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FMC Podcast
Family Missions Company is an apostolate of lay Catholic missionaries. Committed to the Great Commission of Jesus, we proclaim the Gospel and serve the poor worldwide. We work under the blessing of our bishop in the Diocese of Lafayette, and at the invitation of the bishops in all areas we serve. We train and send out families and singles as full-time missionaries who evangelize and provide medical care, food, clothing, and the construction of homes in some of the poorest communities around ...
Northgate FMC
Check out our recent sermons.
Moundford FMC
We are Moundford Free Methodist Church, located in Decatur, IL. We share life, worship God, and strive to proclaim His Kingdom through our daily living. We are interested not only in being transformed by God, but having our homes transformed in such a way that impacts our children and grandchildren as well!
Sermons from the Orange Coast Free Methodist Church in Costa Mesa, California. We are a growing multigenerational church passionate about Jesus. Know, Grow, and Overflow!
Podcast by Kingscourt FMC
This is the podcast of Mission Valley Free Methodist Church in San Gabriel California. At Mission Valley, we are "becoming a loving community, inviting and challenging people to move towards Christ." You can find out more info at
Spreading the light of Christ in Southeast Fort Wayne.
Weekly encouragement from Arlington FMC
Furry-Muscle Cast
The main cast will consist Zak (Zak Rhyno), Jazz (Jazz Wolf), Max (Maximus Ursus), Schred (Schredded Wolf) & Tip (Tiptoe). The podcast will cover many different viewpoints, experiences, and subjects on fitness, health, and art. The purpose is to promote Furry-Muscle, the community, as well as its goals. (Promoting fitness, health, and art to individuals and the community to help them to flourish and grow.) The podcast will occur once a month with a time span of one to three hours. Want your ...
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Pastor Phil gives a special Mother's Day message through Proverbs 31. This was a passage written to men to remind them that a Woman who fears the Lord is someone to be treasured and praised. Weekly Challenge Know: Read Proverbs 31:10-31. Consider the virtues that are being celebrated. Grow: What are some virtues of this “Proverbs 31” woman that ...…
The Epic journey of Mr.FMC is chronicled here. Enjoy
Episode 34 is back to Pete and Gretchen sharing an update on what is happening in their lives. Gretchen’s “Views from the Couch” and Pete’s training are the big topics early. Pete gives a few shout outs to those who had races the week before and goes into how heat hurt their friend, Kevin, at the Lincoln Marathon. He finishes and shows what gri ...…
Pastor Tobi gives the first of 3 messages that will cover what it means to be a member of the Orange Coast Free Methodist Church. This message dives into what it means to belong to the body of Christ and comes from the scripture of Acts 2:42-47. Weekly Challenge: KNOW: Read Acts 2:42-47 and Acts 4:27-37. What strikes you the most about this Ear ...…
This week we are joined by none other than the GOAT himself, two time FMC SuperCoach champion Lee - and Mitch returns from his NQ escapade!
Sermon 1 in series "Holy Spirit" by Pastor Paul Alf
Chad Seabright continues to take us through Luke chapters 2-4 during Revive 2018
Chad Seabright continues to take us through Luke chapters 2-4 during Revive 2018
Chad Seabright continues to take us through Luke chapters 2-4 during Revive 2018
Woken Mr FMC by Guys Talking Wrestling
Pastor Phil closes out our sermon series with the question, "what are we waiting for?". He looks at the interaction between Jesus and the the paralyzed man who was lowered through the roof (Luke 5:17-26) and shares a metaphor about life through the example of Disneyland. Weekly Challenge Know: Read Luke 5:17-26 and Mark 2:3-12 Grow: Ask yoursel ...…
Sermon by our Evangelist Chad Seabright about Jesus in the wilderness.
Are you allowing the light of Jesus to shine through you? This message by Pastor Paul Alf encourages people to do just that.
Christ followers can have a mountain moving faith.
Topics Discussed In Today's Episode:• Who's is Chizzla Dubz?• #TristanThompson messing around and #khloe had a baby girl• Faithful Male Community #FMC• #Women are also trash like men• Keep your hands to yourself in the club• Do you believe in love at first sight?• When does a situationship transition to a relationship?• Does your partner have t ...…
What has RISC-V done for you lately? In this week’s episode of Fish Fry, we chat with Rick O’Connor (executive director of the RISC-V Foundation) about the history of RISC-V, the evolution of the standards being developed within the foundation, and why Rick thinks that RISC-V is the most interesting thing to happen in the microprocessors in the ...…
In this episode we dissect Martin Scorsese's 1990 movie GoodFellas. Casey G. Smith co-hosts with Reginald Titus jr.
Weekly Challenge- Read the entire book of Ecclesiastes (2 Chapters a day)- Every single morning ask God, "What is Your will for my life."- Journal the responses you receive from God.
We have a hope that when we are going through the challenges of life we must not lose faith for the Joy of the Lord is our strength! "Joy is not dependent on your circumstances!"
For the first time, Pete and Gretchen are joined by a special guest – John Harris from the Endurance for Everyone podcast! John gets to listen in as the couple talks wine and his favorite segment, Views from the Couch. John learned a lot about things he didn’t really care to know but all in good fun. From there, they talk training, John’s backg ...…
Dying to exclusivity and coming alive to inclusivity.
Main Point: Doing life together means protecting and cultivating strong marriages. Takeaway: The God who created marriage also shows us how to make it work. - Discussion Questions: What is an exceptional marriage relationship that you admire, and maybe even aspire to? What is it about that relationship that makes it stand out? Do you believe th ...…
Sermon 9 of sermon series "New Year, New You?" by Pastor Paul Alf
Sermon 8 of Sermon Series "New year, New you?" by Pastor Paul Alf
Sermon 7 of sermon series "New year, New You?" by Pastor Chadwick Anderson
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