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Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Will Smith of and Gina Smith, his wife and an otherwise normal human being, discuss living with nerds, board games, bad reality TV, and raising a kid in the modern age on this occasional podcast.
The Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig podcast explores the world of all things health, wellness, and beauty from a clinical science effectiveness to consumer practicality. Husband and wife team and best-selling authors, Terry and Heather Dubrow, subject themselves to everything that is currently available from celebrity fads to the best and worst treatments out there, and share their results to help you look and feel your absolute best.
A podcast about materials, the making instinct and a craft-full life
Mrs Moneypenny, beloved Financial Times columnist, and her editor interview the world's most successful people in business, media, arts, entertainment, finance, academia and politics. Like Sir David Attenborough, the intrepid duo ventures to their subjects’ natural habitat. In their quest to figure out how this rare species of homo erectus lives and works they corner plutocrats at Davos parties and hitch a ride with America’s most famous living feminist. Fielding irreverent questions about s ...
Mrs. Trimble reads relaxing bedtime stories to help you fall asleep. Each season is a different theme of family friendly bedtime stories.
First serialized in Punch magazine in 1845, and officially published in book form in 1846, Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures presents a collection of 37 lectures delivered by Mrs. Caudle to her husband as a means of reproach for his trivial infractions. Also, the author marvelously incorporates typical elements responsible for disagreements between spouses including the antipathetic mother-in-law, the ne’er-do-well friends, and the jealous outbursts. Jerrold’s charming piece of satire introduce ...
A podcast about materials, the making instinct and a craft-full life
Go boldly. Live long and prosper.
Home of the #DisruptorsforGood
Harriett Harty is the author of Mrs. Harty's Charm School, a blog on that encourages best behavior, better style, and using both empathy and effort to create a wonderful life for yourself.Harriett holds a B.A. in English from Northeastern University and has worked for high-tech Massachusetts corporations for 25 years. She has been formally and informally studying human behavior and self-improvement since her pre-teens and has never stopped striving to learn more, be better, and ...
Mrs Patterson
Leadership Promises For Every Day
It is often said that communication is key...right? Well, join Ty & Hef as they figure it all out and help you do the same! Discussing life, relationships, and what you want to know; this "May-December" couple is here to educate and entertain!
Just as the adopted Juliet Byrne finds out the truth about her family, her father is murdered. Luckily the brilliant chocolate-munching Detective Gimblet takes up the case to solve the 'Ashiel Mystery' (Summary by Carolin)
Pinball stories, WOMP!, and Pinball for Dummies, among other segments!
LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of Epistle to Mrs. Tyler by Christopher Smart. This was the Weekly Poetry project for March 25, 2012.Christopher Smart (11 April 1722 – 21 May 1771), also known as "Kit Smart", "Kitty Smart", and "Jack Smart", was an English poet. He was a major contributor to two popular magazines and a friend to influential cultural icons like Samuel Johnson and Henry Fielding. Smart, a high church Anglican, was widely known throughout London. Although he is prim ...
“I thought it was you I saw coming up the hill,” she said, stretching out her hand.He stopped and shook it; the touch of his big, firm fingers made her tremble. His hand was massive and hard as if it were hewn of stone. She looked up at him and smiled.“Isn’t it cold?” she said. It is terrible to be desirous of saying all sorts of passionate things, while convention debars you from any but the most commonplace. (Excerpts from chapter 1.)
SEO with Mrs Ghost
Search Engine Optimisation for bloggers and small site owners. Learn about the 200+ factors that Google uses to rank sites on their results pages to help you get the visibility your hard work deserves. SEO tips and tricks will be discussed with bloggers and industry experts.
Mrs Brightside
Comedian/Host Lacretia Lyon is Mrs Brightside, where she takes on a subject that might not always have the most positive reputation and turns those frowns upside down with her guest.
A fan-run podcast of the popular 80's show, Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
Enid Belfame: 42 years old, 22 of them as a married woman; eminently respectable; founder of The Friday Club; small town dignitary; a paragon of virtue. But does she have what it takes to commit murder? And will the young and handsome Dwight Rush benefit if she does? - Summary by Lynne Thompson
Arthur Macy was a Nantucket boy of Quaker extraction. His name alone is evidence of this, for it is safe to say that a Macy, wherever found in the United States, is descended from that sturdy old Quaker who was one of those who bought Nantucket from the Indians, paid them fairly for it, treated them with justice, and lived on friendly terms with them. In many ways Arthur Macy showed that he was a Nantucketer and, at least by descent, a Quaker. He often used phrases peculiar to our island in ...
We are a podcast about movie fans becoming movie fans. We try to catch up on all the movies we've missed as well as review upcoming new releases. Let's talk some movies!
Mrs. Morookian
Hello! We are the Read180 class at Marlin Elementary. This podcast is a way for some amazing 4th/5th/6th grade students to apply ELA skills in an exciting and engaging way! Take a listen!!
Show the focuses on POSITIVE stories about Educaton with some fun banter between the hosts.
Mrs. Motivation
Low on inspiration? Mrs. Motivation to the rescue! I'll be sharing lesson on how to live your best life and will be interviewing different guests each week who have taken a second chance on themselves to chase their dreams and live the life they've always imagined. Stories of struggle, change, growth and success are exposed to help inspire you to believe in yourself and chase your own dreams. The intro/exit songs in each episode is chosen by the interviewee as music that motivates and inspir ...
Mrs. Bachman
Podcast by Mrs. Bachman
This book follows the three amazing stories of Adoniram Judson's wives, Ann, Sarah, and Emily. Each wife went through incredible hardships, but each hardship only proved to make them strong women of faith, who despite all difficulties and illnesses, selflessly gave their strength to the sick and needy. Ann Judson followed Her husband from prison to prison, bribing guards so that she could see him and make his condition a little better. They sacrificed lives of ease, with loving families and ...
Mrs' podcast
The students in Mrs. Abernethy's 5th grade class talk about the books they're reading.
Herbert Jenkins' most popular fictional creation was Mr. Joseph Bindle, who first appeared in a humorous novel in 1916 and in a number of sequels. In the preface to the books, T. P. O'Connor said that "Bindle is the greatest Cockney that has come into being through the medium of literature since Dickens wrote Pickwick Papers". The stories are based on the comedic drama of life at work, at home and all the adventures that take place along the way. It becomes clear as the stories progress that ...
Natalie Graybrooke is in love with her cousin Launcelot Linzie, but engaged to Mr. Turlington, an older man who covets her fortune and whom she detests. Turlington is the executor of Natalie's father's estate. When Natalie secretly marries her cousin, Turlington arranges to have Natalie's father murdered, to gain control of his fortune. (Summary by Christine Dufour)
This is a saga about life in a small town in England during the Victorian era. The "stars" of this saga are the Channings. Mr. Channing was ill and, because of his poverty, his six children have to work. Many things happen during this saga: a man confesses to a theft which he thinks his brother did, a lady is engaged to a gentleman much above her station, and so much more. But in the middle of all this you can find plenty of family love. (Summary by Stav Nisser)
A wonderful book in which we meet the lucky little bunny who becomes Mrs. Peter Rabbit! This is one of many delightful animal books written by Thornton W. Burgess. I grew up reading and enjoying these tales of talking animals with fun and varied personalities. Peter Rabbit is a character loved by all, and this charming tale recounts the adventures of meeting, wooing, and marrying Mrs. Peter Rabbit. (Introduction by CLW Rollins)
Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss and her wife Caroline talk about their journey in writing and publishing. And television. And their cat.
Host Alexandra Lydia explores why feminism is such a dirty word, and why it shouldn't be.
Each week host and first grade teacher Mrs. G. gives real talk on what happened in her class this week as well as gives suggestions for what to watch, read, and do in your spare time. Have you ever wondered we talk about in the Teachers' Lounge? Here's your chance to find out.
Welcome to the Cheri podcast, where amazing things happen.
A collection of podcasts and videos created by Mrs. Abernethy's 5th grade class in Greenville, Pennsylvania
AP American History Podcasts
Mrs. Broome's Podcast
Helping 6th graders from Madeira Middle School study Social Studies
Student-created podcasts pertaining to Tennessee 5th grade math standards
Queensbury USFD 5th Grade Class
Marches for use by Rainbow Assemblies and other Masonic bodies who find themselves in need of a "Virtual Musician." Mrs. Williams performs your favorites with great enthusiasm and at a strict 100 beats per minute. What Mrs. Williams lacks in practice and recording quality, she hopefully makes up for in quantity, spontaneity, and fun.
Mrs. Talk A Lot
What ever crosses my mind.
Meet Cam and Steph! The husband and wife duo that have a lot to say, hence the name Chatterbox. Stay tuned every week to hear them share their thoughts on pop culture, music, movies & more. Plus, each episode Cam geeks out about all things nerd in "Cam's Nerd Corner." Be sure to subscribe!
Mrs B-Line
Chatting about social media, marketing, books and apps. With a smattering of cat chat. (Relaunch for 2014)
Students in my classroom are creating podcasts in which they interview characters from the stories we read. In this particular episode students are interviewing characters from the story Elena, by Diane Stanley. This story is narrated by a Mexican-American Girl who recounts her mother's journey to bring her family to American.
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The FAA orders inspections of every airplane engine like the one that exploded on a Southwest Airlines 737. This morning, we’re hearing from the hero pilot who says she was just doing her job. And the family of the mother who was killed describes how she lived a life full of giving. President Trump threatens to walk out of a meeting with North ...…
Halls of Ivy, starring Mr and Mrs Ronald Coleman, originally broadcast April 18, 1951, 67 years ago. Romiette and Julio. What are the dramatic plans of the Athenaeum Club? It's Romiette and Julio.
Jennifer Ward Lealand has had a successful multi-faceted career in theatre, film and television for over 35 years. Her latest role is in the George Bernard Shaw play Mrs Warren's Profession. She talks to Jesse about what she's been listening to, reading and watching recently.
We explore two people who made the news with stories that make you say "Riiiiight...."
In this third episode of Harper Bliss & Her Mrs the recap and topic of the week are one and the same: our visit to The London Book Fair. We start by talking about the new woman in our life: Alexa! We're still getting to know each other. Harper also announces her daring plan for the coming week. Next we discuss the second part of Money Heist, wh ...…
WrestleMania has come and gone. The Grandest Stage of Them All has left us with highs, lows, 'moments' and 'What the Hell?!' outbursts! The boys and I discuss this years Mania - Mrs Cohost is under the weather, so we took the reigns and made a whole lot of Racket! We run down the list of matches that happened PLUS another email from a Racket li ...…
RHOZ Podcast - 2018-4-13 [00:00:00] 5:59 am - RHOZ [00:00:34] Counting Crows - Mrs. Potter's Lullaby [00:04:10] The Tragically Hip - She Didn't Know [00:07:44] Advertisement [00:07:58] Advertisement [00:08:11] Advertisement [00:08:48] Blues Traveler - freedom [00:13:05] Buddy Guy - Sit And Cry (The Blues) [00:16:17] Advertisement [00:16:36] Jos ...…
It’s Friday! We end the week continuing to discuss Mrs. Bucket’s song to try and cheer up Charlie…even though we’re pretty sure this song is non-diegetic, and he’s definitely not hearing what she’s saying. Charlie walks away from the camera, which is an interesting visual metaphor. Also, Charlie contemplates the direction of his life, as he str ...…
Slow Motion Sundays 101: Class is in session so yo @ss better take notes! Breaking the ice & clearing the elephant in the room, Ms. Forte', Mrs. Nika Forte'-Sesay, Mr. James Sesay & Mr. F. Khristopher Blue discuss the most recent dealings between law enforcement in America & the ripple effects of each circumstances on the Black/AA community in ...…
I'm finally on Spring Break! I update you on my class's recent tattling problems and other interpersonal problems they've been having, but I also share how I've decided to tackle this with cute characters and a bunch of read-alouds. I then revisit my dream to be a teacher hoarding counselor and clean out specialist. Finally, in Jenna Jams I giv ...…
Brains, Stacey Smith Bacon has changed careers from once being a graphic designer to now " No Worry Wireless". She is going out on the edge today with information on how our electronic devices create an electrical emissions that could be affecting our health. Mrs Bacon will also share her hobbies, travel and love for life with husband of 15yrs.…
'Happy Days', Mrs C...Marion Ross, talks 'My days: Happy and otherwise', with TRE's Dave Hodgson...
WOMP is back!! And it’s amazing! Oh, and you know how when you hip check a pinball machine in an attempt to save your ball, and said machine freezes and gives you a TILT? Yeah... that’s a Mrs. Pin FAIL. Enjoy
In a world filled with photoshopped pictures, filters, and only showing the good parts of life on social media, the word "authenticity" is starting to become more and more rare. Have you ever struggled to truly share with others what you are going through, or who you really are on the inside, for fear of being rejected or not being enough? In t ...…
Green Door Network Monday Show. This week’s episode we have very special guest, Gabe Mauch of Grindhouse Cafe. Gabe gives Joe a run for his money with the music he listens to and the amazing shows he’s been to. Here’s short list of bands discussed to wet your appetite: The Cure, Nick Cave, Morrissey, New York Dolls, NAS, Anything, Wesley Willis ...…
On this "Jon Carter Classic" The Twister Household is back to normal after a Conference Weekend that always has Sister Twister glued to KSL 5 TV for "Announcements & Confirmations" with Mr. wanting to go for a drive & listen on KSL News Radio 102.7 FM & 1160 AM. But with The Mrs.'s getting her way Mr. finally gets fully dressed just in case "th ...…
On this special "Zero Issue" of Graphic Content Jim lays out what's been going-on with the short hiatus the show has been on, our new upload schedule, as well as what kind of "Graphic Content" is going to be discussed on the show in the future. He also teases his recent trip to SoCal, or should it be "SchmoeCal" as he and the Mrs. attended the ...…
We're back with a new podcast channel, now housed under the umbrella of My LesFic. We want to make the podcast episodes more topical by recording them over the weekend before they go out on Tuesdays. We also plan on bringing some more structure to them by having a template we'll attempt to follow: we'll start by giving a brief recap of our week ...…
Go to for more mixes! Tracklist All I See – Bondax She Moves She – Four Tet XMAS_EVET1 N – Aphex Twin Found A Cure - Mood II Rascal Search Dub Mix – Ultra Nate Rituals – Maribou State Empty Early Years and the Seed – Mano Le Tough Mrs Jynx - Martian My Lil Dance – Dai Burger Mum There's Someone in the Garden – Jilk…
Back by popular demand. "Becky" (a.k.a. Mrs. Pearson)
The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast host, Johnathan Burton visits with friend and Mrs. Claus' Helper, Deanna Golden to discuss the beginning of her journey to the red dress, the importance of Mrs. Claus working with Santa, her hope for the future, experiences as Mrs. Claus' Helper, and more!
Mrs. Pin Podcast #4.... that time I thought entering a pinball tournament was a good idea even though I can’t play, and introducing WOMP!
Katie and Josh discuss resilience, the teacher who was crowned "Worlds Best Teacher" and what she won, they each share a story from their 2nd Grade, and finish up with another Q & A lighting round.
Track ListMK - 17Offaiah - Private ShowFull Intention - Simply LivingMike Vale - Can't stop the houseGorgon City - All Four WallsCarlos Sanchez & DJ Ray - StrombolieKings of Tomorrow - Another DayFranky Rizardo - Call Upon MeQubiko & K-909 - These DaysFatboy Slim - Right Here, Right Now [Camelphat Remix]K & K - Mr & Mrs PattersonAbyssoul, Sio, ...…
On this bonus episode, Mrs Guava Berry had to step out to handle some business, so I sat down with my homie Hugo Hefe. We discuss everything from jail relationships to Tupac vs Biggie. Send emails to . Follow me on instagram @DlamarComedy and Hugo at @pop.up.shoppe
This week's episode features, Mrs. Ramonita Jimenez.Ramonita is the Brand Manager of North America Brand Initiatives at Nike. She is a wife, leader and barrier breaker among many other things!Originally from New York, Ramonita began her career at Nike Georgetown in 2012 while finishing her undergrad degree at Georgetown University, where she ma ...…
Travis plans on hoeing it up like Greitens to celebrate the day of his birth. The guys wonder if they could do a podcast with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. TT hates Easter egg hunts and finds eggs to be disgusting in general. Dexter Fowler’s wife Aliya is great follow on Twitter. Let’s create a podcast featuring Mrs. Fowler. Benjamin Hochma ...…
Rebecca Chambers is a Social Science Teacher at John McCrae SS in Ottawa, Canada. A couple of weeks ago she emailed me, explaining that her classroom was a hub of amazing student projects. She was right.She can be found on twitter @MrsRChambers and you can follow her blog at Cameron Lamoureux is a grade 12 student at Jo ...…
by Alison Stone, Grant Nalty, and Alec Maraska Length: 11:15Mrs. Stone chats with Grant and Alec about the mysterious Prion.Articles discussed include:Abbott, Alison. "The Red-Hot Debate about Transmissible Alzheimer's." Nature, vol. 531, 17 Mar. 2016, pp. 294-97, doi:10.1038/531294a. Accessed 29 Mar. 2018.Mcglashen, Andy. "Chronic Wasting Dise ...…
As I mentioned before, once the PRB XX line-up is solidified on that final club show, I'll finish my PRB XX hours, until then, let's rock! Tracks: The Mau Maus - Sex Girls in Uniform The Effigies - Below the Drop Alice Bag - Poisoned Seed Kamala and the Karnivores - Love Like Murder The Faith - You're X'd Scream - Came Without Warning US Chaos ...…
In today’s episode, hear the inspiring story of Yesenia Swecker, a hair stylist who turned her passion for helping women feel confident and beautiful into an online business where she now coaches and mentors other budding entrepreneurs with her social media branding company, The Social Boss Babe.Yesenia shares her favorite tips and hacks for sh ...…
Follow the show on twitter @potu4motu Today we meet an evil sorcerer who pulls a Mrs Doubtfire on a Jessie Spano. We also give an award to someone you wouldn't expect. Today's show brought to you by The Jamaican Ginger Beer Co and their spicy ginger beer.
A Scottish man teaches his dog to salute Hitler so Bill Morgan tries to teach his dog, General Lee, that the Civil War was about States' Rights! Trump faces off against Crazy Joe Biden at WRESTLEMANIA 2020! And a firefighter foresaw that Trump would become President - and Bill Morgan sees who will be the next President!!...hint: it's Herman Cai ...…
The bracket challenge is looking like it is Mrs. Chapman's to lose! Predictions updates coming next week!
Before we leave for the Easter break we hear and ponder on the Easter story taken from Mark chapters 14 to 16. Thank you to our readers, Alex, Raffaele, Mr Laverock, Callum, and Mrs Henry
Sometimes the face, not the name, you know is the most familiar of all. Even if the name Lisa Jakub doesn't ring a bell, you certainly know her face... after all, we grew up with it while watching and rewatching timeless classics like "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Independence Day". A free spirit who bravely walked away from a red-hot Hollywood career ...…
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