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The Azeroth Perspective - Around The World of Warcraft in 30 minutes or less.
Each week we look at what matters to you the World of Warcraft Player player. And we do it ALL in 30 min or less.
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Warcraft Trolls
Hear Meagan and Ward nerd out hardcore about the latest World of Warcraft news.
A Podcast focused around raiding in the World of Warcraft.
Every Last Copper
8Bitz, Phyber and Slidd with Guests talk Warcraft, Blizzard and occasionally random other things! Weekly tips and information for the upcoming Warcraft Expansion!
Evangelysm Podcast: A World of Warcraft Podcast!!
A weekly podcast hosted by Evlyxx, all about the World of Warcraft seen through the eyes of an old English man who plays a priest or 11, raids and likes to talk about the things that he loves and loathes about the game. Evlyxx is a veteran of Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, Cataclysm, Pandaria and Warlords and has experience with casual and hard-core raiding, PvE, and PvP.
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This week we talk about Casual Games, how hardcore games are slowly becoming more casual, and what games might actually benefit from a more casual treatment. Mario's 30th Birthday Kingdom Hearts Dark Souls 2 Twitch Plays Dark Souls beats one of the hardest bosses - Beats the game Dragon Age: Origins Shadowrun Returns Shadowrun Dragonfall Shadow ...…
And we're back! Episode 42 of Nerd Monster Radio with me your host Jose Aparicio of After some delay we come back with a new episode. A movie to new apartment, being sick, and getting a cat all contributed to the delay of this latest episode, but now that things are settled, things should be getting back to a routine. That ...…
The Azeroth Perspective - Around The World of Warcraft in 30 minutes or less.
This week on the show we talked about: Mists of Panderia is 50% off... in the UK Blizzcon virtual tickets are now available Blizzard is shutting down Diablo III Auction House... ... permanently. You have until March 18, 2014. PVP Season 14 begins Wowhead updates 5.4 Battle Pet Guide If you're into collecting pets, this guide is worth checking o ...…
Episode 55: 2012 Cue Award Nominees2012 CUE AWARD NOMINATION SHOW. New Tracksounds reviewer, Thomas Midena joins Christoper, Marius, Richard and Edmund to proudly announce the official Cue Award Nominees for 2012. Every nominee from all 12 award categories is revealed.Episode Highlights:00:38 Welcome back to the Cue Awards04:23 Surprise of the ...…
The Instance: The Podcast for Lovers of Blizzard Games
293 - The Instance: The Mists have Cleared A little expansion came out, and we talk about that a lot, free transfers are here for you sad sacks on big servers, Appear Offline is indeed coming, level 90 first gets rolled back for who the hell knows why, watermarking again, not the emerald dream, reasons to not work and play instead, flying mount ...…
The Azeroth Perspective - Around The World of Warcraft in 30 minutes or less.
​Yes we missed last week, Sorry bout that. But this week we are back with News about ALL races being avaliable at launch, For anyone. Recruit a friend and scroll of resurrection details regard Mists of Panderia. ​As Patch 5.0 comes, Blizzard is ending Season 11 in just one week. And Blizzard, of all people, gets hacked Plus go check out MusicRa ...…
Nothing like having someone dismiss all the work you're doing.By (RevnGeek).
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