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Coding Blocks
The world of computer programming is vast in scope. There are literally thousands of topics to cover and no one person could ever reach them all. One of the goals of the Coding Blocks podcast is to introduce a number of these topics to the audience so they can learn during their commute or while cutting the grass. We will cover topics such as best programming practices, design patterns, coding for performance, object oriented coding, database design and implementation, tips, tricks and a who ...
Interviews, show features and audio blogs from Zack East on 98.3 The Coast in Southwest Michigan.
We talked to Joseph about his experience in the radio industry, some of our favorite bands, and his views on pop culture.Podcast powered by Spreaker. Go to
Dropping mayhem into your little podcast world every Friday with hosts Jason Ellis, Katie Ellis, and Mike Catherwood.
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We begin to twitch as we review the first factor of Hasura’s 3factor app, Realtime GraphQL, while Allen gets distrac … SQUIRREL!, Michael might own some bell bottoms, and Joe is stuck with cobalt. If you’re reading these notes via your podcast app, you can find this episode’s full show notes and join in on the conversation at https://www.coding ...…
We learn how to apply the concepts of The Pragmatic Programmer to teams while Michael uses his advertisement voice, Joe has a list, and Allen doesn't want anyone up in his Wheaties.
After 112 episodes, Michael can’t introduce the show, Allen pronounces it “ma-meee”, and don’t make Joe run your janky tests as The Pragmatic Programmer teaches us how we should use exceptions and program deliberately. How are you reading this? If you answered via your podcast player, you can find this episode’s full show notes and join the con ...…
We continue our dive into The Pragmatic Programmer and debate when is it text manipulation vs code generation as Joe can’t read his bill, Michael makes a painful recommendation, and Allen’s gaming lives up to Southern expectations. In case you’re reading these show notes via your podcast player, you can find this episode’s full show notes at ht ...…
It's about time we finally learn how to debug by taking take a page from The Pragmatic Programmer playbook, while Michael replaces a developer's cheat sheet, Joe judges the H-O-R-S-E competition for VI, and Allen stabs you in the front.
We dig into the details of the basic tools while continuing our journey into The Pragmatic Programmer while Joe programs by coincidence, Michael can't pronounce numbers, and Allen makes a point.
Joe is distracted by all of the announcements from E3, Allen is on the run from the Feebs, and Michael counts debugging as coding. All this and more as we continue discussing The Pragmatic Programmer.
The Pragmatic Programmer teaches us how to use tracer bullets versus prototyping while Joe doesn't know who won the Game of Thrones, Allen thought he knew about road numbers, and Michael thinks 475 is four letters.
The dad jokes are back as we learn about orthogonal code while JZ (the 8-mile guy) has spaghetti on him, Michael's Harry Potter references fail, and Allen voice goes up a couple octaves.
We take a deep dive into the various forms of duplication and jump aboard the complain train as Allen complains about Confluent's documentation, Michael complains about Docker's documentation, and Joe complains about curl.
We begin our journey into the wisdom of The Pragmatic Programmer, which as Joe puts it, it's less about type-y type-y and more about think-y think-y, while Allen is not quite as pessimistic as Joe, and Michael can't wait to say his smart words.
We dig into the nitty gritty details of what a Progressive Web App (PWA) is and why you should care, while Allen isn't sure if he is recording, Michael was the only one prepared to talk about Flo and the Progressive Price Gun, and Joe has to get his headphones.
The Date deep dive continues as we focus in on C# and JavaScript, while Michael reminisces about the fluorescent crayons, Joe needs a new tip of the week, and Allen confuses time zones.
We take a deep dive into understanding why all Date-s are not created equal while learning that Joe is not a fan of months, King Kong has nothing on Allen, and Michael still uses GETDATE. Oops.
Ellistronics may be over, but Jason Ellis has joined forces with Mike Catherwood and later Katie Ellis, to bring you High and Dry the podcast. Enjoy this exclusive sneak peek episodeBy Jason Ellis.
Jason and Katie record the final episode, answer all of the questions you submitted, and talk about the new podcast High and Dry with Mike Catherwood, Jason, and KatieBy Jason Ellis.
After being asked to quiet down, our friend, John Stone, joins us again as we move the conversation to the nearest cubicle while Michael reminds us of Bing, Joe regrets getting a cellphone, and Allen's accent might surprise you.
Former Porn Star Raylin aka Skin Diamond talks with Jason and Katie about reinvention, her musical career, being a dominatrix, and being a nerd.By Jason Ellis.
John Joseph tells crazy stories from his life from gangs, almost being killed in NYC, the birth of the punk rock sceneBy Jason Ellis.
We gather around the water cooler to celebrate our 100th episode with our friend John Stone for some random developer discussions as Michael goes off script, Joe needs his techno while coding, and Allen sings some sweet sounds.
Devin joins us for a brief look inside the mind of a 13 year old girl. Later on Katie and Jason discuss pee couch stories, yo-yo tricks, and shaving in the sunBy Jason Ellis.
Jason talks about Howard Stern, Camping vs Hip Hop dream vacations, Katie after back surgeryBy Jason Ellis.
Kyle & Natasha Kingsbury come on to learn proper male butt play, smashing negative social stigmas from anal pleasure, poly relationships, altered states of consciousness, and fightingBy Jason Ellis.
We learn all about JAMstack in real-time as Michael lowers the bar with new jokes, Allen submits a pull request, and Joe still owes us a tattoo.
Jason and Katie talk about prison sex dynamics, the ultimate genital musk, Instagram explore page, Bellator, Se7en, Weed of SportBy Jason Ellis.
We dig into heaps and tries as Allen gives us an up to date movie review while Joe and Michael compare how the bands measure up.
Jason and Katie discuss UFC on ESPN, the future of cableBy Jason Ellis.
Ellistronics is still here, Jason talks about sparring with Jewjitsu_bear, surviving a hypothetical apocalypse, Katie stops byBy Jason Ellis.
We ring in 2019 with a discussion of various trees as Allen questions when should you abstract while Michael and Joe introduce us to the Groot Tree.
Last show moving to a new one. FUBU story's, Gabs Garcia needs a real fight or its not a real fight. Supercross & more... for 10% off ALL Onnit products. for 15% off use code: wolfmate.By Jason Ellis.
Jason talks UFC232 and health tips for your body and mind. for 10% off ALL Onnit products. for 15% off use code: wolfmate.By Jason Ellis.
Tully's back talking shop and the trials and tribulations of the Jason Ellis Show... for 10% off ALL Onnit products. for 15% off use code: wolfmate.By Jason Ellis.
Just in time to help you spread some cheer this holiday season, the dad jokes are back as we dig into the details of hash tables and dictionaries.
Jason and Katie talk Ayahuasca and all the positive things that come from taking it. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
Jason by himself talking about how to get things done if you think you're not that lucky. Also, UFC predictions. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
We continue our deep dive into data structures, this time focusing in on arrays and array-like types as Allen gives Shania Twain some singing competition, Joe is going to owe us another tattoo, and wait ... when does Michael think C++ was invented?
Jason and Katie talk religion, spirituality, ghosts and afterlife. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
Jason is joined by Sal Barbier. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
We begin our journey into data structures by taking a deep dive into primitives while Allen makes Michael blush and Joe crashes his browser.
Jason is joined by Zack and Chad from Too Stupid to Die. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
Chris Cobra Cole joins Jason. for 10% off ALL Onnit products. Robinhood is giving listeners a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help build your portfolio! Sign up at Jason Ellis.
With the holiday season soon approaching, we address the most important requirements list of all ... our wish lists as Joe has to disclose a cheese powder incident, Michael hopes his Bitcoin gains some value, and Allen researches his purchases to the extreme.
Josh Peck joins Jason for a very honest conversation about popularity, social media and other life battles. for 10% off ALL Onnit products. Thanks to Casper for supporting our channel. Save $50 on select mattresses at code ellistronics.By Jason Ellis.
Jason talks scarification with Chase and Leigh Raven. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
This is a special collaboration featuring John Calloway of The Six Figure Developer and our own Allen Underwood. The episode was recorded out at Microsoft Ignite 2018, and features talk about the future of cloudy infrastructures with a particular focus on Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB.By Allen Underwood, Michael Outlaw, Joe Zack.
Jason is joined by Bill Weiss and Leigh for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
Jason & Katie are joined by Brandan Biebel for this great episode of Ellistronics. Robinhood is giving listeners a FREE stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint to help build your portfolio! Sign up at for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
We continue our dive into how to learn things while Michael's voice sounds an awful lot like Joe's, Joe says it's a square, and Allen says it's as triangle ... oh, and Google Feud is back!
Jason talks with Bill Weiss about their past and skateboarding careers and life after skating.By Jason Ellis.
Jason & Katie record a bonus podcast this week thats filled with ridiculoius topics. for 10% off ALL Onnit products.By Jason Ellis.
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