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Podcast by Nick Ayler
Nix the Jive
It's me rambling about random stuff while testing out this app. Cool huh?!
Amber Nix
Springfield's Hottest Hits
Nights With Nix
For all sounds in the clubbing circuit stay tuned...
Join Patrick, Cam, Dave and Andy as they discuss Wellington Phoenix FC's plight in the Hyundai A-League, as well as everything in New Zealand football.
Padre Peregrino
Talks by Fr. Dave Nix
An Exposed Secret
Martha Nix Wade
An in-depth conversation about exercise, healthy eating and improving self-esteem in adolescent children ages 7 - 15 years old.
Podcast of DJ sets from radio incognitum. Genres include deep house, electronica, bass, minimal, techno, breaks. Subscribe and enjoy! Radio Incognitum is Jeff Morey
Jack the Giant-Killer, Tom Thumb, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Henny Penny, Dick Whittington, The Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood and a host of immortal characters are found in this delightful collection of English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs. The book made its first appearance in 1890 and has remained a firm favorite with both young and old ever since. Fairy tales have traditionally emanated from France and Germany. The famous compilations by La Fontaine and the Brothers Grimm have o ...
Co-hosts Carlin Trammel, Aaron Nix and Alabama Dog watch a 007 James Bond Movie and then discuss it. Or, maybe they mostly discuss other things (like Pepi Foods, dodgeball and Alabama Dog U).
Listen to the Signal and find author Rob Dircks on his monthly quest for answers to questions like “What would happen if a smartphone game was so addictive EVERYONE played it at once?” or “When we discovered Pluto’s new moon Nix in 2005, did we catch someone discovering us?” Every month, he writes an original science fiction short story and narrates it for your listening pleasure. ENJOY! — Rob is the bestselling author of Where the Hell is Tesla?, and in July 2016 released his latest sci-fi ...
Vicious Mockery
"You'll D&D your pants." Vicious Mockery is: Max Saunders, Andrew Colella, Biggles Bagels, and Adam Metropolis. Vicious Mockery is a gang, a clique, a posse, a syndicate. Also check out the 'Adam's Mind' podcast: Credits: Dungeon Mastery & NPCs by Max Saunders. All music from episodes 1-31 composed and recorded by Adam Metropolis. Players: Andrew Colella (Rolen, Tordek, Theren), Adam Metropolis (Calvinis, Enile, Nirozi), Biggles Bagels (Jeff, Nix, Thorin). Editi ...
A podcast where you will hear the Word of God, encounter Jesus and leave empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are Corrie & Claire Nix, a husband and wife who love the Lord and who passionately pursue to become more like Jesus everyday. We cannot wait to share with you all the Lord has taught us, and we pray it encourages and inspires you to never give up pursuing your Creator! Want to learn more or check out other free resources? Visit
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As Paul explains in his letter to the Philippians, as a follower of Christ, we are called to walk in humility and love each other. It is difficult to work as one body if we are selfish and inwardly focused. Jesus led by example and took the form of a servant to show us what true humility looks like. Philippians 2:1-11 Kenny Nix, Pastor…
This week Sarah and Mike talk 1984's THE ICE PIRATES!Also:- Pirate jokes and ice jokes from a professional pirate joke and ice joke writer!- Sarah gets high!- We're on the look out for pirate band radio misfits!- Fleshlights!- NPR-LB returns!- All kinds of BS!Read about ICE PIRATES here: ICE PIRATES here ...…
Why does Rep. Tim Kelly really believe he got his U.S. Department of Education appointment nixed in the face of a controversial blog post he made years ago? The term-limited chair of the House Education Committee and the K-12 Appropriations Subcommittee shares his thoughts on the subject. Where is the A-F school grading proposal in the Legislat ...…
Drew Champlin and Mark Jennings are back with another edition of Champ's Corner featuring Mark Jennings.We start off the podcast talking about the quarterback commits from Alabama (Paul Tyson and Taulia Tagovailoa) and Auburn (Bo Nix) who competed in the Elite 11 and where their talents currently stand.9:02 - Auburn lands a receiver commitment ...…
Message: Serving Speakers: Roger Nix with Lee & Cindy Fruh The post Serving appeared first on Believers Church.
Ron Nix Thru The Bible In Two Years: 1 Samual
Ron Nix Thru The Bible In Two Years: 1 Samual
Larbs and Nix talk about Jim Jones civil rights beginnings, and then of course digress to talking about themselves. So, another great episode!
The first hour of the Show pretty much goes out the window with a report from Adam Kurkjian that the Patriots wanted to trade Gronk but that Brady threatened to retire and it was nixed. Now multiple people claimed the report was completely false so we had Adam on to decide if we believe him or not. We then of course spent the rest of the hour d ...…
Ask yourself, "Am I selfish or am I a Christ follower?". As Paul mentions in his letter, we bear a new nature. We are now image bearers of God, who is completely set apart and righteous. In living a life that is in pursuit of Jesus, we are called to die to our former, inwardly focused selves and live for Christ. As Christians, we often look at ...…
Its a two part "Convince Me" MEGA POD!!! In part one, Shaggy tries to convince John that HAIM is a band worth checking out by digging into their 2013 debut album Days Are Gone. The Jo(h)n's discuss the bands balance of pop vs. rock sound, comparisons to Stevie Nix and Fleetwood Mac, the bands music videos, how they differ live from their record ...…
In the Parable of the lost son, we are reminded by the truth of scripture that we are never beyond the sight or hand of God. It is never too late to turn back to God with a contrite spirit. Even one sinner dying to self causes rejoicing in the prescence of the angels. God extends an overwhelming amount of grace that is given when a repentant he ...…
A Radical Message Romans 12:1-2 Dr. Prston Nix 05-23-18 Jesus Expects the Sacrifice of Every Body of Every Believer Jesus Rejects Conformity to the World Jesus Requires Transformation of the Mind of Every Believer
Just like the lady celebrates over her lost coin being found, there is great joy in heaven when someone surrenders to Christ. We need God and we can do nothing good outside of Him. We are called to be ambassadors for love and to give grace to those around us because we have been given grace in our deepest sin. God calls us to have total depende ...…
The Great Commitment - Becoming a Fully Functional, Faithful, Fruitful, Follower of Jesus Luke 9: 23-26 Dr. Prston Nix 05-22-18 Desire Denial Discipline
A good shepherd will leave his flock in the field to go and search for and rescue his lost sheep and bring him back again. Jesus is our Shepherd and will rescue our hearts and draw close to us. He gives an invitation for us to trust Him with everything and be a part of His flock. When we stray away, He is there. Jesus is waiting. If you do not ...…
Filled With The Spirit Ephesians 5:15-21 Dr. Preston Nix 05-21-18 Only the believer, who is filled with The Spirit of God, can live successfully the Christian life.
As Nix tries to sink her talons into the crew of the Pembroke, Huck Fynn saves the day. ------- Art by Jake Morrison: Music by John Hoffman:
Episode 47—Part of the Family Science fiction writer Scott Pearson and his daughter, Ella, dive into Alien 3 (1992) as they continue their epic review of the entire Alien movie series. They’ve said it before and they’ll say it again, always listen to Ripley! Segments Intro :28 Sequel Overview :50 You Waited Six Years for This? 2:03 On Seeing it ...…
Believing the message of Christ is what changes our hearts. It draws us to a deeper understanding of who we are without Him. As the Holy Spirit reveals to us we need Jesus, we see who we are in light of who He is. We can be rescued from our sin when we place our faith in Christ alone; He is the only way to God. The Holy Spirit reveals what need ...…
Noella Nix, Brad HoskingBlind Boy Studios, Gold Coast AU@NoellaNix@Bradhoskingmusic2018
The "Rainbow Guys" share "Oscar’s Letter to Bosie" and Janet Mason sees "Oscar’s Ghost"; "Outcasting Overtime" asks "Was Alexander the Great Gay?"; Dusty Springfield’s Margie Adam cover reveals the 60’s pop star’s "Beautiful Soul"; a Belfast baker’s cake case mirrors a top U.S. court controversy, Trump’s new "faith initiative" preys on queer ri ...…
Ron Nix Thru The Bible In Two Years: Judges
Ron Nix Thru The Bible In Two Years: Judges
Who does the ministry of your church? Many Christians would contest that evangelism is solely the responsibility of the Pastor, but today we will learn otherwise. Listen as our guest, Pastor Tracy Nix, tells the story of one of his greatest ministry experiences that actually happened before he was a pastor. To leave a question or testimony reco ...…
Ep 31 #False PROPHET'S ft BJ Nix by FishNGrits Podcast
No one will ever be made right with God by obeying the law. As Paul states to Peter, "A person is made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ...". We are not tied to the law once we give our lives up to follow Christ; we are receivers of His grace and live for Him. Galatians 2:11-21 Kenny Nix, Pastor…
Nix is back to help us celebrate our 13th Episode! He's brought his spell casting and witchcraft knowledge, and that dry sense of humor we all love! Elle and Ali also chime in with some witchy tidbits to help you get started with your own practical magick! Subscribe to Let's Get Mystical on Soundwise…
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