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Roswell Chat with Alex! We break down the OG UFO (UFOG?) event and go deep on UFO happenings in general, both outer and inner. This one is a lot of fun.
DARK AND BRUTAL DANZIG SHOW. Verotika Review / Misfits Review / Tight Pants Power Metal (Just The Hits) / Last Round Pick In The Soul Draft / Aleister Crowley Presents Alcoholic's Anonymous
Please Take Your Girlfriend Home / The Great Djed of Osiris / Leary Crowley Connection / Satan Is As Powerful As God Man / Shots Fired At Bigfoot / Make America Grateful Again / Space Relations / Epstein Kubrick Connection / Charles Manson Black Magic Dark Energy Bullshit Vibe
Charles and I talk Jeffery Epstein, Jimmy Buffett, Tool, and Roswell. We'll sell you the whole seat, but you'll only need...THE EDGE.
A Very Special Episode, guest-starring Peter from IllCon Radio, who you may remember from such roles as Peter from IllCon Radio. Topics include: Epstein Island! Bohemian Grove! Midsommer! Trop Rock! Beach Country! AND MUCH MORE! All the hits, all the time - that’s the NAD guarantee.
Hi, my name is Erik, please allow me to speak to you on the following topics: Severe Podcast Burnout / Disney Channel Dead / Good Thing To Use Mind Control For / Bohemian Grove Frog / Catching Up With Trop Rock / Did He Come By U.F.O.?
Erik’s Adventures At The Dead Show / Ancient Psychedelia Meets Ancient Websites / Into The Musk Continuum / 95-Year-Old Canadian Defense Minister Exposes UFOs / Again Into The Musk Continuum / Post Malone vs The Dybbuk / The Musk Continuum Never Ends
Join Will and me for a free-wheeling conversation on nature of the Men In Black and the history of sightings and encounters over the years. Also featuring: EXTREME SYNCHRONICITY!
Sarah is back for another episode! Featuring Astrology Chat, Tarot Chat, Pope Chat, Hero’s Journey Chat—ALL THE CLASSICS, ALL THE TIME.
Join Sarah and I as we explore timeline shifting, alternate realities, government reality manipulation tech, demonic visitations, sea dragon dreams, the Netflix Witch Team, Twin Peaks Season 3, the subjective nature of being, and more. This one’s super fun, check it out!
Come along for another DEEP DIVE with Charles in which we break down the control structure of reality, the impending second Civil War, the tentacles of NXIVM, soft disclosure of human-pig hybrids, Netflix psychological programming, and more! A truly uplifting episode.
This weeks topics include: Gym Chat, Summit Lighthouse University versus Rock and Roll, Actual Cannibal Jordan Peterson, Talking Gargoyle at the Denver Airport, and more! Could I put any less effort into this description? Doubtful.
Drool over these amazing topics: Psychic Dolphin Fail / Women Who Run With The Aliens / How To Speak Na’vi / Derek Exposes The Dead As Satanists / Paganini Sells His Soul / Jerry’s UFO Experience / Hidden Song Meanings / The Endless Review / One Siqq Piqq And One Not Siqq At All Piqq
It's the Nights After Dark Al Sports Edition, featuring Al! Join us for some fascinating locker room discussion on topics such as: Tom Brady cheating with witchcraft, Jose Canseco hunting Bigfoot and time traveling With aliens, sports superstition is basically just magick, and a super dark Hit or Shit on the Memphis Rap Sigils.…
Charles and I dive yet again into the conspiracy rabbit hole. Enjoy our paranoid rambling and speculation on a wide variety topics, and if you pay attention, you might actually learn something! Also, the debut of a new NAD travel segment: Travel Tips for Occult Locations and Exotic Locales, this time focused on New York City!…
Join me for a thorough examination of the themes of human sacrifice as expressed in British folk music and beyond. Also: siqq metal jamz about human sacrifice. Also: Wiccan jams that feel like they probably should be about human sacrifice. Also: the world debut of the Deepest (Deppest) Zen Thought!
Yet another solo episode! Featuring Weird Sex Cults, More Siqq Cult Jamz, Occult Board Games, MK Ultra Mind-Controlled Dogs, and more! Look, I TRY, OK??
Another solo show! I play many different jams from many different cults, talk lightning rod symbolism, get you woke to Golf Rumors, and reveal a new (to me) Mandela effect. With so many beautiful reasons to listen, how could you not?
IllCon Radio is dead, but Nights After Dark goes on, like a satellite orbiting a lifeless planet. Tune in to the transmission beam for a chat with Sarah, former NAD co-host turned YouTube tarot celebrity extraordinaire, on astrology, the meaning of life, and ways to communicate with extra-dimensional entities. We're doing this all for YOU.…
Serious Squatch Talk this episode, featuring: Denver Riggleman Explains Everything (About Bigfoot) / Delicious Blonde Fuks By Sasquatch / Female Bigfoot Forced Me To Have Sex / Ja The Rasta Squatch / InfoWars Yes / Channeled Impressions / Channeling Erik / Macho Man Mashup
Come along as I run the spectrum of possible topics, including: Siqq Mashups / The Law Of One / Hidden Hand / Texas Ghost Report / Enlightened Path of Galighticus / More Siqq Mashups. If you are confused, allow me to assure you that these are literally all the possible topics.
Charles and I have a wide-ranging discussion on topics ranging from Atlantis to suppressed history to modern propaganda to esoteric philosophy. Get woke, if you will.
Wow! It's another solo show featuring such fascinating topics as HAARP, HAMMER, and SMACC, John C. Lilly and the Solid State Entity, conspiracy clickbait, weaponized comedy, and much more. Featuring a very special Robert Zombie surprise! Tune in and be amazed.
OMG. NAD. More Qanon Jams / Beatles Sacrificed At The Golden Gate Bridge / Dale Earnhardt Jr Saved By A Ghost / Psychic History of the Internet / Heaven’s Gate v Lil Uzi Vert / The Owl In Daylight / Grace Slick v Dio / Random Jams I’ve Been Listening To
Against my better judgement, NAD HAS RETURNED. Come along as I play rare QAnon jams, talk about buried babies, the Rainbow Girls, DoD oversight of Hollywood, a Canadian cryptid stalking a moose, The Dingo Ate My Baby! and Moonie gun worship rituals.
Join Shelby, Charles, and Erik for a highly illuminating discussion! Topics include: Cuck Chat / SPs Will Hate This / My Thetans Are Killin’ Me / Trop Cops: Sea PD / Free Big Lurch / Long Pork / Theories About Conspiracies / Is Super Mario Bros A Hollow Earth Metaphor? / You Literally Just Bought Into The Lie / David Icke Is An OG / The Spirit ...…
Another solo show! Featuring: More Q Chat / Illuminati Soul Absorption Techniques / Supreme Court Fuckery / Bill Cooper Takes Down Alex Jones / Bill Hicks’ Comedian Killer Script
In this one: Celebrity Suicides / The Mysteries of Qanon / Obama Conspiracies / Arousing Audio / Ancient German UFO Sightings / And More!
Join me and Gleb from Moscow as we discuss USSR military cover-ups, our own personal UFO encounters, and all sorts of other Russian weirdness. Also featuring Mithras chat and Australian Scientology Rap. Enjoy!
Experience the Power of Positive Podcasting with special guest host James! Featuring such topics as: Sovereign Citizen Steampunk Jams / Jesuit Warship Nukakked My Men / The Father Of Jesus Plays Super Mario World / Party With Your Demons
Sit back and relax while Charles explains everything from the world to The Real World. Also featured: astrology chat.
Featuring such classics as: Livestreamed Ego Death / GMOs Can Never Set You Free / Nibiru Apocalypse / Samsung Corporate Hypnosis / Zodiac Killer AI Poetry / QAnons IRL / Nazi Demon Skulls / Drunk Naked Freemasons / Kid’s Jokes
Shelby and Erik lecture a college class on conspiracy theories! That’s the second part of the show. The first part is a pre-show in Shelby’s kitchen featuring such topics as: Ingrid Goes To Jonestown (aka Instagram Suicide Cults), and NXIVM gets major busted. This is a GOOD EPISODE, you will enjoy it, or we will dock your grade.…
I hope you like cryptids, because this episode is all about cryptids! Will and I discuss the Loveland Frogmen and the Lizard Man of Lee Country, two separate and unique creatures that have been stalking travelers and attracting police bullets for decades. Are they real? Are they a hoax? Science may never know.…
Join me in a conversation with Nils about how drugs and the counterculture can act as a mechanism for social engineering and behavior control. We run a spectrum of topics from meditation to the mind influencing power of The Police! There is some is some very good content in this one, so turn on, tune in, and… check it out?…
Adam Slamdler Eats Peyote And Argues With His Ignorant Horse / Astral Projection Is Real / Ron Paul Is Here / Stone Poles / Chemtrail On The Net / Syrian Aquarians / Those Aren’t Clouds Daddy, Those Are Chemtrails / SF Bacterial Weapons Test / Ain’t No Photographs Of Earth / Lemme Tell You Somethin Bout The Space Station…
Get ready for 2 hours and 23 minutes of top shelf weirdness, co-starring, in chronological order, everyone who has ever dared to appear on Nights After Dark! I asked each guest to pick their Favorite Weird Thing (conspiracy theory / fringe idea / cryptid / etc) and explain it to me. Every single one of them brought the fire. I love you all! Kis ...…
So Many Bitcoin Jams / No Forests On Flat Earth / Leftover Sketchfest Jams / Maybe Some Other Stuff Too I Can't Remember
IllCon Live Show Chat / Conspiracy Music B-Sides / Let Me Express / CIA Qigong Investigations / Chemtrail Cowboy / Dear Prudence / As Far As The Eye Can See / Bass Pro Shops at the Memphis Pyramid / Gary, You Love Brussel Sprouts / What If They Were Lying?
It's a solo episode Easily the most fun I've had talking to myself recently. Very serious topics include: Net Neutrality / Cryptocurrencies / The Monroe Institute and the True Nature of Consciousness / Yuppie Meditations / Accelerating Science / Ghost Hunting Judicial Nominees / Ghost Dick / Bill Cooper and Lucifer 2000 / Walter Tyler and Jack ...…
Where are all the aliens? Will and I tackle the massive, cosmos-spanning subject of the Fermi Paradox. What is the Great Filter? Are we headed for transcension? Tune in to hear us wildly speculate!
Charles and I discuss the role of Military AI in controlling US politics, personal identity, and reality itself. This one goes deep!
Trump and His Meteor Wall / The Warren Buffett-Jimmy Buffett Continuum / Goosebumps Synthwave / Yeti Hunting in Nepal / Joan Baez and Her Satanic Ritual Abuse Songs / Cuban Sonic Weapon Audio / Stranger Things Question / Mystery Babylon
Come along with me and special guest WILL as we explore the history of the Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster (with a detour into the Men in Black), discuss famous encounters, and pull it all together by exposing the possible driving force behind the recent rash of sightings in Chicago. It's a wild ride!…
Featuring Such Classic Hits As: What Does A Lady Bigfoot Smell Like? / Loose Change Jackpot / Parrothead Parties / Weather Modification Jams / Star Trek Occultism / Woke Ass Jim Carrey / DMT Machine
Hurricane weather modification warfare / Secret space laser arms race / Face modeling on the iPhone X / The shortcomings of simulated reality / Religious implications of technological advancement / Exposing information and control of the internet / Google censorship / Global financial war motive behind Equifax hack / Extreme astrological happen ...…
It’s too hot to make any sense. Live Lovecraft Ritual! Live Bigfoot Ritual! Live Ghost Ritual! Live Reptile Cult Murder Ritual! Live Cuban Sonic Weapon Ritual!
Tune in and let me explain the Anubis Sphinx Theory, Disney's UFO disinfo campaign (including an unadvertised documentary and an unattended conference), some Wizard of Oz Mandela Effect weirdness, and Trump’s spiritual connection to Journey. Ok? Ok.
Erik is flying solo again! Topics include: Pandering To The Left, The Detroit Masonic Temple, This Day In Conspiracy History, Real Actual Pagan Witchcraft, Photon Teleportation, Buzz Aldrin's Illuminati Signs, Satanic Literary Corner, and More!
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