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DJ Mog Presents Mogcast
Official Monthly Tracklistings
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
A father-daughter podcast focussed on footy, the rituals, the routines, the word games, the highs, the lows, the jam doughnuts and of course the Tiges
Shadow Of The Dragon: Guild Wars 2 (GW2) Podcast
Shadow Of The Dragon is a Podcast dedicated to everything Guild Wars 2. We cover news, review new content and updates, lore, and share our in game experiences, and theory craft about where we feel the game is going in the future. The banter of the show is lighthearted yet critical and most importantly safe for work. We give our honest opinion, both good and bad, and range from moments of fan boy/girl to slat miner! Our hosts are extremely passionate and opinionated about Guild Wars 2 and wil ...
It begins underground.
One Nation
community cast for the MOG Nation
ESO Extra
MOG Radio and MOG Nation present ESO Extra, the finiest in Elder Scrolls Online game development news, opinions and commentary, and community happenings… as well as a not so healthy dose of lore.
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Discord: Patreon: Ren – All shaman challenge! Mike Lots of mog stuff in AQ this week Shaman challenge – got to 15 pretty fast. Was going to play more on Wed. but got sidetracked. This Week – Brewfest ends Friday – Harvest Festival mini holiday on Friday Darkmoon Faire ends Frid ...…
Discord: Patreon: Ren - All shaman challenge! Mike Lots of mog stuff in AQ this week Shaman challenge - got to 15 pretty fast. Was going to play more on Wed. but got sidetracked. This Week - Brewfest ends Friday - Harvest Festival mini holiday on Friday Darkmoon Faire ends Frid ...…
This week, Carter welcomes serial entrepreneur David Hyman to the show. As former CEO of Gracenote, founder and CEO of MOG and CEO of Beats Music, David shares his secrets to success. We also discuss lessons leared from the failure of his most recent project, As always, you can reach out to us—or to our melodic studio audience—here on ...…
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
Mog is back for our HUGE Grand Final Episode!We chat Vietnam, celebrate our Spooneriser of the Year award, chat with grand final specialist Brett 'Birdman' Evans, the colour on the streets of Richmond, word fun, story time, it's all here!Enjoy
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
After accidentally deleting last week's episode (anguished cry!) we're back! The Mog is still in Vietnam with school so my sister Mezz has come to the rescue!We nervously chat about the upcoming preliminary finals, we look at Mog's brother Richmond as he goes on Sunrise, 7 News and also in the Age, we bring back Story time, a feature last year, ...…
Discord: Patreon: Special guest Cara (@Xanadara) joins us! Mike: Finished Argus storyline Completely forgot about the new dungeon, will have to do that tonight. Yaaarrrr! Talk like a pirate day. New item – insult book If you’re wondering how to get Steamwheedle rep back – Silk ...…
The Ticket with Mark Lloyd & Stef Burgon
We talked to Martin Klauka who is riding from Germany making his way to Dubai with his feline friend Mogli.
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
A huge show before Mog heads off to Vietnam on Monday for two weeks!We chat with Tiger fans about Dusty, we talk VFL finals, AFLW State game, VFLW finals and more. There's a footy story and soundscape towards the end too!Enjoy
This week we talk to Kyle Mogged aka The Zen Wizard. He shares us stories about how he was able to become self aware and how that has effected his life in a positive way. We also learn about his business called the Zentality School; where he teaches about mindful meditation and living a healthy life. Recently Kyle completed an internship with V ...…
News on Lecrae, Ruslan, Marksman Lloyd, and No Malice. Brand new music by Change, Datin, and Izzy. Some more Aussie rap by Brethren, ZERO and Polo. Flashbacks by GRITS, Tunnel Rats, and LMNO. "First Man" by Cas Metah & Brethren"Doing Life" by Tunnel Rats"Bounce" by Mistapool & Jupiter 7"Blessings" by Lecrae & Ty Dolla $ign"Son Shine" by Change ...…
In episode 39 we are talking about the open house that Foam Friction held this past weekend and how much fun we had in Vancouver. We had Mog, Jessie and Murray on because we all wanted to be able to taunt Mog about how wonderful he is! Cosing a Problem is a podcast about cosplay, conventions and geek life. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook. ...…
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
Episode 23 (Recorded pre-Dusty signing!)Father's Day special where we chat with my dad about footy and fathering. We chat finals, Tigers, VFLW, Subiaco Oval, footy's high flyers, word games and more!Enjoy
We share 5 important back-to-school PRAYERS you can speak over your kids and grand-kids! Also featuring 5 NEW songs! With: The New Song Kids Choir PICTURED (The Lord's Prayer), Robert Robinson (I Will Sing), MOG (Don't Feel No Way), Men of Praise and Company (Blessed), Sara Renner (Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer), Jason Bitten (All That I Am), The B ...…
Join The Geeks as they talk about their Summer adventures, New netflix shows, Tim Curry being currylicious,Dominos apperance , Comics and much more
Going Off On One
This week we discuss Jacob Reece Mog, Brexit and Trump among other topics. Also we have a new member to the podcast. Hope you all enjoy the new dynamic.
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
We're back this week with our first episode in a while!We chat Richmond, talk about our morning with the Outer Sanctum Podcast and others, AFL international cup, we chat VFLW with Kirby Fenwick and have a talk with media manager for the USAFL & Dad & Mog enthusiast, Brian Barrish! We also settle our hot dog feud!Enjoy…
慢速中文 Slow Chinese
在国外生活了四年再回到中国后,我发现人们的支付方式发生了很大变化。以前买东西时,一般都需要用现金付钱。而现在,我的朋友们出门时都不带钱包,需要付钱时,就通过手机“扫一扫”,用移动支付的方式买单。我对此感到非常惊讶,因为我在国外根本没有见过这种支付方式。 移动支付的确非常方便。在中国,人们最常用的支付软件是“微信支付”和“支付宝”。“微信”是腾讯公司开发的一款用于通讯和社交的软件,在中国有着非常庞大的使用人群,我们在以前的慢速中文播客中也曾介绍过。“支付宝”是阿里巴巴集团的产品,这个集团同时也拥有中国最大的购物网站——淘宝网。除了“微信支付”和“支付宝”这两个软件外,百度钱包和京东钱包也有一定数量的用户。具体的操作方式是,将银行卡和支付软件绑定,付款时拿出手机,扫描商家提供的二维码,或 ...…
Wooo Wee. Later on today I will be hitting the stage with Napoleon Da Legend @ the Rock Steady jam. Central Park Summerstage. Come on out, it's free. So while you're rushing to get ready. Hit the play button and rock to another dope episode right here on BTRtoday. World Hip-hop at it's finest for you. Music from around the world not just here. ...…
Another single off Sareem Poems and Terem's "A Pond Apart" album. New song by Deraj feat Aaron Cole and Canon. The title track off Krum's latest album. Canadian trio on the LSTNFND label, Orijin, Jon Corbin & Mark Durksen. Flashback track from 2001 by LMNO. "Somebody Like Me" by Eons D"MGGM" by Manziere"Pardon My Back" by K. Sparks"Gain the Wor ...…
Welcome to Episode 2 of the Curiously You Podcast! In this Episode of the Curiously You podcast we are speaking with soul empowerment coach Abi Fox. Abi is a self-confessed lover of speaking about authenticity in relationships, and in this episode we dive deep into her story, and how not all that long ago she was in a place of feeling like she ...…
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
Episode 19 is here! We look at the upcoming Paul McCartney shows in Australia and the influence he's had over footy, we chat VFLW with Kirby, there's spoonerisms, Richmond chat and we are also putting out a school holiday zine!Enjoy, Dad and Mog Mog
Ep 60 - iPhone@10y FU Apple agresivno radi na AR-u, kupovinom zanimljivih kompanija Made with ARKit sajt iPad Pro’s A10X je prvi Appleov CPU na 10nm Hardware Review Macbook Pro-a 2017 Magnetna futrola za Pencil Appleova futrola za iPad Pro + Pencil Vesti iOS public beta i High Sierra public beta Panic uskoro objavljuje Transmit 5 Tema: iPhone n ...…
Tune in briefly to Happy Hour with Miserable Albert for despondent ramblings and a track from Lower Spittle locals, The Dropped Bollocks.
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
The 'Better late than never!' episode! School holidays have just begun, so we gathered on Friday afternoon at the local footy ground for a kick and a chat with aunties, brothers, cousins and parents! And of course there's the VFL Women's wrap up with Kirby Fenwick!Enjoy
Back in Five – Bethel Community Church
Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor, Gary Burleson, interviewed 8 Figure Entrepreneur, Jeffrey Feldberg. Like you, entrepreneur and thought leader Jeffrey Feldberg cheers entrepreneurs who change society. Are successful entrepreneurs lucky? At the right place at the right time? Born successful? Is success meant only for a chosen few? ...…
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
We're back! The bye rounds have finished and we've dusted off the microphones to bring you a brand new episode! We chat VFL Women's with Kirby, Mog talks us through her trip to watch Brazil v Australia, we chat sad Richmond things and more!Enjoy
It's time for the final podcast on this year's E3 show. This week we talk about what we liked (and didn't), and talk in-depth about Nintendo, which we were particularly impressed with this year. Also this week we talk about Final Fantasy XIV, which has a new expansion just out, and we're enjoying that a great deal. Thanks as always for listenin ...…
Two hashtags, both in Italian and in English, to challenge the prejudices against Muslims. An Italian campaign, created by a group of women married with Muslim men, went viral in a few hours as a reaction to the headline on the Italian newspaper L... (Due hashtag, sia in italiano che in inglese, per dire basta ai pregiudizi contro i musulmani. ...…
Like you, entrepreneur and thought leader Jeffrey Feldberg cheers entrepreneurs who change society. Are successful entrepreneurs lucky? At the right place at the right time? Born successful? Is success meant only for a chosen few? Or, is there a story to the story? With over two decades of real­life experience, Jeffrey's view is different and i ...…
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
It's bye week in the AFL, VFLW, and we're taking the opportunity for a mid-season break as well (mostly because Dad has been busy writing school reports!)But we still chatted with Kirby about the last round of VFLW so sit back and enjoy our chat!Back bigger and better than ever next week!
Andrew kicks off this episode with an online tale with a Yankee in Destiny's Court. The story leads you into one of our pet peeves when we game online which then sends us down a conversation about Taylor Swift (Yep. You read that right.)We then talk about Guardians of the Galaxy II and the MCU makes their accessible to non-comic book fans, our ...…
Episode #2 will hit you like a Stan Hanson lariat!Jarred, Yeti, and Aaron talk about Jinder Mahal's rise to the WWE Title and if this, along with the push of Braun Stroman, is ushering in a new Big Man Push in WWE. They also talk about Randy Orton and Rip Rogers going after the Indy Wrestling community. They move on to talking about who could b ...…
Dad & Mog Footy Podcast
A quick 'dad's in the middle of writing reports' episode!Enjoy
It’s only the first official episode of The Spudcast right here with special guests Randy Adeva and Beau Windon (collectively known as RanBeau) joining Mog and Andy to chat about all things improv.
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