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Your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews.
"RGDS Podcast" is a retro gaming podcast for retro gamers by retro gamers! We cover everything from the 8bit days all the way up to modern indie retro inspired games.
The Centre Of Your Retro Gaming Universe
A quarterly podcast featuring roundtable discussion about retro and classic video games from the 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32/64-bit eras. Each episode, our crew picks a theme and reviews a selection of games that fit within said theme. Join us as we strive to bring you a great show that's both informative and entertaining.
The Retro Asylum is the UK’s number one retro gaming podcast show that looks at gaming culture from a UK perspective. The site regularly features at top of the iTunes chart and sits among some of the industry's biggest names.
A Retro Gaming Podcast
A weekly take on gaming. We cover retro and current generation gaming from every angle, arcade to consoles.
Grab a beer and hang with us as we discuss topics that range from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox 1. No experts here just fans who love retro and modern day gaming. Visit us at for more articles, how-to's, game reviews and more.
Retro Game Audio
Retro Game Audio is a monthly podcast about sound design in classic video game music. Hosted by Patrick ("bucky") and Steve Lakawicz.Patreon: feed:
Retro games reviewed, the CSICON way.
A lively, accessible and entertaining weekly gaming podcast from Keith, Adrian, Dylan and Rob @
A Podcast that focuses on retro video games and their music from the 80's to late 90's hosted by Rick and Sal.
They are Tim and Andy; the Super Podcast Bros! They host this monstrous bi-monthly podcast full of retro gaming news, opinions, and historical analysis. The show began as a weekly podcast for, and now arrives twice each month on, packed with hours of lovingly crafted retro gaming content. From obscure Atari 2600 games to Japanese import coin-op, Super Podcast Bros. aims to be an all-encompassing retro gaming audio feast that engages the curiosities of hard ...
Video Game Music Podcast
Join the RetroCollect Squad as they talk their way through the wonderful world of retro gaming. Talking points span the golden age of classic gaming to today's neo-retro modern releases - and whatever deviant paths our hosts travel down. One thing is clear in our discussions though and that is our passion for pixels from every era!.
Genesis Gems is a retro gaming podcast focused on the Sega Genesis console. Family friendly, fun, and goofy!
New Game Plus is a podcast dedicated to retro gaming. Three guys take seven days to play one old game and then they talk about it. E-mail game suggestions and commentary to
Keeping Your Classic Gaming Lifestyle Up To Date
The official podcast of the /r/retrogaming subreddit.
Join David and Robert for Another Retro Gaming Podcast! We discuss topics, celebrate titles, entertain guests, and give away games, all with an old school bend. Subscribe and become an ARGonaut today!
Retro Gaming Revelry
A retro gaming podcast in which 2 drunken buffoons play and review old video games! Come have a drink with us! Cheers!
Video Game Music Podcast
this a video game podcast hosted at local video game store Retro Games Plus. We have 3 locations in Orange,CT, Wesport, CT, and Newington, CT. please visit or our facebook page
Every week, we play through a retro game that you may have missed the first time around. We're not here to herald the classics that you remember, we're honoring the forgotten. We'll do our best to beat the game every week, and then tell you about our journey. Along the way, we're gonna make you laugh.
Giraffe Feels is a retro gaming podcast. Join me, won't you, as we discuss classic video games and the personal narrative that developed while I grew up.
Danny and Stian share stories from a lifetime of playing videogames, with an emphasis on retro games and retro gaming. We talk Nintendo, Sega, PC, and more, and how gaming has changed through the years.
Retro Game Audio
Retro Game Audio is a monthly podcast about sound design in classic video game music. Hosted by Patrick ("bucky") and Steve Lakawicz.Patreon: feed:
The Retro Game Guy
A podcast about collecting, playing and reselling video games old and new.
A group of retro game collectors delve into their most obscure games and consoles and share their thoughts on what they've played.
The original classic gaming podcasts continues its endless quest to explore the history of video games, one game at a time. Join hosts Jeremy Parish and Bob Mackey each week as they team up with a host of expert guests to chronicle the creations that have paved the way for today's hits. From forgotten black-and-white arcade machines to modern-day remakes, Retronauts spans more than four decades of vintage gaming greatness!
Retro and Modern Video Game enthusiasts. Collecting games, and playing them are not only our passion but our lives. Old games, and new, if it's out there, we'll play it, review it, suck at it, and talk about it.
Podcasts de 1h aproximadamente donde tratamos temas relacionados con consolas y videojuegos retro e incluso actuales.
Debates e historia de los sistemas retro; desde Atari a Playstation, no se nos resiste nada (incluso Virtual Boy ;))
Every week we look back on our memories of the video games we played growing up. We discuss a brief history of the game, the memories that impacted our lives, and the experience of going back to the games in the present day.
Retro and Modern Video Game enthusiasts. Collecting games, and playing them are not only our passion but our lives. Old games, and new, if it's out there, we'll play it, review it, suck at it, and talk about it.
Inspired by the Retro Game Night Competitions we’ve put on in the past, JP's Retro Game Night is starting a PODCAST! Join JP, Jon, Greg, and Golds as we use our 75 years of combined gaming experience to wade through tons of retro games, from the quintessential greats to the ones we fished out of the garbage, literally! Each month we will try really hard to take an objective look at a few games and talk about our misadventures in attempting to play them. We love old games, and where would the ...
Retro Gaming
A podcast featuring Sam and Tobias, playing old video games on consoles like the Atari 2600, Nintendo, SEGA Master System, SNES, SEGA Megadrive, Gameboy and Playstation.
Each episode, we discuss at least one classic game each, looking at them from a modern perspective but also remembering where they stand in the evolution of game development. Sometimes they're games we played and loved growing up. Sometimes they're games we missed and are experiencing for the first time. Though we each have our core beloved genres, we all play a variety of games of various styles, eras, and platforms.
LastLife RetroGaming
YouTubers Dr.Movie91 and Blu-ray Outlaw team up to talk about their other passion, retro gaming join us on a weekly podcast as we talk about all things retro gaming. Hope you all enjoy and if you want to see more check us out on YouTube. Take care and Happy gaming
Retrogame Talkshow
Bob Engstrand and Jari Karjalainen dive into the world of retro games while dwelling in 8-bit music, exploring forbidden forests, unfolding childhood memories and looking for a particular ninja in several wrong places.
The Retro League
The Retro League is a weekly podcast covering the latest retro gaming news and re-releases. We also review our favorite video games of the 70s, 80s,and 90s.
Retro Game Crunch
Three Guys Make Six Games in Six Months. That was the plan anyway.
We talky talk about the retro games. The sore thumbs podcast! Join Ash Holmes and Nick McNamara as they entertain you through their experiences in gamings history.
Game Blitz
Join Kelsey and Cody for an hour of video game discussion and hijinks. We're your two best friend you haven't met yet. Listen to us argue about a different gaming topic each week and discuss the latest and greatest in news, predictions and gameplay spanning all generations of gaming. We are not a personal blog, but if you're into that kind of thing we close out each episode by briefly reviewing whatever game we happen to be playing that week.
Retro Gamers Podcast
Podcast en el que hablaremos tanto de la actualidad de los videojuegos como de esos juegos que nos hicieron amar este mundillo y gastarnos demasiadas monedas de cinco duros.
Odd Pod's Retro Game Music is a music show hosted by Dan who plays all the great Retro Game music you love. To request a song please contact Dan at
Retro-gaming new, interviews, demos and more.
Amiga Computer Podcast, Videos, and Articles
A podcast which shares, discusses and analyzes the best in video game music from all different generations. Topics of discussion include: composition, melody, harmony, chords and rhythm, as well as technical aspects, such as hardware limitations and production. Enjoy a new episode every Monday!
Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) features all the latest professional wrestling news and video content, including coverage of WWE, TNA, ROH and more.
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E3 2018 has come to a bittersweet end, but Judge and Crow aren’t quite done milking the event for all of the podcasting material it’s worth. If you missed the conferences, don’t even trip, dawg – we’ve got you covered. Other topics include: Crow’s latest platinum, a guest rant, new Halloween trailer impressions, gaming and mental health, Dead b ...…
The RD podcast crew are back in town and boy do we have an explosive episode for you, We talk with William Chang, Founder of Gameout and organizer of the Go Game Market, That's right a swap meet market right here in Melbourne and on this Sunday 24th of June. Have a listen to what you can expect to see and make sure you get there early before Ti ...…
Welcome to the show. This episode we talk about memories from our childhood that shaped us into the nerds we are today. All our favourite tv, movies, toys and games that we grew up playing with and now are a big part of retro culture. We hope you enjoy the show and if you would like to see more content and join us for discussions, questions and ...…
This week the team wrap up the coverage of E3 2018 with their highlights and low-lights of the conference.
*This podcast originally aired on March 24th 2014, and is part of our Retro Rewind initiative to publish our back catalog of episodes for our listeners! The Reel Brad Bell has laryngitis in this one so AKA Andrew Stokes and BBQ17 are left to handle things in the 25th episode of The Confirmed Epic Podcast where we finally review 300 Rise of an E ...…
Episode 111: Free RPG Day Special This special episode celebrates the fun had at Free RPG Day! The Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite spent the day at Dicehead Comics and Games in Cleveland, Tennessee, where they played a ton of Dungeons & Dragons, got some great free shwag from some wonderful games and got to know a gaggle of local gamers ...…
The playlist is in order and marked as follows: Title by Artist – Album Destiny 2 (Feat. Mega Ran & Billy Big Lips) by Creative Mind Frame God of War by Kabuto The Python - Shed Skins: A Collection of Shit that Sucks Glamour Potion by Pretty, Good (Shubzilla/Klopfenpop) - VPC5 Round 2 Knuckles' Unknown from M.C. (OC ReMix) by José the Bronx Ric ...…
This week Earl and Jurek take a look at Rayman for the Playstation 1! This game spawned a franchise and it seems to live up to the hype! Although, like many games we play, it's way too freakin' hard. Also, the guys discuss the proper pronunciation of Rayman's name! Come have a drink with us! Cheers!
Welcome to the show. This episode we discuss the latest Game of Thrones news, if Affleck is quiting Batman, George Lucas being a nutter, give a big shout out to Space Invaders on its 40th anniversary and then we take a look at E3 2018 and the future slate of current gen gaming. We hope you enjoy the show and if you would like to see more conten ...…
Today’s broadcast is Episode 30 for Theme Thursday, June 14, 2018. Today’s theme is Indie Game music, on a program we're calling "The Big Sound of the Little Guy - vol. 1" - A Super-Sized Episode! Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Timestamp: 01: Intro - 00:00:00 02: Ranquest - Hydra Development System- In-game theme - c: John Wedgewor ...…
Today’s broadcast is Episode 30 for Theme Thursday, June 14, 2018. Today’s theme is Indie Game music, on a program we're calling "The Big Sound of the Little Guy - vol. 1" - A Super-Sized Episode! Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Timestamp: 01: Intro - 00:00:00 02: Ranquest - Hydra Development System- In-game theme - c: John Wedgewor ...…
Welcome back to the Hardly Awesome Podcast! Each week, Chris, Anthony and Brandon get together to sit around and discuss the things that interest them most - comics, movies, TV, science, history, and more. If you already know the guys from Back Issues Comic Book Podcast, you know what you're getting yourself into. If you're new to the show, wel ...…
The E3 madness is upon us once again, Fortnite, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Super Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!!! Consider supporting Box-Trick on Patreon, where we have an extra montly podcast, for just as low as $1 a month: Facebook: Youtube: https://www.yo ...…
Joining AL & Jimmy this week is Chris Osborne from Play Comics. The guys discuss retro gaming and their guilty pleasures in movies, music, games and crushes...well AL does anyway! Note: i tried to give my little brother a shout out but forgot his youtube name, it was Scorpios9472, check that out for live streame of your favourite retro games. M ...…
We delve way too deep into the history of the mystical land of Hett, predict E3 2018, and analyze the hell out of Final Fantasy IX disc 1. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 159: Final Fantasy IX: Disc 1 appeared first on Factory Sealed.
Episode 50 is upon us! This is a special episode where we invited all our Patreon Supporters to join us live and be a part of the show. One this week’s show…Nintendo gets a double dose of F2P games with Paladins and Fortnite (?) coming to the Switch. Splatoon 2 reminds everyone to always set their expectations low…like way, WAY low. Andy & Stev ...…
Ian and Grant talk about their experience being at the Xbox E3 briefing today: what games struck them? Which look good? Which look bad? Which have they already forgotten? Plus, the guys discuss Bethesda's conference which took place after! Check it out and stay tuned for more E3 coverage this week! Twitter: @romoftheweek facebo ...…
Welcome to Episode 15 of Revisiting the Classics, a weekly trip back to the past to play some retro games! This week, Frank discusses another childhood memory with Spellcaster on the Sega Master System! Keep it retro! –AFFILIATE LINKS– Please support Level Down Games and all of our content by using the following affiliate links. Thanks so much! ...…
We're back with episode 61 of CoCoTALK! and we're covering news and topics from around the world this week! On the panel: Bart van den Akker from the Netherlands Home Computer Museum, Jason the CoCo Man Reighard, Grant Leighty, John Mark Mobley, L. Curtis Boyle, Mark D. Overholser, Nick Marentes, and Rick Adams Links to news and discussion topi ...…
This week Tim hits the streets of portland with his friend Megan and finally reaches hopefully the end of the Mail Box saga. Zach continues with his work outs and goes garage saling for Retro items but falls flat. Zach awakes to see Read Dead Redemption 2 available for Pre Order and almost makes a fatal error, Tim talks backpack tech and we get ...…
Escape Room Review Movies/TV Trailer ReviewsTop 5 Pixar movies Lets Talk: Funko PopsAndrew Lincoln leaving the walking dead Jamie Foxx casted as spawn Gaming Fortnite overload on YouTube Pubg suing fortnite GameStop to start selling Comic BooksBanning ops in Siege XCom2? No Names Game: Round 8 Jake Agree or Disagree Round 5 Gabe Retro Review: T ...…
This special episode of the QA podcast was broadcast live on Saturday, June 9 to discuss the Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information on our podcast, please visit our iTunes page at All of our past episodes can be found there as well as a review section where you can leave us ...…
Welcome to The Heroes Tavern. Grab a beer, pull up a chair and settle in for some game banter and laughs. This week the boys are joined by Sean Carney from Sanspants radio. After covering off the news from the week, they start talking about Sean's area of expertise, Nintendo 64. There's a lot of talk about GoldenEye and somehow that leads to Fa ...…
Matt Kelly from Mokomoto joins us all the way from Japan to talk to us about his latest game Molemen Must Die. Matt spoke to us about how his team achieved Molemen’s unique new style retro look as well as the advantages and the culture of developing games in Japan. You can also check out Pixel Sift Plays: Molemen Must Die! to see a little bit o ...…
Space Quest is awesome and you know it. If you grew up gaming on the PC in the 80’s & 90’s, chances are you played one of the multitude of Sierra Online games and in particular the Space Quest series. Taking control of the hapless Space Janitor Roger Wilco and getting him murdered every five minutes simply defined my early teen years. In this e ...…
This week! Ethan returns as a guest to talk more E3 leaks, new Pokemon stuff, pinball with dung beetles, bullet hell hate, God of War talk, Sega’s Genesis Collection, and a whole lot more. Join us, won’t you? Links of interest: Ice Cream Social episode w/CJ guesting Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social Mario Lemieux Hockey for Genesis Leak sugge ...…
Brian and Jim Discuss the following – Miller doors responds to stone brewing – Yuengling suing Budweiser over blocking their expansion into Mississippi – No man’s sky coming to Xbox one htt ...…
Jurek and Earl hit the virtual pinball table as they play Sonic Spinball for the Sega Genesis! This game's concept was pretty much a no-brainer for Sega, but how fun can it really be? Perhaps with a little tweaking of the difficulty the game might be fun, but as it stands, this game is just way too hard to casually play. The guys still get a li ...…
Our picks for the best and worst in Movies, TV and Video Games and the top news stories in Pop Culture so far in 2018, the big changes with The Walking Dead, the musical highs and lows for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and should Bethesda have prioritized Elder Scrolls over Fallout 76? All this and more as Daphine Matthew from The walking dead ...…
Monday's Locker Room Talk is now on iTunes, go check it out! Just search Monday's locker room talk on ITunes. Current episodes will be uploaded to the Youtube channel (till we catch up): We also have a podcast twitter: @MondayLockerRT Social Stuff: IG: Motivatedresults Twitter: Motivresults Email: Motivat ...…
This week we have the sub for @Relentless_Rex voice actor and author of #MindBehindtheGames @ReviewFix himself Patrick Hickey Jr. We talk #retrogames #indiegames #indiedev #Playstation & much more, plus we have a voice off over the @PlayStation blog!
Our second video podcast episode! It's Memorial Day weekend, and we're live for another episode of CoCoTALK! and we should be simulcasting on both YouTube and the CoCo TV channel on Roku, join us! On the panel: Jason CoCo Man Reighard, D. Bruce Moore, James Diffendaffer, L. Curtis Boyle, Mark D. Overholser, Nick Marentes, and Ron Delvaux! http: ...…
Happy Birthday Pacman! The classic turned 38 this week and despite advancing graphics, Pacman and other retro arcade games remain popular. On Perth Tonight Chris spoke with Steve Conroy of Perth Arcade Machines about the longevity of video games.
On this week's edition of The Weekly Podioplex, Brolin and Marvel beat Brolin and Marvel as Deadpool 2 rose to the top. The victory may be short-lived, however, as the galaxy far, far away comes to battle the Merc with a Mouth with a smuggler and his mouth. Either way, fans win. On the home entertainment front, it's all Sparrows and Games until ...…
Welcome back! This week is episode 58 of CoCoTALK! Today we make history, we'll be simulcasting our live show not only here to YouTube, but starting @ 3PM EST you can also catch the show in progress on the CoCo TV channel on Roku! Starting next week, CoCoTALK! will be live on both YouTube and RoKu @ 2PM EST every week. Now there's even more way ...…
We’ve all been let down. From your first time voting against an overfed Oompa Loompa for president to your first shitty podcast episode to your first broken condom, let downs are as American as apple pie. That’s why we decided to round up a few of our most disappointing moments in pop culture and use a bit of that heavily unrefined salt to spic ...…
Full Tech Episode 13: Not My Password Smango, KYNerd, Bigjohn whatever you might want to call him from the founder and host of the Full Tech podcast brings you a new an exciting Full Tech Podcast this week. Raised from the creeks of Eastern Kentucky in the swamp and mudlands of Magoffin County this individual brings you the lat ...…
Leo, Nick, Chito, & Sam bring you the inaugural episode of the Happy Shelf Podcast!Check out our Youtube channel if you enjoyed the content! the inaugural episode of our podcast we discuss:-The rise of online retailers/the fall of brick-and-mort ...…
In EP. 37, Solo & Lilo cover the week's top gaming stories. For May 23 we take a look at:Quick Scope(4:45): - Best Buy closing down it's Gaming Club- Epic offers 100 million in tournament prizes in Fortnite- Xbox Ideas Program- PS4 has one of the best April sales in console history- N64 retro console- Overwatch LegosGame Spotlight(43:24):- Litt ...…
All four of us are together again after some hectic weeks, and we have to talk about some rumors that are circulating around. The first is Retro's project being Star Fox: Grand Prix. Is it going to be good and what do we expect from it? Then, we talk about Pokémon Let's Go as the potential next Pokémon game. Lots of stuff! Show notes: http://ni ...…
This week we discuss the recent Splatoon 2 Splatfest results, DIY JoyCon Repairs, chat about Pokémon and Star Fox rumors, and give initial feelings on Little Nightmares. We cover mobile news and break down all the new games releasing this week including: Trax, Disco Dodgeball, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1&2, Runner 3, Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1, Cy ...…
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