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Inception Radio Network is the “Voice of the Fringe Majority” with the most riveting live entertainment in UFO, Paranormal, Bigfoot, Metaphysics, and Conspiracy Talk Radio.
Majority 54
Jason Kander is an army veteran from Kansas City, Missouri and the first millennial elected to statewide office in the United States. He's traveling the country to help the 54% of us who didn't vote for Donald Trump talk to those of us who did about the most divisive issues in our country.
Major Nelson Radio
The (sometimes) weekly unofficial podcast from inside Xbox at Microsoft.
Award Winning Long-Form Interviews, Entertaining Daily Politics and Smart Analysis.
The podcast for pop culture and comic book fans. Each week the panel of comic book enthusiats take a look at current titles, collected trades, and give their take on current pop culture news.
A podcast by Rob and Alice, from the highly secure halls of Parliament House, Canberra.We talk politics, news, gossip, books, TV, music, pop culture, feelpinions and political fashion. With a special guest each episode!
Majority Minority
From the Miami Herald, White House correspondent Franco Ordoñez and Congressional correspondent Bill Douglas sit down each week with lawmakers, administration officials, and the other people of color changing the face of politics.
The master feed for all of the shows in the Major Spoilers Podcast Network
"Major Pain" Eric Menk hosts a weekly show where he interviews personalities and discusses topics surrounding basketball in the Philippines.
Majority Villain
Comedy and news analysis focused on democratizing our world. "Status Quos Are For Suckers"
Podcast about politics, culture, and life through an Asian-American lens.
The Green Majority is a multi-platform Canadian environment and politics news show, publishing since 2006.We do not have any funding outside of a very modest Patreon account, please support us if you can!Learn more at
Award Winning Long-Form Interviews, Entertaining Daily Politics and Smart Analysis.
The Useless Majors
The Useless Majors is a scripted, narrative podcast about college graduates who work at a mall. Also there's superheroes and villains and weird creatures and evil politicians and radioactive diplomas. The Useless Majors is produced by Jordan Starcrash and Miles Jenks
Major League Hacking
Major League Hacking is the official student hackathon league.
Cum Join The Party!
The Majors Detroit
Real. Detroit. Sports
Joe Major
Welcome everyone to beautiful Lake Buena Vista, Florida and welcome to the official channel for Orlando recording artist Joe Major.Subscribers to this channel will hear Joe Major's first studio album "The Spirit Of Tomorrow" releasing on Sound Cloud & iTunes Winter, 2018.Joe is also featured on Well Damn! Radio and now invites you into his world not only as a recording artist but as a Walt Disney World Cast Member.In case you missed them live, this On-Demand Library is now home to Joe's excl ...
Major Radio
Major Motivation for Everyday Living! Join us for conversations regarding Beauty, Career, Health, Relationships and much more!- Jane Wilkens Michael with "Better Than Before"- Bonnie Marcus' with "GPS Your Career"- Laurie Huston's with "News From the Heart
Popular USA Majority songs & poems.
Mid-Major Madness
All the best podcast takes from SBNation's Mid-Major Madness
When you subscribe to the Major Bar Association Events podcast, you'll get podcasts of remarks and keynote speeches from Quarterly and Annual Meetings, as well as presentations from the Association's Bench-Bar Conference and other major events.
Developed through a joint effort between Outdoor Channel and two dozen premier bass fishing anglers in 2011, Major League Fishing brings the high-intensity sport of competitive bass fishing into America's living rooms in the form of riveting two-hour TV episodes. The Line's In podcast takes fans behind the scenes and into the minds of the anglers and people who make the show possible.
Award Winning Long-Form Interviews, Entertaining Daily Politics and Smart Analysis.
Optimal care for depression should involve regular assessment of symptom resolution, treatment adherence, and tolerability. In this podcast, listen to experts discuss difficult cases and how they were resolved. This CME podcast series is supported by an educational grant from Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc., U.S. Region and Takeda. The faculty for this CME activity and the CME Institute staff were asked to complete a statement regarding all relevant personal and financial relation ...
www.intheconcourse.comThis Podcast was created using
A Philadelphia Flyers themed podcast. But will also talk about the rest of the NHL and the hockey world.
This radio podcast will change the way you think ! This show is all about the underground, from music to digital media, your right to pirate and everything in-between! The most hardcore truth radio show on the internet!
Major's Mess Hall
Podcast by Majors_Mess_Hall
In this show, Natasha Koo, Life Purpose Coach, helps you and other ambitious women to confidently thrive in major personal and professional life transitions. Natasha doesn’t share tips and tricks to make things slightly better, but guides women to realise their biggest ambitions without the draining masculine ‘push and pull’ struggle of forcing things to happen. Even if you feel stuck and overwhelmed with no idea what to do next, Natasha’s work brings forth true and lasting changes with a fe ...
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The Great Vocal Majority Podcast provides an unique perspective on current issues involving politics and economics. Unless specifically noted as commentary, podcasts will provide unfiltered and unbiased information for topical news.
The Feasts of ADONAI are dress rehearsals of Messianic Redemption. Our LORD Yeshua has literally and prophetically fulfilled the first four of the seven feasts mentioned in Leviticus 23; it is my belief that the Torah teaches that he will, likewise, literally and prophetically fulfill the final three at his soon to be second arrival. As the children of Avraham willingly and faithfully lived out HaShem’s yearly cycle of “mo-eydeem,” the Spirit of the Holy One graciously opened their hearts to ...
Our shows will consist of baseball and football from a fantasy sports angle as well as the pro game. We take live callers so don't be afraid to call in and ask a question or two.
A bite-sized weekly conversation about issues and ideas with members of the Washington State House Democratic Caucus leadership team.
Major Revisions
A podcast from three early career ecologists about their science, their experience in academia and their lives--all of which are undergoing major revisions.
Verse-by-verse through the Old Testament prophet Haggai.
Be Major
Is YOUR Major Motivation for Everyday Living! Join us for conversations regarding Beauty, Career, Health, Relationships and much more!
In a unique interview, Jim Nantz, the ‘voice of golf’, is joined by the legend Jack Nicklaus to review this years golf Majors in the RBS Golf Majors Podcast
American Majority
Organizing For Freedom
Major Shenanigans
Welcome to Major Shenanigans, a weekly series that offers a fun, comedic take on current world events & everyday life from 2 of your fav Z-List social media stars, Lady Kayne & MJ Kane! Hear us every Friday night from 7ish to 9ish only on Grind Time Radio ATL & iTunes & see us live on our Facebook Livestream (Major Shenanigans)!
Major's Jazz
Just trying to make it as a musician.
It's the most comprehensive Fantasy Baseball Podcast you'll find. We're dedicated to helping you win your league while keeping you entertained at the same time. Find out who to add, drop, start and sit while getting the best advice every day.
Nick Major Show
The Nick Major show brings a live, listener-interactive hour each Monday night where those tuning in are encouraged to Tweet along to the various talking points, suggest songs and occasionally call in. The back-and-forward banter between Major and his triplet brother / unofficial co-host Geoffrey, leads to 60 minutes of unscripted, on-the-spot conversations all over the spectrum from music, video-games, movies, politics, current events and more. Tune in to The Nick Major Show LIVE Monday’s 4 ...
A place to check in with Major from LFTB and share thoughts and opinions on everything from hip-hop, sports, politics and all of the BS in between.
Q # In Femme Major
A radio show exploring the creations of women, gender nonconforming, and queer musicians in jazz, funk, soul and blues
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On this episode, Tyler LeBaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI) comes on the show to talk about molecular hydrogen and how it can supplement the body for anti-aging and performance. They discuss some of the promise that drinking hydrogen-rich water is showing for Parkinson’s patients and in other brain injury therapies. They consider h ...…
Are you afraid of feelings? Do you know someone who has had a major butthole relapse? Please write into the show are zero audio related mishaps on our end. It's probably your headphones/speakers. Maybe get those checked out or whatever...
Note: this was recorded last night and is for today. Baseball Info about Diamondbacks and Rangers going down last week and what were doing this week. Major pick announced. Insta:
My Dad has been incarcerated the majority of his life. I express his thoughts and emotions through the letters he sends me.
This is a party like no other, we had a listening party with Nynandra plus Realizm stop by to be a Co Host, It was a blast make sure you go and buy her project, it is on all Major Digital outlets, Enjoy, God Bless!!!!1
It's one of the rare days where there is not enough time to chase a funny story down the rabbit hole or discuss the latest confectionery treats being sold at major league ball parks and instead Richard offers his thoughts on the school shooting in Texas.
On this episode, J. Oden talks about the conference finals, NBA draft lottery, and gives some major Call It Whatcha Want updates and shout outs."Too Cool" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
People are going to wake up to the outrageous manipulation of their projected reality, achieved through education,science, the media, major publishers, the Hollywood industry, and direct government sources. If the awakeninghappened suddenly, which it won’t, it would create great deflation, embarrassment and a sense of being foolishand stupid am ...…
Red raspberry grower and Washington Red Raspberry Commission Vice President Randy Honcoop talks with host (and his son) Dillon about why the Commission is asking growers to vote on some major changes to how they fund the group.
Veterans can't get Rx refills at major pharmacies? We discuss that. We talk to William from Atlanta. He's about to graduate Camp Hope and is a chef. We like William. A lot.
As if the entrepreneur journey isn't already lonely it can seem lonelier when left out the "in" crowd. In this episode Ayanna (@the_aya_brand) and Delaila (@missdelailac) discuss the "You can't sit with us" mentality that some fellow women in rising often feel. And we are not hear for it. Everyone has to start somewhere and we respect your jour ...…
This program brought to you by &, HGH Human Growth Hormone SUBSCRIBE! Radio Boomers Live Like our FB Page Follow to enjoy our BBL Pics & Flix Every Mon. 10 a.m. PST Tech Time Surpirse segement Special Guest: Who will it be? SPONSOR: ACID FREE! code ezway 20% Off Ji ...…
On this episode of Soccer 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael McKriger talk about a lot of things in a relatively short amount of time, as they try to catch up on what's been happening in the Soccer world. Firstly, they discuss the U.S. Men's National Team squad named for the three Pre-World Cup friendlies against Bolivia, Ireland ...…
Six months ago, Melissa Nichols brought her baby girl, Arlo, home from the hospital. And she immediately had a secret. “I just felt guilty and like I didn’t want to tell anyone,” says Nichols, who lives in San Francisco. “It feels like you’re a bad mom. The mom guilt starts early, I guess.” Across town, first-time mom Candyce Hubbell has the sa ...…
Iodine deficiency is a major barrier to fertility and increases risk of miscarriage 4 fold. Also decreases IQ, increases rates of ADHD and leads to poor pregnancy and delivery outcomes. We can agree that iodine is essential to health but what has become hotly debated is how does one assess if they are iodine deficient and what dosage is appropr ...…
Conaty, Bill and Ram Charan. The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers. New York: Crown Business, 2010. Any time two or more people work together there’s a social process in which they exchange information and ideas, exercise power, and express their values through what they say and do. Coaching and feedback are constant, ...…
Conaty, Bill and Ram Charan. The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders Put People Before Numbers. New York: Crown Business, 2010. Any time two or more people work together there’s a social process in which they exchange information and ideas, exercise power, and express their values through what they say and do. Coaching and feedback are constant, ...…
Welcome back to nerdium! This show is packed to the cowl in superhero discussion. We talk about Rocksteady's rumoured Superman game based in their well established Arkhamverse. We talk about what we'd like to see them do and some of the issues they may face, as well as when the rumour is suppose to be confirmed. The majority of our show we'll b ...…
It’s Matinee Monday and before we get started, I want to thank all the new listeners out there, either with this daily podcast, or now streaming on Society Bytes Radio in digest form, Mondays at 1:30pm and 4:30pm Pacific Time. Head on over to and tune in. And that’s bytes – B-Y-T-E-S. And now... Today’s movie is “Deadpool ...…
At the fiftieth anniversary of the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike, the Poor People’s Movement, and the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I invited two activist-scholars involved in the New Poor People’s Movement to talk about popular education and movement building for social change. In Part 1, Willie and Colleen talk a ...…
World Anti-Tobacco Day Christine Roherty is the Vice President of Health Promotion for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick. Her job is to ensure the Foundation has mission impact within our programs, projects and special events for all New Brunswickers. They collaborate with other like-minded government and non-government stakehold ...…
Kevin Mitchell over a 13 year major league career in which he played with eight teams, batted .284, with 234 home runs, 760 runs batted in, 630 runs scored, 1,173 hits, 224 doubles and 25 triples in 1,223 games. He was A two-time All-Star and the 1989 NL MVP, Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter gave him the nickname "World" for his ability to do i ...…
When you hear the word “brand,” does your mind automatically go to “logo”? Well I’ve got news for you, your logo is not your brand, but don’t worry, I once thought this, too. Truthfully, your brand is so much bigger; it’s the glue that holds all your marketing efforts together and is the vehicle for spreading the values that you and your busine ...…
After a week long hiatus due to a technical malfunction Coach and CayRock are back! The guys pick a dojo to join between Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Karate. Talk about Avengers, Lost In Space, and DeadPool 2! Plus their Mt Rushmore of disappointing Superhero movies.SPOILER ZONE: This is spoiler heavy episode so the entire episode is a potential spo ...…
Some months ago, one of my NCT friends added me to a Facebook group... "Flexible working for mums like me" - knowing that I consider the topic of flexible working to be incredibly important. A very short time after this space created by Katy Fridman, ex Microsoft executive and now mum of two, went live - numbers crept up and up and it is clear ...…
We discuss the indispensable tools we use in our shops everyday. Some major, some minor. John even justifies Snap-On prices reflecting on a story he told his girlfriend. Derek was actually on this call but internet problems forced this to be just Will and John. Sorry.
John 6:1–15 – “The Fourth Move: Improving Improv” – Kerry Kaino Discussion Questions: 1. If Jesus had addressed you rather than Philip with the question, “Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?” (verse 5), how might you have responded? 2. What indications do we have from the comments of Philip and Andrew that they were focused on the ...…
NEWS CENTER Maine's Don Carrigan sits down with Republican gubernatorial candidate Sen. Garrett Mason of Lisbon. He works for the family-owned contracting and excavation business and formerly worked in sports marketing for the Portland Sea Dogs and the Lewiston Maineiacs hockey team. He is currently majority leader of the Maine Senate.…
This episode we are talking about the major pop culture event that occurred over the past weekend and how digital marketing plays a role in it. I try to wrap my head around the monetary effect of the wedding and how Meghan Markle's influence makes small brands have to build new factories due insane demand. I also may or may not be drinking high ...…
Nothing major going in the sports world. We give you story time x2, I tell you about the first Pickle party I went to, and Pickle tells us about the last Pickle party at the duplex.
We start a brand new series this week as we break away from the traditional offseason outlook, and dive into each of the four major offensive positions in the NFL. We'll take a look at the landscape as a whole and break down where we stand at each position as well as where we might be heading over the next few seasons! This week we are talking ...…
The eleventh chapter of Isaiah is a really important one in the context of the book as a whole. It outlines a definitive hope and a future reality for the people of God. As we examine hope as a major theme in Isaiah we are left needing to reflect upon its nature and it distinctive characteristics.Discipleship Questions:1. Why do you think this ...…
Woah! Nintendo dropped some MAJOR ONLINE NEWS! Listen as Matt and Austin react to all the new info around the Big N's online services.Wow!Like and subscribe today! Or just like it! Hi, how did you find us? Call me.Hosts: Matt and Austin
Hey guys! Welcome to my VERY FIRST podcast! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! My hope is that through this, you can use this as a practical tool throughout your day to be filled while still living productively. God has been doing some major heart surgery on me lately and I am beyond excited to share with me everything t ...…
What's good people!!! I'm back and I thank you all for staying patient with me. In this episode I FINALLY speak about the canes that got drafted and signed UDFA deals. Thanks for listening and make sure you vote this up on youtube as well as on iTunes and Podbean. S/O to all of you Twitter: @DJMetiMajor / @LetsDoItMajor IG: @DJ_MetiMajor / @Let ...…
We pray this audio will encourage and strengthen your walk with Christ. If you want to accept Jesus as your saviour, we would love to hear from you!Email us at: cvetmiry@yahoo.comLive stream Every Sunday 11:00AM US Central Time at Христианское Служение Церкви "Свет Миру" Проповедует Виталий Кашубин! Тема: Святой Дух! Sl ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: A Major Transition -- From Samuel to David Subtitle: A Year Through the Bible Speaker: Mark D. Campbell Broadcaster: Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: 1 Samuel 8:1-13 Lengt ...…
The concept of Kudd (Men living in one room to save rent cost in a major city like Mumbai. Various communities like the Mangaloreans and the Goans living as a community with a common kitchen
Amazing Grace - everyone knows the song and you’re guaranteed to hear it when there’s a major crisis happening in our world. But do we understand what grace is and what it means practically in our lives? The essence of what grace means is giving. Scripture says, “God so loved the world that He gave…”.Even as Christians we can sometimes miss thi ...…
"Mother is her son's first god; she must teach him the most important lesson of all - how to love."- UnknownCoach Nick and the Dudes of Disruption discuss the important relationship between mothers and their sons. They highlight the impact that mothers have on the way their sons develop. The Mom and son relationship is usually the first major r ...…
Featuring… • J-Mixa – Radio Advertising In The 20 and a halfth Century • Jeremy – Good Is Good (Roots Rock) • Sheryl Crow – Good Is Good • Jordan – My Crazy House (Funk) • Jeremy – The World (Reggae) • Jordan – Only A Dream • Jeremy – Loopy Lou • Jeremy – Why (Rock) • The Candyskins – So Easy • Jordan – Little Bird (Jazz) • J-Mixa – Clueless • ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Texas Corners Bible Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Doctrine of Forgiveness - 05 Subtitle: Doctrine of Forgiveness Speaker: David E. Thompson Broadcaster: Texas Corners Bible Church Event: Teaching Date: 5/16/2018 Length: 30 min. Overview: Forgiveness is a subject found in the ...… Steve Lindsley (Acts 2: 1-21) This week, Grace and I are beginning a six-week sermon series titled, The Early Church All Over Again. Here’s the gist of it: the church as we know it is changing. This is not news. Truth be told, it’s ...…
Kneel Before Pod's journey through season 2 of Legion continues with Craig, Chris and Aaron's discussion of episodes 5, 6 and 7 of the season titled "Chapter 13", "Chapter 14" and "Chapter 15" respectively. As always the conversation covers the weirdness that defines this show along with attempts to make sense of it all. As always the lack of P ...…
One of the major keys to a healthy soul is gratitude. In this, the final message of the Soul Keeping series, we unpack the effects of gratitude and why it is so essential.
Emperor Renzong of Song isn't exactly... into the whole "rule" thing. He'd much rather wile away his days talking about Confucian philosophy, writing calligraphy, and making love to his concubines. But he'll be forced to uneasily embody the might of Song China when the Tangut state of Western Xia declares its independence, triggering a massive ...…
Episode 17 of Arman's bi-weekly deep house mix series. Also available on iTunes podcasts.Don't forget to follow here on SoundCloud and at for more mixes, releases, gig dates, and more!TRACKLIST:1. Kanjira (Original Mix) - Kora 2. Theme V (Original Mix) - Sonic Future 3. Theme VI (Original Mix) - Sonic Future 4. Bla ...…
Today’s movie is “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” (2018), loosely based on George Romero’s classic “Day of the Dead” (1985). It was written for the screen by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson, and directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens. The film follows Zoe (Sophie Skelton), a medical student working at a refugee camp five years after the zombie outbrea ...…
Hellllllo all! And welcome to the second episode of Flavour of the Week: An Astrology Podcast. These podcasts are a basic, no astrology knowledge necessary look at how the stars will be flavouring our actions during the upcoming week, and how we can channel the energies into becoming the best version of ourselves. Always looking at the major as ...…
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