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Diamond Pegasus
Hello everyone welcome to my Podcast. you can watch my YouTube videos offline. here and you can watch special videos here that are not uploaded to YouTube.
The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 2 Flames
He caught the pirate. He did the right thing. He'll regret it. Captain of the Temple Police is not an easy job. Gerard wasn't expecting it to be easy...but he also didn't expect to have to fight off the Priestess's overtures at every turn. While he isn't against killing, torture seems dishonorable, and a visit to the dungeons leaves Gerard feeling more than a little sympathy for the pirates he's been ordered to capture. Nevertheless, if he's to protect his gentle, talented wife, Gerard must ...
Pages And Panels
Gabriel and Kenneth from Red Pegasus Comics brings you the latest news and opinion about everything in the world of comic books.
David's Pegacast
The official feed of bit pop artists David's Pegasus featuring music from the band with commentary by Bible trivia expert King David.
You. Podcast
A Podcast sharing the unique personal stories and experiences of diverse individuals. One at a time, and directly from them. (And one super serious question about a fight between a Unicorn and a Pegasus)
Levitation And Other Things We'll Eventually Do (LOTWED) is a comedy podcast hosted by former hand model Corey Farrell and sex pest Pinchy Pincherson with a regular guest comedian where they riff on a topic and ride the tangents like sexy magical Pegasus's.
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- Scottie Young speaks at the Pegasus Campus 4pm service on "Fresh Wine"...
Something Something Trap Card
The last part of Duelist Kingdom is finally over. This week, the gang learns the truth about Pegasus while Pegasus learns the truth about Bakura while someone named Shadi learns the truth about Yugi. Also in this episode: we combat bi erasure, Bakura's adventures at Denny's, and GAMERFUEL. Follow the show: @TrapCardPod Follow Nick: @ncdowell Fo ...…
Reverse Sequels
Brush off your copy of the Odyssey because today we are studying Greek Mythology reimagined as a Liam Neeson action movie. Ellie tries to explain to Patrick that Loki is not a Greek God as they break down the procreation possibilities of giant lava monsters, how the film makers made such a sweet looking Pegasus, and which characters will turn i ...…
Darius Syrossian - Beetham Tower Einmusik - Silveroid (Solee Remix) BLM & Pawas - Online (Cally Remix) X-Press 2 & Honey Dijon - Let It Slam Maetrik - Herb House Beatamines - Pegasus Kastis Torrau - Neo Dragon Suplex - Disguise (feat. Joeblack) Matador - I Gotcha
Hitherby Dragons Storytime
From Hitherby Dragons by Jenna Moran. more real individuals, see Jack o’Lantern Girl: XavidAmbiance by:Smhertz: Lake:
In this interview Robert Mulliss (coordinator Wessex Research Group Network) discusses with Wendy (Pegasus Healing) how we might do simple things to support and show our appreciation for nature, Gaia and each other. The Wessex Research Group archive contains those lectures that have been digitised and are freely downloadable as a personal educa ...…
This week – cryptozoology! Dragons, fairies, bigfoot, mermaids, unicorns, werewolves, griffins, sea serpents, centaurs, pegasus (plus real-life accounts from people who claim to have seen some of these fantastical beasts!) Did giants once walk the earth? Were dinosaurs feathered? Should we be chasing scientific 'proof' of monsters? And what abo ...…
Something Something Trap Card
Duelist Kingdom's climax has begun with a duel between Seto Targar- Sorry, Kaiba and Local Gay Icon Maximillion Pegasus. Will Kaiba be able to beat Pegasus and save his brother? Probably not considering Yugi has to save the day. Also in this episode: What if Chip Skylark was in the show, combining the Pokemon Gym Challenge with Grindr, trying t ...…
Observing With Webb
WATCH this on YouTube LISTEN to this as a podcast on Podbean, Stitcher, or iTunes Looking at my notes from last year for October, I was reminded that this was the month where all of you came together to vote for the Pequea Valley Planetarium to get a $100,000 Farmers Insurance Thank America’s Teachers Grant. It’s a year after voting, and things ...…
Title: Human Nature Author: Keira Marcos Podcast Narrator: Syble ( Pairing: Sheppard/McKay, O’Neill/Jackson Rating: R for language, violence, and adult situations Word Count: 17,500 Challenge: DADT (McSheplets) Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King Status: Completed One Shot (and not series related) Disclaimer: I don’t own them ...…
Casually Lit
Ep. 4 The yellow rose of Texas. Dawgs takin' a leak. The Erf is flat again. Baby you can chive my car. We got beer comin' out of our vajayjays! Time to get Casually Lit! Beer List: Rubus - Birra del Borgo Espresso Stout - Hitachino Nest Mandarina Jolie - 903 Brewers Fruitallica - Stone/Beavertown/Garage Project Big "D" Jamboree - Pegasus City…
In this episode I talk about Iron Pegasus by Brenda Cooper, The Audience by Sean McMullen, and what I'm going to be reading this weekend, which include Clarkesworld 132, and The Art of Starving.
Photo by: Scott Liddell Playlist: 1. Cracked (Extended Mix) – Will & Held [KMS Records] 2. Face To Face (Original Mix) – Keep This [Nothing But] 3. Rise (Original Mix) – Ore [Civil Music] 4. Resurgence (Extended Mix) – Antwon Faulkner [KMS Records] 5. In The Eyes Of No One (Original Mix) – Reset Robot [Mobilee Records] 6. Confession (Original M ...…
Erin, a Titan in her own right, has never seen Clash of the Titans, the 1981 classic. I have seen it a kajillion times in over a 30 year span. What will the two of us, coming from two different points of view, actually say about the movie? Will it have a place amongst the constellations or we will we release the Kraken? Here's the breakdown: -I ...…
Book Meese: Podcast for Book Enthusiasts
Mr. Waffles and co-host, Mr. Bacon, discuss Kate O'Hearn's "Pegasus: The Flame of Olmpus."
Observing With Webb
WATCH this on YouTube LISTEN to this as a podcast on Podbean, Stitcher, or iTunes Welcome to Observing With Webb, where the armchair astronomer figures out what they’re looking at, why it’s so cool, and what they should check out next. Don’t forget to check out my Podbean page, YouTube Channel, and Twitter feed, or get my podcast feed on Stitch ...…
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Eileen McCourt is a retired school teacher of English and History with a Master’s degree in History from University College Dublin. She is also a Reiki Grand Master teacher and practitioner, having qualified in Ireland, England and Spain, and has introduced many of the newer modalities of Reiki healing energy into Ireland for t ...…
August Hip Hop n R&B Urban Mix 4Hip Hop Current is Hip Hop n R&B mixed in a Radio Clean Formatby DJ Danny CeeTwitter: @djdannycee1Pills and Automobiles - Chris BrownEast Coast (RMX) - Asap FergButterfly Effect - Travis ScottYoung Dumb & Broke RMX - KhalidMarmalade - MacklemoreYFN - YFN LucciNo Compliments - Metro BoominPerfect - Dave EastB.E.D. ...…
Cutting through the Bull in the Post-Truth Apocolypse
A lapsed quasi-satanist, a self-proclaimed science buff (with only a GCSE grade B in Physics) and a drug-addled lunatic attempt to navigate the irradiated wastelands and dung-hills of ignorance that is the Post-Truth Apocalypse. A smorgasbord of colourful language, drunken ramblings and the occasional "fact". Fact. Hosted by Ben, Gaz and Mike. ...…
We’ve been producing podcasts now for a while, focusing most recently on a weekly 10 in 2 report – 10 things that interest us this week, provided to you in 2 minutes, or in as short a time as we can. Now we’re unveiling a new periodic podcast we’re calling Leadership in the 22nd Century.Our current social and economic systems were designed in a ...…
• Janine Glennon, with her husband, Michael, own Vista Vino Modern Grill, 611 N. Wilcox Ave., Castle Rock, talks about the summer menu and wine selection offered at the eater. Details: 1- 303-660-2005, • John Liese, a committee member for the Pickin’ on the Divide, talks about the event held in Limbach Park, 151 Front ...…
Stargate Archives
Stargate Atlantis Midway The IOA are flexing their bureaucratic muscles as Teyla and Ronon are forced to undergo interviews and debriefings to validate their commitment to Stargate Command despite their past endeavours. Teyla returns to Atlantis after two days in interviews and reveals to Sam and John that she may not return to field duty after ...…
CtrlAltPlaylist: Your Weekly Source for New Music
We're on Spotify!! You can find our weekly playlist under CtrlAltPlaylist or search our email: In "Talking Sh*t" there is more drama from Usher, Just Britney, Trina & Khia, and Whoa Vicki. We cover the resurgence of R&B from an honest and unique perspective. We identify Jessie Reyez, Rayana Jay and others as Artists to Wa ...…
Ticket Liquidator Lunch Break Podcast celebrates Episode 25 this week! On sales announcements include Tedeschi Trucks Band with 9 shows. Macklemore announced his “Gemini Tour” with 10 shows on sale. The Killers are going on tour in support of their ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ album dropping in September. Theresa Caputo, the medium, is touring with 5 ...…
Let's get right into it. It's a hot one, we talk about Bobby Valentinos recent incident with Transgendered prostitute, Kanye is looking for 10 million, and Lil Yatchys comments on the XXL Freshman class. For fresh music go through new Rae Sremmund "Perplexing Pegasus", The two new Ugly God tracks, and Travis Scott + Mike Deans Goosebump remix. ...…
Observing With Webb
Welcome to Observing With Webb, where the armchair astronomer figures out what they’re looking at, why it’s so cool, and what they should check out next. Don’t forget to check out my Podbean page, YouTube Channel, and Twitter feed, or get my podcast feed on Stitcher. August brings us the most anticipated astronomical event of the past few years ...…
Mr. Smith Presents Smith Sessions
Mr. Smith - Smith Sessions 065 (29-07-2017)Smith Sessions is a weekly Trance Podcast hosted by the music lover and Deejay, Alexander (Mr. Smith) Schmidt. He brings you the best in uplifting, vocal & melodic trance. For more information follow on Twitter at or Facebook at MR ...…
Heyyyyyyyyyy! This is my second song for the NES / FamiCom / Pegasus platform. :) As usual it's standard 5-channels song for the stock machine with Ricoh 2A03 chip only. Enjoy! ;) [img][/img] 2017 Creative Commons Copyright All rights reserved
Heyyyyyyyyyy! This is my second song for the NES / FamiCom / Pegasus platform. :) As usual it's standard 5-channels song for the stock machine with Ricoh 2A03 chip only. Enjoy! ;) [img][/img] 2017 Creative Commons Copyright All rights reserved
Session 39 - Dinner Party: New episode as of Jul 24/17! Check your podcasting app later today or turn on notifications to be told when it’s available. The gang goes to a dinner party and many things were discussed in order to get the funding to save the town of Pegasus Bark. Nobles are such colourful people, as you will hear. This, of course, m ...…
Mike Beckingham is a British screen actor. Having starred in several films such as Birdwatcher and Narcissis, as well as the upcoming Redwood, from the same team that brought us Pandorica last year. Mike is currently filming Black Site, another film by Pandorica's Tom Paton where he had a role written especially for him, which is a huge honour ...…
Music from two brand new albums on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus. On the one hand that’s Departure, the new album by Plucky Strum, a duo consisting of guitarist Sheryl Bailey and bassist Harvie S; and on the other hand that’s 92 Years Young: Jammin' At The Gibbs House by the 92-year-old vibraphonist legend Terry Gibbs. Both of the ...…
Disponible nueva herramienta de respaldo de Google para Windows y Mac. Facebook añade opción de creación de GIF’s directamente desde la cámara. Facebook anuncia visor de realidad virtual por menos de 200 dólares. Lanzan nuevo Pokemon Go Plus Ring. WhatsApp permitirá compartir todo tipo de archivos. Logitech compra marca de diademas para videoju ...…
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