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Providing Insight into the history of the Christian Church
The teaching ministry of Calvary Chapel of Oxnard, with Pastor Lance Ralston. "Becoming more like Jesus, by learning and living God's word."
Providing Insight into the history of the Christian Church
Providing Insight into the history of the Christian Church
Providing Insight into the history of the Christian Church
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How to live out the Gospel of Grace.By Lance Ralston.
Anxiety effects us all in some way or another. We are commanded to not be anxious, but to rely on the faithfulness of Jesus in prayer and obedience.By Rob Branchflower.
Shame is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, like Adam and Eve, it causes us to run from God and hide, but it can also cause us to realize that Christ can take away our shame, so we come to Him.By Jeff Atchison.
Jesus knows what it means to suffer, so when we go through times of suffering we can have the hope and comfort of knowing that He will be there for us.By Clarivel Dinh.
Love and hate are often seen as feelings, but the Bible describes these emotions as actions. What we do with these emotions is crucial.By Jordan Young.
Anger is a righteous emotion, unless it's rooted in selfishness.By Lance Ralston.
Understanding the proper place of emotions in the life of the Christian.By Lance Ralston.
Paul speaks of how all people are able to receive God's grace, but it is by faith in Christ and not in The Law.By Lance Ralston.
It matters what you believe. The modern, popular idea that “It doesn’t matter WHAT you believe, just so long as you are sincere” doesn’t just not jive with Scripture, it doesn’t work for anything else either.By Lance Ralston.
Paul explains that Jesus is the Elect One to salvation, those who believe in Christ become part of The Elect. They are not elect because God choose them, they are elect because they chose to be with Jesus.By Lance Ralston.
Paul speaks of Predestination and The Elect, but who does that include? Knowing who he's speaking to is the key to knowing.By Jeff Atchison.
Paul explains who the "elect" are and why they are called the "elect."By Jeff Atchison.
How to live the Christian Life; by walking in the Spirit as opposed to the flesh.By Lance Ralston.
Paul explains how even though we are children of God, we struggle with sin. The key word being "struggle". We are dead in the flesh and alive in the spirit.By Lance Ralston.
This is where Paul says we died with Christ, and rose again with him to new life. What we need to do is “reckon” it so.By Lance Ralston.
Paul speaks of God's unlimited grace for the whole world. We can choose to live in the image of Adam or in Christ.By Lance Ralston.
While Paul opened his letters with the greeting, “Grace and Peace to you”, in the first verses of Romans 5 he unpacks what grace and peace have done, do and will yet accomplish.By Lance Ralston.
Paul continues his point that being a Jew isn't a matter of heritage, but of faith. Even Gentiles can become a "true" Jew.By Lance Ralston.
Paul says a “true Jew” is more a matter of the heart than ancestry or rule-keeping. We’ll use this truth to press in on the dangers and pitfalls of religion vs relationship.By Lance Ralston.
Man was created to worship and serve, whether it's of the Lord or the things of the world. Paul expounds on this in great detail.By Lance Ralston.
The Gospel is the power of God to save.By Lance Ralston.
Paul's letter to the Church in Rome is considered one of his most influencial writings in establishing the principles and workings of the Gospel.By Lance Ralston.
We’ll see through the life of Jonah how our anger can lead us to disobedience, hurting other, it can also lead to painful situations.By John Parra.
The Psalms of David inspire and convict us because it's his heart being poured out before the Lord.By Rob Branchflower.
David declaration “I will not give to the Lord what cost me nothing” tells us much about how he viewed his relationship with God.By Lance Ralston.
The life of David continues as he shows how great of a leader he was despite his failings. His heart always came back to the Lord.By Lance Ralston.
Two events in David’s life instruct us in how to deal with trouble.By Lance Ralston.
The civil war comes to a head and Absalom is defeated and David returns to Jerusalem, but at a high cost.By Lance Ralston.
Ahithophel proves the power of Hebrews 12:14-15. We must forgive!By Lance Ralston.
King David suffers from the result of his sin with Bathsheba and is forced to leave Jerusalem from Absalom's rebellion.By Lance Ralston.
The incident with David and Bathsheba represents a life lesson for both men and women of today when it comes to lust and modesty.By Lance Ralston.
King David commits evil acts to cover up his adultery, blinded by his sin. There is no secret sin that will eventually be exposed. David repents, but there are consequences to his disobedience.By Lance Ralston.
King David worshipped the the Lord in Spirit and Truth and sets the example for us to do the same because the Lord is worthy.By Jeff Atchison.
The death of Uzzah redirected David and Israel’s ideas about how God is worshipped. IT needs to instructs ours as well.By Lance Ralston.
David establishes his kingdom and the Lord establishes Jesus' Kingdom through David.By Lance Ralston.
David repeatedly sought God on how to deal with the Philistines. He never assumed what to do. We ought to do the same.By Lance Ralston.
The Bible teaches how to use money wisely. The first step is realizing that it's not our money, but that it belongs to Jesus. How we manage His money will reflect our love for Him.By Sid Ward.
Count your blessings, literally. Make a note of all the things you own and realize how blessed you are. Now go, serve and love others because relationships are the only thing you take with you from this life into Heaven.By Kyle Garza.
With Saul's death comes a civil war, but it's David who sees still respects Saul's anointing as King, even though the anointing has fallen to David.By Jeff Atchison.
Often God closes doors and opportunities in our lives as a way of leading us into His greatest plans and purposes for us.By Rob Branchflower.
Both David and Saul fall away from the Lord's will, but the difference is how each one responds when faced with their disobedience.By Rob Branchflower.
Saul is hanging onto the throne in disobedience, which the Lord can not and will not bless. It's the same for any Christian who's hanging onto their rebellion.By Lance Ralston.
David learns not to give into his anger and commit murder, but he gives into his fear and makes decisions that are contrary to God's will.By Lance Ralston.
David’s fearful foray into Gath reminds us faith isn’t just for the big challenges, it’s for the day to day as well.By Lance Ralston.
David is very much like us. We are very inconsistent with our walk in Christ. One minute we are doing the right thing and the next we're making bonehead decisions.By Lance Ralston.
A character study of Saul vs David. David is characterized by the harp in his hand; Saul is characterized by the spear in his handBy Jeff Atchison.
After defeating Goliath, David wins the respect or is it suspicion, from King Saul? It becomes evident as David's reputation grows and Saul's shrinks.By Jeff Atchison.
David’s path to the Valley of Elah where he defeated Goliath was marked by daily challenge & faith. The big wins in life are built on many more daily small ones.By Lance Ralston.
Saul continues to fall from grace with his disobedience toward God and David rises as the new king, but needs to take down Goliath first.By Lance Ralston.
We just don't celebrate the empty tomb on Easter, but also the occupied throne where Jesus now sits in Heaven.By Lance Ralston.
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