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Teaching and Learning the Classical Guitar Online
This podcast features free audio guitar lessons that teach music theory for guitar. Listeners learn how scales, chords, progressions, modes, and more get applied to the fretboard and familiar songs. This includes a focus on compositional and improvisational techniques used in popular styles of music. The lessons are geared toward intermediate level players on up and can be followed on either an acoustic or electric guitar. Bass players can learn a lot from the instruction too. It is recommen ...
Learning the guitar can be very frustrating foo many. In this podcast, I want to help you improve your guitar skills by giving you these FREE blues and slide guitar lessons. You'll learn how much easier learning blues guitar can be, with lessons and tips geared toward your success as a blues guitarist. These are lessons I have taught to my private students for the last 20 years. Whether you're looking to improve you're existing skills, or maybe start learning slide guitar, I want to keep you ...
The Guitar Channel
From Steve Vaï to Pierre Bensusan via Paul Gilbert and Nuno Betencourt, The Guitar Channel will let you discover the many facets of this instrument with interviews and gear soundseeings.
Guitar Radio Show
Dedicated To All Things Guitar. Artists, Music, Gear.
Guitarist Bret Williams archives the personalities surrounding the instrument, while struggling himself to continue being a musician.
The Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast features interviews with artists to discuss playing, techniques, gear, and more.
Classic Guitar
Classic Guitar airs every fourth Friday of the month at 8pm and is presented by Alan Dixon and Paul Zdrenka (both graduates in classical guitar). The programme showcases the best of classical guitar music by world-renowned artists.Paul graduated from Massey University, now part of the New Zealand School of Music, and Alan spent time in the UK studying with William Lloyd Webber at the London College of Music. Alan and Paul have had diverse careers that include playing big band jazz, as weddin ...
Each week, the Fretboard Journal interviews some of our favorite musicians, instrument builders and historians.
Guitar Lessons from Learn how to play guitar with instruction covering beginner, acoustic, blues, electric, country, jazz, and metal guitar.
Get better at playing guitar. Tips, lessons, tricks, and advice to help you improve your guitar skills and knowledge. Brought to you by Richards Guitar Studio in Aston, PA.
The Start Teaching Guitar podcast is your one-stop resource for learning how to be a successful guitar teacher. Focusing on both the teaching and the business aspects of offering guitar lessons, STG will teach you how to you find more students, keep them with you longer and help them get better results on the guitar. Even if you never considered becoming a guitar teacher before, the Start Teaching Guitar podcast will give you the information you need to get out of the daily 9-to-5 grind and ...
Sergio Ercole interviews guitarist ranging from classical, jazz and Latin styles.
Guitar Speak Podcast
We speak guitar! Interviews with leading guitarists, luthiers and gear manufacturers.
Guitar Nerds
Guitar Nerds is a weekly show that brings you news, reviews, interviews about guitars, amplifiers, pedals and more.
BGL Guitar Podcast
Guitars, Music, Gear and more
No Guitar Is Safe
NO GUITAR IS SAFE Guitar Hangs with Guitar Heroes. Hosted by Guitar Player Magazine's Jude Gold.
Guitars and Theology
"And now, by God's grace, I shall become myself." (Kierkegaard)
On All About Guitar we talk tone. We talk technique. We talk gear. We talk to artists, educators, manufacturers and more! Where we take a good look at everything guitar, and some things not exactly guitar but just as important to become more successful musicians in today's music scene! Hosted by Jeff "The FLO" Floro, join us as we explore...All About Guitar!Listen Live Mondays at 8:00PM (PST), on LA Talk Radio (
Hear the staff of talk about guitars, amp and pedals.
Crimson Guitars is a guitar manufacturer based in Dorset, in the south of England. We have been designing, innovating and hand-building guitars for over fourteen years. We also hand wind our own specially designed pickups, manufacture luthiers tools and provide training.
Your Guitar Podcast Featuring EVERYTHING Guitar!
Welcome to the Chasing Tone Podcast. Join Blake Wyland and Brian as they talk about guitars, guitar pedals, amps, and other guitar gear, answer questions, and discuss all things guitar related as well as how to get the most out of your gear to get the best guitar tone. While this podcast is paid for by Wampler, we talk about many other brands much more than we do Wampler products. If you suffer from G.A.S. or just simply like to listen to gear podcasts, you'll love Chasing Tone.
Learn Guitar
The Learn Guitar podcast from the National Guitar Academy will make you a better guitarist by teaching you our best guitar tips and secrets for rapid progress.We SIMPLIFY the guitar world so you can make music and have fun as quickly as possible.We discuss chords and chord technique, we share lead guitar secrets, we tell you how to sound more rhythmic and musical and we also teach you music theory.‘Lead Lines’ is the part of the show when we discuss lead guitar techniques, scales, riffs, sol ...
60 minutes of Cool Guitar, all commercial free, with no talking DJ between songs. All songs Creative Commons by-nc-sa 1.0 licensed from the record label that isn't evil:
At the Guitar Tone Network our aim is to provide you, our podcast listeners, with unbiased information about guitars, amplifiers, and everything in the signal chain. This information will help you develop educated opinions and make informed decisions when considering components for your guitar rig.
Blake Wyland, guitar nut and the main man behind the scenes at, sits down and chats with various characters in the guitar gear world. We talk good guitar tone, effects, amps, and how people go about creating the sound of their dreams. Guests vary from boutique builders, to the musicians rocking the tools of tone. Loaded with info and buffoonery, if you love guitars, you'll love the show! Happy listening and thanks for checking it out!
Totally Guitars
Welcome to the podcast channel! Here we will post our weekly video news, tips, lessons, live show recordings and more! If you like this podcast come over to the site for over 60 free complete lessons. There is an entire community of acoustic guitar players learning together. You can recommend a lesson as well on the site. If you like this podcast please give us a review!
We sit down and talk with interesting professional guitar players, and find out what makes them tick. Uncover the backstory behind your favorite guitar players and behind the "sidemen" who make the wheels spin for artists worldwide. If you love guitar, stick around… you’re in the right place.
GUITAR TRAX hosted by Brian Tarquin airs every Monday night from 10pm-12pm on WFIT 89.5FM on the Florida space coast, you can listen online Tarquin plays jazz/rock fusion styles such as Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham to Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa. The show also features in-depth interviews with today’s hottest guitar legends.Brian Tarquin is a multi Emmy Award winning composer/guitarist, who first graced the Top 20 Billboard Charts back in 1997 with ...
The Guitar Knobs
Join our talk about guitars, pedals, amps, and other gear. Guest interviews with boutique builders and contributors to our guitar world.
The Secrets of Getting Good On Guitar - FAST...
Blues Guitar Jam
The Blues Guitar Jam Podcast is for players who want to find the best tools available to help them enjoy playing their guitar. Practice is so important to increase your skills. We are going to first focus on a great product on DVD "I Am The... Blues Lead Guitarist" from GCG an awesome tool to play along with, 8 different Blues Jams with the amazing "Oscar Jordan Blues Band".
From the beautiful East Side of Milwaukee comes a podcast for the guitarist with Gear.Aquisition.Syndrome(GAS). Grab your favorite guitar and a cold beverage and enjoy. This is "The Guitar Shop".
A podcast about guitars, guitar culture, and guitar oriented music locally and around the world.
This is a series on music theory applied to guitar. It is practical with the aim of explaining the elements we are using in our everyday playing.
A set of rhythm guitar lessons for the beginner to intermediate student. These lessons cover a variety of strum patterns and chords. For complete tablature for the lessons visit
60 Cycle Hum is a guitar podcast that covers the used market of Craigslist, Ebay and, Each week hosts Ryan and Steve tackle ads sent in by listeners and discuss topics relevant to the guitar gear industry. If you listen to Guitar Nerds, Chasing tone, or any other popular guitar podcast 60 Cycle Hum should be familiar to you.
Learn Traditional Irish Music on Guitar
Support us at PATREON: to our collection of FREE #guitarlessons!! If you ❤️ LOVE GUITAR then you've come to the right place for #guitar tips, chat and ideas. Our #podcast is aimed at every level of guitarist, with some quite advanced ideas. You can listen here on #SoundCloud or via other streaming sites like iTunes or Stitcher. As a podcast you can listen while cooking, cleaning, working, driving, commuting, in the gym or while doing other activiti ...
Teaching and Learning the Classical Guitar Online
Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Guitar Culture Nonsense
I Heart Guitar
Discussion with musicians, guitar makers, industry folk and just plain interesting people. By music journalist Peter Hodgson
The Modern Fingerstyle Guitar Podcast features interviews with artists to discuss playing, techniques, gear, and more.
Guitar Resource
Jim Ellis Guitar and Music Education
▶ Guitar videos
Music videos dedicated to the guitar. Tutorial guitar videos and live concerts. A compilation of videos to learn guitar techniques. Learn blues and chords on guitar
A series of podcasts that discuss the fundamentals of classical guitar technique, repertoire, interpretation, and performance. These episodes offer help in applying and understanding the rudiments of guitar playing, and also ways to improve the overall refinement and delivery of classical guitar performance. They will be especially beneficial for the City College of San Francisco or the San Francisco State University students of Larry Ferrara and will also be of value to many other guitarist ...
Music for the soul and heart!Alexander Rogachev: Performer and teacher of guitarGraduated from the 2nd Moscow Regional Musical College. Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev (guitar class. Received higher musical education in the State Classical Academy named Maimonides
Welcome to the Total Guitar podcast, a monthly show dedicated to the latest news, gear and goings-on in the world of guitars.
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It's Friday and we have seem to figure out the BUG to our problems with recording and downloading the podcast thanks to our friends at Guitar Center! Quad City legend Jim Albrecht is back at the Hassle Palace to join us to talk about sports, preview the Preakness, and play "Horse. Not a horse." Have a HASSLE free day! You can watch us live ever ...…
In this episode, we talk about Kurt Cobain’s Martin Guitar and bring on the Lehigh Valley SteelHawks GM, Mike Clarke. The Podcast is currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts. As always, you can listen to the podcast directly on our website and insert it into your favorite player via our podcast feed. This episode f ...…
The ‘Perfect’ Show on WilderTime #032! Are you a good kisser? How about is this guitar riff the greatest of all time? Listen tonight and find out on com. Did someone in our family buy Elvis’s Cadillac in Germany? Lots of questions and lots of music! Counting Crows, Cocktail Slippers, New Order, Big Mama Thornton –… The post WilderTime #032 appe ...…
Words & music by Lou Reed; Dave Drew - lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Frank Mascaro - backing vocals, bass; Steve Cafarelli - drums; David Rosenblum - keyboards, sax; Scott Kuchler - backing vocals, electric guitar
Words & music by Jim McGuinn; Scott Kuchler - lead vocals, electric guitar; Steve Cafarelli - backing vocals, drums; Dave Drew - backing vocals, acoustic guitar; Frank MAscaro - bass; Davdi Rosenblum - keyboards, sax
Words & music by Scott Kuchler & Evan Gold; Scott Kuchler - lead vocals, guitar; Steve Cafarelli - backing vocals, drums; Frank Mascaro - bass; David Rosenblum - keyboards
Music by Jerry Garcia/Music by Robert Hunter; Dave Drew - lead vocals, guitar; Stegve Cafarelli - backing vocals, drums; Frank Mascaro - bass; David Rosenblum - keyboards, sax; Scott Kuchler - backing vocals, mandolin
Today we take a look at how to work together as a team to get those guitar sounds used in popular recordings by opening up a multi-track version of “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel and then going over some important settings to lock it all in.
One year ago today we lost Chris Cornell. RIP to one of the greatest voices we've ever heard and felt. "Like A Stone" was one of my favorite songs growing up. His voice gives me chills, still to this day. I wanted to pay tribute to him by providing some guitar harmonies behind his incredible isolated vocal from the song. Rest easy, Chris.…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 0526Jon's archive Jon Hammond Show 0526by Jon... JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974 Languages: English, German *Jon is currently Host of daily CBS radio program Hammo ...…
Eleventyfans asked for more Solo Button episodes, and we're given'em to you. This is a completely exposed dive into individual songs from Rad Science. Matt takes you behind the scenes of "Microchip" and lets you hear what all the parts and tracks sound like soloed. Hear raw vocals, guitar, synths and how they all work together to bring the song ...…
Thank you for checking out the 252nd episode of The ETX Rocks Show! Today's guests come to you from Tyler, Texas, bringing five nominations for Blues Band of the Year with the ETX Music Awards. We are talking about the Bluez Boyz! With an authentic sound, Bobby Edwards, Ronnie Edwards, and Landon Green keep folks out of their seats and on the d ...…
There are some technical issues because we've become so great that everything is trying to take us down but we won't let it happen. The first 20ish minutes are rough but full of greatness regardless. Hear about how Slim got literal poop in the mail, puking in cars and on guitars, the first successful penis transplant, new liquor decisions and a ...…
Credits Check out our amazing Facebook page: Follow Deadite Dave at: Twitter - rangergiff9. Instagram- giffey6 Follow StEVIL KinEVIL at: Instagram - death_to_videodrome Follow Mike at his facebook- Michael Sumpter Letterboxed Accounts- Deadite Dave: StEVIL ...…
My guest this episode is Tom Eberhardt - Tommy to me. He’s a colonel with the Lee Country Sheriff’s Office, and has been serving there for 25 years. He lives here in Ft. Myers, FL with his wife, Lori. They have 2 Daughters, Rhyan and Taelor, and 2 grandkids - He LOVES his grandkids. I’ve known Tommy for about 15 years and it’s fair to say he’s ...…
It seems there is but one thing between you and your dreams. One thing between you and all that you desire. One thing between you and all that is meant for you. It may not be the answer we would hope to hear but don’t worry, there are things that we can do. The one thing that is between you and your dreams, and it’s true for every human being o ...…
This Week's Show DetailsScheduled guests for the hour are: Special co-hosts: Hayward Evans, Susan O. Isaacs​*Interim Seattle Police Department Chief Carmen Best, a Tacoma Washington native talks about her 26 year tenure with the SPD and how she ascended through the ranks to the top job. She is a contender for the permanent job.​*T'wina Franklin ...…
Conversation with Classical Guitarist and Musical Composer Spiros Exaras, one of Greece's finest exports mastering Greek classics, Jazz, and film scores.
This week we watched "The Enemy Within" from Star Trek The Original Series (Season 1 Ep 5) and were freaked out by Kirk's evil clone. We open the mailbag and discuss: Should The Man Trap have been scheduled as EP1?, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, TOS Season 3, Charlie X and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. We also chat about the documentary Tre ...…
In this episode I go live at one of my guitar lessons at one of the schools I teach at and talk about chords, barre chords, power chords, scales and octaves. I introduce a new segment that is coming up next month called the "Spotlight Section" where I will talk to different guitarists that haven't been signed and would like to promote their own ...…
Episode 20 of This Cold Rhymes Podcast, with Mister, Height Keech and Ialive. This week’s tunes…First Degree The DE - Ahhhh, F.U.4. - Mortality! Strife x ill-Omega - Ugh - Sucker MC'shttps://www.yo ...…
Credits Check out our amazing Facebook page: Follow Deadite Dave at: Twitter - rangergiff9. Instagram- giffey6 Follow StEVIL KinEVIL at: Instagram - death_to_videodrome Follow Mike at his facebook- Michael Sumpter Letterboxed Accounts- Deadite Dave: StEVIL ...…
The ORC is lucky enough to have five guitar teachers from a wide range of styles and backgrounds. To celebrate this they are presenting GuitarFest, an afternoon of workshops, masterclasses and concerts for all skill levels and interests. As a bonus, all participants will also receive FREE entry to the Callum Henshaw concert that evening.…
::: ^ clickable ^ ::: ::: DØWNLOAD | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE TO "LIQUIDE SESSIONS" ON ITUNES PØDCAST OR GOOGLE PLAY ... ENJØY! *** if yøutube & pødcast links are not working >>> live recørding is in process *** |:::|:::|::: :::|:::|:::| ::: 2016 HONORABLE MENTIONS::: Waterparks: Double Dare So I am a sucker for pop and when I heard the beginning of # ...…
I have recently had personal experience of the work of the wife required care in The Liverpool Women's Hospital after an operation...I was totally humbled by the kindness and dedication of the staff...selfless first class care and they ask nothing in return...they are Earth Angels....I've always had the greatest of respect for our doc ...…
Chad and Ballsy talk "me time", social change, Kurt Cobain's guitar, and Canadian politeness.
04.08.18Tremble - Mosaic MSCLed by Nikki NatielloBass: Logan PowellDrums: AJ PenningtonElectric Guitar: Bradley RichAcoustic Guitar: Robby WhiteAcoustic Guitar: Paul RichAcoustic Guitar: Chris CarmackSteel Guitar: Tony RankinKeys: Naomi PeckGrand Piano: Brenda Boyer
We talk about how he got his start on guitar, his ESP and LTD guitars, his love for Zelda, fitness and martial arts, how to prevent music from becoming work and of course Metallica!?
On today's show, I take a look at learning the Blues. Just a little knowledge of how to play Blues guitar can help you in so many different ways! I also have listener feedback. Show notes at: Copyright ©2018 Play Guitar Podcast
Comeback Kid's Andrew Neufeld joins Shane for a chat on their bus while on tour together in Switzerland. After making the change from guitar player to "Lead Screamer", Comeback Kid enjoyed worldwide success and has since cemented themselves as a staple in modern hardcore. Andrew discusses his humble beginning growing up in a religious household ...…
Credits Check out our amazing Facebook page: Follow Deadite Dave at: Twitter - rangergiff9. Instagram- giffey6 Follow StEVIL KinEVIL at: Instagram - death_to_videodrome Follow Mike at his facebook- Michael Sumpter Letterboxed Accounts- Deadite Dave: StEVIL ...…
What I learned this weekend from visiting Ocean City I actually talked to a homeless man who plays acoustic guitar while walking the boardwalk and restaurant reviews, driving through Delaware and my new #MusicalMashup What happens when you mashup Tools To Survive from STephySTeph The Project Enough Said with Keep It Together from Madonna's Like ...…
Nick hosts a podcast. Buddy Hamilton is back and loves the monkies. Sean Lemley returns to tune a guitar and thwart Nick's rants. Also Batman Ninja! Enjoy Rate and review the show on iTunes. Don't have iTunes? Find us on and Feedback? Why not email? Check us out on ...…
Richie plays guitar and keys with Blue Oyster Cult and has been with the band since 2004. He’s also the host of the popular Band Geek podcast and YouTube channel. And his Bohemian Rhapsody cover has over 1.7 million views!... Richie is a 5th generation musician and has an extensive background in video production and editing, and audio engineeri ...…
The second thing we ever recorded together! We try to do a focused topic for the first time, and it still remains a very strong playlist (says Dr. Fresh, who knows nothing about playlists).
Guest Rob Knaggs Whale Whisperer, Light Music, Looking North. Rob Knaggs Rob Knaggs (@heyrobknaggs) | Twitter Cellist and composer Rob Knaggs may hail from Brisbane, Australia, but his real home is on the icy shores of northern Manitoba. Rob is a frequent visitor to Churchill, where his lifelong dream of performing his cinematic post-rock compo ...…
PLUS: Frances Bean Cobain gives up her dad's guitar, Kristen Stewart goes sans-heals on the Cannes red carpet and Monica Raymund leaves CHICAGO FIRE.By
The third episode of the Hardcore Casual Podcast, a gaming podcast for casual gamers looking to expand their gaming horizons. Each week we break down a game, see what it's all about and a decide whether or not we recommend they play it right away or come back to it later with more experience.This week Kayleigh and Riley talk about the incredibl ...…
Driving songs to fall asleep to, or relaxing songs to yoga to, or improvised instrumentals to listen to as you go about your daily business. :)
Opening our May concert was the amazing Dan Whitener – Born and raised in Washington, DC, and a current player in the New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania scene, Dan Whitener has hit the Billboard Bluegrass charts as a banjo player with both Emmy-nominated bluegrass-hiphop band Gangstagrass and Philadelphia’s own Newgrass Americana band Man Abo ...…
Opening our May concert was the amazing Dan Whitener – Born and raised in Washington, DC, and a current player in the New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania scene, Dan Whitener has hit the Billboard Bluegrass charts as a banjo player with both Emmy-nominated bluegrass-hiphop band Gangstagrass and Philadelphia’s own Newgrass Americana band Man Abo ...…
Opening our May concert was the amazing Dan Whitener – Born and raised in Washington, DC, and a current player in the New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania scene, Dan Whitener has hit the Billboard Bluegrass charts as a banjo player with both Emmy-nominated bluegrass-hiphop band Gangstagrass and Philadelphia’s own Newgrass Americana band Man Abo ...…
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