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The Third Space
Each week, Kevin and Jeremy meet up to discuss hypothetical situations for an hour. Nonsense conversations about fictional universes, pop culture concepts, and scientific principles spoken with such confidence, you'd swear they were experts.
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The machine is back with a vengeance for this Spooktober special episode where you can be sure the world created will be spooky! No, seriously, the random generators knew what month it was.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Spooktober returns with a story about a serial killer living in a doll! It's Chucky and what a ritual like that could really mean.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Why does everyone want to hang out with these mushroom people? They're really fun-guys! Haha! Oh, comedy.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Don't look under the bed. There's a monster down there. But, how did they get there? What's their purpose? What are they like? Prepare to get weird with the boys from the Third Space as they discuss the monster under YOUR bed.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
The guys have crammed even more internet into the world generator! It's practically bursting with random generators and they want to show you how many spiders that means.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
By the comedy of Podcasts, I have the comedy! Psew! Crash! Sprinkle! Now Kevin and Jeremy are buff enough to talk about a He-Man type world where castles give you the power!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Your wish is their command, and your wish is for a world full of genies, right? Because I'm gonna be honest, that's the only wish they can grant.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Grab your headphones and listen close, Jeremy is sick so Kevin joins him in a very whispery episode of The Third Space all about sneaking around and hiding in crowd. It's stealth time.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Also known as The Three Sky Serpents: The Jonas Brothers, Kevin and Jeremy crank up the machine in a slightly new format to see what kind of world they can make.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Star deeply into my eyes and know my health, resistances, and to hit chance. What do you mean you can't see it? It just means you aren't doing it right. Listen to this episode instead and learn how to do it.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
This episodes contains jumping really far, being really strong, not being immortal, and a grave misunderstanding.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Join the cosmere and lose your mind as Kevin and Jeremy discuss the complex magic system in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series. No, not that magic system. Not that one either. That's the one!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Despite their best efforts, the Third Space World Generator still functions. Join Kevin and Jeremy as they create an icy world brought to you by a gentle giant.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Prepare to get hungry as Kevin and Jeremy discuss where cooking in our world is like it is in Breath of the Wild or Minecraft or any other video game that gets your drool moving.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Imagine a horse. Beautiful. Free. Standing by a lake. Do you; A) Pet it; B) Back away slowly; C) Point at it and shout, "You're a Kelpie!" Listen in and find out the correct answer!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
What does Ch'onger, eating a pig whole, being the reason carpets don't fly, laying in a bag of corpses, getting naked fast, catching someone in their truth, and working out so you don't die for real have in common? They're all talked about in this episode of Mini-Topics!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Kevin and Jeremy discuss a world of physical manifestations of ecosystems. Will it involve a lot of environmental talk? Surprisingly little actually, but they do make volcano sounds!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Keep your eyes out and don't trust anything, Kevin and Jeremy create a world where nothing is what it seems and everything is bugs.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Expecto this, Muggles! You've got one spell, and it's a patronus. What does that mean? Well, Kevin and Jeremy are about to find out.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Hide the baby! Kevin and Jeremy are here to discuss a world full of goblins. What do you mean there are goblins in things other than Labyrinth?By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Don't tell me you haven't thought of it. What if we could summon demons? But what if demons were just people trying to get by? Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. Sometimes you wanna go where they only summon you by naaaaame! Cheers anybody?…
Are you ready for more moon-based humour from our favourite hell device? It's the Third Space World Generator! Now with more parties and flying spiders!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Get your ocarinas and pull on your tunics, Kevin and Jeremy welcome you to a world where you too can make stuff happen by playing those sweet melodies from the Legend of Zelda.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Kevin and Jeremy dig out every joke about Greek mythology in this Creature Feature where they must figure out what exactly a Siren is.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Would you kindly listen to this episode? The guys discuss a world with plasmids, and then create the greatest character in Third Space history. Listen and found out who!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Welcome to My Hot Tub Beach, a planet of Triders and Idiots. Slogan done. Cut, print, send it into the Third Space World Generator and have fun.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Prepare to die! Prepare to lose your hats! Prepare to hold onto your backpacks! Prepare to consider the words Safe Death! Be prepaaaaaared!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
It's 3AM and you must be lonely, but in this Mad Season of The Third Space Kevin and Jeremy don't want you to get Bent. They're going to talk about Mimics, something that doesn't exist in the Real World. But hey, despite All Your Reasons, they won't Push you around. If you're feeling Unwell, come take a listen. Because These Hard Times will end ...…
The world of children's cereal commercials is strange and scary, so here at the Third Space we thought, "Hey, let's smash all those freaks together." And then we did it. Look at what we did.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
There is a lot of swearing in this one. Look, I don't know if the world generator has been leaking fumes into the air but we are pretty punchy and weird. Now let's do it! There's ice and screaming crabs in this one!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
The world is full of such majestic creatures. Truly we are blessed to live in a land of such beauty where the animals don't explode. Now, stay with me here, what if they did? Why are you walking away?By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Get those many heads swingin' and that world soul awakenin', Kevin and Jeremy are gonna tell YOU about a world full of hydras! It''s kinda a sucky place to be.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
In the biomechanical future(?) it's possible to wirelessly inject someone with literally and weird nonsense you want. And they can't stop you. They. Can't. Stop. You.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Oh yes, the world generating machine is out of storage and ready to bring Kevin and Jeremy to a world of mystery and arguments about time travel. Join them and keep your hands inside the generator at all time.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Ah, Popeye. A sailor man bolstered by the power of spinach. Not too weird you say? Well there are plenty of foods you can shove down your gob to get strong. Let's talk about some!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Kevin and Jeremy delve into mythology, fiction, and the dark recesses of their own minds to bring you a variety of pheonixes for you to choose from. Part of a balanced breakfast!By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
The guys tried to talk about Kingdom Hearts, but, uh, it’s very complicated. Instead they’re going to talk about Materia from Final Fantasy which is…less complicated?By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Take a leap of faith into the fairy circle. Will you lose an eye? Will you become a sorcerer? Will you find the Devil churning his milk? Which one is the weirdest? Kevin and Jeremy will find out.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Boot up your internet and hold onto your hats, Kevin and Jeremy are taking you into an adventure world with animals who are cars who are heavy metal.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
The podcast today is not about Tom Brady. I can’t stress this enough. This podcast is about magic animals offering you wishes. NOT TOM BRADY.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
In the new series Creature Feature, Kevin and Jeremy dream of a world full of magical creatures. In the first feature they dive into a world of Centaurs.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
With the end of another year, Kevin and Jeremy sit down to discuss a very important topic. A topic they will get to. But first…By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Kevin and Jeremy get a chance to pitch a Christmas movie. What better way to do that other than using random generators on the internet? Meet The Great Christmas Escape.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Here at the Third Space, Kevin and Jeremy like talking about magical objects. They also like talking about things that can talk that don’t normally talk. What do you get when you combine them? Sentient weapons from D&D.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Are you ready for a Third Space World Generator where the guys figure out the premise in fifteen minutes then riff on that premise for forty-five? Well you don’t have a choice.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
TEST YOUR MIGHT Duh duh DUH DUH duh duh DUH MORTAL KOMBAT! Ahem, the guys are gonna talk about Mortal Kombat.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Kevin and Jeremy dip back into the double world of Superpower Showdown. On one side, Empathy, on the other? Digestive systems that move. Confused yet?By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
I’m not going to lie. I forgot what the topic for this episode is. Now I’m writing this description and mostly just filling time until I-SOLARIS. Ahem, the topic for this episode is that weird water planet in the movie Solaris.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Now, we all know all dogs go to heaven, but there are so many other animals. What goes to heaven? More importantly, what goes to hell?By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
Come on children, crawl out of your holes because the great terror, the Third Space World Generator, has been returned to this world. Blow off the dust and hold onto your historical landmarks, it’s the Third Space.By Kevin Weir & Jeremy Verkley.
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