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Tsiyon Heights Messianic Radio
The Voice of Tsiyon In Exile to the Scattered Remnant of Israel.
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Learn Hebrew from a Messianic Perspective - with Holy Language Institute
If I were to ask "who are you", what would you say? How long before your relationship with Yeshua came up? Probably not long. Scripture says we're "in" the Messiah - that we've been immersed into his death, burial, and resurrection, and that we're one spirit with him. We as a community have the same kind of relationship with the Son of Man that ...…
YUTORAH: R' Dovid Ebner -- Recent Shiurim
Parshat Netzavim - Sep 8, 2015 -
Melech Yisrael - YeshuaCast RSS
Melech Yisrael - YeshuaCast RSS
The phrase "Lo Bashamayim Hee" carries critical lessons, especially as we approach Rosh Hashanah. In this shiur, we discuss some of the challenges of Teshuvah and some suggested ways of approaching the Yamim Noraim using Lo Bashamayim Hee as a guide.
I am elated and most blessed to have as my guest Carmen Welker. Carmen describes herself as a Netzari/Messianic teacher, author and webmaster of "The Refiner's Fire" and ""Reality Check TV." She was the original editor of Andrew Gabriel Roth's Aramaic English New Testament. You will be blessed by Carmen's testimony and perspective on the state ...…
Personal Parshah Podcast from Yad Binyamin, Israel
We here in Israel will spend a great deal of energy on one tiny aspect of Shemittah: What can and should we eat during the coming years? But, in doing so, we'll also be ignoring many essential aspects of Shemittah, that we can discover by examining the connection in the Torah between Shemittah and the mitzvah of Hakhel.…
Netzavim Vayelech 5771 – The Mechanics of Tshuva Originally posted September 2011
From The Old City by Gutman Locks
From The Old City - 51- Parashat Netzavim
Personal Parshah Podcast from Yad Binyamin, Israel
Moshe's efforts to reach out to the Jewish people before his death, carries a powerful message found in Kli Yakkar for each of us before Rosh Hashanah.
Något vet vi. Mohammed al Durrah, tolv år gammal, dog av skottskador den 30 september för tio år sedan vid en vägkorsning i centrala delen av den då av Israel ockuperade Gaza-remsan. Krigets första offer är sanningen sägs det och svårigheterna att dra en gräns mellan vad som egentligen är sanning och lögn har blivit än större genom Internet och ...…
Laws of Rosh Hashana, NitzavimBy (Rabbi Yitzchak Hecht).
Do you think there is any plausibility at all in the claims of theNetzarim ( They are Orthodox Jews whobelieve in a Ribi Yehoshua who they say was a strict Pharisee wholived, died and stayed dead in the first century, and was thehistorical figure behind the later, "Jesus" figure invented by theGentile church. Of the w ...…
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