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Radio JP
Radio JP è una web radio nata nel 2012 a Putignano in Puglia.
Podcast by JP 4eva Podcast
JP Pod
These episodes feature JP (The Tokyo Hillbilly) from Tennessee & the lovely Fiddling Leona from Tokyo. They talk about living in TOKYO, Tennessee (Appalachian Mountains) USA, Music, Food, and much more. This show is bi-lingual in English (Hillbilly English) and Japanese.
JP Presents
JP isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he somehow manages to get into a lot of really interesting conversations. Join this idiot as he sits down, has a drink, and enjoys a cigar with some really amazing people, and hear the stories they have to tell.
J-P Sports Pod
The Hancock County Journal-Pilot's official podcast run by Sports Editor Ethan Lillard. Stay up to date for coach interviews, player interviews, game reactions and more. Also, find us on iTunes >>>>
Roger & JP clip of the day
Inspired by the Retro Game Night Competitions we’ve put on in the past, JP's Retro Game Night is starting a PODCAST! Join JP, Jon, Greg, and Golds as we use our 75 years of combined gaming experience to wade through tons of retro games, from the quintessential greats to the ones we fished out of the garbage, literally! Each month we will try really hard to take an objective look at a few games and talk about our misadventures in attempting to play them. We love old games, and where would the ...
Listen to what happens behind-the-scenes after our show is over, even though we aren't making any money for letting you hear it.
A Video Blog about the Louisville Real Estate Market for buyers and sellers by Louisville"s premiere Realtor JP Pirtle.
Come listen as JP JUSTICE takes on many topics head on and forces guest to address what every topics has been INSTIGATED. His attack on convo satisfies anyone's need for knowledge.www.GrownFolkComedy.comIntro Music By:
Kicking it with JP is a light hearted take on current News, with Family, Marriage, Sex, Advice, and Comedy, sprinkled in the mix.
The Swahili word safari means "long journey." Originally from the Arabic سفرة (safra) meaning a journey. The verb for "to travel" in Swahili is "kusafiri", the noun for the journey is "safari".The Safari Experience is a series of mixes that has been created to allow you to travel through different layers of Deep House music including Deep, Afro, Ancestral, Tribal & Tech House from the African continent, Europe, USA and worldwide. Our podcast includes new, old and unreleased materials for all ...
Percs of JP
Rambles and rants with occasional guests from the expat community in Beijing
JP Dynamisis
JP Apocalyptic Radio
Our topics of discussion will almost always include "stupid stuff guys do", the paranormal, the zombie apocalypse, and any subject our listeners want.
Jon and JP's Podcast
DJ JP's Podcast
Resident DJ on radio. Were i play various house music... my main style i like to play is deep/tech dark house beats with evil bass lines... always playing new upfront falvours and classics from the vaults ;)
JP & G Show
JP & G take you into an interesting and humorous look intot the latest motoring news, with typical teenage banter inbetween.
Windsurfing action videos from JP-Australia, the leading manufacturer of windsurf boards, fins and accessories.
The JP Tocker Show
The JP Tocker show talks to successful people that can share tips and tricks to help get through a tough period and what they do that makes them happy.A few laughs along the way also.
Ron and JP
Ron and JP's interviews and Podcasts
Join two non-wine snobs as they embark on home wine making, and explore area wineries and establishments. Interviews with wineries and wine makers, and tips and tricks along the way.
ISOC-JP Program Committeeが制作するPodcast Programです。
Unfiltered raw look at the world of sports. Jaguars, Magic, WWE.
JP, Kathy & The Crew Morning Show
Each week, Lake Country/NOW sports director JR Radcliffe and Time Warner Cable Sports Channel's JP Cadorin chat about the Wisconsin sports scene, with an emphasis on Milwaukee-area preps.
Every week the Ibizan label Chronovision Ibiza will be hosting a weekly radioshow presented by their label owner JP Chronic himself with exclusive special guest mixes from the label's roster + once a month his personal selection from his playlist & the label new releases. Catch them at your favourite radio station listed below a week ahead then with tracklist on their network… Enjoy & Catch you next week for more adventures from the Islanders
Q and A Spanish
Get answers to your Spanish learning problems with JP and Nahyeli on Q and A Spanish
The Risk Takers
The Globe and Mail’s Risk Takers is a podcast about the entrepreneurs who risk everything to grow their businesses. Hosted by Globe and Mail Small Business Editor Sarah Efron. Produced by Sarah Efron and JP Davidson.
Dr. Homebrew breaks down your home brewed beer and gives you the feedback you're looking for to improve your brewing! Join JP, along with his co-hosts, BJCP Master Judges Brian Cooper and Lee Shephard, as they dissect listener-submitted homebrew and provide tips and tricks to improve your brewing!
The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel is a high-quality serial mystery story for middle graders, performed by actual kids. Think Goonies, meets Spy Kids, meets Stranger Things for 8-12 year-olds. Listen along as eleven-year-old Mars Patel and his pals JP, Toothpick, and Caddie set out on a audacious adventure in search of two missing friends. The mysterious tech billionaire Oliver Pruitt might have a thing-or-two to say about their quest, because as he likes to say, To the stars! In ...
Dead Piett Society
Join hosts Al, Kitty, Ed and JP as they entertain you for an hour or so every week with the weirdest podcast you'll ever hear. The group love to look back at the weird week that was, trawling through the oddest news stories of the previous 7 days; but expect them to mix in a dose of freaky facts, bizarre moments from history, unusual listener stories and so much more. All this intertwined with our hosts personal stories and humour.
REI presents Wild Ideas Worth Living, a podcast that shares stories of adventure and beyond. On each show, host and adventure journalist Shelby Stanger interviews world-class explorers, scientists, athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs about how they’ve taken their own wild ideas and made them a reality, so you can too. From people who have climbed the tallest peaks, to people who have started new businesses, broken records, surfed giant waves, sailed across the Pacific, travelled to ever ...
Dr. Homebrew breaks down your home brewed beer and gives you the feedback you're looking for to improve your brewing! Join JP, along with his co-hosts, BJCP Master Judges Brian Cooper and Lee Shephard, as they dissect listener-submitted homebrew and provide tips and tricks to improve your brewing!
Boxing's best podcast Angelo and JP are fans just like you giving you a show from the best perspective out there and that's the fans perspective. Follow us @cheapseatsbox
Pod Casserole
Join Adam and Jp as they explore the multi-verse of Pop-Culture.
TuneIn covers Major League Baseball like never before with MLB At The Plate. TM/(C) MLBAM 2017Host Holden Kushner and a star-studded cast of analysts, including six-time All-Star Kenny Lofton, 21-year veteran pitcher LaTroy Hawkins, former Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, former catcher JP Arencibia, plus World Series champs Geoff Blum and Jeff Nelson take you around the world of Major League Baseball with recaps, interviews and more.Catch the live show weeknights 7pm-midnight eastern o ...
Footy and Foam
Podcast by JP Pulverenti
Hey, Listen!
From the creators of comes a podcast of nothing but Zelda news all the Zelda time! Well... maybe not ONLY Zelda...
Bringing you a fresh perspective on all things Japanese, this is The Japan Show. Tokyoite journalists John Matthews and Gavin Dixon take you on a journey beyond the thin veneer of anime, high-tech, and funky toilets.
Redskins Talk
The #RedskinsTalk Podcast is anchored by NBC Sports Washington's Redskins Insider JP Finlay and highlights all members of our Redskins coverage team including Rich Tandler, Brian Mitchell, Chick Hernandez and Trevor Matich. Finlay will also reach out to a host of outside influencers both in the D.C. media and the national landscape. With a strong set of personal relationships built on years at Redskins Park, Finlay brings a fresh and engaging style to interviews with players, coaches and 'Sk ...
Hosted by Tim JP Collins - this is a show to support everyone suffering with Anxiety, stress and panic attacks, Tim suffered with Anxiety and panic attacks and has changed his life to recover and now supports others in doing the same. This unique show isn't just about coping, it's about moving past Anxiety and fear to live the life you were destined for. Each week Tim interviews people that have stories that you will be able to relate to. The interviews are raw, real and vulnerable and peopl ...
JP and Tyler review weekly comic books as well as rant and rave about current events!
Moery Company
JP Moery’s Association Playbook Podcast: Host JP Moery, President of The Moery Company, offers a weekly episode on leadership, business growth, sales and more. Our mission is to arm you with insight and strategy on the challenges confronting the nonprofit community.
Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. I have been a teacher, personal trainer and finally found my place in marketing. I enjoy helping people reach the level that they believe they can, because I believe they can get there. Through this blog, and my podcast, Create Your Own Life, I seek to help you build the business and the life that you dream of. Dream big. ...
Join paranormal investigators JP Doyal and Jon Gonzalez as they discuss all thing paranormal with a funny entertaining twist! We also have a great YouTube channel you have to checkout! Just Paranormal your number one source for all things paranormal!
I Like You
I Like You is a an irreverent podcast about dating, relationships, love and like. JP and Elah discuss triumphs, heartbreak, online dating horror stories, relationship conundrums and more with guests. Compelling stories and interesting guests interspersed with hilarious banter and the occasional original song mean never a dull moment.
The Bee Smart Podcast featuring the Beehooligans is a podcast all sharing the experience of beekeeping and making information available in a fun, interesting way.Tony "Big Bear" Sandoval runs the Bee Smart beekeeping project in Omaha, NE and hosts the podcasts with the help of his fellow beekeepers of notoriety. Our regular host(s) and the occasional guest(s) talk about anything and everything going on in the world of bees and beekeeping. It's a laid back chat, kind of like listening to a bu ...
Join hosts Saieno, Sharaa, and Neiloch in a weekly podcast about anything and everything Final Fantasy XIV, putting as much content and discussion as possible around two hours. Saieno played FFXI for several years, from the JP release until a little after the Wings of the Goddess expansion pack. Neiloch played FFXI for a year or so, and Sharaa played since 2004. They each have over 17 years of experience in a multitude of MMOs, and the different perspectives really add to the discussions thr ...
Stats & Facts
Will, JP, and Adam sit down and talk sports
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Be inspired by the ministry of J. P. Grantham, as he declares the truth about God's unmerited favor.
Be inspired by the ministry of J. P. Grantham, as he declares the truth about God's unmerited favor.
Be inspired by the ministry of J. P. Grantham, as he declares the truth about God's unmerited favor.
TKO #37 - WE'VE KUMA FOR YOU ALL All aboard the short bus!!! Make sure your seatbelts are fastened, your helmets secured, your windows are in the up and lickable position and make sure you have that stupid look on your face, cause it's yet another of THAT podcast's episodes... On the program, we discuss the per usual toy news for aHwhile, and A ...…
State aspirations, receiving no love, what it takes to build a successful program, MaxPreps, gamechanger and much more discussed with Illini West softball Head Coach Rod Pence.
JP Phelan, Minister of State Dept. of Housing, Planning and Local Government, Joe Healy, IFA President
Baby recounts from his point of view when the Viper shot at him and we meet the mysterious head of the secret society, now known as the Umbrella Corporation, Adora. Baby - Joey Couture - Twitter Harley - Tyrolin Puxty - Adora - Paula Rhodes - The Viper - Dayeanne Hutton - Cherry - Gil ...…
Gonzalez liked my insta and everything is beautiful as a result! But really though, Dom vs Chris is on after the merge, and the #Survivor power rankings now include all 12 of these lovely castaways
LIT: Superpower Or Super Person - Week 1 - 4.15.18 - Pastor JP Vick by Sojourn City Church
The BEST Independent Music from around the world: EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, R & B, Rap, Reggae, Jazz & more...Hosted by DTongAdvertising & Sponsorship: Song Play & Promotion: TO YOU BY:Windsor Watches - A new concept of luxury elegance Dude Weekly Podc ...…
President Donald Trump announced tonight that he ordered the U.S. military to conduct precision missile strikes in conjunction with French and British allies against the Syrian government.
Dez Morgan and Skip Montreux take a look at recent developments in the field of 3D Printing and talk about how it is now possible to build a home using 3D technology. Free audio script available at Visit iTunes to subscribe to Down to Business English, rate the show, and leave a comment. Visit our website or Facebook p ...…
BMA Sessions 063 with Dj Dave Scotland Recording of Live Broadcast Join me every week Live and Free on Mastah Myndz Radio BMA Sessions ft. Dave Scotland Saturdays 10pm EST (New York) or Sundays 2pm AEST (Aus) This week... "A Hard Session" TRACK LIST Get Lost - Frank Farrell & Captain Tinrib Forgotten - Trance Pennine Express Gollum - JP & Jukes ...…
Michael Cembalest discusses his annual energy paper, Pascal’s Wager, the argument that belief makes more sense than disbelief when the worst outcome is a total loss. He tackles the reality behind climate goals & decarbonization, electric vehicles, academics’ view on the renewable energy future, & a twist on the US Electoral College. Michael is ...…
Should you be upset when your finally in the public eye and everyone wants to know your every move?
Big show! Big BBQ! Big beer! Our buddy chef Jason K Morse is grilling up some delicious meats and treats in the parking lot and Richard Schneider "little Rich" from Raquelitas Tortillas is lending a hand for some fresh grilled quesadillas!Have you ever seen 20 baked Alaska's burning at the same time? We have! Chef Chris Starkus from Urban Farme ...…
This we on The Starting 5 “It’s a Super ‘Nova!” We discuss the new National Champs the Villanova Wildcats. RG3 returns to the NFL The LA Rams making big moves Fab goes Ike Turner on his lady 50 years since MLK jr assassination! Don’t forget to hit up to hear us live tonight 9:30pm-11pm. The Starting 5 Wednesday night 9:30pm ...…
Jacaranda FM — A man said to be in his 40s has been arrested for allegedly starting four fires on Table Mountain
In this episode we discuss with Sam social anxiety, Joss Wheadon, her absolutely horrible 2018 and the fact she hates unicorns. **NOTE** The language is strong in this one, so mind the little ears ;) Sam Twitter - @summonsamsam Twitch - Tyrolin Twitter - @TizThunder Twitch - YouTube - youtube.c ...…
Join JP in his first consultation with Torched Muslce Fitness! Joining JP is Chris Silk and Josh Scott, who have decades of experience in fitness and bodybuilding. Also joining us Naiomi Scott of Natural Selection Meal Preps. We talk about JP’s motivation and experience, provide some nutrition basics, and give the first ever Recipe Of the Week!…
9 for as yet they did not understand the Scripture, that he must rise from the dead.John 20:9 Read the Summary Play Stop Popout X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_4 = [ { name: "Surprised by Hope", formats: ["mp3"], mp3: "aHR0cDovL3JlZGVlbWVycGNhLm9yZy93cC93cC1jb250ZW50L3VwbG9hZHMvMjAxOC8wNC9TdW5kYXktTW9ybmluZy0wNC0wMS0xOC5tcDM=", counterpart:"", artist: "Wayn ...…
Find your moment of clarity. Peace.(Rap fact) Cain & JP Squab mixtape had a remix to "Moment of Clarity " by Jay Z I think its time to let them boyz know, I write punchlines and I sell out shows. (Locals know 😉)
Iyi ni Radio Itahuka Ijwi ry' Ihuriro Nyarwanda. Muri mu Ikiganiro Igihe n' Iki mutegurirwa nanjye JP. Turi kuwa 03.30.2018. Mukiganiro cyacu cy' uyu munsi turakomeza kubagezaho uko ingoma ya Rwabujindiri rurya ntiruhage, igeze aho umwana arira nyina ntiyumve. Turarebera hamwe kandi uko ubutabera, diplomasi, economy (Ubukungu), ndetse n' imiber ...…
Hosts: Stephen and Mr. J The DCFU returns to talk Wonder Woman casting news, Shazam set photos. Mr. J reviews CW's Black Lightning, Black Panther(2018), Tomb Raider(2018), and Pacific Rim Uprising (2018). Mr. J and Stephen talk JDF as Lord Drakkon and we watch the trailer for nickelodeon's new TMNT show. Mr. J wanted more and here it is for you ...…
JP and Chad pop the top on a fresh beer. Then, it's Storytime, followed by top stories: FMCSA's Chief Martinez gets an earful at the Mid-America Trucking Show. Driver retention drives the debate at the Truckload Carriers Association Annual Meeting. Vapor and Hangar announce a merger to create drone technology infrastructure across the U.S., sta ...…
The boys are back for another exciting episode of Survivor, analyzing ANOTHER tribe swap, a great immunity challenge, and getting another special guest call from Donathan. New Power Rankings for the remaining castaways. Follow @JP4EvaPod on Twitter. Love you.
Play Stop pop out X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_14 = [ { name: "1. CounterSpin Karen Hobert Flynn Jeff Cohen Full Show ", formats: ["mp3"], mp3: "aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mYWlyLm9yZy9hdWRpby9jb3VudGVyc3Bpbi9Db3VudGVyU3BpbjE4MDMzMC5tcDM=", counterpart:"", artist: "", image: "true", imgurl: "" }];MP3jPLAYERS[14] = { list:MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_14, tr:0, type:'MI', lstate:t ...…
Check out this weeks episode of the JPpod. Our international hero's wade through the topics of hanging out under cherry trees in Japan, playing army in the forest while overeating, and Leona's origin story: Part 1.
Welcome to Don't DoThat Bro. On this episode of DDTBro, the guys take over Off The Record with Korin by their side to talk all things plastic surgery, losing your first kiss, and fighting the fake news! Dan and JP are here to help all men win at the game of life, so tune in every Friday for your weekly life cadding from two of the most ridiculo ...…
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