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Camille by DUMAS, FILS, Alexandre
The Lady of the Camellias (French: La Dame aux camélias) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils, first published in 1848, that was subsequently adapted for the stage. The Lady of the Camellias premiered at the Theatre de Vaudeville in Paris, France on February 2, 1852. An instant success, Giuseppe Verdi immediately set about to put the story to music. His work became the 1853 opera La Traviata with the female protagonist "Marguerite Gautier" renamed "Violetta Valéry". In the English-speaking wo ...
I AM 1 FILS' Podcast
Firestone Indy Lights Highlights
Listen or watch Firestone Indy Lights Events with video and audio Podcasting featuring Firestone Indy Lights drivers, and fast paced racing action.
This is Our Network on DaChosen Publishing. We have a wealth of information to share with you, each and Every Day. Our Call in Number is 914-205-5568
Le lecteur du soir
Tous les soirs, j'enregistre la lecture d'un chapitre d'un livre à mon fils. Une vraie lecture du soir pour vos enfants !
Breakfast with Sis
Welcome to "Breakfast With Sis", the breakfast musings of a daddy daughter breakfast tradition. Alli Koch, Aka, SIs, is a successful entrepreneur and author having started AlliKdesign, a visual design company right out of college. Dad, Tony Bridwell, is an author, speaker, executive coach, and senior partner for the international consulting firm Partners in Leadership. Together the two have had a standing Saturday breakfast date since Alli was 13. Over the years the two have discussed most e ...
Equality Matters
The Equality Matters Podcast is a weekly look at LGBT issues and their coverage in the media. This week: The Employee Non-Discrimination Act, Don't Ask, Don't Tell Update, Chick-Fil-A's Anti-Gay Ties, Encouraging News About Religious Groups' Role in LGBT Equality and the Federal Government Puts a Hold on Deportations of Bi-National Same-Sex Couples.
Words of New Life
Words of New Life is a weekly broadcast of New Life Christian Fellowship in Elk Grove, CA with Pastor Fil Digap
Mental Health with Matt
Chick-fil-A rests on Sunday and so should you. I talk about my journey with mental health and how we can all train our minds to be stronger. The brain is a muscle and we must take care of our thoughts as we go through life!
Zoilocast, pinoy sa usa
kumusta na. i'm a filipino residing in california for 20+ years. this podshow allows me to speak my mind on life, family and and everything in this world. in addition, i will introduce you to music of up and coming fil-am and pinoy artists. halina't makinig!
GoodVibesNation - Filipino Sharing Positive Thoughts
A Filipino American based out of the Bay Area talking and sharing life lessons in hopes of helping and inspiring. A major goal is to provide younger Fil-Ams with respectable role models that they can actually relate to. The bigger picture is to connect us all as human beings through good conversation and laughter, no matter the background.
Radio Podcasts & Remixs
☆☆☆☆ FRESH PODCAST & Remix BY DJ Guillaume Ribeiro ☆☆☆☆Passionne du monde du deejaying depuis l'age de 16 ans Guillaume Ribeiro est un deejay aux allures généralistes electro-house, reggaeton.Il a débuté en 2008 avec des petits logiciels qui étaient au départ pour le "fun" mais qui est rapidement devenu une vraie passion.C'est pourquoi Guillaume Ribeiro a voulu se lancer dans le monde de la nuit et du deejaying et c'est en 2011 qu'il sort son Podcast officiel : "Drop the mix now" écouté et t ...
★★★★★★★STAN CASTILLO★★★★★★★DJ / VJ - Compositeur - RemixeurDepuis son plus jeune âge, il se passionne et s’intéresse à tout ce qui touche l’univers de la musique électronique « House ».Il débute avec l’apprentissage d’instruments tels que l’orgue électronique puis des synthétiseurs qui lui permettent de composer au travers de boucles, refrains, samples et sons divers issus de tous les milieux.Au fil de son évolution, il remplace ces derniers par du matériel plus sophistiqué et essentiel à la ...
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Driver cited for distracting driving---he was playing the 'air bagpipes', 67-yr-old Florida woman busted for stealing $1500 worth of merchandise from Belk while dressed in turkey costume, Pilot sues Utah nonprofit after striking camouflaged toilest they had set up near runway as part of event, Someone stole a Chick-Fil-A catering van near Atlan ...…
Jim Bryant and Kaitlin Miller on the Christian principles behind Chick-Fil-A, the US based fast food outlet.
Out Of Bounds (9 AM-12 PM)
Clary at chick fil a continues
Out Of Bounds (9 AM-12 PM)
Live from Chick fil a
Jeff Woody and Jared Stansbury broke down FIL from Iowa State’s loss to Oklahoma State on this week’s episode of CFTV-LIVE presented by Agrigold.
Known for her signature wigs, celebrity hair stylist Damali Fils shares how she created the life and business that she wanted to live. With a home in California, Fils travels first class between New York and Florida serving an elite clientele. On today's show, Damali shares her secrets for success, planning for 2018 and how to look fabulous thi ...…
The Gaming Marathon
This week the Gaming Marathon crew return with sad tales of Adam's missing Xbox One X followed by some game shaming. Next, it's this week's rapid fire news including Guacamelee 2 is officially in the works, a sequel to Spelunky is finally on the way, Sucker Punch reveals their next project Ghost of Tsuahima, Owlboy is coming to home consoles, S ...…
Audiologist, Franklin Cauchi, speaks with Joe Axiaq about what causes ear infections. - L-awdjoloġist, Franklin Cauchi jitkellem ma’ Joe Axiaq l-infezzjonijiet fil-widnejn.
Connect with Titania Jordan
Fascinated by new forms of communication and technology, Nicola drives thought leadership around innovation and serves as a pivotal educator of emerging technologies, participant behavior and digital trends. Just take a look at her amazingly-curated social feeds and you'll see a glimpse of her genius. In her 15 years focusing on emerging techno ...…
Chaque 1er mardi du mois à 18h30, les conférences Les Vendanges du Savoir permettent à tous d’acquérir des connaissances fondamentales sur la recherche scientifique autour de la vigne et du vin. Organisées en partenariat avec l'Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, ces conférences mettent en avant des chercheurs qui viennent présenter l' ...…
Sojourn Network Podcast
Transcript: All right, if you would pray with me. Father, I'm grateful to be here at this time, I ask that the words that I will say will bring life and not death to us. Pray that your spirit would breath here in your midst, have his way with us. Pray that my words would fall to the ground and blow away and not be remembered anymore, Lord may y ...…
Sharah of Muharrar Fil Hadith (Hadith 56-60)(ِA Book by Imam Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi (R.A.))by Shaikh Yasir AlJabri MadaniKitab Al TaharahTopic: Baab Wudhu ka Tareeqa, Faraidh Aur Sunnatein ke Bayaan me (Nabi Sallahu Alaihiwasallam ko Apne Tamaam Kamau me Dahena Pasand tha)Date: 08 NOV 2017
Chaque année, début juin, la musique ancienne prend ses quartiers à la cathédrale de Maguelone, berceau historique de Montpellier et haut lieu de l’architecture romane du Midi de la France, à la situation unique cernée par les flots de la Méditerranée et les eaux de la lagune.Ce rendez-vous musical, devenu incontournable au fil des ans pour les ...…
Unexpected Adventures
Sat morning - rise and shine! • Header to the trails • Long run...not the best • Chick Fil A magic
Join host Darryl E. McCullough with co-host Carmen Miller (Erika D White off tonight). In this episode the Full Circle group opens with how quickly two years is approaching for the show! The group then shares their appreciation to all listeners of the show, especially those who shared episodes with their family and friends. They then give a sho ...…
Sharah of Muharrar Fil Hadith, Hadith 51-55(ِA Book by Imam Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi (R.A.))by Shaikh Yasir AlJabri MadaniKitab Al TaharahTopic: Wudhu ka Tareeqa Ka Bayan (Wudhu Karne Waloun Ki Qiyamat Ke din Ki Fadhilat)Date: 01 NOV 2017
Pastor Daryl's Moment of Power
A life of service or ministry can be described in many ways. It is filled with obstacles like a hurdler faces. It can require great bursts of energy or effort for short periods of time like a sprinter. It will need strategy that bests suits your strengths like a middle distance or long distance runner. It has to have a consistency like a marath ...…
Dukes and Dane are joined by the Shirtless Puerto Rican in a special bonus edition of the show. They start off by pitching a brand new television program, then address the fact that Bartie should stop driving for good after getting in yet another accident. Then they get into why Chik-fil-a is the most popular fast food restaurant in America, an ...…
Dukes and Dane are joined by the Shirtless Puerto Rican in a special bonus edition of the show. They start off by pitching a brand new television program, then address the fact that Bartie should stop driving for good after getting in yet another accident. Then they get into why Chik-fil-a is the most popular fast food restaurant in America, an ...…
Special Lecture By Our Guest Speaker;Shaikh Abdul Aziz Farooqi Umri (Hafidhahullah)Topic: Udkulu Fil Silmi Kaafah, Islam Me Mukammal Dakhil Hojao ( Al Baqrah 208)Date: 20 OCT 2017Friday Morning at Daqah Centre Kilo 14
In episode 023 I interview Luke Nevill who is a performance coach. Find out more about Luke at: ★ this podcast we talked about:✔️How he got out of his burn out✔️ Misconceptions about habits and fitness✔️ Techniques, methods, and nootropics to optimize your brain and body✔️ Productivity TipsLet me know what you've learn ...…
Sharah of Muharrar Fil Hadith, Hadith 45-50(ِA Book by Imam Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi (R.A.))by our guest Scholar Shaikh Abdul Aziz Farooqi UmriKitab Al TaharahTopic: Wudhu ka Tareeqa Ka BayaanDate: 18 OCT 2017
Tim and Tom have a super fun and informative interview with Lora Vogt, Curator of Education at the National WWI Museum and Memorial. They discuss the museum's history in Kansas City, how they cycle artifcacts and displays, the beautiful park surrounding the museum, WWI's impact on our culture today, and so much more. Tim and Tom also have some ...…
Holly Reilly, head coach at St. Margaret's and a member of the Philadelphia Fire of the new WPLL, discusses the state of women's lacrosse with MaxLax Radio.SponsorsToday's episode of MaxLax Radio is sponsored by Renegade Lacrosse. Designed to inspire the tough, tenacious, and thirsty, Renegade Lacrosse trains female youth, middle, and high scho ...…
In Episode 022 I interview Mitchell Weijerman who is a digital nomad coach and owner of the Facebook Group 'Digital Nomad Accelorator.'Join the 'Digital Nomad Accelorator':★ this podcast we talked about:✔️ Essential you need to know when you want to be or are a digital nomad✔️ What you need to have when you want to be ...…
Sharah of Muharrar Fil Hadith, Hadith 41 - 44(ِA Book by Imam Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi (R.A.))by Shaikh Yasir AlJabri MadaniKitab Al TaharahTopic: Wudhu ka Tareeqa Ka BayanDate: 11 OCT 2017
Have you ever heard of Copywriting? ie: Written Word on Your Website, Pricing Guide, Emails...etc. Ashlyn is the Queen of Copywriting having changed her clientele from companies such as Delta Air Lines and Chick-fil-a to the top tier of Creative Entrepreneurs. She is sharing on this episode not only the importance of text on these platforms but ...…
Bibelvers:Ordt. 4:23Fil 1:9Joh 1:35-39Rom 7:15MSG: Rom 7:17-20
Pastor John Farley - Lighthouse Bible Church Podcast
Lighthouse Bible ChurchSundayOctober 8th, 2017One another2Jo 1:5 Now I ask you, lady, not as though I were writing to you a new commandment, but the one which we have had from the beginning, that we love one another.Joh 13:34-35Joh 15:12, Joh 15:17; Mat 19:19phileofil-eh'-oto be a friend to (fond of [an individual or an object]), that is, have ...…
By Hard Force United.
In Episode 021 I interview Kristina Rylova who is a productivity blogger. In this podcast we talked about:✔️ How To Handle Information✔️ How To Set The Right Goals✔️ Time Management And Finding Focus✔️ How To Handle Procrastination✔️ Dealing With FailureLet me know what you've learned about productivity by dropping a comment below!★ WHO IS KRIS ...…
Some entrepreneurs are fortunate enough to have their ministry and their business lives overlap. Others long to combine their love of God with their professional pursuits. While a few larger corporations like Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A chose to close on Sundays in order to allow their employees and customers time for worship and family despite ...…
Once again it's on!! What you think about Amber Rose SLUT WALK ? Why do hoes say "I'M ALLERGIC TO CONDOMS ? THOSE LIPS, HER DIMPLES AND HIS BEARD!!" That's the best thing going for them! DO THE CHICS AT CHIC-FIL-A WANNA FUCK BENZEL? Every week a new topic and another laugh!! Featured song this week SHOOT UP" by Calvin XInstagram: @im_calvinxsou ...…
Ken Luamba - Ne tues pas ton propre fils by Mont Carmel Media
We wanted to bring some FREE CHICKEN to all of the folks still mourning the closed Chick-Fil-A, while they finish up their renovations!
Autumn Miles Podcast
From Politics to adoption, listen as Janet Kelly tells her personal story of a God ordained moment at Chic-Fil-A!
Sharah of Muharrar Fil Hadith, Hadith 37 - 40(ِA Book by Imam Hafiz Ibn Abdul Hadi (R.A.))by Shaikh Yasir AlJabri MadaniKitab Al TaharahTopic: Wudhu ka Tareeqa Ka BayanDate: 04 OCT 2017
Down to Business with Jessica Dyer
Jessica brings Arthur Greeno to the show this week. Arthur owns two Tulsa Chick-fil-A locations and is bring the first Tulsa Pop Culture Expo to town.
In episode 020 I interview Tilo Flache who is a decluttering coach. Find out more about him at ◼️ Website:◼️ Youtube:◼️ Facebook: this episode we talked about: ✔️ The value of decluttering and organization✔️ Some great study ...…
Discover Islam || How to Become a Muslim
(Tout ce que vous avez à faire pour entrer dans la religion de l'islam et devenir musulman est de dire à haute voix, comprendre et croire cette formule en arabe appelée «la chahada»: (J'atteste qu'il n'y a de divinité digne d'adoration qu'Allah, qui veut dire que rien ne mérite d’être adoré en dehors d’Allah et j'atteste que Mohammed est l'envo ...…
Nintendo Open Air Podcast - September 26, 2017"Dramatically Overdelivered"Topics in the Air:- eShop Games- Animal Crossing Switch- Increased File Sizes- Switch Overdelivered- NBA2K Fail- TRU Bankruptcy- Miiverse- The Ataribox- Cereal SurprisesSource Article for Reggie Quote: (Thanks IGN!) ...…
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