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With Helena Earls and Alex Dutton
Come and join loveless on a 30 minute adventure into the mystical lands of video games. Here you won't find any reviews, no 10/10's just a Man and his struggle to be a competent video game player while constantly distracting himself by voicing every idle thought that enters his mind.
Trusting and Treasuring Him Supremely
In an effort to help people strengthen their journey with Christ, David Loveless and the weekend teaching team unpack Bible truth in a way that impacts real daily living.
Leo Tolstoy’s psychological novel Anna Karenina follows the life of the enchanting and rebellious Anna who seeks to break free from the shackles of society. Set in late 19th century Russia, Anna is portrayed as an ideal, cultivated aristocratic wife, mother and model for women alike. Although at first glance she seems to have it all in life, Anna yearns for love and affection- something her cold diplomatic husband cannot provide. She grows discontent of their loveless relationship, and is ti ...
In an effort to help people strengthen their journey with Christ, David Loveless and the weekend teaching team unpack Bible truth in a way that impact real daily living.
Music City Roots
Music City Roots is a weekly live musical variety show based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee in historic Franklin. We feature the best in Americana, roots and bluegrass music. From 2009 to June of 2014, the show was staged at the Loveless Cafe Barn. Then, following a run at Liberty Hall in The Factory At Franklin, MCR announced plans to move to downtown Nashville in mid 2018. Shows from a variety of Nashville venues continue in limited run until then. For those near Nashville, the show ...
Two love stories are set against the backdrop of high society in Tsarist Russia. Anna awakes from a loveless marriage to find herself drawn irresistibly to the dashing cavalry officer, Count Vronsky. Levin struggles with self-esteem, and even flees to the country, before gaining courage to return and offer himself to the beautiful and pure Kitty. Through troubled courtships, reconciliations, marriage and the birth of each one’s first child, Anna and Levin experience joy and despair as they e ...
An unforgettable family saga which revolves around the beautiful young Elizabeth. Elizabeth is orphaned and raised by her spinster aunts. As an adult, she finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage and ultimately falls in love with another man. After telling her lover the truth about her marriage - her husband is found murdered the very next day! This is a story of destiny, temptation, and courage of the heart. (Summary by Lani Small) This book is sometimes attributed to Elizabeth von Arni ...
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Courtney Loveless is a Sex & Relationship Coach, Confidence Coach and a Lifestyle Blogger. In episode 1, she discusses the negative feelings you have towards your ex and how-to forgive and let go of the hate. She follows briefly with speaking on co-parenting and handling a negative co-parenting relationship and talking with your new partner abo ...…
Armaments on Ilum, Premades in Huttball and some good old fashion Forum knowledge bombs.
So remember when I said that everyone who pvps on a semi regular basis is a douche bag......turns out I'm a douche bag, who knew?
slow (sl)adj. slow·er, slow·est1.a. Not moving or able to move quickly; proceeding at a low speed: a slow train; slow walkers.b. Marked by a retarded tempo: a slow waltz.2.a. Taking or requiring a long time: the slow job of making bread.b. Taking more time than is usual: a slow worker; slow progress in the peace negotiations.3. Allowing movemen ...…
Today Loveless goes back into the Star Wars Universe to battle other players in PVP, he is also battling his desire to defecate in his pants as he has an upset tummy and doesn't think twice about telling you.
A therapy session for Michael, he complains about everything that is wrong in his digital life while beating some pixels to a pulp in WWE 12. P.S My girlfriend is working on making a logo for the show, what is up now is a really rough draft without any of the video game paraphernalia I want added to it.…
Join us for a stroll into the world of Star Wars the Old Republic and the rambling idiotic mind of your host Loveless
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