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The Karel Cast
This is the podcast of the outrageous Karel, entertainer and nationally syndicated talk show host/author. Openly gay, straight to the point, this is a bottom line no-holds-barred hysterical journey through American life.
Serving Up Science
The series all about food: where it comes from and how it impacts our health and our planet. History buff, foodie and science writer Sheril Kirshenbaum serves up a side of science and history, explores the reasons behind the recipe, and offers some tasty tips on your favorite foods. WKAR host Karel Vega joins Sheril for the weekly podcast and broadcast Wednesdays during All Things Considered on 90.5 FM in mid-Michigan.
Irrational Straight Talk by Karel Murray
Karel Segers Webinars
Karel Segers discusses strategies to improve your writing, and to help you make your stories resonate for a larger audience. The podcasts are the audio version of the webinars, which can be found here: http://tsd.im/webinars.
Life Habits
The Life Habits mentoring podcast series helps you learn new habits in order to stay sane in this crazy world. We all have good and bad habits in all aspect of our lives, at work, at home, with friends and associates, in relationships and in our approach to health, spirituality, and our overall outlook on life. We often don’t know that we have certain bad habits and when we do, they’re often difficult to break. Similarly, we often aren’t aware of new habits that would be really good for us a ...
Marcelis Wallace
YOU’RE AMAZING, No really, you are. Thanks for listening. Enjoy - please comment, rate, message and share! 💪 Everything about the gym, working out, athleticism, strength, recovery, health & wellness, self education, progression and upwards movement. Traveling to higher grounds by walking through the mud in life.
The Life Habits mentoring podcast series helps you learn new habits in order to stay sane in this crazy world. We all have good and bad habits in all aspect of our lives, at work, at home, with friends and associates, in relationships and in our approach to health, spirituality, and our overall outlook on life. We often don’t know that we have certain bad habits and when we do, they’re often difficult to break. Similarly, we often aren’t aware of new habits that would be really good for us a ...
Helena Glory, as the daughter of a major industrial power's president, is a woman on a mission. She faces the island factory of Rossum's Universal Robots, the world's leading company in robotic engineering. She is convinced that these new creations called robots they make are deserving of rights like humans do. Everyone else is convinced robots are nothing more than tools for human use. Is it so, or is a robot rebellion becoming a more likely prospect as the robots start to seem more intelli ...
Audible Anarchism
A podcast broadcasting Anarchist texts and audiobooks
Welcome to the Let's Talk Sex podcast where amazing sex topics and issues in relationships are discussed.
An inventor has created a machine, a "carburator," which consumes matter entirely. It destroys it on an atomic level, releasing massive amounts of energy, and leaving nothing behind—at least, nothing physical. It turns out that pantheism (the idea that God is present in everything) is true, and the carburator not only releases energy, it releases God—or "the Absolute." As carburators are installed throughout the world, more and more instances of miracles occur, and the people near the carbur ...
A conversation about Fighting Irish football and basketball. An audio supplement to the Rakes Report newsletter, available at www.tinyletter.com/rakesreport. Hosted by Chris Wilson.
Afura Nefertiti Fareed, founder of Alchemy Of Affluence Academy, is inspiring spirited starlets wanting to learn how to use occult wisdom and divination to manifest their most magickal life through witchcraft and self-mastery, all with a chalice of brut rosé hand! Your fairytale happy ending is not a pipe dream, but a premonition of the reality you're meant to create when you step into your magick. By demystifying High Magick and transmuting it into practical advice for the millennial mind, ...
Season 01: NOT FORGOTTEN. Marines and Sailors who served with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines during the 2008 deployment to Afghanistan.
Let's Talk Sex
This is a “no hold back” sex podcast that addresses sexual topics and issues in relationships that are influenced by the society.
Bajada Dialogues
Jason Bajada has one on one in-depth conversations about life, music, fashion, art, politics, spirituality and mac n' cheese with inspirational human beings.
All of the shows that we produce
Kolmas poolaeg
Ajalehe Õhtuleht iganädalane jalgpallisaade "Kolmas poolaeg". Erilise tähelepanu all on Eesti vutt ning kohalikud jalgpallurid. Tähelepanuta ei jää ka maailma tipptase.
With love and data
Hi, i'm Alex Jacobi and this is my podcast “With love and data”. It’s about humans and machines creating epic stuff together. I’m meeting the smartest marketeers, creatives and AI specialists. Together, we discuss how to marry the amazing world of data science and AI with crazy, inspiring ideas.
Just two college roommates shooting the breeze on sports, entertainment, and much more. You never know which way the ball will bounce. Featuring hosts Kaleb Mullins, Noah Nelson, and Carter Karels.
Listen to interviews, features and community stories from the SBS Radio Slovak program, including news from Australia and around the world. - Po?úvajte rozhovory, ?rty a príbehy z pospolitosti v slovenskom programe Rádia SBS, vrátane správ z Austrálie a zo sveta
Nordic Nation
FasterSkier — All Things Nordic
This Woman Can
Your source of information related to women's leadership, female entrepreneurship, personal success and career advancement
Think Out Loud is the official podcast channel of Manchester Business School. Share the insight of industry leaders who discuss relevant issues in business and management.http://www.mbs.ac.uk
Environmental Law & Climate Change Legal News from LexisNexis® via Podcast
Let's learn Tenkara fishing the fun way!
SportsPolitik is hosted by Dr. Galen Clavio, as he talks with all the interesting people that he knows. Everything is on the table on the SportsPolitik podcast --- sports, media, culture, history, politics, food, alcohol, travel, video games, and much more. Tune in as GC and his rotating band of guests talk about the things that interest them (and you)!
Hosted by musician, author and animator, Justin Curfman, chronicling the life and work of various artists and thinkers, past and present as well as discussions on historical events, science and the humanities."Subjected" is a not-for-profit program, whose production relies exclusively upon contributions from listeners like you. Please keep this program freely available and regularly produced by making a PayPal donation in any amount to the following email address: bitchintat@msn.comDirect an ...
Beyond This Point
Beyond This Point is a series of conversations engaging the creative thinkers who inspire us. Each episode, Gabriel Stromberg, Creative Director of Civilization, sits down with artists, business owners, designers, and leaders of all types to put a spotlight on different ways of seeing, thinking, and making.Beyond This Point is produced by Civilization, a design firm that develops brands and experiences that are ethical and impactful.
Welcome to the soundcloud page for De Montfort University's Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA) – the UK’s only centre dedicated to urban austerity research. This page contains our podcast series, beginning with our pilot on “Urban Futures” where we promote cutting edge research and action on the issue of the future of urban development in the UK, and beyond. The series is made up of interviews with leading critical academics and practitioners working to deliver an alternative, mor ...
After 10 years, BlogTalkRadio has decided to eliminate channels like mine with stored content. I'll be moving all my old episodes to a new platform shortly. This channel will apparently disappear after February 28, 2019.
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Last night 12 Democrats debated just how much help and just how big the ideas should be to get us in to the future. And none, save perhaps Andrew Yang, really gets it. The Future IS a big idea, and should be. And we should be setting those goals. All this while taking a first look at the Brava light oven, which inspired the rant.…
Stringer report from Roman Risa from the farewell of late Karel Gott (80). - Pravidelný telefonát týždňa Romana Rišu, tentoraz smutný z rozlúčky s majstrom Gottom. Nedá nám nespomenúť, že na pokrsteného katolíka si Karel so ženskými dovolil dosť vrátane splodenia dvoch nemanželských dcér, ale keď sa zosobášil so svojou manželkou Ivanou, nebolo ...…
For this podcast interview, I'm joined by Wealthy Witch Biz Bootcamp graduate, Jessica Karels, tarotpreneur & intuitive troubleshooter. She's a magical girl who lives in a corporate world. Her passion is guiding others to break free from the scripts that society has given them so that they can improve their lives (and the world) for the better. ...…
Recorded by librivox.org Helena Glory, as the daughter of a major industrial power's president, is a woman on a mission. She faces the island factory of Rossum's Universal Robots, the world's leading company in robotic engineering. She is convinced that these new creations called robots they make are deserving of rights like humans do. Everyone ...…
Õhtulehe jalgpallitaskuhääling „Kolmas poolaeg“ kutsus sel nädalal külla Eesti koondise ja FC Flora paremkaitsja Gert Kamsi, kellega räägiti nii koondise- kui ka klubijutte.Saatejuht Mart Treial uuris Kamsilt muuhulgas, mis tujuga ta koondiselaagrist pärast 0:0 viiki Valgevenega ja 0:3 kaotust Saksamaale koju läks. Miks kaks mängu Saksamaaga ni ...…
As I sit and have tea in my fine Lenox we talk vegan extremism and extremism as a whole. Does it serve any cause well, from climate change, politics to health? What's wrong with a little cream? Listen daily, watch , subscribe and support at reallykarel.com.By Karel.
So, a report says that in 2019 with just three months left in the decade we are setting records, for the number of STDs in our country. So if guns don't get 'cha something else might. So, why not make some coconut milk yogurt to replace the gut bacteria you lose when you take antibiotics. Throw in a PrEP rant, and it's a Monday. Support at real ...…
Remembering the great Slovak scene maker, ethnologist, folklore activist, dancer and choreographer Viliam Jan Gruska, who died aged 83. - Pocta jedinečnému slovenskému etnografovi, folkloristovi, scénografovi, tanečníkovi a choreografovi, lúčničiarovi, bývalému predsedovi Matice slovenskej Viliamovi Jánovi Gruskovi, ktorý nás opustil vo veku 83 ...…
Interview with Zuzana Suster and Lubica Shannon from Melbourne, representing Slovak Social Club Ludovit Stur and Slovak Little School in Hawthorn, about the coming Slovak language camp in Cowes, Phillip Island 22-24 November 2019. Dont miss out great meetings, fun, memories and food. - Rozhovor so Slovenkami v Melbourne, Zuzanou Šusterovou a Ľu ...…
Repríza nášho pásma k júlovej 80-ke legendárneho speváka Karla Gotta tentoraz aj s novými informáciami po jeho smrti v Prahe.
NACA feature about the phone calls from White House using power and pressure to tell other countries heads to do a favour. PM Scott Morrison was asked to help president Donald Trump with the impeachment about the Russian involvement in the US elections. All started with the meeting of Alexander Downer and an FBI agent. - Americká administratíva ...…
Feature about two great Slovak authors, female writers, Margita Figuli (110 years anniversary of birth) and Maria Durickova (exactly 100). - Spomienka na významné dámy slovenskej literatúry, spisovateľky Margity Figuli (Tri gaštanové kone a iné), ktorá sa narodila pred 110 rokmi, a Márie Ďuríčkovej (Danka a Janka a iné), ktorá má storočnicu.…
NACA feature about the climate change protests around the world now including Australia and including the organisation Rebellion Extinction, reactions, new laws to be introduced and the dilemma between the right to protest and economic and traffic damage. - Protesty a demonštrácie všade vo svete vyvolávajú vášne, zásahy polície a zatýkanie, vrá ...…
Full text here: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/anonymous-desert Author’s NoteI have written Desert as a nature loving anarchist primarily addressing others with similar feelings. As a result I have not always explained ideas to which I hold when they are, to some extent, givens within many anarchist and radical environmental circles. H ...…
We’re approaching November’s Eve (AKA Samhain or Halloween) on the witch’s calendar. It’s said to be the time when the “veil between worlds is thinnest,” and for those of us who work with seasonal energies in our manifesting journey, it’s the “death of seasons” and all year long, I’ve been asking my podcast guests to share their beliefs and sto ...…
Õhtulehe jalgpallisaade „Kolmas poolaeg“ keskendus seekord Minksis toimunud Valgevene ja Eesti EM-valikmängule. Ajakirjanikud Kaarel Täll, Mart Treial ja Henry Lääne jälgisid 0:0 viigiga lõppenud matši ülesandega tuua saates välja kaks positiivset ja kaks negatiivset aspekti.Jututeemade sisu avavate märksõnadena võib välja tuua näiteks pallival ...…
Judy (at theatre) died in 1969, and the Stonewall Riots happened the day of her funeral. We talk Gay Pride as Vegas gets ready for its, and, we make the #1 drink of that year, the Vodka Gimlet. Why not.By Karel.
When you go to the store and pick up a gallon of milk, you're probably not worried about it being filled with formaldehyde, thanks to the FDA. However, it took some brave men to risk their health to bring food safety issues to light. On this episode of Serving Up Science, science writer Sheril Kirshenbaum and WKAR’s Karel Vega talk about the he ...…
Brigitte Naggar aka Common Holly visits me on the podcast. We discuss her new album, signing to Barsuk Records, leaving Brooklyn for Montreal, as well as her religious studies at McGill university.By Jason Bajada.
Change takes this long. And when it happens, you need to cope, so we make Coping Cannabis Chocolate. Vegan, of course.By Karel.
Forget impeachment and such, everybody I know is having man or woman problems! And it's no wonder, as the Supreme Court debates gay love again, it seems no one is in it. Why? Well, we make pancakes and discuss.By Karel.
The President is off his rocker, so we talk the history of impeachment while making Peach tea. There's some surprising facts, and a surprising way to make tea. 8 bags green tea, half a can including syrup of peaches, brew. Serve over Ice. Then, a popcorn hack you won't believe. All while telling you where this will end.…
Criterion Reflections is David Blakeslee’s ongoing project to watch all of the films included in the Criterion Collection in chronological order of their original release. Each episode of this third season of the podcast features conversations with a variety of guests offering insights on movies that originally premiered in 1971 and were destin ...…
Our USC insider Nick Tresnowski makes his annual visit to break down Saturday night's big game. Topics include USC's quarterback duo and wide receiver trio, how they might game plan against Ian Book, who might replace Clay Helton if not Urban Meyer and a welfare check on Trojan message boards.
Full text here:https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/anonymous-desert Author’s NoteI have written Desert as a nature loving anarchist primarily addressing others with similar feelings. As a result I have not always explained ideas to which I hold when they are, to some extent, givens within many anarchist and radical environmental circles. Ho ...…
Frase and Emily swing by with their daughter River to talk about their romantic collision, touring all over the world and keeping gear at a minimum when travelling.By Jason Bajada.
Õhtulehe jalgpallisaates „Kolmas poolaeg“ oli ajakirjanikel Karl Juhkamil ja Mart Treialil külas septembri keskel Tallinna FCI Levadia peatreeneriks saanud Vladimir Vassiljev (31), kes töötab paralleelselt ka Eesti koondise abitreenerina.Kuidas jõudis Eestist 6000 km kaugusel ilmavalgust näinud Vassiljev jalgpalli juurde? Miks jäi tema enda vut ...…
Why on Thursday's do we throw back? I think I have an idea. So, it should bring us joy and if you do this, it will! Listen daily, support and visit reallykarel.comBy Karel.
The nation is suffering from this very real condition and if we don’t do something about it, quickly, it will destroy us. Listen and watch at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Trump says they'll be civil war, but as I am attacked at Hertz in Las Vegas for asking a right winger to turn down their podcast, and as no one cares, including the police, I see it's already happening. Listen daily at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Jess Smetana of Sports Illustrated stops by to talk about the Daelin Hayes and Shaun Crawford injuries, her trip to South Bend for the Irish's victory over the Cavaliers, very cool defense stuff, Ian Book's performance, and what concerns and excites us for the final eight games of the regular season. Read Jess's piece on the leprechauns here. S ...…
Ján Lazorík one of Slovakia's most highly appreciated folklorists. Renowned for his never-ending effort to preserve the authenticity of the northern Slovak regions of Šariš and Spiš. He set up a folklore group in the village of Krivany, was eager promoter of north eastern dialects, saved hundreds of items of authentic folk culture not only for ...…
Full text here: https://libcom.org/library/socialism-reaffirmed-maurice-brinton Some basic principles put together by Maurice Brinton in 1960 aimed at being ones around which revolutionary socialists - as distinct from bureaucratic state socialists - could regroup.By audibleanarchism.
Õhtulehe jalgpallisaates „Kolmas poolaeg“ oli ajakirjanik Karl Juhkami vestluspartneriks Soccernet.ee erikorrespondent Ott Järvela. Üheskoos lahati FIFA parima jalgpalluri ehk The Best valimisi. Miks säärane auhind üldse eksisteerib? Kas Lionel Messi vääris seda? Miks kaitsjatele parima valimistel alatasa liiga tehakse?Saate teises pooles võeti ...…
Les soeurs Boulay débarquent chez moi pour parler de leur nouvel album, de monogamie, de politique, de chasse à l'orignal, d'anxiété que procure les réseaux sociaux, de réalité virtuelle, et pleins d'autres sujets.By Jason Bajada.
Defeats are everywhere, at every turn. And we lament them daily. But what about the victories? What about the joys? Do we celebrate those any more, or are there none? Listen in daily and download the FREE app at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Thomas Kabke-Sommer baut mit seiner Firma Crossplan eine Datenplattform Radio und Audio. Und er kann wie kein anderer komplexe Datensysteme so erklären, dass sie jeder versteht. Wir unterhalten uns über seine spannende Karriere von GMX, über Mediaagenturen bis hin zum Radio und wie er seit über 20 Jahren mit Liebe und Daten arbeitet.…
Depression is now the way of most in the USA and symptoms of it are everywhere. So what are we going to do as a culture to get happier? Nothing. So what can you do? This. Listen daily at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Sam Werner drops by to discuss the trip to Athens, what we learned about the team between the hedges and the upcoming brawl with the Virginia Cavaliers.
My HOA and I hate each other. I bet you do, too, if you have one. Yet, I pay for it. Like Congress. Most of us hate it. Yet, we run it. So? What's up with that? Why do we have all the power, but no control?By Karel.
Immigration, Health Care, Congress, Corporate Structure, Cable TV, Phone Companies, Phones themselves, Homelessness..what part of our society is working for and with you? It's an honest question. feedback@reallykarel.comBy Karel.
Slovak folk dance group Liptár performed at the opening night of the Czech and Slovak Film Festival for the first time. We also welcomed ambassador Tomas Ferko and asked him what his favorite movie was. - Privítali sme slovenského veľvyslanca Tomáša Ferka, pre ktorého to bola prvá oficiálna navšteva v Melbourne. Na otváraciom večere filmového f ...…
Regular stringer report from Roman Risa in Bratislava. - Pravidelný telefonát týždňa Romana Rišu z Bratislavy.
Maros Hrnciarik. Slovak artist and his incredible achievement. From Slovak castle to Queensland beach. Concrete fish is part of the biggest Sculpture festival. Camouflage is a very important thing for the life of many animals. One of these animals is the unique "Stonefish", which is well known for its perfect masking in its own environment. Thi ...…
Ross served as the Company Commander for Fox 2/7 during their deployment to Now Zad, Helmand Province in 2008. As an enlisted Marine and as a Marine infantry officer, Ross completed multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. In this interview, he tells us about the good, the bad, and the not-so-sexy – and even the humorous moments that can b ...…
The Autumn Equinox is the portal of abundance that takes place September 20-23 in the northern hemisphere, or March 20-23 in the southern hemisphere. I’ve created this episode to help you easily open yourself up to receive the maximum harvest this year by embracing a few simple magickal practices. Enjoy! Watch video version: https://oddsouldesi ...…
Justin Trudeau, bad in Brown face, Jennifer Anniston, bad in Brown, Trump OK In Orange, Beyonce fine Pale in Pepsi…WTF? Rap says N Word OK, Not if You're White, Blacks can have long blonde straight hair but Whites can't wear afro's… Oh, and why isn't Drag offensive to Women? I mean, how many look like a cast member of Drag Race? I cannot keep u ...…
Õhtulehe spordisaates „Kolmas poolaeg“ võõrustasid ajakirjanikud Kaarel Täll ja Mart Treial vabariigi suurima jalgpalliportaali ehk Soccernet.ee peatoimetajat Kasper Elissaart.Luubi alla võeti Eesti meistriliiga. Flora sai eile 2:1 jagu Levadiast ning on tiitlile väga lähedal. Levadia omakorda vallandas vahetult enne suurt matši peatreeneri Ale ...…
The bells of war are ringing for us and … who this time? Plus, a few glitches but Karel takes you THERE today with the news. Support at reallykarel.comBy Karel.
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