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Syndicated radio star Angela Yee talks sex and relationships with the hottest stars in hip-hop and R&B. Join her and her friends each week as they coax stars into revealing their most intimate from the bedroom. It’s hip-hop like you’ve never heard before.
Listen to 15-20 minute long interviews of experts on various topics related to mental and general health. The topics will be continuously expanded. The interviews are designed for both professionals and non-professionals. Topics range from the basis of new medication research, the effect of media on girls's self-images, discussions of violence, same-sex marriages, pollution, bullying, divorce, OCD, addictions, borderline personality disorders, mental health issues in the deaf, hallucinations ...
All the BBC World Service music podcasts gathered into one place. New documentaries will be added intermittently. Only available in the UK.
Fan Service
Gray Haddock, Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna, and their friends discuss the latest news, trailers, and episodes from the world of Anime.
The podcasts dedicated to leading the way in IT Management Best Practices .
Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World, shares his wisdom and experience from his time with Disney, Marriott, and Hilton. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.
Working LIke Dogs features pet podcasts about working animals. In this working animal podcast, we cover everything from how to get started as a trainer of working animals or how to acquire a working animal to how to take care of your animal companion. In these podcasts, you will learn what it means to work side by side with an animal. We cover working animals such as service dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug dogs, seizure dogs, military dogs, etc. In a ...
Rethink music with The Listening Service. Tom Service presents a journey of imagination and insight, exploring how music works
Why Service Design Thinking is the podcast that helps business do things better and do better things. Service design is one of the next big competitive advantages in business and it is being used with great success by corporations and other large organizations around the world. But how can a smaller business, a startup, or a nonprofit adopt these innovative techniques? We talk with experts in the field and share lots of case studies on how you can engage your customers, create delightful exp ...
My name is Jason Newland. I have been providing this free ONLINE hypnosis service since 2006.Download Jason Newland's new android APP "HYPNOTIC BUFFET" - LISTEN WHEN YOU CAN SAFELY CLOSE YOUR EYES AS IT MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS.
Self Service is your cosmic comfort zone, an “inner-beauty school” where self-care is celebrated, where getting real with emotions is a treat, and an interest in thoughtful, funny conversations, weird wellness and astrology is unabashed. It’s where being a little self-indulgent isn’t just a shame-free act of self-love, it’s a necessary launchpad into a life that’s wholly ours, in a world where we feel good about taking up space. Here, we serve our hearts. We rant. We grow. And we tune the ef ...
A weekly podcast of the Compline service as sung every Sunday night in St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle.
The service design podcast brings stories and inspiration about service Design and related projects to your ears.
News and features from Radio Taiwan International. Brought to you by For more info, please go to
The SaaS (Software as a Service) Business Podcast helps entrepreneurs start and grow their SaaS businesses. By interviewing people who have accomplished what you want to do, this podcast will provide you with resources and inspiration to grab a piece of this expanding market.
It's our desire at Calvary Chapel of Modesto to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We believe this happens through the study of God's word. Our morning services are topical in nature.
Light hearted conversations with the people that are shaping Service Design field discussing the current state of the industry, exciting new developments and challenges up ahead.
Keys to the Shop is a podcast designed to provide the coffee service professional, with insights, inspiration, and the tools you will need to grow and advance in your coffee career. We learn from experts both in and outside the coffee industry as they deliver specific, practical, and actionable advice about barista work, coffee, management, leadership, personal development, and anything that will help you be successful working in retail coffee. If you work serving coffee for a living or are ...
Polish Radio International in English. Brought to you by
Here at Everyday Property Manager, we are dedicated to helping you grow and thrive in the multi-family Housing industry. You are in a service business and there is great demand for excellent customer service and communication skills in this industry. We want to take your customer service and communication skills to the next level and beyond! Sure, this business is full of challenging moments, but it his how you handle the moments of challenge that make you exceptional.
Smart Tradesmen is for the innovators of the world who are ready to have a business that aligns with who they are. Bringing entrepreneurship into the world of small trade based businesses while leading the way in educating society in the importance of learning skill sets. You'll hear many valuable lessons in small business such as email lists, customer service, employee management, how to keep a budget, bookkeeping, outsourcing, hiring, HR, website management, online strategy for offline bus ...
Foodservice Radio features industry news, business features, cutting edge innovation and culinary tips. The Foodservice Radio podcast is a compilation of the most popular on-air features each week.
Interested in what it's like to be born in the middle of a Yellowstone winter or raised in the heart of Yosemite Valley? Curious about the inner workings of parks or how people establish careers with the National Park Service? Hear firsthand accounts from former and current National Park Service employees that celebrate the history of our national parks and the role they've played in lives around the world. Thanks to the Association of National Park Rangers Oral History Project for making ma ...
Welcome to the More Demand podcast where we help you generate more sales leads for your products and services while reducing the frustration and confusion caused by digital marketing.
Josh interviews service business experts from all over the world while sharing his own secrets to success!
Expert Interviews and 'How To' Audio Guides for the IT Service Management Professional - Featuring ITIL Version 3.
Electronic music trailblazers THE CRYSTAL METHOD. Throughout the past two decades, the musical landscape has continually merged, morphed, and matrixed, fractured in countless directions while intersecting at the most unexpected points. Electronic music underwent a renaissance in the aughts, rising out of the warehouses and blank spaces and overtaking the biggest festival fields in the world. THE CRYSTAL METHOD followed a similar trajectory since their formation in 1993. The Grammy Award®-nom ...
Daily English broadcasts from Bratislava. Brought to you by
The “Focus on Customer Service” podcast features brands who are offering amazing customer service via social media. It is hosted by Dan Gingiss (@dgingiss).Lots of people are talking about content and marketing on social media, but this podcast will focus on the other side of social that many brands overlook – customer service. At first only the channel of last resort – when other service channels failed – social media is quickly becoming the channel of first resort for many customers, requi ...
Welcome to Tony Johnson's Cust Serv Nation! Join Tony Johnson for a deep dive into Customer service best practices drive excellence.
Direct Music Service podcast is a mix series recorded by the best DJs from around the world. Best of all its 100% free. We cover all genres of music and specialize in making you move your feet. So subscribe sit back and move to the best mixes the internet has to offer.
Service business mastery is a new podcast that helps business owners and managers succeed in business by sharing tips on leadership, marketing, financials, pricing, HR and much more.
Newsweek's Foreign Service is a weekly podcast that takes a look at the big stories in the U.S. and what they mean for the rest of the world.
It's our desire at Calvary Chapel of Modesto to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We believe this happens through the study of God's word. Our morning services are topical in nature and at our evening services, we study through the bible from Genesis to Revelation.
The blog/podcast is an edited recording of the 10:00 AM Sunday service at St. Timothy's Anglican Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The podcast typically consisting of the first, second and Gospel readings along with the sermon. Occasionally other worship services are included.
These feeds contain interviews and reports on topics pertaining U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's concerns and issues, in mp3, mpg and flv files that can be dowloaded and viewed for public and private use. Any use for rebroadcasting will require authorization from our Mulitimeda Productions Office by contacting us at
News and features from Buenos Aires. Brought to you by
These recordings are made available primarily on behalf of members who weren't able to attend a service. But of course anyone may listen in!
The National Elf Service will help you keep up to date with the latest reliable health and social care research. Our podcasts feature interviews with leading experts in mental health: researchers, clinicians, practitioners and experts by experience.
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Episode 305 – Learn Why The “Daisy Principle” Is Holding You Back If You Haven’t Yet, Check Out RevenueBuddy. The ULTIMATE Visual Goal Setting Buddy! Click Here To Check It Out You can also check out the INCREDIBLE Super Course by clicking here! Have an idea for a Podcast Topic? A question you want to be answered live? Or just… The post Episode ...… Let me bore your PAIN AWAY - Jason Newland's FREE Hypnosis ServiceDownload Jason Newland's new android APP "HYPNOTIC BUFFET" -
Programming of Wednesday, 18.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Wednesday, 18.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Wednesday, 18.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Wednesday, 18.07.2018 -By (Radio Let me bore you to sleep - Jason Newland's FREE Boredom ServiceDownload Jason Newland's new android APP "HYPNOTIC BUFFET" -
Episode 304 – Grow Your Online Reputation With Lars Kristensen One of our BIG Updates is here on this Special Edition episode! I talked to Lars about a year ago about an integration with NiceJob and SendJim, and it’s finally here! In today’s world, reputation is everything. NiceJob is the easiest way to build a… The post Episode 304 – Grow Your ...…
Today’s interview is with a business broker named Patrick Lange. Patrick is based out of Florida on the pan handle, but services all of the surrounding states. Listed below are a few of the tips we talk about- Why would someone sell their business? How far out should they start planning for the sale? What do the owners typically do once selling ...…
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Professor Tamsin Ford from Exeter Medical School and Professor Neil Humphrey from the Manchester Institute of Education talk about the STARS trial of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Incredible Years® Teacher Classroom Management programme in primary school children
Programming of Tuesday, 17.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Tuesday, 17.07.2018 -By (Radio
What will your legacy be? Have you taken time to consider this? This episode of Creating Disney Magic is the second episode recorded live at Urbain 40 with a group from a live Mastermind meeting. You can hear the first episode here. People who were in the room had the opportunity to ask me questions, which you will hear on the podcast. One of t ...…
Wooo Hooo! It's the 100th episode of Keys to the Shop!!! Thank you so much for listening to and supporting this show! I can think of no better way to use this time than to highlight what a critical role you all play in the industry. Today I want to talk to you about why you are the the key. You can provide others with insights, inspiration, and ...… Hypnotic Buffet (Thoughts and Ideas to Transform Lives - every Monday) Jason NewlandI talk about limiting beliefs and the effect they can have on ourself, family and life.Download Jason Newland's new android APP "HYPNOTIC BUFFET" -…
Mix #328 we bring DJ BANGARANG. Originally from Missouri, Bangarang has managed to make a name for himself in Salt Lake City over the past seven years. Along with holding down residencies across the city, You can listen/stream to him nightly on KUDD Mix 105.1 as well as weekends on KUUU U92.5FM, Utah’s home for hip-hop. Check out this exclusive ...…
Episode 303 – How Brian Made $30,000 In 5 Minutes Using This Simple Hack Join Brian Hegarty and me today as we talk about his success with a simple tool! Just this year, Brian put on 3 new trucks and a new trailer, for a total of 10 units out each day! They are hitting records… The post Episode 303 – How Brian Made $30,000 In 5 Minutes Using Th ...…
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July 15, 2018 The Eighth Sunday after Pentecost ORISON: Christ is made the sure foundation (Tune: Urbs Beata Jerusalem) – Plainsong, Mode II, Nevers MS., 13th cent. PSALM 66:1-11 – Peter R. Hallock (1924-2014) HYMN: All who love and serve your city (Tune: Charlestown) – mel. from The Southern Harmony, 1835 NUNC DIMITTIS: Plainsong, Tone VI; har ...…
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Episode 302 – Don’t Focus On Catching – (Nugget) I’m hanging out by myself on a Sunday evening making a podcast just for you! I am a huge fan of the podcast by Seth Godin, called Akimbo, click here to check it out! This type of podcast isn’t for everyone, it really makes you think. It’s… The post Episode 302 – Don’t Focus On Catching – (Nugget) ...… Fibromyalgia Hypnosis Support - IntroductionThis is the first session of this new podcast for people with Fibromyalgia. I thought I would start with an introduction of myself and my experience, helping people with chronic pain, both online and in person. Please let me know what you think.…
This recording is of the 10:30 worship service on Sunday, July 15, 2018.
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This recording is of the 09:15 worship service on Sunday, July 15, 2018.
As the world's greatest celebration of orchestras and orchestral music that is the BBC Proms gets underway, Tom Service attempts to shed some light on three centuries of orchestral manoeuvres... When did orchestras begin and why? Why do they have standardised sections of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion? Why did they seem to get bigger a ...…
Programming of Sunday, 15.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Sunday, 15.07.2018 -By (Radio
This week, author and Kiwi Goddess, Emma Mildon, gives listeners a crash course in Goddesses, and how to incorporate the divine feminine into your everyday life. Elsewhere, resident astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, gives us a lesson in the current Mars retrograde and what we can learn from this time—as well as your forecast for the week ahead. And ...…
Ralph Sutton joins the ladies of Lip Service this week and schools the listeners on how to date a stripper. The ladies discuss sex injuries, sex clubs, women asking their man to marry them, and much more. Angela even has a special surprise for Gigi and Lore'l at the end!
Programming of Saturday, 14.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Saturday, 14.07.2018 -By (Radio
Programming of Saturday, 14.07.2018 -By (Radio
Episode 301 – The Information Revolution I want to make some cool announcements and share some cool stuff today! The Automate Grow Sell XPerience Event at our house is SOLD OUT! I’m so excited!! In the home service industry, we are all getting smarter, quicker. Have a $50k month in a first or second season is becoming… The post Episode 301 – Th ...…
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Programming of Friday, 13.07.2018 -By (Radio
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Programming of Friday, 13.07.2018 -By (Radio Let me bore your PAIN AWAY - Jason Newland's FREE Hypnosis ServiceDownload Jason Newland's new android APP "HYPNOTIC BUFFET" -
Episode 300 – LIVE Coaching Call With A Stage 1 Business At this point in time, it’s owner operated, it’s just me! – Anonymous Business Owners He is in the exterior cleaning and pressure washing industry. He has 4 kids and is simply a beast. The initial goal was to just stop dealing with the people… The post Episode 300 – LIVE Coaching Call Wit ...…
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Programming of Thursday, 12.07.2018 -By (Radio
What happens after everyone has gone through a service design or design thinking training? What's next?!Gerry Scullion hosts the This is Human Centred Design podcast (go check it out!) and knows a thing or two about doing Service Design.In this episode we talk about how we can democratise service design and make it even more inclusive. Inviting ...…
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