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RaumZeitLabor Podcast
Wöchentliche Vortragsvideos der Öffentlichen RaumZeitLaborierung, jeden Dienstag ab 19 Uhr im RaumZeitLabor.
culture – communication – cacophony
Rare supports open hardware, low-power, low-cost, fan-less computers using Texas Instruments ARM processors. See for more information.
radio vom communicationspult der c-base
Weekly radio show done on Dementia Radio now also a podcast. We play comedy music as well as talk about geeky things, recorded and streamed from I3 Detroit, a hacker space in Michigan.
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Blasted Bill and Monasy are joined by Sexy Amber and Mr. J with Missy on Skype. We started out down loading new songs and realized that most of them were sci fi, so we made that the theme. We also announced the winner of the 1st round of the fantasy draft. Tony defeated Planet.
This year for March Madness we once again are doing a Fantasy battle. This year, the co hosts could only draft born human villains but they could have super powers. Joining us in studio along with Bill and Monasty where Mr. J, Sexy Amber, Minion, Planet, Canon Karen, and Tess. Joining on Skye was Darth Bitch. We all took turn drafting our teams ...…
Bill, Monasy, Crazay Ed, Minion, Becca, Munchin, Amber and Missy all showed up for Pie day at i3. Many a pie song was played as well. We also discussed the rules for the upcomming March madness draft battle. The Draft for the battle will take place on 3/21.
It’s the day after Valentines day, so Bill, Monasty, and Mr J will play song love songs for all you happy couples.
Palindrome Bahb joined Blasted bill for a show and Rocco chimed in alot. They played songs about violence. yay
So we did all songs that were Palindromes because Monasty told me it was a Palindrome day. I didn’t realize until now that he was wrong and that it’s Feb 10th that is the palindrome day. Oh well. Planet joined Monsty and Blasted Bill on this show for awhile.
The King Blasted Bill has decreed that Earl Monasty, Duke Mr. J, and The Royal Pole Dancer Amber shall play songs about Royalty this week. YUZZAH!
It’s that time of year. Colds, Flu, and winter time. Bill, Monasty, and Mr. J suffer through sickness for this show.
On this show, Bill and Monasty are joined by Mr. J and play songs about 2011 plus new Meekakity, Suburban Homeboy, and Rachel Bloom. No new epic rap battles. We discussed movies of 2011 and voted Xmen 1st class number and Captain America a close 2nd. We also talked about new movies comming out in 2012.…
So many great X-mas songs, so little time. Here’s X-mas part 1. YAY!
Another show where we didn’t really know what to play so we played some random stuff. Enjoy.
We didn’t do a show the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because we went to see the Muppets. So we did Thanksgiving and Black Friday songs on this show. Mr. J and Sexy Amber where cohosts. On Geekly Weekly we talked about the Muppets, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Skyrim, and Star Gate.
Bill was out of town, so Monasty and Minion covered. They did songs about Hunting. Tony talked about his Ipod Shuffle on Geekly Weekly and Minion talked about Minecraft.
Before the show tonight, we set up a new recording system. This cause much confusion at the beginning of the show and kind of through the hole thing off. We winged the themes tonight and ended up play songs about Chickens, Cows, and Boobs. Bill reviewed UK version of Being Human and Igor on Geekly Weekly.…
This week we did our annual post Halloween show because Halloween is that much fun and we have plenty of songs. On Geekly Weekly, Monasty talked about Warehouse 13, Bill talked about Wolverine and the X-men and Beavis and Butthead, and Planet talked about Humble Bundle.
Blasted Bill had a job this night so the show was hosted by Monasty. Crazy Ed and Minion helped cohost with this 2nd week of Halloween Celebration.
Tonight we start playing Halloween songs tonight. Hopefully we will be able to do another show next week. Bill and Tony are joined by Mr. J. On Geekly Weekly, Tony talked about Big Bag, Bill talked about Manic Mondays podcast and Your Highness, and Mr. J talked about Silver Vine gaming system.
Today on the show we played songs about books and plays including Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Moby Dick, and many others. On Geekly Weekly we talked about Two and a Half Men with out Charlie, Tera Nova, and Thor.
Because we are at the start of the new TV season, we played songs about TV, TV shows, and from TV shows. Joining us for the 1st time is new cohost Mr. J. Geekly weekly talked about How I met your Mother, Percy Jackson, Night Angle Series, and Nicolas Flamale series.
We lost the 1st 15 minutes of the show do to lock up. We celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day on the show tonight even though we are a few days early. Oh Geekly Weekly: Tony talked about Audio book of Dune and Fallout 3 DLC Vegas, Bill talked about Penguins of Madagascar and How I met your mother, and Minion talked about Mindcraft 1.8.…
Tony and his new wife went to Disney World for their honeymoon. In honor of this, we played a bunch of Disney songs and we filled out the show with school songs for all the kids going back to school.
So Tony went on his honeymoon this week and Bill wanted to play some nice honeymoon and wedding songs for him. But Bill couldn’t find any so he played sex songs instead. Congrats Tony!
Yes Bill and Tony both back on the show for one week! Now it’s Tony’s turn to be away as he gets married and goes a honeymoonen. This weeks show we had songs about races, trucks, and birthdays(as Bill’s is the 18th). On Geekly Weekly Bill reviewed 1979 Captian America and Tony reviewed his new phone. Also joining in this week was Nerdy Nick.…
After many technical issues, missing laptops, jobs out of state, and other various problems, we finally have a new show to put up. Tony did this one by him self as I Bill was out of town. He didn’t leave any notes as to what this is about, so… SURPRISE. Your guess is a good as mine. Enjoy
Tonight Bill, Tony, and Ed played more harry potter songs and reviewed the Movie. They also talked about Captain America movie in Geekly Weekly
The show has a cold start because the computer locked up and we lost the 1st 20 minutes. We talked about Harry Potter and played songs about the books and movies. We barely scratched the surface so we are going to play more next week and talk about the last movie. We also talked about the new show Alphas in Geekly Weekly.…
Bill tried to come up with songs about camping and outdoors with no luck so we went with food and colors instead. Hosts Monasty and CrazyEd joined in.
Showcased songs about America, the fourth of july, fireworks, bombs and such. Reviewed True Blood, the video game munchables, and the animated series The Incredible Hulk.
This show was recorded on one of the 1st real hot of days of the year. We recorded the show from the small room with AC and decided the topic would be heat! Tony, Bill, and Ed was on the show this night.
Bill was on the way to a job but skyped in from the road for part of the time, so Tony and Ed ran the show from i3 in his absence. Tony and his girlfriend were both sick and Ed and his wife went to the Steam Punk expo, so Tony played songs on both of those topics.
This is a show that was recorded 2 weeks ago and I don’t remember what it was about. So enjoy the surprises!
Today we interview Greg Kroah-Hartman and your hosts are Jason Kridner and Jeffery Osier-Mixon. Gerald will be back in two weeks. To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110325.mp3 BeagleCast-20110325.ogg Links to show topics Some in stock @ Digi-Key ...…
Another show that Bill couldn’t make it to but this time Tony is joined by Amber and Ed. They played songs in honor of Mothers day, May the 4th, and about Osama Bin Laden. For Geekly weekly Tony reviewed Crome Shelled Regios and Amber reviewed Secret of Kells and Red. Tony and little Nate(of i3) talked about the awesome time at Penguicon with t ...…
Bill and the rest of the i3 group going to penguicon have made a viking ship to invade penguicon with! In honor of this, we played a bunch of Viking songs tonight. Amber and Ed were guests on the show tonight.
Today is 4-20 and Tony wanted to play weed songs tonight. Also, Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane on Dr. Who died of cancer on 4-19. So we played some Dr. Who songs in tribute.
Bill had a job this Wednesday and was working during the show. So Tony had to run the show all by himself. No other cohosts were able to join him. So that’s what he made the theme, things you do by yourself.
Bill was late getting to I3 this week, so the topics are lame. It’s been raining none stop in Michigan lately, so we played some songs dealing with wetness. We then asked for some random topics and came up with songs about Chickens. Tony reviewed Scott Pilgrim and Zombieland and Bill reviewed Yes Man. Then they reviewed the final round of the H ...…
On this show we play songs about Jobs and Working and people going about their jobs. The results of Round 2 of the Hero Fantasy Draft: Blasted Bill over Davroz 6 to 4. Vote for the final round Blasted Bill Vs. Monasty!
The theme of today's show is "Super Jumbo" and your hosts are Jason Kridner, Gerald Coley and Jeffery Osier-Mixon. To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110325.mp3 BeagleCast-20110325.ogg Headline news Windows Compact 7 Two new Distributors in Chin ...…
On tonight’s show, we played TV Themes form some of our favorite old shows. On Geekly Weekly, Planet described a new game on and Bill review The 80’s Cartoon podcast. We also got the results of Round 1 of the Hero Fantasy Draft. Monasty with Team Muffin Secret Agents Defeated Planet’s Team Drop Table. This weeks battle: Blasted Bill ...…
Tonight on the show, Bill, Monasty, Planet, and Davroz pick there teams in there year’s Fantasy Draft. Each player Dafted 5 human hero’s from TV or Movies that have no super powers. Monasty and Plant’s teams are up 1st. You the listener get to vote on the winner of this battle. To vote, go here… ...…
Today's hosts are Jason Kridner, Gerald Coley and Jeffery Osier-Mixon. Below are the show note links. Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110314.mp3 BeagleCast-20110314.ogg To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form From the RSS feed Running a BeagleBoard off of Batteries BeagleBoard case ...…
Today's hosts are Jason Kridner, Gerald Coley and Jeffery Osier-Mixon. Below are the show note links. Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110307.mp3 BeagleCast-20110307.ogg To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form Jeff and Yocto Jeff at a conference near the Columbia river gorge Jeff no ...…
Monasty and Blasted Bill are joined by Davroz and freshman Shy Rose. Monasty talks about his house and Davroz and Bill talk about Marscon 2011. Song topics include new fump songs, blow up dolls, and polkas for fat Tuesday. We also talked about up coming TV and Movie hero draft. More details next week.…
Returning from 2 weeks not at I3, but with no Monasty. Davroz and Planet joined in though. Show’s topic was love songs. Some about love, some of lost love, some of weird love, and some of really bad love. Geekly Weekly covered Civ 4(5 Doritos) and Zerophilia(4 Doritos).
We had not direction what so ever tonight and went totally random. Songs about girls, songs about video games, and many others. We reviewed “The Best Damn Nerd Show“, Being Human, and Bethesda Blog Podcast.
While none of us are Gay and some of use claim to be lesbians in mens bodies, we are huge supporters of Gay and Lesbian rights and have many friends in said communities. This week we play several songs about the subject, some light hearted fun, others more serious. Blasted Bill and Monasty are joined in studio by Davroz and DJ Brick.…
Jan 12th 2011 – Blasted Bill, Monasty, and Brick. Theme was super hero’s. Geekly Weekly reviewed Young Justice and upcomming games is Two Worlds and Lego: Pirate of the Caribian.
Bill and Monasty are joined by Osric on tonight’s show as they talked about 2010 and look forward to 2011.
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