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Best Messianic podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Messianic Audio Teaching from Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship in Akron Ohio. These teachings feature author and congregational leader Grant Luton and guest speakers. Learn the depth of Messianic faith by uncovering insights from the Hebrew language, the ancient sages of Israel, and informed by the vibrant understanding of Yeshua and his Apostles.
Nachamu Ami Messianic Synagogue (NAMS) is a growing and vibrant Messianic Jewish congregation in Macon, Georgia, serving all of the Middle Georgia area. Our congregation is a diverse community, comprised of families from many nations, tribes, and tongues (Revelation 7:9). Therefore, obviously, many are not from a Jewish background. And while we are a Jewish synagogue, committed to the Jewish traditions, teachings, and lifestyle exemplified by our ancestors, our vision is to practice an inclu ...
Unable to join us on Saturday mornings? Listen online! One of our goals is to spread to the nations, Torah teachings from a Messianic, Charismatic perspective. This podcast is one of the methods we are using to accomplish this. We have listeners in Bermuda, India, Kenya and other locations all over the world! We do ask that you please consider supporting our efforts as we spread God's word through the Internet.
A Vibrant Messianic Jewish Community
Messianic Audio Teaching from Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship in Akron Ohio. These teachings feature author and congregational leader Grant Luton and guest speakers. Learn the depth of Messianic faith by uncovering insights from the Hebrew language, the ancient sages of Israel, and informed by the vibrant understanding of Yeshua and his Apostles.
Sermons & teachings from the Seed of Abraham Messianic Jewish Congregation, Plymouth, Minnesota
Messianic Synagogue in Yardley PA
Messages given by Rabbi Peter Oliveira and Rabbi Brian Samuel from Messianic congregation Mishkahn David in Rhode Island.
Weekly messages from Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio.
A Messianic Jewish Synagogue
Messianic teachings recorded from Dothan Messianic Fellowship located in Dothan, Alabama.
To support this ministry financially, visit: Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program in 1977, shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus. The program covers topics such as healing miracles, supernatural encounters (of the God kind), intimacy with God, prophecy, Jewish testimonies, evangelism and more.
Beth Ohr Messianic. Learn about the Torah and the Hebraic Roots of Christianity from a biblical perspective.
Teachings by Rabbis Michael and Carol Calise
Heard the radio show, now watch it being produced.
Rabbi Bruce L. Cohen’s explanatory Torah-readings and sermons given at Congregation Beth El of Manhattan – an unaffiliated Conservative Messianic Jewish synagogue in the Upper East Side of New York City, where Jewish people and “People of Calling” (not born Jewish), and interfaith couples come together in Manhattan since 1993 to observe Two-Testament Judaism. For more information, please visit us online at or an Facebook. If you’re in New York, we invite you to visit our Sa ...
Beth Zion Podcast
Welcome to the official podcast of Beth Zion, a Messianic Jewish Synagogue located in Jackson, NJ. All recordings are copyright Beth Zion Messianic Syngagogue and are not to be used without permission.
ADAT HATIKVAH is a Messianic Synagouge that celebrates Yeshua the Messiah and the Judaism he represents. Adat is a part of Messianic Judaism, a congregational, restoration movement made up of Jews and non-Jews who embrace Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah while simultaneously recognizing and retaining Jewish identity.
Brutal Planet
Brutal Planet is a deeply Chassidic Lapid Judaism radio program heard on Yeshiva Radio and ranks #1 in all of Hebrew Roots radio. Christopher teaches Torah and Messiah Yeshua through the eyes of Chassidic premises and thought patterns with an emphasis on marriage covenant, edification, leadership, and servitude through a gentle correction.
Teachings from Rabbi David Levine and Beth Israel Messianic Synagogue in Jacksonville, Florida.
Weekly Messages and various Midrashim from Messianic Synagogues Beth Messiah (Sarasota, Florida) and Beth Yeshua (Ft.Myers, Florida).
Sermons - .
Join our Or Chaim family with encouraging and uplifitng messages from God's Torah!
Shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus as his Messiah in the 1970’s, Sid Roth started the Messianic Vision radio program. Today, the daily 15-minute show reaches across America, impacting tens of thousands with a powerful message that encourages and heals.
Episodes From Roy's Show on Radio Maria "Jesus : The Promised Messiah of Judaism"
Welcome to the podcast of Shema Yisrael in Rochester, NY. We are a Messianic Jewish Congregation that loves Yeshua. The following are a list of the teachings that have been brought to the congregation during our weekly services at 10 a.m. If you happen to be in the area you should look us up.
Beth Emanuel is a Messianic congregation in Mesa Arizona which provides Biblical teaching with an emphasis of Hebrew language.
UNLEARN the lies
We make Bible teaching videos for Messianic Jewish or Hebrew Roots believers. Learn the Bible from a Messianic Hebrew Roots perspective and be part of an online community of Torah-keeping followers of Yeshua.
Shoresh David Audio Podcast
Shoresh David Messianic Synagogue of Tampa - where Jewish and non-Jewish people grow together in the Lord.
Adat Hallel Messianic Congregation
The Messianic Torah Observer is an online ministry designed and intended for Torah Observant Believers in Y'shua Messiah. Thus we encourage Torah Living --but Torah Living Y'shua-style. Additionally we provide our listeners with the happenings and goings on in and around the Hebrew Roots communities. We accomplish much of this through Rod Thomas' discussions on his personal life journey as a Hebrew Roots--Disciple of Y'shua Messiah. The True Faith--the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith--pr ...
Shuvah Yisrael
Our congregation is a place where Jewish and non-Jewish people gather to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We study the Tenach (Jewish Scriptures) and the Brit Chadashah (New Covenant) as one text. Since we recognize that the foundations of our faith are Jewish, we emphasize and express our Jewish heritage through biblically based, culturally relevant worship and holiday observances. In addition, we endeavor to develop a Messianic mishpochah (family) pursues healthy, loving, spiri ...
Ron Cantor Podcast
Every week and sometimes more than once a week, Ron Cantor, a citizen of Israel, discuss the news surrounding Israel, from ISIS to Obama, but all from a Messianic point of view. He is joined each week by his cohost Yosi Levine.
Ron Cantor Podcast
Every week and sometimes more than once a week, Ron Cantor, a citizen of Israel, discuss the news surrounding Israel, from ISIS to Obama, but all from a Messianic point of view. He is joined each week by his cohost Yosi Levine.
Listen to teachings and worship from B'nai Shalom Messianic Congregation, 5 Messianic Minutes and more.
119 Ministries only exists for one reason ~ a strong desire to seek and then teach the Truth of His Word to believers and the nations. Everything on this site is intended to serve and support that purpose and to equip others to do the same. We hope that this site is a blessing to you and your household. Please feel free to explore many of the free teachings on this site and join us as we all learn more of His truth together.
Torah Talk, hosted by Senior Leader Mark McLellan and presented by The Harvest (Kehilat T’nuvah), is a purposeful deliberation of the Torah from a Messianic Judaic perspective. The Harvest is a Messianic Charismatic Congregation in Thornton Colorado, Just North of Downtown Denver. We believe this podcast will give you a fresh perspective on your life and the world we live in. Blessings and Shalom!
Rise on Fire is a ministry assigned to ignite a fire of Spirit & Truth around the world. God is calling us back to the walk of Yeshua with no more excuses. We are free from the traditions of men, led by the Truth and empowered by the Spirit.Subscribe to the videos on YouTube: more information, articles, or to contact us please visit:
Rosh Pinah Messianic Jewish Congregation is a community of both Jewish and non-Jewish believers in Yeshua the Messiah in Oklahoma City. Listen to our Shabbat and special services messages to be encouraged and challenged.
We invite you to consider a new life in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. The many changed lives at Congregation Yeshuat Tsion are evidence of the working of G-d's Spirit in the hearts of His people. It is our desire to have you join us and share in creating a community of believers in Yeshua ha Mashiach."Yeshuat Tsion" means both "salvation from Zion" and "salvation to Zion." That encapsulates our vision. We are committed to conveying that salvation for mankind has come from Zion (Israel).
This feed offers Messianic Jewish audio teachings, including Torah commentaries and concepts in Messianic Judaism.
I hope you see Yeshua of Nazareth, and learn more about the Hebrew context of the Bible and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, through these teachings. I preached these Shabbat sermons to my Messianic congregation live over the course of several years, and they're now hosted by my Hebrew school at If you appreciate these talks please subscribe, leave a positive review, and check out the perks of membership at
Minister the Gospel to the Jewish People and the truth about the Jewish People and Israel, to the Church.
We believe in an intimate, loving God, who heals and restores His Jewish People. We believe that the Restoration of our Jewish People will Restore The World.
Discussions of Biblical subjects from the perspective of a Torah observant Messianic community.
Addressing the Theological and Spiritual Issues of the Broad Messianic Movement
This is the Torah Observant "Shomer Mitzvot" series. In Judaism, safeguarding and keeping the Torah is central to performing the will of HaShem. Indeed, as properly understood from HaShem’s point of view, the whole of Torah was given to bring its followers to the "goal" of acquiring the kind of faith in HaShem that leads to placing one’s trusting faithfulness in the One and only Son of HaShem, Yeshua HaMashiach. To this end, the Torah has prophesied about him since as early as the book of Ge ...
Messianic Media
Interviews about Messianic music, video and art.
Devar Emet Messianic Synagogue in Skokie, IL is a community of Jewish People who believe and teach that Yeshua (Jesus) is indeed the promised Jewish Messiah. Subscribe to our Podcast to hear audio messages from our Shabbat mornings.
This is a series of messages from Eric Lakatos. The senior Rabbi of Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Why does it appear there is a common Christian resistance to study the Torah of Moses?By Messianic Apologetics.
To support this ministry financially, visit: McDowell experienced one of the most incredible, medically documented miracles you will ever hear about. The God of that same miracle-working Glory wants to move in your life, now.By Sid Roth.
What should be our purpose for dwelling in a sukkah (tabernacle) during the week of Sukkot? What should we be focused on and thinking about? Join Rabbi Damian in this brief message to prepare us for Sukkot.By Nachamu Ami Messianic Synagogue.
The Fear of God/Fear of the Lord is one of the more important topics in scripture. Depending on who is doing the counting, there are between 150 and 400 references to the topic in one form or another in scripture. Yet this topic is becoming increasingly ignored in many congregations. This teaching by Elder Allan Nemer moves through several of t ...…
In this special Yom Kippur teaching, we look at the books of Jonah and Ruth as “sister” books, two halves of a menorah. Though we find many similarities, we also find stark contrasts rooted in the two central characters – Jonah, a willful Jewish prophet, and Ruth, a yielded Gentile widow. Join us as we […] The post The Menorah of Jonah and Ruth ...…
In Matthew 5, Yeshua says that until heaven and earth pass away, not so much as a jot or a tittle will by any means pass from the Torah until everything that must happen has happened. What does He mean by this? Join DMF as we explore the topic of witnesses in the Hebrew Bible and how heaven and earth complain against humanity. For more informat ...…
Weekly Service - Audio Only Weekly Service - Video We celebrate the birth of Jesus during the Holy Week of Sukkot/Tabernacles rather than Dec. 25th. The Holy Week of Sukkot/Tabernacles is undeniably the theological framework for Jesus birth. It is the season that He “pitched a human tent” and dwelt among us. This is why we celebrate His birth i ...…
As we approach Sukkot, we recall the time when Yeshua tabernacled among us — and we eagerly anticipate the return of our Messiah, the source of the living water, the mayim chaim. When we drink of it, trusting in him, we will never be thirsty again. And in the lives of his true disciples, this living water overflows into the lives of others.…
Some of the topics covered are:• Hebrews 9:14; the connection of service to Elohim and a clear conscience• How does one forgive themselves?• How does one who struggles with addiction cleanse the conscience?… and much more!Afterburn: also known in the world of fitness as the “afterburn effect”, simply put; The more intense the exercise, the more ...…
Shabbat Shuvah Sermon: “Your Sputnik Moment”By Rabbi Bruce Cohen.
How do we know when the presence of objects and activities in our lives has any linkage to occultic practices that Adonai would want us to eliminate?By (Rabbi Brian Samuel).
As we approach the Fall Feasts of 2019, we are compelled to prepare spiritually and physically for each Feast's arrival. In this discussion of the Fall Feasts, we discuss the connection between God's grace and His Fall Feasts.By Rod Thomas.
Ki Tavo – When you come in Deuteronomy 26–29:8 The post Ki Tavo-When you come in appeared first on Beth Ohr Messianic Congregation.By Beth Ohr Messianic.
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