Best Netflix podcasts we could find (Updated October 2018)
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Netflix And Spill
The number 1 podcast about NETFLIX original programming
We Are Netflix
Join us for conversations about working at Netflix. Michael Paulson and Lyle Troxell interview impressive colleagues to learn how the company's culture creates a highly productive, rewarding place to work.
Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast! Join us as we take on the ever-expanding catalog of streamable TV and film from services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO NOW, CBS All-Access; the list goes on and on! Our hosts Mick Joest and Adrienne Jones are here every week to discuss the content you care about, and will be joined by other writers and experts from the entertainment industry. TV is overrated! Keep on cord cutting!
Everything That Is Movies!
Netflix Picks
With so many options on Netflix to choose from, sometimes it can get quite overwhelming finding what to watch. On NETFLIX PICKS we’ve got you covered! We talk your favorite Netflix series, what new shows and movies are coming, news announcements and more! We’ll fill you in on anything and everything Netflix!
It's the UGO podcast, where you can geek out with us every week and never have to feel sorry about it. Join us for some trailer talk, geek news, movie and TV reviews, interviews with other content creators, and our coverage of midwestern conventions become a fellow "unapologist" and subscribe to us on iTunes, Sticher, or our Youtube channel
It's the UGO podcast, where you can geek out with us every week and never have to feel sorry about it. Join us for some trailer talk, geek news, movie and TV reviews, interviews with other content creators, and our coverage of midwestern conventions become a fellow "unapologist" and subscribe to us on iTunes, Sticher, or our Youtube channel
We bring you the latest info on what is coming to your Netflix Instant Watch queue and in addition we also review three new titles that are new to Netflix Instant Watch every month.
Madison & Jamie take you on a tour of the best of Netflix Originals.
Join us as we realize our dream to watch, review, and discuss EVERY HORROR MOVIE ON NETFLIX in alphabetical order. Hopefully we discover a new favorite movie... or a new least-favorite movie! Follow along at home if you dare, or just let us decide if a film is worthy of your view... or just the queue. New episodes every other Thursday.
Three friends, watch Netflix, get drunk, and then talk about it.
Netflix releases new movies and shows every week. Too much content for a normal person like you! That's why your hosts (Jeff and Dan) review them for you - before you waste precious time on subpar content, get the scoop here!
Netflix Has No Chill – that's a true statement as well as the title of this show. Each episode, Adriana and Zach comb through the hundreds of hours of content to highlight what helped us Netflix & Chill. From forgotten classics, to foreign family dramas, to Netflix Originals, we're here to make your chillin' easier.
Netflix & Chill
Podcast by VirtueMedia
How We Netflix
A bi-weekly podcast where Roberto and Megan explore the depths of Netflix to watch the weird and unusual, and hopefully find a few gems along the way. These episodes do contain spoilers, so be sure to watch the film before listening in.
Two girls, one podcast, infinite adventures in dating.Email us at idratherwatchnetflix@gmail.comFollow us at us at
A show where we discuss our favorite shows found on Netflix episode by episode. Buckle up, kids
Netflix and Grill
At Netflix and Grill we invite over fascinating people from the worlds of entertainment and storytelling and we grill them - on their favourite shows, their biggest influences, their story telling techniques and what they think of the flavour of the month in news, Netflix, pop culture and beyond. This is Netflix and Grill.
Horror reviews, interviews and the best horror podcasts on the planet.
Welcome to Netflix and Shill (Crypto Talks), where amazing things happen.
Your Netflix ResourceNew + movie & television reviews for Netflix Original content
Find out what's coming online and going offline on your favorite video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon.
Sprinklez is here to help you find your next favorite television show, movie and podcast with recommendations, a boat load of laughs and a healthy dose of fabulousness thrown in!
Netflix and Tell
My station is about talking about what goes on in the world ,talk about my daily journey but and actual people things they go on-in my life &entertainment I love making people laugh Thanks for listening
Dig into the real stories behind Netflix Original true stories– how our filmmakers got access, what ended up on the cutting room floor, and even the impact a Netflix show can have on the real lives of its subjects. Keep the conversation going on Twitter @CantMakeThisUp, or find us on Facebook at You Cant Make This Up Netflix.
JED Talks
JED Talks to people from the world of TV/FIlm/Music & Entertainment about their careers and what makes them tick.
The Motley Fool's daily look at stocks in the news, as well as the top business and investing stories.
Netflix Knowhow
Josh and Sabrina Pannell help you decide what to watch on Netflix tonight.We are in no way affiliated with Netflix.
This is Bob and Tilly and were going to tell you how Netflix works, (it's awesome with poptart's) First what show's to watch then What snackes to bring and eat (POPTARTS)
Podcast by Plenty Goodwood Podcast
Every week the Flixwatcher crew team up with other podcasters to talk about what to watch on Netflix! Flixwatcher is hosted by Helen Sadler and Kobi Omenaka. Every episode discusses and rates a film from Netflix as chosen by special guests from other podcasts using our unique Flixwatcher scoring system. We tackle classic films including Woody Allen's "Manhattan" and "Pulp Fiction" , Netflix Originals such as "Amanda Knox" and "Beasts of No Nation" through to bargain bin b-movies such as Shar ...
Netflix Book Club
Every week we watch a movie that's streaming on Netflix, then we talk about it.
The Open Micers
Just two guys who love comedy! The Open Micers podcast is a documented journey about two guys who love comedy and want to be great at it. The podcast simply tries to delve into the lives of several open mic comedians throughout North Carolina and what they experience on a daily basis. The topics on the podcast range from speaking about writing processes and our worst times on stage all the way to random DragonBall Z trivia and FetLife. You’ll enjoy this podcast if you’re starting comedy for ...
Two women who love to watch movies, (especially those of the horror variety), take on the task of watching one Netflix horror/thriller movie a week. Whether it be good, bad, or downright ugly, join them here every week while they discuss and review the depths of Netflix’s scary movie selection.
Recap’s of Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series, Orange is the New Black
Beamed to you from a closet and a basement, The Stream Police Podcast gives advice each week on building a better Netflix queue, Spotify playlist and DVR list. Clint Davis (movies/TV) and Andy Sedlak (music), formerly of, talk about the best — and better-avoided — shows, movies and music now streaming, with plenty of sound bites.
Netflix & Chill
The south's finest, Christen and Laurie, failed to get their MRS degrees in college so now they're making their way through the dating black-hole of New York City, while maintaining their senses of humor. Welcome to their adventures!
Welcome to the Netflix and Review Podcast: watching the movies you skip through! Join Lee and Mike as they talk about all of those movies you wouldn't even think about watching on Netflix. Got a movie on Netflix you want us to watch? Or if you just want to chat, check us out on Twitter at Netflix And Review@NRPodcast1 or e-mail us at Enjoy the show!
Each week, Brandon and Keith watch a randomly generated item from the Netflix catalogue. Any film or tv show could pop up, and nothing is off-limits. Enjoy the ride as these two funny guys discuss and rate whatever Netflix throws at them!
If Netflix had a TV guide our faces would be on the back page. Introducing our favorite digital programmign weekly in YouTube, podcast and blog form.
Netflix & Kill
Three guys made the terrible decision to watch bad Netflix horror movies, and they review each one in excruciating detail. Join them as they slog their way through the garbage of D-rated horror, and take pleasure in their choice to be gluttons for punishment. Maybe they'll find a gem. Probably not.
Netflix 'N Swill
Netflix has so much content that it's hard to sift through all of it. Every single Tuesday, Dan and Caleb comb through Netflix and tell you what's worth your time and what's not. So if you're someone who enjoys good discussion and watching good stuff, please give us a listen!
Punisher on Defenders TV Podcast is the home of our Netflix Marvel’s Punisher Podcast. All reviews for Punisher were recorded around the time of release of the show on Netflix. Each of our podcasts covers one episode of the show with no spoilers for future episodes of Marvel’s Punisher on Netflix this allows you to listen to the podcast in any order that you would like. Episodes may include spoilers for previous shows Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 1, Marvel’s Luke Cage Season 1 and Marvel’s ...
If you have stumbled upon this podcast by the recommendation of a friend or purely by circumstance, I suggest you turn back immediately. Should you choose to listen to this show you will encounter rabid fans of the A Series of Unfortunate Events, speculation on the upcoming Netflix adaption, and general tom-foolery of the most miserable variety. You have been thoroughly warned.
Join us every other week as we watch movies, drink beer and discuss both!
Iron Fist
Aaron, Jon, Kova, Steven and some revolving guests will be recapping and reviewing netflix's latest addition in the Marvel MCU, Iron Fist! Send us your feedback to! We are on and on twitter @sceneitcast.
Recorded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, hosts Grayson Maxwell, Nick Morris, and Roger Stillion dive deep into cinema culture.
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Caterpillar falls more than 7% due to the rising cost of steel. Aaron Bush and Matt Argersinger analyze the effect that tariffs are (increasingly) having on the markets. Plus, we discuss investing outside the U.S. and dip into the Fool Mailbag to talk spin-offs.
Welcome to Netflix 'N Swill, your source for Netflix news, reviews, and booze. This week, Daredevil Season 3 has been released to the masses but should the Man Without Fear fear cancellation as yet another Marvel/Netflix show has been axed? 00:01:16 Intro 00:05:35 What's Your Swill? 00:07:32 News 00:17:38 Downstream 00:25:46 What Did You Watch ...…
We can’t keep up with demand” was the headline for Hasbro’s 3rd-quarter. Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker analyzes the toymaker’s struggles in the wake of the Toys-R-Us liquidation. Plus, we discuss the latest results from Polaris Industries and dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer a question about shorting stocks. (Tangents include Bi ...…
Welcome to Netflix Picks - the weekly show covering new Netflix releases, and helping you choose what to binge watch this week. We also serve up all the latest in Netflix News. Watch us and let us know what you've been binge-watching!Hosts Rick Hong @rickhong, Amy Cassandra Martinez @amycassandramtz, and Steve Kaufmann @stevekaufmann talk this ...…
It's time for a classic -- especially during this spooky Halloween season! Starting with a mini-review of "Tale of Tales" and ending with the quintessential vampire romance itself, this episode should have you quivering -- maybe in a homo-erotic way?!
Marvel's Matt Murdock is back for his third season.By (CNETTV).
Visa raises its quarterly dividend by four whole cents. Jason Moser analyzes Visa’s history of stock buybacks and compares it to the company’s dividend strategy. Plus, we discuss Travelers’ steady (and completely unsexy) business and the latest activist investor target: Campbell Soup! Thanks Netsuite. Get the FREE guide, “Crushing the Five Barr ...…
Netflix added 7 million new subscribers, blowing away expectations. Andy Cross analyzes Netflix’s growth and shares how the company is planning to keep a handle on growing costs. Plus, we discuss IBM’s new 52-week low and dip into the Fool Mailbag to offer a few tips on researching company initiatives.…
This week of the podcast we are continuing our new segment of the show, Bored On Netflix. Whenever we get the chance we are going to find something to watch on Netflix, typically movies, or comedy specials, and then do a podcast about what we just watched. We want to do big blockbuster movies, indie films, and even kung-fu flicks, and we would ...…
Viewers have been anxiously awaiting the return of Making A Murderer since the first ten episodes came out in 2015. And on Friday, October 19th, Part Two is finally launching on Netflix. In anticipation of the new episodes, we sat down with Making A Murderer creators and directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos. They discuss how the series imp ...…
This is Episode 80! Not Another Book podcast return, this time for Bookshybooks choice, 10 Cloverfield Lane, the second film in the Cloverfield franchise. 10 Cloverfield Lane is the J. J. Abrams produced 2016 film starring John Goodman (Howard) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Michelle). Following a car crash Michelle wakes up in a bunker, chained ...…
Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft, owned professional sports teams, and made contributed billions to philanthropic efforts. Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker discusses Allen’s amazing life in and out of Microsoft. Plus, we discuss earnings from both the financial and restaurant industries, and Walmart’s new partnership with Advance Auto ...…
A Star is Born. Need I say more? If you've seen it, then you know I don't need to say anything else. Spoilers: we LOVED Bradley Cooper's directorial debut. Join Grayson, Roger, and Nick to find out why and what we thought of Venom and A Private Life (Netflix). Please follow the show @lovecinemapod and check out the Facebook page. Above all else ...…
Welcome to Netflix 'N Swill, your source for Netflix news, reviews, and booze. This week, Iron Fist has been canceled, Kurt Russell is Santa, and we have reviews for Malevolent and Apostle. 00:00:55 Intro 00:02:50 What's Your Swill? 00:04:30 News 00:11:10 Downstream 00:26:22 What Did You Watch This Week? 00:44:22-00:49:12 Malevolent spoilers 01 ...…
Nick shares his experience at this year's New York Comic Con
Nick shares his experience at this year's New York Comic Con
Sears files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Is it the end of the road for the iconic retailer? Analysts Emily Flippen and Matt Argersinger talk about the past, present, and future of Sears and discuss some of the lessons for Amazon and other retailers.
This week on Netflix Picks, we’re talking all things Haunted! If you’re looking for eery program to get you in the Halloween spirit, Rick Hong is breaking down “The Haunting on Hill” for you.Our Foodies out there will want to hear Ashley Chaney’s take on the latest Netflix Original “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.”And if you’re in the mood for some sket ...…
Director of Worldwide Post Production, Sean Cooney, and Talent Acquisition partner Talia Williams chat about the unique process and challenges of growing strong global support for Post Production at Netflix.
Get ready for an effin' mind bender -- Netflix Original limited series "Maniac" is gonna keep us thinking for awhile. First 30 minutes are pretty much spoiler free (including a mini-review of current American Airlines films), then we dive deep into the themes and craziness. Buckle up, 'cause it'll be a bumpy ride.…
Clint flies alone in this episode and talks about the most hardcore movies he's ever seen, including the legendary FACES OF DEATH. He also gives part two of his 2018 Fall TV preview, talking about five interesting shows premiering in October/November. Plus, a review of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY and his thoughts on Disney cutting back its Star War ...…
BAD TIMES AT EL ROYALE REVIEW Subscribe to us on Itunes! REVIEW US ON ITUNES PODCAST IS SPONSORED BY AUDIBLE FREE AUDIBLE TRIAL and 1 FREE BOOKS HERE Get 1 free audiobooks when you sign up! Cancel the first month with no charge at anytime! If you decide to keep the trial you get • Get one audiob ...…
Let's get in the Halloween mood early with a nice, new horror series.By (CNETTV).
It's still not safe to drink the water! This week, Chris and Patrick struggle to identify bodily fluids and debate whether or not the humor in this grossout comedy is morally reprehensible or just silly fun.
Take a deep breath, folks. Jeff Fischer stops by the studio to add some perspective on the stock market’s volatility and history of downturns. We discuss Square’s bad week being compounded by the news that CFO Sarah Friar is leaving at the end of the year. Plus, Jeff shares some ideas on how investors can decide for themselves whether it’s time ...…
The girls hit an all time dating low, and take a 30 day break. Tune in to hear our weekly updates; and the causes, and results of the cleanse. Email us at Follow us at Tweet us at
BoJack Horseman was the star of the hit TV show Horsin' Around in the 90s now he is washed up, living in Hollywood, complaining about everything, and wearing colorful sweaters.
It’s our 1500th episode! Jason Moser and Matt Argersinger analyze the market’s volatility and look for opportunities among falling stock prices. Sears falls 35% as it prepares for bankruptcy. Starbucks gets a new investor. Snap hits a new low as a leaked memo from the CEO makes headlines. Plus, we take a quick look back at where the market was ...…
It’s Episode 79! Ben (Top Film Tip) and George (Retro Ramble Podcast) return, this time for Ben’s choice the 2016 black comedy Catfight. Catfight is a Greek tragedy of sorts, but mostly a black comedy punctuated with moments of Tom and Jerry style violence. It stars Anne Heche and Sandra Oh as two rivals who are reunited by chance and take out ...…
Grab your wizard staff, tub o' pretzels & constellation-charged tea & listen in as Madison & Jamie wrap up their discussion of Season 3 of Grace and Frankie, with episodes S3E12 "The Musical" & S3E13 "The Sign". Show link: Contact us via email at: Hit us up on twitter: ...…
Alphabet shuts down Goole+, its failed social media platform, after the private data of 500,000 users was exposed. Netflix buys ABQ Studios in New Mexico. Jim Mueller analyzes those stories and shares why he’s watching the ripple effect of tariffs this earnings season.
Here we are in the deep on October and well into good movie release schedule. Do the movies this week measure up to and earn that description? Dive in this week with Grayson and Roger as we look briefly into Night School, Hell Fest, Smallfoot, and Hold The Dark (Netflix). Follow the show @lovecinemapod and check out the Facebook page. Feel free ...…
Welcome to Netflix 'N Swill, your source for Netflix news, reviews, and booze. This week, Dan and Caleb have reviews for a ton of Netflix Originals: The Dragon Prince, Nappily Ever After, Hold the Dark, Hilda, and The Ritual. 00:00:55 Intro 00:04:44 News 00:09:30 What's Your Swill? 00:10:27 News 2: Electric Boogaloo 00:12:51 Downstream 00:29:09 ...…
Facebook has unveiled a new device for the home called Portal. Motley Fool Asset Management’s Bill Barker analyzes Facebook’s entry into the home assistant space. “Venom” had a record-breaking opening weekend at the box office. Plus, Bill shares why he’s watching margins this earnings season. (Tangents include the New York Yankees, Halloween ca ...…
Tyler and B talk to ASOUE writer/producer Joe Tracz about his experience on set, writing An Incomplete History of Secret Organizations, and the REAL answer to what's in that bloody Sugar Bowl! (It's blood)By (Future Horse).
Joe Rogan's latest special tackles the tense climate of 2018 and we're excited to chat about it. If you enjoy people (and pets) getting called on their bullshit, check it out. Also, an opening mini-review of Beyonce's OTRII concert and interdimensional empire.
This week we sit down with the incredibly talented, Caroline Smith! Caroline started doing comedy when she was 15, and has been ripping her way through the North Carolina comedy scene. We had a great time talking about how asian her little brother is, being a comic in high school, and we give her some great advice for her upcoming school talent ...…
Gross, crass and honest. The coming-of-age series returns for its second season.By (CNETTV).
The bookseller’s for sale, but with the price 20% higher today than it was yesterday who’s going to buy? Seth Jayson analyzes Barnes & Noble’s quandary, and the latest results from Constellation Brands. Seth shares why companies facing tariffs (e.g., Titan International) are on his radar this upcoming earnings season, and we share the news of o ...…
JC Penney names a new CEO. General Motors and Honda team up on self-driving cars. And China’s largest streaming music service files to go public in the U.S. Analysts Emily Flippen and Jason Moser discuss these stories and offer some predictions about the future of autonomous vehicles. Thanks to Netsuite! Get the FREE guide, “Crushing the Five B ...…
Follow This is a new pop doc series from BuzzFeed and Netflix. When you read about doomsday preppers, or watch any films about them, you're most often seeing white survivalists. But BuzzFeed senior culture writer Bim Adewunmi was interested in finding out more about preppers who look like her. Bim also co-hosts the podcast Thirst Aid Kit with w ...…
In episode 78 we’re joined by Picturehouse Podcast ladies Sarah and Corrina for Sarah’s choice Good Time. Good Time is the 2017 film starring Robert (can we stop mentioning Twilight yet?) Pattison as Connie, a small time thief who instigates a series of increasingly catastrophic events in one night after a failed bank robbery. Scores [supsystic ...…
Pancakes..... Pancakes...... Pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time for this Halloween season, the boys are back in town with the latest episode of Drunk Netflix Reviews!!!!! This go round we review the Eli Roth bloodfest Cabin Fever. So grab your favorite pumpkin beer, put on your warmest footie pajamas, and give the latest episode a spin. W ...…
Stitch Fix falls 30% on 4th-quarter results, so how bad was it? Bill Mann analyzes the damage and shares why he believes now might be the time to buy. Plus, we discuss Pepsi’s latest quarter, Amazon’s wage increase, Diageo’s new whisky (inspired by “Game Of Thrones”), and Bill’s encounter with a soccer legend. Thanks to Slack for supporting The ...…
The Unapologists bring back Justin to discuss the latest season of our favorite superhero show "Gotham"
The Unapologists bring back Justin to discuss the latest season of our favorite superhero show "Gotham"
From Aliens to Africa to Atlantis, Angie Goodwood covers a wide array of conspiracies with guest Mack Brown.
Is Jack Black in The House with a Clock In Its Walls too much like Goosebumps? Join Grayson, Roger, and Nick as we cast some spells and and look for a Clock in the walls of a house in The House With a Clock in its Walls and go back to 1945 and return from the war with two boys in rural Mississippi as their two families try to understand one ano ...…
Welcome to Netflix 'N Swill, your source for Netflix news, reviews, and booze. This week, Caleb is still on vacation so Dan calls in Shawn Ennis of Stories of Yore and Yours to review the new Jeremy Saulnier movie, Hold the Dark. 00:00:51 Intro 00:08:27 What's Your Swill? 00:13:40 Downstream 00:23:34 Simmons and Moore Promo 00:25:29 What Did Yo ...…
General Electric dumps CEO John Flannery after barely a year on the job. Taylor Muckerman and Jason Moser analyze the sudden move, as well as Elon Musk’s settlement with the SEC and Facebook’s latest data challenge. Thanks to Netsuite! Get the FREE guide, “Crushing the Five Barriers to Growth”, at…
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