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A conversational podcast on spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines, and life with God. Nathan Foster chats with guests about practical ways to abide in Jesus, be vulnerable in community, and open oneself to God's transforming grace. Related bi-monthly letter:
Mr. Ivey has an aggressive intellectual tact that is refreshing. He synthesizes complex issues and articulates them in a way that is accessible to those on the streets.
Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast is the official podcast of cult pop culture website Nathan Rabin's Happy Place, featuring Nathan Rabin (of course) and Clint Worthington. Every other week we delve deep into crazy pop culture ephemera, and very occasionally, also things everyone else is fascinated by. It's a safe, happy place to let your geek flag fly.
Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig: Where I interview entrepreneurs doing startups across borders and the investors who support them, with a focus on companies that have some relationship to Latin America.
Nathan, Nat & Shaun
Nathan, Nat & Shaun are all current world record holders in their own right – Nathan for having snuggled the most number of bunnies in a hammock (the previous world record holder was Cameron Diaz), Nat for putting the most number of socks on her left foot while listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and most recently Shaun for stuffing the most number of bananas down his pants with a record of 273. They’re all very proud of their achievements. They also do a breakfast show on Nova 93.7
Stuck at a hotel? Want to practice in the privacy of your own home? Take your practice anywhere! From basics to strong, 45 to 90 minutes, you can find the yoga class you want in this free podcast. Recorded live during his classes in Los Angeles, Nathan Johnson fuses Vinyasa Flow with key alignment principles in a practice that is challenging for the body and spirit. More podcasts can be found at, and more information about Nathan can be f ...
Theology For Your Ears
Thank you for listening to the ReThink True Health podcast hosted by Nathan Brammeier, co-owner of CrossFit Adventure and owner of ReThink True Health. Understand how to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition, stress management, mindfulness, improved sleep, healthy detox, gut health, reduced inflammation, and possible reversal of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Gain energy, sustain weight loss and fat loss, and improve your self-image in order to live your pa ...
Podcast stars, Matt Cundy & Nathan Irvine serve up an irreverent look at the world of gaming. Expect humour, white-hot opinion and odd innuendos in what's sure to be your new favourite show. Probably.
Nathan Shattuck is a Christian Counselor and Spiritual Director with Soul Care Christian Counseling ( The 'Impersonating Ourselves' talks discuss the emotional and spiritual formation process of how God invites us to uncover and repent of the False Self we have been living in, acknowledge and live in the tension of our Real Self, and seek to ultimately live increasingly out of our True Self in Christ. Perhaps you've caught glimpses of what it means to be impersonating yours ...
Jesus declared to his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me." Christ never offered to be part of our life or fit into our lives. His offer was to become our life. Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher nailed it in his book Provocations when he said, "The Bible is very easy to understand. But we Christians are a bunch of scheming swindlers. We pretend to be unable to understand it because we know very well that the minute w ...
The scene is Rome, 935 A.D. Thirty-year-old Tristan, dressed as a pilgrim, overhears a conversation between Basil, the Grand Chamberlain, and Il Gobbo, his assistant. After the two have left, Tristan continues to observe the revelry on the Eve of St. John. Suddenly a chariot containing a beautiful woman stops before him. They exchange words. He kisses her hand. Then she moves on, leaving him to ponder her beauty as he returns to the inn where he is staying. That night he has an enchanting an ...
Social Entrepreneur with Nathan A Webster is a resource for all social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, management, volunteers, and supporters. Everyone is welcome. The need for more resources to solve these global issues is dire. We all can make a difference.
Nathan ASMR
I make ASMR videos. If you'd rather just have the audio you can find it here.
"Everyone who belongs to the Truth hears my voice..." (John 18:37)
Nathan Bancroft
⠀⠀⠀Online Fat Loss Coach. ⠀⠀⠀Nutrition, behaviour change, fitness.
Nathan Sandford and his youth team have recently launched a youth ministry podcast of their weekly sermons. Nathan has been involved in youth ministry for more than 20 years, working with his team to deliver hope and the Father's love to youth in the Denver Metro Area. His team has felt a pivotal shift in the Spirit and are hungry for an awakening love to be brought to this generation. Each week, their goal is to show love and the heart of the Father to youth, no matter their circumstance; b ...
WWE from Nathan
This is all about WWE news and the Network.
Here is my podcast and music. The podcast is called Nathan's Freedom Zone. It is about free expression.
Our vision is to see Christians live free, joy-filled lives. Our mission is to encourage & equip Christians to live free of negative attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, & habits and empower them to live joy-filled in every relationship & circumstance. We do this through gospel-centered teaching and redemptive life coaching.
A feed of my lastest videos from youtube plus exclusive ones
Podcast by Civil Discussions With Nathan Laneer & Troy Smith
Podcast by What's Really Good with Nathan Allebach
No topic is off limits. The Too Sense podcast gives people a chance to hear level headed analysis of current events, receive daily life advice, and embrace the positivity in the world.
None of the above is a different podcast every week! Each episode, I talk with some of my friends about something new. Whether it be science, food or future aspirations, you can be sure that it will be a first.
Nathan Galloway Podcast
Nathan's Music
Come join the music experience!
My opinion on the American dream
Nathan Clarkson
Candid thoughts and conversations on life, creativity, art, story, philosophy, God and more.
Nathan Rae's recent posts to
Nathan Richardson [Coalesce, The Appleseed Cast, The Casket Lottery] and Jason Trabue [Hopesfall] discuss all things drums and percussion. From the playing to education to the drumming business world, GDY tackles it all.
Montgomery County Lifestyle with Nathan Arrazate” is an informative, light-hearted show for YOU, the Montgomery County community. We partner with the community to provide local news, information. business relevant topics and entertainment. Our main goal is to bring the community, and all it has to offer, to YOU! It is not about us, it is all about YOU!
International DJ, Producer and Ministry of Sound resident Nathan C presents his weekly radio show of upfront club cuts. Featuring the best in tech, progressive and electro house.
Welcome to my pagePlease feel free to check out my podcast
We are Julian and Nathan! Best mates for a lifetime and comrades seeing out the end of a revolution!Come with us brethren, look to your devices and take a moment to listen to the pearls of this podcast!
Discussing the End Times, Biblical Truths, and other Spiritual Matters.
Nathan's Weather
Keeping you updated on the weather! Feel free to call in with your weather reports!
Nathan Pimentel
Household of Faith
Domestic Relations ConsultantCooper Ginsberg Gray understands that divorce is a life-changing event for you and your family. It is important to know that you are not alone in this process. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary guidance, both legally and emotionally, during this difficult time. Our attorneys will provide you with the legal guidance and we are pleased to have Leah Nathan, Ph.D. on staff as a Domestic Relations Consultant to assist with the emotional guidance.
Welcome to the Nathan Warner Podcast. Here we talk about new ways of thinking and how to better your life with what you have.
Nathan Roper
Welcome to Nathan Roper, where amazing things happen.
Nathan Bay, author of gay fiction
Sharing the experience...
Welcome to the Nathan Gilmer Photography podcast, where we talk about family, photography, adventures, and business.
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These tips come to you from my rejection, humiliation, and the succession of my businesses.
Another honest moment where I recognized God's desire to have me pray with words. I still believe tongues are a crucial part of prayer. This is not really a verses, more like a revelation. Verses is showing the reason for both words and tongues.
None of the above is a different podcast every week! Each episode, I talk with some of my friends about something new. Whether it be science, food, or future aspirations, you can be sure that it will be a first. This week, in the season finale, Harman Dhillon, David Wolverton and I answer the question: would you go to Mars? Music:…
Did your day start in a panic? Ash got woken up by her music blaring from the wireless music speaker in her house because her hubby needed to get inside. Bri was woken up covered in bees. Bridgett woke up to her hubby feeding her cold water and Sue's friend woke up to a giant rat on her chest. Inspired by Troy who was kicked out of the parents ...…
Shaun has an update of Australia's Pantsing in the cricket. Injuries that make you laugh. The Mayor of midland got hit in the face with a microphone–terrible but funny. Andy slipped in a puddle of wee. Jess dislocated her knee getting up from the toilet. Vikki stacked it off her scooter and fractured her ribs. Jayne's husband didn’t realise the ...…
It’s not your metabolism! It’s not your genetics! You just eat too much damn food!!
Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He talks about people, politics and pleasure.On this episode Nathan contiues to explore the troubling news about the Cincinnati Police Department.
This episode of Nathan Rabin's Happy Cast is exclusively for the kiddies, as we bring on pop culture wunderkind and friend of the show Charles Bramesco (The Guardian, Vulture, et al.) to talk about the many efforts of films both Pixar and Pixar-adjacent! First, we squeeze into some tight spandex and discuss the surprising joys of Incredibles 2; ...…
According to Antonio Nunes, Latin American families spend up to four hours per week in the supermarket. When combined with crippling traffic and safety concerns in many Latin American cities, it becomes clear why delivering groceries in Latin America could be a highly lucrative business. Antonio Nunes noticed that opportunity while living in Bo ...…
Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He talks about people, politics and pleasure. On this episode, Nathan talks about the racial friction inside the Cincinnati Police Department.
Adult birthdays are sad… Nathan will spend his at home with his light on and a container of food. Taylor booked Bali for her bday with her hubby and she spent the whole holiday with the Bali belly! Glen's birthday is today and he'll spend it working, sleeping and picking up the kids… Suzanne got her hubby a Harley Davidson for his 40th, but he ...…
Kellen Schneider is a comedian and Twitter personality who goes by @captainkalvis. He's written some of the best original joke content on Twitter (which gets stolen by tweetdeckers and meme curators for profit) and works in LA! We talked about what got him into comedy, what got him into writing jokes on Twitter, the state of social and politica ...…
Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.On this episode of Cincinnati's most dangerous podcast,Nathan talks about the need for more recognition of fathers, black fathers in particular.One day the country will catch up to Nathan's flow on Trump. For months now, Nathan has been telling you that President Trump is "winning" in terms of his influnce and p ...…
We’re all working our hearts out to help improve the world, through the organizations we work with and for. But we can only give to others as much as we have given to ourselves, so it’s important to talk about how to stay sane and thrive as a nonprofit fundraiser. Not taking it all on Fundraisers have a tough job. They have organizations relyin ...…
Shaun has a World Cup update and also had a little personal win over the weekend. Should have read the invite properly - Shaun thought he was going to a dinner party... He was wrong. Natasha rocked up to a bridal function dressed in cosplay. Gemma assumed bedding was included in her cabin. Katrinas priest didn’t rock up to the Baptism. Steve Bu ...…
Becoming reliant on God is always a challenge for our flesh. But, when we truly abandon to God, we never are lonely as long as we trust in Him.
11th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Mk 4: 26-34) “Planting Mustard Seeds in Canmore” PDF Version This shrine commemorates the place Fr Pierre de Smet SJ celebrated the First Mass in western North America near the town of Daniel, Wyoming in 1840. He would later travel to the S ...…
Soulful Funky Disco House. I let a lot of the tracks play so you can either enjoy or hate the tracks even longer.
Cundy and Nathan talk about all the bits they can remember from E3 2018. Become a patron of the 'cast and gain eternal happiness Follow us on Twitter @cundynathanshow Subscribe and review us on iTunes
Nathan talks about the Cincininati budget process and how the FC Cincinnati deal may have impacted what city council can do, plus what are the top priorities for the city?If you live in Cincinnati, what does your neighborhood need?Other things on my mind this morning: Kim K and prison reform, Kevin Hart and his unwillingness to talk politics, a ...…
Jeff Cassel is a designer, guitarist, and all around creative wizard. We've known each other for around 15 years so in this episode we opened up with a bit on our history and walked through Jeff's childhood, specifically in how he was raised by two families in two ways of thinking, which shaped his perspective of dualism early on. From there we ...…
Rebel Wilson's court case was finalised and she got paid a bit less than expected. Being good to a tradie - do you give tradies special treatment at your place? Graeme is a sparky who scored brownies at a job. Ronnie from The Block has some advice. Shaun tried to talk about the World Cup but instead got into a heated debate about Toni Collette. ...…
Nathan talks about two transgender girls that recently smashed the competition at a highschool girls track meet.Nathan has serious questions about the CPD lawsuit alleging racial bias in promotions.
These tips come to you from my rejection, humiliation, and the succession of my businesses.
Strict eating habits… We found out Ivanka Trump only has Pizza Hut and KFC once a year, and when she does, she doesn't eat for two days afterwards! Alison doesn't eat any form of grains or rice and only has one meal a day. Bev can barely eat anything because of allergies! Nova's own Bradley Hill joined the guys this morning ahead of Dockers tak ...…
None of the above is a different podcast every week! Each episode, I talk with some of my friends about something new. Whether it be science, food, or future aspirations, you can be sure that it will be a first. This week, I answer would you rather questions with my friends Harman Dhillon and Christian Kim. Would you rather questions: https://w ...…
Do you feel that your adherence slips after a while when dieting? That you do well for a while but then can’t stick with it? Maybe you need a break!!
Nathans talking about the Anderson Highschool Mascot controversy and more. Listen at a safe distance.Nathans talking about Dennis Rodman, why isn't he celebrated in the black community? Nathan is also talking about
Singapore summit update - Trump said some things, Kim was confused. Unusual Professions - We have discovered a chimney sweeper. Michael is an Armoured Guard. Danni is a semen importer. Masto stopped by with a Coffee Cheaters update. Businesses keeping customers secrets - Simon who works at Nova changed his hair colour and his regular restaurant ...…
Bob Hunsberger is a writer, musician, and the man behind @theidiotintern Steve! He started interning at our agency in January and fully developed "Idiot College Intern Steve," who is a character on Twitter that plays the clumsy, positive, borderline crazy intern of Steak-umm Meats. In our talk we covered the story of how the Steve character cam ...…
The US healthcare market loses up to US$750B in fraud and inefficiencies every year. The insurance industry is famously bureaucratic and relies on antiquated technology to communicate with healthcare providers and patients. My guest today is Lauren Cascio, co-founder and COO of Abartys Health, a health insurance tech company that created a syst ...…
Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He talks about people, politics, and pleasure. On this episode, Nathan talks about the Trump-Lil Kim summit. Also, why is it so hard for Cincinnati to understand that no one may be at blame for the death of Kyle Plush?Also, the manager of a Dominos Pizza store was fired for using a rcail slur towards a customer ...…
After the shocking news of Kambo's going under, the guys wanted to hear about when you had to fight for your money back? Allan got involved with a business that robbed him of $25k and Brad was left living in a factory… Jo was working for a construction company when they went under and she had to wait a year to fight for what she was owed and Je ...…
Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He talks about people, politics, and pleasure.
For the first two years of this podcast, I kept it really focused on nonprofits, social good and community-based. Now, it's time to talk about business all around because nonprofits are businesses too. No more holding back. Read the whole blog at this link:…
Daniele Bolelli is an Italian-born professor, martial artist, podcaster, and author of several books including On the Warrior's Path and Not Afraid. He's appeared as a guest on popular podcasts such as Joe Rogan's, Adam Carolla's, and Skepticality, the official podcast of the Skeptic Society. We opened up our conversation by touching on the tra ...…
Look out! A cyclist looked down at his GPS for one second before being impaled but a road works trailer! Brodie did see an island in the middle of the road when he was cycling and face planted the road splitting his teeth! Matt had a horror story about being impaled in the neck and Emma's Dad ran over a snake in Rotto… The host of Talkin' Bout ...…
Author and Renovaré Institute instructor Trevor Hudson delivers a passionate message on Romans 8 at First Baptist Church in Vancouver, BC.
10th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Gen 3:8-15; Mk 3:20-35) “The Unforgivable Sin” PDF Version 10th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year B (2018): Gen 3:8-15; Mk 3:20-35 After the great feasts of Pentecost, the Most Holy Trinity and Corpus Christi, we move into the longest portion of ...…
Jennifer is the Senior Editor at Topix and has had her writing featured on UPROXX, Splinter News, Gawker, and Jezebel, and describes herself as a "Christian who refuses to behave." In our talk she went through her story growing up in the Pentecostal Church of God and how she moved out of that religious denomination into a more progressive world ...…
Trent Cooper is the new appointed coach of the Fremantle Dockers AFLW team and he joined the guys to talk about what he has to offer for their upcoming season. Shaun's son didn't want to go to school because he didn't want to have to play the recorder in front of his class. It's too confronting, so you didn't want to it? Theresa couldn't go sky ...…
I share a bit of my testimony related to the End Times, and then I go into Joel 2 and The Golden Age of Christianity.
Referencing and connecting Isaiah 63, Zechariah 14, Revelation 14 and 19, I show how the Church responds toward Jesus trampling the Nations and why the Spirit of humility brings out a heart of love rather than a heart of offense.
Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He talks about people, politics, and pleasure.Looks like Mayor John Cranley is taking his displeasure with Center for Closing The Health Gap CEO Dwight Tillery to the next level.
These tips come to you from my rejection, humiliation, and the succession of my businesses.
Based on an IHOPU lecture assignment, this is the long version. Warning: I bunny trail A LOT!!!
Using notes from my teaching for my IHOPU class, I intensified, bunny trailed, and went deeper into how the Spirit will accompany believers in the End Times.
In this episode, I theorize why Rev 21 says there will be no sea in the Millennium.
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