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Debloke Finans

Debloke Finans

Grace Modern Financial

Debloke Finans is a project of Grace Modern Financial LLC. Debloke Finans was created to help teach Financial Literacy in the Haitian Community. Don't worry, if you don't speak Creole we will also have episodes in English. Eventually in Spanish. The show provides information from experience and guest experts on the topics that include Budget, Credit, College Planning, Insurance, Real Estate, Mortgage, and Retirement. Listen, Enjoy, and Share.
The word 'Yadnya' means a holy fire where oblations and offerings are given while chanting hymns contributing to the moral and spiritual upliftment of the society.True to our name, we are offering our time, money and knowledge to the holy fire of financial literacy in India.Our Mission is to educate and simplify concepts of personal finance for every Indian!We are amalgamating technology with our financial planning expertise to help you meet your financial goals.
Mitchell Kaplan has been a bookseller and has owned the independent bookstores Books & Books for over 35 years. He is also co-founder of the acclaimed Miami Book Fair. If you love books, writers or are a passionate reader, this podcast is for you. Enter The Literary Life where every Friday you’ll hear candid conversations with Mitchell and his guests.
As a former Financial Consultant for Bridge Financial Group (NY) and MBA graduate with top honors (Magna Cum Laude) from Wagner College, I feel it's my duty to inform members of my community and and abroad about issues that have a net tangible effect on our everyday lives...from Finances/Investments to the affect of Politics, social media and entertainment.
Welcome to Investing Is My Side Hustle. I'm Portfolio Tone and my podcast is about my experience as the everyday, 9-5 employee in the struggle, trying to get out of the rat race. In this podcast I plan to talk about real estate, the stock market, financial freedom and my personal stories along the way. In NO way does this podcast serve as investment advice.
The Last Kingdom With Mary & Blake is dedicated to the hit TV show from NETFLIX, The Last Kingdom. In The Last Kingdom with Mary & Blake, The Last Kingdom podcast hosts Mary and Blake dive in head first on character, theme, favorite moments, production, predictions and every facet you can think of for The Last Kingdom on Netflix. We have not read the books, and are podcasting this show one episode at a time. So this is a spoiler free podcast! We firmly believe in the separation of book and s ...
AIGA Design Podcasts

AIGA Design Podcasts

AIGA, the professional association for design

How is design changing as a discipline and profession? What are the current landscapes and future horizons of innovation? ​What are the opportunities for the design community? AIGA explores these questions and more with creative practitioners and​ business​ leaders​ to deepen the impact of design across all disciplines on business, society, and our collective future.
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Emma Straub is the New York Times-bestselling author of four other novels--All Adults Here, Modern Lovers, The Vacationers, and Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures--and the short story collection Other People We Married. Her books have been published in twenty countries. She and her husband own Books Are Magic, an independent bookstore in Brooklyn, New…
What are the defining challenges CEOs face and how can sustainability be a tool when facing and overcoming these challenges? The 12th UN Global Compact and Accenture global CEO study is its largest to date, and is based on insights from more than 2,600 CEOs from a variety of sectors all over the world. The study lead, Michael Hughes from Accenture …
The world of caregiving requires planning and problem-solving 365 days a year. There are no shortcuts to holistic and compassionate care. The daily grind must be organized while expecting the unexpected. Your role as a caregiver is valuable. Listen in for more insights. --- Send in a voice message:…
As a caregiver to our elderly loved ones, who, by the way, fight hard to maintain their independence driving, has costly consequences. Yes, it has happened again! Car keys, night-time driving, and our elderly; the combination is serious and deadly. Listen in for more insights. --- Send in a voice message:…
Thousands of tons of silver left LBMA vaults leading up to the end of 2022. This hemorrhage is historically unprecedented and gold is now joining in. This bodes very well for precious metals prices, but what does it mean for risks in the financial markets in 2023? Watch to find out...By Investing Counterpoint
While a pedicure may seem like a great way to care for your toenails, it may not be the best plan for our elderly with many health problems, mobility problems, and chronic diseases. Indeed, taking care of the toenails is an important part of healthy feet. In our elderly, family members become the pedicure kings and queens, especially if our loved o…
Over the holidays, an elderly lady died in her home from a fire. Safety bars prevented first responders from getting to her. While we work hard to fortify our homes to keep the bad actors out, how do we look at the safety of our elders living alone with locks and bars on windows and doors? The elderly as well as those with disabilities may not be a…
I interview Bradley Onishi, cohost of the Straight White American Jesus podcast, and author of the new book Preparing for War: The Extremist History of White Christian Nationalism—And What Comes Next. It's a terrifying look at the recent history of Christian nationalism and evangelical support for anti-democratic ideas. For more about Bradley and h…
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