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Plum Pudding
A David and Goliath fight about a group of citizens in Alachua County Florida going up against the biggest landowner in the United States. This story pits the public good against maximizing corporate shareholder value and property rights. It tells the tale of how diverse and well organized citizens scramble to protect their community and quality of life.
Rice Pudding Records Radio
From the salt marshes of Southern England. Expect folk, punk, rock, alternative, electronic, metal, industrial & comedy X
Ace and Unlimited Rice Pudding
Doctor Who Chat!
Magic Pudding, The by LINDSAY, Norman
Bunyip Bluegum the koala sets out on his travels taking only a walking stick. At about lunchtime, feeling more than slightly peckish, he meets Bill Barnacle the sailor and Sam Sawnoff the penguin who are eating a pudding. The pudding is a magic one which, no matter how much you eat it, always reforms into a whole pudding again. He is called Albert, has thin arms and legs and is a bad-tempered, ill-mannered so-and-so into the bargain. His only pleasure is being eaten. The book is divided into ...
Over The Plum Pudding by BANGS, John Kendrick
Great Caesar’s ghost and shades of A Christmas Carol! Stories – some ghostly, some Christmas, some humorous, some all three -- twelve of them by a master story teller and humorist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (Summary by David Wales)
Elder Brothers? Official Podcast
The Boston-based dj duo Elder Brothers? brings you the latest in house, techno and classics.
Radio Free Hebrides
Short updates from the land of black pudding, shark hunting, Gaelic singing, whisky salvage, wicker men, clansmen, slow trains and MacBrayne's.
Streaming Things: A Love Letter to TV and Film
You have found the chocolate pudding! Join hosts Chris, Andy, and Steve (Stu) as they breakdown a multitude of television shows and films on a journey that began with Netflix Original Stranger Things. They dive deep into the cultural relevance of each property, discuss their favorite moments, and analyze the storytelling and filmmaking.Join the conversation at
The Dungeoncast
Welcome to The Dungeoncast, the podcast where we explore all things D&D, from tough terrain to terrible taverns!! Whether it's a detailed discussion on the strangulation techniques of Black Puddings or our continual drawing of Demogorgon's attention, join us as we have casual, educational, and humorous conversation about the world's most popular tabletop RPG. Together we delve into the endless possibilities and unforeseen complications of character creation, role playing, and dungeon masteri ...
More William by Richmal Crompton
An eleven year old who remains eleven for more than half a century! As a literary creation, Richmal Crompton's scalawag schoolboy has few peers. Along with his notorious gang of Outlaws, William Brown wreaks havoc not just on his family but also across the entire village. His long suffering family, the local shopkeepers and a host of unforgettable characters make the William series of 21 books a delightful and most amusing read. More William is the second in the long series written by Richma ...
Raz's Fully Enlightened Bliss Happiness Love Adventure
Bliss Happiness Love - that's what we all want, but how do we get it? Get it, got it, good. Lets make some pudding honey.
Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving (Dramatic Reading), An by ALCOTT, Louisa May
When a neighbor brings word that Grandma is sick, Mr. and Mrs. Bassett hurry off to tend to her, leaving their seven children to prepare for Thanksgiving on their own. The story of the adventures of Eph, Tilly, Prue, Seth, Sol, Roxy, and Rhody Bassett as they go sledding, face bears, tell old stories, and wrestle with plum puddings is a holiday treat fit to make anyone stop and count their own blessings. (Summary by Eden Rea-Hedrick) Cast: Narrator: Maria Therese Mrs. Bassett: Elizabeth Klet ...
Through the Looking-Glass (version 2) by CARROLL, Lewis
The sequel to “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” finds Alice back in Wonderland and a piece in a surreal chess game. This weird and wonderful book includes the poems “Jabberwocky” and “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” a talking pudding, and that immortal line “Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today.” Lewis Carroll was the nom de plume of Charles Dodgson (1832-1890) an Anglican clergyman, photographer, and mathematician.
Reel Punx
Two guys, with a penchant for punk rock, watch and discuss a movie a week for about an hour. Expect to hear plenty of chinstroker-esque film dissection with a side order of anarchism and rad tunes for pudding.Send all your feedback and comments to
American Cookery by SIMMONS, Amelia
American Cookery, by Amelia Simmons, was the first known cookbook written by an American, published in 1796. Until this time, the cookbooks printed and used in what became the United States were British cookbooks, so the importance of this book is obvious to American culinary history, and more generally, to the history of America. The full title of this book was: American Cookery, or the art of dressing viands, fish, poultry, and vegetables, and the best modes of making pastes, puffs, pies, ...
Christmas Short Works Collection 2012 by VARIOUS
The worldwide LibriVox community brings you 26 Dutch, English, French, German and Japanese recordings of short stories, poems, non-fiction articles and even a short play - all with a Christmas theme. Cast of What Makes Christmas Christmas: Narrator: Pamela Krantz Christmas Gifts: Charlotte Duckett Money: Ruth Golding Christmas Tree: Amanda Friday Christmas Stocking: Snapdragon Plum Pudding: Rapunzelina An Old Man: David Olson A Child: Evie Marie The King's Son: David Lawrence A Spirit: Lyn S ...
Through the Looking-Glass (version 5 dramatic reading) by CARROLL, Lewis
Sequel to Alice in Wonderland, this volume sees Alice travel through a mirror to a dream-world where she meets chess pieces and other curious characters. (Summary by David Goldfarb) Cast Narrator: David Goldfarb Alice: Miss Avarice The White Queen/The Fawn: Elizabeth Klett The White King: Algy Pug The Father/Gentle Voice/Oysters/The Lion: Vinnie Tesla The Tiger-Lily: Cheri Gardner The Rose: breezyweezy A Daisy/The Pudding: Heather Phillips Another Daisy: Elli A Violet: Liz Bennington The Lar ...
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We kick off this episode with some extreme weather: after unraveling the mystery of the Red Sun that the UK experienced last month, we take a look at this year's very active hurricane season. Then it's all about what every Weathercock loves best - the winter! Gather round for our definitive official winter forecast. And if that gives you the sh ...…
Chatologie LIVE is this Thursday! Get your tickets HERE. Guys, I can’t believe it’s happening. I honestly feel like I need to pinch myself…so, in case you haven’t heard, this Thursday, Nov. 16, I will be recording an episode of chatologie with a LIVE audience. And guess what…as of right now, there are still a very few tickets available, so if y ...…
This week we are overjoyed to be joined by one of our ultimate girl crushes, Anna Newton, founder of The Anna Edit blog and YouTube channel. Anna has long been one of our go-to content creators for ALL things beauty, fashion, wellbeing and mindful living and we are so excited to share Anna's take on the festive season with you. From how to navi ...…
The Daily Update for Monday, November 13th 2017: -GOP lawmakers tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions to probe Clinton-Comey, or he will be replaced! -Disneyland is suffering from Legionnaires Disease, and closed down two cooling towers after 12 people were sickened! -The US Army has lifted restrictions on the mentally ill! -California Governor J ...…
Mitch gets the full Irish breakfast experience at the Grafton in NYC—complete with Guinness on tap and rugby on TV. Special guest Megan McLoughlin joins to discuss what makes a full Irish breakfast different from a full English breakfast. They break down a meal with four different kinds of meat. The rashers, sausages and white pudding were good ...…
Body Buddies Podcast | Nutrition | Fitness | Mindset
Have you been hi-jacking the Halloween candy by the handful, loving on the sugar high and convincing yourself that you don’t need to be disciplined just yet? Chances are you have been eating some of the sugar that comes on the scene of every grocery store every October 1st. Whether you’ve been wise in your portion sizes or you have already thro ...…
Welcome to Episode 2! We get down and dirty with major vegan controversies dividing our community such as pronouncing Veganaise, 'Vegan -ays' or 'veg- gen-aise'! Chia, are we with those glutinous little seeds or do we run away from them? And does what happens when the fridge door is open, stay in the fridge? We taste test Cosi Bio's deli meat w ...…
Monsters in the Morning
10.23.2017 Doing the jumperoo. Celeb softball. What crazy looks like. RRR- Birthday. Jimmy vs. Social Media. Tampa serial killer? Mindhunter on Netflix. Kennedy Files. Sexual Predators. Savannah shares a story. Steven Kramer in studio. Magnum P.I. reboot. To The Top with Carlos Box Office review. Monster Sports. IG Savannah. To much bacon?…
Monsters in the Morning
10.23.2017 Doing the jumperoo. Celeb softball. What crazy looks like. RRR- Birthday. Jimmy vs. Social Media. Tampa serial killer? Mindhunter on Netflix. Kennedy Files. Sexual Predators. Savannah shares a story. Steven Kramer in studio. Magnum P.I. reboot. To The Top with Carlos Box Office review. Monster Sports. IG Savannah. To much bacon?…
Ian welcomes author, Chip Martin to discuss Baseball in the 1800's, and his classic book, Pud Galvin: Baseballs First 300 Game Winner.Comfortably Zoned Radio Network/ik, production.Check out our website. you enjoy our offerings, we ask that you get in the habit of accumulating lightly used children's books, a ...…
Three people died and thousands were without power and water after Hurricane Ophelia struck the British Isles. Tropical air and dust from the Sahara, drawn by the storm, also caused the sky and sun to appear red. It was extreme weather, but did our focus on the storm detract media attention from the terror attack in Somali? Or is it inevitable ...…
IdjitCast – QuadrupleZ
Season 7 time! We all got together to discuss our first cluster of the season, for episodes 1-4. The recording was delayed by various life stuff including a hurricane, and occurred just days before this release. In Cluster A, we discuss 7x01 Meet the New Boss, 7×02 Hello, Cruel World, 7×03 The Girl Next Door, and 7×04 Defending Your Life. As us ...…
Today's video is sponsored by Sephora, and I'll be reviewing a mix of products they sent over + new products I've purchased in store! Let me know what new products you want to see me review next.PRODUCTS DISCUSSEDDr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye Depuffing Gel - Denona Lila Eyeshadow Palette - ...…
Today's episode features an absolute doll of a human being: Greg Behrendt. In it, Greg tells a story from my live storytelling show, Hammer(ed) Time, which takes place every other month in LA, has been an LA Weekly pick of the week and is being developed into a video series. His story veers from a night where he was wasted and suddenly realized ...…
Today’s episode features an absolute doll of a human being: Greg Behrendt. In it, Greg tells a story from my live storytelling show, Hammer(ed) Time, which takes place every other month in LA, has been an LA Weekly pick of the week and is being developed into a video series. His story veers from a night where he was wasted and suddenly realized ...…
Welcome, to the fifth installment of the podcast of the film of the book of the story of the idea of the matchbook cover of the cafe by the same name! It's history, cave man style, photography, iPhone style, silhouettes, wild animal style, and Leonardo, Vinci style. Plus, a short conversation after a long drive and the host's son says some nice ...…
The Business of Baking Podcast
I'm really excited about chatting with you today because you and I are going on a Foodie Tour of New York City! It's going to be you, me, four days in New York and lots and lots of interesting things to eat, so listen in now and join me! I was in New York for a long weekend a few months back, to spend some girlie time with my big sister and to ...…
We did it, Greg! We made it to our 10th installment of "This Week Today"! This week we explain how you can, with only a couple of minor adjustments turn a fairly mundane celebration into a weekend-long extravaganza you'll not soon forget. Also, the pickle joke. Thanks for listening. #PodFix #UnderDogPods Lord Saunders ...…
Subscribe on iTunes "Empathy and kindness are the true signs of emotional intelligence" - Will Farrell Arizona native, Nashville recording artist and pop/country singer/songwriter, Laura Walsh, competed in Hollywood on the final season of American Idol 2016, took first place in the 2014 Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding, and has opened for a numbe ...…
Ecology, mythology, game ideas and bitter, bitter disappointment in this episode of Monster Man. Find out which of these B-monsters James considers a tragic disappointment.
Airbnb is one of my favorite examples of customer-centric disruption. They’ve gotten it right, and the proof is in the pudding. Airbnb has doubled in size every year since 2014, and taken the travel industry by storm – all without owning a single property. What is their secret to success? In August 2017, I had the opportunity to speak with Desi ...…
This past week I was at the church Saturday morning for a meeting. Around 11 AM, when the meeting was breaking up, Russ, one of our elders entered the church carrying large box. In the box was a mixer, some bowls, and ingredients for a project. There were eggs, milk, coconut flakes, and saltine crackers. I knew quickly what Russ was up to. He w ...…
This weeks Wobbly Wednesday UKG show on Fresh Soundz 27.09.17On this weeks show i had loads of fresh UKG on the playlist so I done a 2 hour show with all new UKG then for the playback crew i did the dirty @5:30 and the old skool sectionThis show was vibes and yes i found a new button to play with lolTracklist:1 Rumble Intro 1 jingle - Mr Rumble ...…
This episode originally aired on The Meaningful Way Podcast | Episode 18 Remember the classic tactics of the used car salesman? High pressure sales, invading your personal space, and chatting up what you supposedly "need"? The best marketers, teachers, and spiritual gurus know there is a more enlightened way. The fact is, there is no such thing ...…
Saturday Nights with Tony McManus Podcast
What is a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap? Well Tamsin Gatewood our UK Correspondent tells us. Tony and Tamsin also talk about Uber, and an 18yr old appearing in court charged over the London Tube attack at Parsons Green. Plus what does her husband have to do to join a swording fighting club.
Scotty K and Bret Mega Mornings
Good Morning, Feel Good, Best Thing Someone Said, Dare Dice - Pumpkin Pudding, Husband Test
Scotty K and Bret Mega Mornings
Amy talks about the finger licking goodness of Q39 BBQ, plus we talk about Farmer's Markets and Butter Scotch pudding.
Foodie day and deep game discounts
Do you want to keep playing?
Gunning down the chocolate cake and blowing up the profiteroles. It's Dessert Strike.... wait a minute. Anyway, throw those puddings aside, jump into the cockpit and join our boys as they tilt, yaw and strafe their way across the gulf. Will Ben follow the story? Will Jono ever stop laughing? Fly in and find out!!…
Again, we apologize for the oversight. This episode features an angel going to extreme lengths to get rid of a song running through his head, or so he says. This leaves Sam and Dean hanging in the crosshairs of Fate. Maybe only Castiel can intervene to save them, but is he also responsible for the whole situation in the first place? This is the ...…
Gainer and Leigh On The Loose
Talk about multi-tasking...Chris joins us while setting up for his weekend shows in Indiana! We kick things off by recapping the Mayweather/McGregor fight and talk about E-LegaL's new track, "If It's Broken...Fix It". "Simon's Food Corner" reveals his new-found love of macaroni and cheese and...Yorkshire Pudding pizza? This all then morphs into ...…
Second Breakfast: a Something Something Podcast
Could pudding save the world? Is Vegeta more powerful than Goku/Kakarot? Matt and Ez share their thoughts on Beerus the Destroyer!!!
Sitting Pretty Podcast
Tune in as we talk about anything and everything with Mayra Energy, while Keeping It Real!
Nathan welcomes his brother Gary on as a guest and along with Brendan, the three of them discuss the borderline-community theatre production otherwise known as the low-budget schlockfest, "The Demons of Ludlow." As the gang attempt to regain their sanity, they talk about everything including the director seemingly not even using lights, Sybil t ...…
Manolo Something on KPISS.FM
Manolo tries to keep up with Nick Smith's Primal Pudding
Party Ideas & Logistics with Chrystina Noel
In this episode, I talk about how I put together a thai-inspired dinner party as part of her and her friends' #wepretendtobecooks dinners - as well as where to start planning a dinner party when you have no idea how to begin. During this dinner she served: Thai Iced Tea, recipe from Cucumber Asian Salad, recipe from Joyful Healthy Eats ...…
'Oxtail is Trash!' - HUHHHH?! On episode 4 of the Table for Two Podcast, Rellik explains some of his controversial food opinions. We talk about radio life, puddings, Notting Hill Carnival and Cardi B. For the love of food and conversation, hosted by Harleigh Reid.Twitter: @TableForTwoPod x @RellikThaDon_MUSIC by Blay Vision - Halloumi Skit List ...…
What is the definition of great art? Is something that captures the ethereal, sublime mysteries of human consciousness? Or is some pretty shapes and colors picked out by an art-appraising pigeon? Find out this week! Marsupial Pudding: Bad Podcast: ...…
What do we do now that Game of Thrones is over for who knows how long? The Crisis Crew discusses what the recipe is for the perfect pudding and how our best/worst movies of the Summer! Is the Inhumans series good? What's a show you would watch entirely in IMAX? What retro game should make a comeback? What theme would you want to see at a pop-up ...…
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