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Reset With Amber Lyon covers empowering natural therapies that enable one to hit the 'reset button' in life. Host Amber Lyon interviews inspiring individuals who have carved their own paths and are following their passions. Amber Lyon is a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, former CNN correspondent, filmmaker, photographer, and explorer. For more information on natural medicines and therapies please visit
Light plays across the surface of water, deep and subtle vibrations of unknown forms which connect subliminally to archetypal modes of being, the sky is under our feet
Subscribe to this podcast in order to receive clips of the newest releases on Lyon Echo and Blake Records. Lyon Echo and Blake Records specialize in trance music but are not limited to it. This podcast will include releases from the likes of Chephren Blake, Meighan Nealon, Gareth Emery, Sied van Riel, Kenneth Thomas, Micah and many more. Lyon Echo has had it's tracks feature on A State of Trance and played regularly by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, Markus Schulz and Paul van Dyk, ju ...
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Avec l'omniprésence des nouvelles technologies, les modes de recrutement évoluent : e-recrutement, speednetworking, blogs, ... autant de méthodes incontournables pour tout jeune diplômé en quête d'un emploi.
We're a tech company working to bring the benefits of scale-up architecture – flexibility, agility, efficiency – to the cost effective scale-out computer platform, making scale-out vastly easier to use, manage and optimize.Our team has founded, secured funding for, and created technologies for a dozen startups. We developed the architecture for Sun Microsystems’ desktop and workgroup servers; the architecture for Cisco’s UCS product line; and also invented IP-switching, the world’s first tru ...
Huntland Church of Christ
Dans le cadre d'un partenariat entre la Faculté de sciences économiques et de gestion et le rectorat de Lyon, 400 élèves des séries ES et STG questionneront Eloi Laurent, économiste senior de l'OFCE, le 27 Février 2009 dans le grand amphi d'honneur de l'Université Lumière Lyon 2. Ils auront alors l'occasion de débattre sur un thème d'actualité suite au récent Grenelle de l'environnement : la difficulté de poursuivre un développement économique sans sacrifier les écosystèmes terrestres.
Lyon Leadership
Together We Thrive. Life, Success, Love, and Money knowledge all found here with the promise of quality value in each episode.
Sermon Audio from Lyon Park Fellowship in Arlington, Virginia
Lyon Fax
Topics include Game of Thrones, Godzilla, Transformers, X men, Comic books, How Justin Bieber will survive in jail, What to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, The wheelings and dealings of various terrifying political parties in the UK, a well overdue lambasting of known rascals Hitler and Stalin, as well as another well overdue lambasting of also known rascal adam sandler and his, and other terrible movie
James Lyon
Welcome to the James Lyon podcast, where amazing things happen.
A dark comedy podcast from comedians Lacretia Lyon and Jaclyn Passaro, where we discuss true crime, ghost stories and even our love of horror movies and TV.
At the age of fifteen, Jane Lyon began performing weekly in January of 2010 at a small cafe in Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake City.
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Hot shot bioinformatics programmer at the Boyce Thompson Institute, David Lyon is helping to develop higher yielding crops of sound nutrition. Find out more on TechNow with Tom Lyon.
Lacretia continues her quest to never get hired by Disney and talks about her love of Play Misty for Me and Jessica Walters while creating more internet enemies. Jaclyn stays grounded in her love of Catherine in Basic Instinct and Heathers. Plus a Bullet Proof Recipe and more!
Lacretia and Jaclyn talk with fellow comedian Steven Briggs about the Son Of Sam, David Berkowitz, since Steven's dad was a friend of his. Steven reveals another shocking serial killer connection and Lacretia may turn that into an unholy trinity. All that and more on this week's Dead Inside.
What’s happening with the Apache Cassandra Project? Jonathan Ellis, Co-founder of DataStax talks about that --and more-- on TechNow with Tom Lyon.
This week Lacretia and Jaclyn take on the Night Stalker. Plus their own stalking stories and other sick sad things.
Tom gets a behind-the-scenes perspective with Phil Fultz, VP of Engineering at Virtual Instruments, on real-time performance monitoring and analytics-driven insights for critical applications.
It's the crappiest place on Earth, especially if you make jokes like us. Join comedians Lacretia Lyon and Jaclyn Passaro as they discuss all the deaths at Disneyland and how strangely most of them weren't their fault but actually Darwin Award runner ups. Plus we like big butts and we cannot lie!
When we judge, we have to be prepared to be judged.
The format flip is official and yes that's radio lingo. Comedians Lacretia Lyon and Jaclyn Passaro talk about the Rules of Horror that Randy from Scream mentioned even after his death. Plus a long tangent on their favorite shows Desperate Housewives and Married with Children.
Comedians Lacretia Lyon and Jaclyn Passaro discuss some lesser known killers in this week's episode and the possible reasons why some killers become infamous but not all. We talk Randy Kraft aka The Freeway Killer and "Pure Evil" Jason Massey.
God cares for our needs so we can focus on the things He has called us to do.
In this TechNow podcast, Tom and Bob Hinden, the IPv6 co-inventor, Check Point Fellow and IEEE Internet Award winner, confer about pioneering work on the Internet Engineering Task Force and Internet security.
We are called to set our sights on higher things.
Jesus encourages us to focus on eternal treasure.
In our lives as believers, Jesus encourages us to appear "normal."
Everybody Hates Lacretia might be the next TV reboot idea after this episode. Comedians Lacretia Lyon and Jaclyn Passaro discuss the Scott Peterson case and the evidence (or lack there of) that put him on death row.
Listen into the two-part TechNow with Tom Lyon. Tom chats with Dan Olds about how exploding data volumes are driving the need for secondary storage, followed by a discussion with Elizabeth Leake on STEM-Trek, a nonprofit supporting STEM scholars in underrepresented groups and regions.
Hosts Lacretia Lyon and Jaclyn Passaro discuss The Owl Theory from Netflix's The Staircase documentary about the murder of Kathleen Peterson allegedly committed by her husband author Michael Peterson and the "Celebrity Killer" Jodi Arias. We also go on several killer ;) tangents.
Tom talks with Roman Shaposhnik, Zededa’s Product and Strategy VP and Board member of The Apache Software Foundation, about the Evil Empire along with the creation and distribution of open source technologies.
Jesus teaches us to seek the Father for help in avoiding temptation.
Tom banters with Shahin Khan, Founder of OrionX and HPC expert, about where the industry is headed with AI and deep learning. Find out why he’s bullish on block chain and how to get invited to the Dead Architecture’s Society.
In this episode, Tom talks with JR Rivers, Founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks, about forward-thinking models for open IT eco-systems, disaggregating software and hardware, and software defined networks. How does your company stack up?
Begining - We learn what limiting beliefs are Middle - We learn how to identify limiting beliefs in our own life End - We Learn how to remove limiting beliefs from our livesCheck out our website at or email me any questions you have.
Amr Awadallah, Founder and CTO of Cloudera talks with Tom about which workloads are appropriate for public, on-premise or hybrid cloud environments, and why today’s data center must be flexible to run multiple types of workloads. Listen in and find out why Awadallah’s nickname is Chief Travel Officer and Chief Talking Officer.…
Jesus says we can have God's forgiveness, but we have to learn to offer it.
Jesus teaches us that our physical needs are important and that we should feel comfortable talikng to God about them.
Brian Pawlowski, former CTO of NetApp and VP/Chief Architect of Pure Storage is DriveScale’s new CTO and Tom Lyon's special guest. Brian talks about bringing his vision to DriveScale’s leading edge Software Composable Infrastructure technology for big data workloads.
When Jesus teaches us how to pray, he starts by teaching how not to pray.
If you don’t know Tom Lyon, well you should. He’s a pioneer in the tech business and a serial entrepreneur who's had a front row seat in leading the development of some of the industry’s fundamental technologies. In this introductory podcast, Tom talks with OrionX analyst, Dan Olds on his path to leadership in innovation.…
Evidence and Eyewitness accounts should lead us to believe that Jesus is alive.
Jesus teaches us how to deal with situations that arise out of our relationships with others.
We are called to be holy, but we must also be faithful.
Release your potential on those you are trying to reach.
Jesus prepares us for the journey ahead, saying it won't be easy.
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