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Talking Feds
A podcast for, and about, the Canadian federal public service.
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I woke up today to learn that I was zucc'd from my political Facebook account. I'm not too entirely sure on what the reason of my zuccing was, but it happened: I'm in Facebook jail. My best guest is that someone was offended because I shared a picture of the #BasedStickman. Facebook jail sucks, because I cannot reach nearly as many people by ju ...…
The Traveling Image Makers
India, often referred to as the sub-continent, is a location one can’t hope to capture adequately in less than a lifetime. TTIM co-host Ralph Velasco just spent a month there, scouting the place for one of his upcoming tours, and he The post TTIM 55 – Passage To India appeared first on The Traveling Image Makers.…
Girl Chat Sports (Vegas Video Network)
On our last episode of GCS(?), Melissa switches chairs, talks with Sonia Tello (“Greatest Guest Host Ever”), and debates (again) whether Roger Goodell is the master puppeteer of the NFL (and the world?!?). MHHUUHHAAAAHHAA!!! Oh, and #BunsOfBaseball (Seattle style).
Girl Chat Sports (Vegas Video Network) - Audio
On our last episode of GCS(?), Melissa switches chairs, talks with Sonia Tello (“Greatest Guest Host Ever”), and debates (again) whether Roger Goodell is the master puppeteer of the NFL (and the world?!?). MHHUUHHAAAAHHAA!!! Oh, and #BunsOfBaseball (Seattle style).
The Oh Beep! Geocaching Podcast
This Week.. Whereigo in Nottingham Dr D thinks like a lady Last Week.. Found our 900th geocaching GC5R2HJ Pandora's Puzzles #1: Magic Box by kelex Whereigo GC5T15F Robin Hood Adventure by SkyBluesBazza & Spire67 News.. How to Build an Active, Outdoor Lifestyle With Your Kids also the boo ...…
Ray and Stromer discuss the best ‘bang for your buck’ home improvements. They also chat about opening up your ceiling, guys who are too relaxed on the job site, and how to deal with termite damage. Show Summary Ray and Stromer open the show talking about Eric’s family routine, and complaining about guys who are too relaxed on the job site. The ...…
Welcome back to Beyond the Black Stump, the Podcast for the risk, resilience and BC community. G'day, this is Ken Simpson and thanks for tuning in to Episode 11 of the show. This week's show is the second part of my chat with David Lindstedt and Mark Armour about their Continuity 2.0 manifesto. If you have not listened to last weeks episode, ju ...…
Gymnast Care: The Ultimate Injury Prevention Podcast
Wendy Bruce Martin, Olympian Welcome to Episode 20 of the Gymnast Care Podcast! Today we have none other than the amazing, talented, and decorated Olympian, Wendy Bruce! Wendy Bruce is our...
On this episode of the Game Changer Talks, I am honored and privileged to welcome Dr. Dean Ornish to the show. Dr. Ornish is the president and founder of the nonprofit Preventative Medicine Research Institute, and a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Ornish is the author of multiple best-selling books, suc ...…
Chaos In The CBD – Mariana Trench [Needwant] JMX – Let Go (2020 Vision Remix) [2020 Vision] Flow – Catwitch [Low Pressings] Fred Everything – Brothers & Sisters (AM Pacific) [Local Talk] Demarkus Lewis – Wipe Ur Mouth (Milton Jackson Remix) [Lost My Dog] Delete – Been Groovin’ [Get Physical] Jaffa Surfa – Doin Hauz [All Inn] Gavin Herlihy & Jam ...…
The History of Egypt Podcast
(c.2020 BCE) With his rule secured, and Egypt united under his authority, Montuhotep II is once again ready for war. Egyptian troops advance into Nubia, Palestine and the Eastern Deserts, pushing their king's agenda abroad...
In this Go Creative Show podcast, we celebrate the big Final Cut Pro 10.1 and Mac Pro release with Mark Spencer and Steve Martin from Ben Consoli.
ALiVE Recordings
JMX has the latest release for us on ALiVE Recordings. Here he is (alongside T-Bone) under their 'Jet Project' guise... // tracklisting / 1. Ten Story - Found Out [Extended Play] / 2. Photomachine - Feelin [2020 Midnight Visions] / 3. Mosca - Eva Mendez [Hypercolour] / 4. JMX - Let Go [2020 Vision] / 5. DJ October - Singularity Jump [Tanstaafl] ...…
Geek Counterpoint -- Your antidote to soundbite science!
Now that we've got a little background in stem cells (and if you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure you listen to episode 18), let's talk about recent news. This week's topic is South Korea's own Hwang Woo-Suk -- his meteoric rise to prominence, and his even faster fall from grace. The story has patriotism, vast sums of money, and int ...…
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