. From Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs all the way through (insert most recent Disney release here).
A podcast From with Red Dwarf news, reviews and commentaries
"Chicago, 1929. There are a thousand stories in the naked city; and when you're a dwarf at four-foot-one, they all look that much taller." It is The Era of Prohibition, where crime runs rampant in the streets and a city divided into territories serves as the ultimate prize. Somewhere in this Underworld of Chicago, an enchanted we
Don't Worry; It's Only the End of the World is a post-apocalyptic radio sitcom consisting of six episodes written by Alfie Shaw. Inspired by classic sitcoms like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf as well as post-apocalyptic fiction like the Fallout series, the show follows a group of survivors as they try to cross a perilous wasteland in order to complain about recycling.
Master storyteller Padraic Colum's rich, musical voice captures all the magic and majesty of the Norse sagas in his retellings of the adventures of the gods and goddesses who lived in the Northern paradise of Asgard before the dawn of history. Here are the matchless tales of All-Father Odin, who crosses the Rainbow Bridge to walk among men in Midgard and sacrifices his right eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom; of Thor, whose mighty hammer defends Asgard; of Loki, whose mischievous cunning ...
Jon Starkey, a big city snob and wine aficionado is reluctantly sent to represent Pluto, a dwarf planet at the edge of civilised space. There he encounters everything from hick locals to psychotic AI software to undead football teams... Subscribe and follow his weekly adventures!
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Hang on to your hats, bullies and buddywugs! In this roleplay packed episode, Leaky faces the final round of his Trial by Combat (for the crimes of being a dwarf), Cezzaria wields her newfound power as an optiate of the masses, and Korri finds her place in the New Froggy Order. We promise you won't soon forget this whacky episode of the CF Diec ...…
Including the typical segments you’ll hear in every episode of the Plantrama podcast :15 Introduction by Janet Endsley, NWFGS Program Director 2:14 Ellen and C.L. introduce each other. (One of us is a cat person, and another a dog person…) 4:04 What’s For Dinner? The Merry Woodsman Cocktail In a cocktail shaker full of ice, combine two ounces o ...…
Welcome to the Ballad of the Seven Dice. The first of four introductions, Borodon the Dwarf Cleric takes on his role as Royal Advisor to his brother Galdin the King of Mons Rengum. His new seat of power sits in a precarious balance of peace and war as the neighbouring kingdom of Drath'gard makes its move. The Mighty Kingdom - music by audionaut ...…
Kate is joined by great friend & comedian Brad Williams & his new bride to discuss threesome apps, dwarf sex, fucking without feelings, and restraining orders!
Kate is joined by great friend & comedian Brad Williams & his new bride to discuss threesome apps, dwarf sex, fucking without feelings, and restraining orders!
So after a light errors segment, We discuss Opening Day of the baseball season, and some of our favorite baseball memories. We talk about Bill Hader's newest project, The Roseanne revival, and Kevin James doing his worst Prince impression. Jon reviews a beer and we all learn what a ThunderBear is.
Discord: Patreon: Twitch: Ren: Finishing zones, changing to Beastmaster on hunter The handy parts about thinking about alt priority Mike: Island Expeditions Antorus Rep This Week in WoW World Quest Event - bonus reputation Darkmoon Faire starts on Apri ...…
I’m so excited to celebrate my TWENTIETH episode with some very special guests today. Craig LeHoullier is THE Tomato man (@nctomatoman to be exact). After a successful career as a chemist in Pharmaceuticals, Craig began a new career as being one of the leading experts on growing tomatoes and celebrating the many varieties that exist. He is an a ...…
It's the battle you have been waiting for. Our villains take on Kasik Stonefoot to steal the Savior artifact - the Amulet of Dominion. But the artificer isn't going down with out a fight, aided by his clone beastfolk children and his small tinkerbots. DM – Kevin John – Alunodas Garrasderuin, Elven monk Blake – Juliet Starstorm, Dragonborn eldri ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Range of LightSubtitle: A NovelAuthor: Valerie MinerNarrator: Angela Starling, Kara BartellFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 27 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-07-15Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 2.5 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Fiction, Co ...…
The Crypt Crew get into a weird situation that involves prison, dwarfs, religious misunderstandings, and a death in the party. RIP Bogergrim!
Erin - GM Jack - Ragnar - Dwarf Paladin Jeremy - Click-Clack - Kenku Rogue Kat - Sca' - Wood Elven Cleric Barbarian Navarran - Alastar - Half-Elven Bard
Erin - GM Jack - Ragnar - Dwarf Paladin Jeremy - Click-Clack - Kenku Rogue Kat - Sca' - Wood Elven Cleric Barbarian Navarran - Alastar - Half-Elven Bard
Your nest egg is made up of two component parts: the contributions you diligently make to your retirement accounts throughout your career, and the investment returns that those contributions earn for you. Not surprisingly, your contributions — and those of your employer, if you receive matching funds in your 401(k) — initially dwarf what your i ...…
Welcome to STEMCasts: Capturing the journeys of successful STEM professionals. In this episode, we have a conversation with Raja GuhaThakurta, an Astronomer & Professor at UC Santa Cruz who's research is focused on the formation and evolution of galaxies. His group at UCSC led the SPLASH survey of red giant stars in our closest large neighbor A ...…
This episode of SpaceTime is brought to you by Grammarly…an intelligent writing . Insstall if for free and wonder how you got along without it. Please use our special link so they know you came from us and help support the show: Thank you. Stream on demand from (mobile friendly). *Steven Hawking’s p ...…
Sam & Bev geek out more about beer, Sam gets a pig and hilarity ensues, Bev gets her goats and still can't believe it, discuss when boy goats go through puberty, and they chat a bit more about incubating and hatching chickens. Show Notes: Why beer tastes better out of a keg Ladies that love beer, find your local chapter of GPO Manna Pro Licoric ...…
Check out the companion blog at for photos and more!This week's show is evidence that surrounding yourself with stuff you like can greatly impact your mood. I started out subdued and kinda down, but was my regular self by the end of it. And I owe it all to talking about new music from David Byrne and the Decemb ...…
Not really, but let's see if we can get this whole episodic thing closed up. Okay? Just try and relax and just follow us. The Appl I mean the Evil overpriced empire has convinced the Captain of the Mothership Jokecast to join them in their own singularity, with the promise of the App I mean Empires vast riches, like a dwarf into a deep gold min ...…
So what’s the lesson to be learned from the Republican loss in Pennsylvania’s 18th District special election? Jack Pitney of Claremont McKenna College suggests that while it’s clearly bad news for the GOP, there’s no certainty that Republican voters, or Republican politicians, show any sign of creating distance between themselves and President ...…
In the annals of abolitionist history, names like William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, the Grimke sisters, and Harriet Tubman are well known. Dr. Marcus Rediker‘s new book, The Fearless Benjamin Lay: The Quaker Dwarf Who Became The First Revolutionary …
Sex with dwarfs; sex party rules and regulations; Kevin's sex with a transgender man; sex party anger; remembering Stephen Hawking; real life vs. Black Mirror
Welcome to Scribblers' Rest, where a group of Florida creatives play RPGs! The Scribblers get real as they venture head first into Rappan Athuk: Episode 12 – Rapping at My Chamber Door Group B investigates the Tower of Rapping. Will they be seen evermore? Game Master – William Tucker (Writer for TPK Games as well as Kenzer and Company, & Scribb ...…
Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane! Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games. Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue The Dame ...…
March 2018. Fred, Lars and iWin finish their review of the CoK18 book! Apologies for the sound becoming a bit rough when we laugh or speak very loud, we had the mic on a bit too sensitive...
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: In the Company of the CourtesanAuthor: Sarah DunantNarrator: Richard E. GrantFormat: AbridgedLength: 5 hrs and 40 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-07-06Publisher: Random House AudioRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 23 votesGenres: Fiction, HistoricalPubli ...…
Welcom to Episode UNO of the Partio-Poddy. Today we're conquering new waters and trying ourselves in Podcasts. Not as cool as Vlogs, but still more audience orientated than a page long blog! Get excited and dive straight into your experience!
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Demon LostAuthor: Connie SuttleNarrator: Traci OdomFormat: UnabridgedLength: 7 hrs and 51 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-07-17Publisher: SubtleDemon Publishing LLCRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 48 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy: ContemporaryPublisher's Summary: ...…
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Raising SteamAuthor: Terry PratchettNarrator: Stephen BriggsFormat: UnabridgedLength: 12 hrs and 20 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-07-13Publisher: Random House AudiobooksRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 410 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy: ContemporaryPublisher's ...…
Can the Warriors win the NBA Title without Curry? / Is Mizzou’s biggest x-factor in the tournament / Kevin Love on opening up about mental health, Marvin Bagley on the ACC Tournament experience & Cliff Avril weighs in on the Seahawks recent moves.
This episode, we begin with some good old fashion rambles about Zeah, giving the run down of its release, what is available, and what is still yet to come. We see the last of the QoL polls come into the game. Jagex also gives us the ability to rate our experience on OSRS for each session. DMM tournament beta pops up and, thank the gods /s, we s ...…
Hilarious & kick-ass chats with one of my favourite podcast guests EVER, award-winning Australian comedian and now kids book author, Andrew Hansen from The Chaser TV and Triple M's 'Radio Chaser’. Best known for The Chaser, Andrew Hansen has teamed up with his wife and partner-in-crime, designer Jessica Roberts, to create their very first child ...…
For the last three decades, Donald Trump has ranted that America is getting stiffed on trade. But as president, he’s done little to back up his “America First” slogan—until now.On Thursday (Mar. 1), the US president announced tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on imported aluminum. The move is aimed at recouping the billions of dollars “l ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Assassins, Knights, & DwarvesSubtitle: The D.P. Prior Anthology of Sword and SorceryAuthor: D. P. PriorNarrator: Bob NeufeldFormat: UnabridgedLength: 26 hrs and 29 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 07-10-17Publisher: D.P. PriorRatings: 4 of 5 out of 4 ...…
Thoughts of a tossed dwarf, Airborne in a gyrocopter in the wee early morning hours, another character themed Voice demo. Probably not me best but I'm posting it anyway.
Admittedly the quality of the accent does seem to come and go. Scottish Irish accent with tones of Dwarven might. Another vocal tribute to World of Warcraft. EnJoY?
Catherine tears into Disney's first feature-length animation, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with a cider in one hand, and a microphone in the other.This will end well.
A group of middle age men playing 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons while making occasional socially inappropriate comments. The crew includes Baradan the dwarf fighter, Aldar the human cleric, Falthorn the human fighter, Cialis the human magic user, Trixie the female human magic user, Oddleif the halfling thief and Ahmas the professor. E ...…
And we are back! Here is the first character background episode for our Dwarf Fighter Friede played by Krista! A Huge thanks to everyone who stuck with us during our Hiatus and another big thank you to Willow Mcphie for our theme song and Kevin MacLeod for the music in the track through his site incompetech.…
Meet the Dark Vision Dames: The Heroes of Brisenbane! Join our newest group of Dungeons and Dragons players, as we collectively build our world and teach some new players the joy and fun of Role Playing Games. Join Kellie (The Dwarf Tempest Cleric Anvilsprark), Anaia (The mysterious Gnome Druid), Talia (The Roguish Bard o Bardish Rogue Zalaris. ...…
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