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Best Real Presence Radio podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Real Presence Radio podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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We bring you local hosts and guests from across the diocese of Fargo, Bismarck, Crookston, Rapid City, Duluth, Superior, New Ulm, Sioux Falls, Winona-Rochester, and Cheyenne.
Special Events
Recordings from special events, guest speakers, live drives, and more!
Real Presence Radio & Catholic Coach
An End Times site declaring Israel is the rightful heir to an undivided Holy Land, and that the United States and Israel need to maintain historical bonds. JBC is the site of important radio show, videos, and an unsurpassed Internet News presence, with up-to-the-minute news from around the world reported in real time, often before it appears in your national news media, and sometimes news that your own outlets won't report at all. JBC also has hyperlinks to important international newspapers ...
Weekly, recorded 60-minute radio broadcast The purpose of the Christian Car Guy show to reach folks with the life saving message of Jesus through an automotive platform. We also further the Kingdom of God through our many volunteers who help Single Moms, Widows and Families in Vehicle Crisis with our Jesus’ Labor of Love Ministry by both sharing the Love of Christ and Freedom and Healing Jesus Offers. In addition we have a weekly Bible teaching we call our “Appraisal By The Real Black Book“ ...
Sermons and Faith Insights Radio Show with Pastor Brad from Williams Memorial UMC
Tune in with your brother in the Kingdom of YAHUAH (YHUH), the AbadYahu (Humble Servant of YAHUAH) Fridays through Sundays from 10AM EST until 12PM Noon EST as we explore the Set Apart Scriptures and discuss the true lifestyle of being manifested in YAHUSHA Ha'Mashyakh.(the Anointed One). We talk, teach, and testify real life situations and fellowship with the presence of the Ruakh Ha'chudash (Set Apart Spirit) as well. Please feel free and be led by the Ruakh (Spirit) of YAHUAH to join in o ...
From the Sensus Fidelium YouTube Channel this will cover news, apologetics, documentaries, and interviews in mp3 form
Darcy Pariso
Darcy's passion for spirituality and self-development was sparked long ago through her travels with the airlines. While observing prayer wheel traditions in Japan and lifestyles of Buddhist monks in Thailand, she developed an interest in world religions and cultures. Soon she began a life-long quest to understand and deepen her own spirituality.In early 2011, she was introduced to the healing arts and became certified as a *Reiki Master. It was during her first Reiki I class, the instructor ...
TODD COHEN IS THE NATION’S LEADING VOICE ON BUILDING SALES CULTURE. A dynamic, engaging and motivational keynote speaker, Todd’s message is relevant to any organization striving to increase revenue, strengthen relationships and improve client satisfaction. Using humor and real-life examples, Todd demonstrates how every conversation is a “selling moment” and how everyone can contribute to the growth and profitability of the organization. Averaging 90 appearances per year, Todd’s audiences ran ...
Lets Get It Started!
Let's Get It Started! is a show for small business owners and those thinking about starting a small business. We'll deal with start-up issues, funding, marketing & advertising, growth and more. This is a podcast of a live, weekly radio show with local experts from business membership organizations, business & commercial law, banking & accounting, marketing and other related areas. Let’s Get It Started! will provide advice and insights into what it takes to effectively launch and run a small ...
This is an Unscripted LIVE Globally Syndicated Talk Radio Show hosted by The Queen of Expression - Nigerian Actress and Award Winning Media Personality, ALEX OKOROJI every Talk Wednesday and Friday Radio Special @ 9pm (GMT) | 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) | 1pm (PST) | 4pm (EST) {check your local timezone} and available on demand 24/7... Its Straight Talk with some of the biggest Global Icons, Leaders, Entertainers, Motivational Speakers, Authors, Life Coaches, Relationship Experts and Extra-ordin ...
Vince Rodriguez, known as “DJ V-ROD”, is a local DJ in the Chicago area. Born and raised in Chicago, V-ROD’s main advantage was growing up and being exposed to the birth of House Music in his youth. Influencing this exposure in Vince’s life were radio stations that played House Music like 102.7 FM WBMX, 89.3 FM WKKC (Kennedy King College) and 90.5 FM WCYC (Chicago Boys and Girls Club). Being exposed to this new “fad” during the 1980’s, it wasn’t enough to just be a listener… Vince wanted to ...
CONSTITUTION THURSDAY was born out of an idea that I had in February of 2009. As the Tea Party movement was really just starting to percolate, I though it would be cool to have a “Constitutional Coffee Klatch” on a regular basis at a local restaurant or bar where we could eat, drink, read and discuss the Constitution, much as our great-grand-forefathers did. That idea eventually morphed (for a number of reasons) into what was the Afternoons Live Book Guild, but the thought of a pure Constitu ...
Embrace your inner expatriate and come away to this new wild west where we live free in our off-grid paradise commune nestled in the green valley of a mountain range jutting out of the sea. No rules. Plenty of consequences.About the place, Mollyville...Rich with cutting-edge technology and abundant in natural resources, Mollyville thrives as a self-policing, paradise community with beaches, cliffs, exotic forests and a system of unknowably vast subterranean caverns that extend beyond sight. ...
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show series
During the first part of this month's episode, the Rutten brothers reflected on their movie of the month: The Pursuit of Happyness. In the second part of the hour, they reflected on and shared stories of the most impactful moments with their mother, who recently passed away.By Real Presence Radio
TALK, TEACH, AND TESTIFY RADIO, THE FINAL SEASON: On Sunday, December 1st, 2019 (the 14th day of the 9th Chodesh/Month) @ 12PM NOON EST (11AM CST/9AM PST), Talk, Teach, and Testify Radio© will present sound doctrine and teaching the spiritual meaning and revelation of the Thurah/Torah (teachings and instructions) of YAHUAH and the true importan ...…
This week on Christian Car Guy, Robby has but one question for you. Why Did Moses have to take off his sandals? Another way to ask the question is why did God tell Moses to lose the shoes? You're going to love the answer, and you're going love this episode. We also have a brand new noise for another round of Name that Noise. So much truth comin ...…
TALK, TEACH, AND TESTIFY RADIO, THE FINAL SEASON: On Saturday, November 30th, 2019 (the 13th day of the 9th Chodesh/Month) @ 12PM NOON EST (11AM CST/9AM PST), Talk, Teach, and Testify Radio© will present sound doctrine and teaching the spiritual meaning and revelation of the Thurah/Torah (teachings and instructions) of YAHUAH and the true impor ...…
TALK, TEACH, AND TESTIFY RADIO, THE FINAL SEASON: On Friday, November 29th, 2019 (the 12th day of the 9th Chodesh/Month) @ 12PM NOON EST (11AM CST/9AM PST), Talk, Teach, and Testify Radio© will present sound doctrine and teaching the spiritual meaning and revelation of the Thurah/Torah (teachings and instructions) of YAHUAH and the true importa ...…
Oscar Delgado on how he used his winnings from the lottery for the Lord.By Real Presence Radio
Straight Talk with Fr. Ross Laframboise. Topics he spoke to included temptation to sin, going to Heaven after we die, creation of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, why Jesus cursed the fig tree, why Jesus chose men as priests, the greatest sign of God’s presence, why give God greater honor and glory, strengthen dialogue with God, God givi ...…
Michael Donnelly on how the Lord led him from alcoholism to a new life through faith and recovery.By Real Presence Radio
Cindy Jennings on how she found God's guidance through the passing of her husband and how she and her boys have been able to find time for reflection and healing through one special place.By Real Presence Radio
Dr. Chris Burgwald and Emily Leedom on their "You, Me, and He" newsletter.By Real Presence Radio
Ray Fettig on how God led him back to his Catholic faith from a life of rodeos.By Real Presence Radio
Heather Karrow and Fr. Darin Schmidt prayed for your intentions during "Prayerfully Yours."By Real Presence Radio
If you could talk to an alligator, a turtle or lizard or another exotic species, what would they say to you? Do we share some of the same desires? Do they have important relationships with humans and other species? What are they teaching us? What about the "wild" animals outside our doors and windows? How do they feel about us? Please join me f ...…
Rachel Mueller shares how Feb 12, 2018 changed her family's life and gave an update on her and her husband, Matt.By Real Presence Radio
Hear more about the monthly newsletter, "You, Me and He," with Dr. Chris Burgwald and Emily Leedom.By Real Presence Radio
It's time for the 10-Minute Tour of local events!By Real Presence Radio
Kelly Patterson on surviving human trafficking and previewing her upcoming appearance at the Human Trafficking Awareness Conference in the Diocese of Rapid City.By Real Presence Radio
Straight Talk with Fr. Gary DeRouchey. Some of the topics included Veterans day and how to honor Veterans, the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, a powerful story of serving in the military, and supporting military priests away from home.By Real Presence Radio
Host Fr. Craig Vasek prayed for intentions submitted to the Real Presence Radio Family during "Prayerfully Yours."By Real Presence Radio
Dr. David Anders on his passion for Catholic radio and his visits to the Aberdeen, Sioux Falls and Rochester areas.By Real Presence Radio
GP Eleria from St. Joseph's Church in Williston, ND on their 3rd Annual Magnificat Advent Celebration.By Real Presence Radio
Teri Pfeil from St. Augustine's Church in Austin, MN on the Grandmas in Prayer group and the importance of praying for your grandchildren.By Real Presence Radio
Let's take a ride on the 10-Minute Tour!By Real Presence Radio
Todd Tobin on his involvement in hospitality at St. Ambrose in Deadwood, SD.By Real Presence Radio
Straight Talk with Fr. James Steffes. A couple of topics Father spoke to included silence in one's life and the model of St. Joseph. A listener asked how we hear God speak to us, and another listener asked about being in the presence of God in adoration and what happens if we fall asleep.By Real Presence Radio
Our hosts prayed for your intentions during Prayerfully Yours!By Real Presence Radio
Rebecca Tofte and Steve King on their involvement with the Adopt-A-Student program at Pacelli High School in Austin, MN.By Real Presence Radio
Hosts Fr. Josh Waltz and Fr. Justin Waltz went Around the World and hear more on "Catholic Lives Matter" with Gerald Vetter of the Light of Christ SchoolsBy Real Presence Radio
Monica Herman on spending time with family this Thanksgiving.By Real Presence Radio
Straight Talk with Da Brothers. Some topics included respect for God's name and questions about gender misconceptions.By Real Presence Radio
Tune in to discover the fun, local events on the 10-Minute Tour!By Real Presence Radio
Fr. Jeff Eppler of the Diocese of Fargo on becoming a priest for the diocese and a campaign for praying 9,000 rosaries for the conversion of a small town in North Dakota.By Real Presence Radio
Mike Kiedrowski prayed for the intentions shared with us during "Prayerfully Yours."By Real Presence Radio
Fathers Josh and Justin Waltz sit down with Bishop David Kagan of the Bismarck Diocese on "Crushing It with Kagan" to talk about the process of the appointment of a Bishop and Bishop Austin Vetter.By Real Presence Radio
Mark Stone on the virtue of stewardship from Roncalli Elementary School in Aberdeen, SD.By Real Presence Radio
Liz Myscofski on Winterfest in the Rapid City Catholic Schools.By Real Presence Radio
Hop on the 10-Minute Tour of local events!By Real Presence Radio
Kim Dillon on her beautiful encounter with the Lord in this "Encountering Christ's Real Presence" segment.By Real Presence Radio
Hear who won the nomination for "Honor Our Fathers."By Real Presence Radio
Straight Talk with Fr. Darin Schmidt. Some topics included battling habitual sin, Father's favorite saint, and St. Anthony chaplet.By Real Presence Radio
Our hosts prayed for your intentions during "Prayerfully Yours!"By Real Presence Radio
Mike Heinz on owning Lux Candle Company in Ipswich, SD.By Real Presence Radio
With the Holidays on the horizon, people will be looking all over for good deals. Well Robby is talking about Good Deals and Bad deals this week. When was the last time you received a good or bad deal? Callers call in to share their stories, and uplifting messages. So listen, enjoy, and be blessed by this wonderful episode of The Christian Car ...…
Dr. Marcie Moran on working through grief during the holidays.By Real Presence Radio
Diane Ange on receiving the Humanitarian of the Year from the South Dakota Right to Life.By Real Presence Radio
It's time to take the 10-Minute Tour of local events.By Real Presence Radio
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