Best roadtrip podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Murder Road Trip
Come along for the ride...
Discover the world with music. Join local experts for a sonic journey around the globe.
A show that samples WNYC’s best podcasts, curated to fit all your travel needs.
Road Trip
A six-part audio fiction about a paranoid man travelling through the New Zealand countryside on the run from something dark and sinister.
Road Trip Radio
Road Trip Radio is a family friendly podcast celebrating all things Canada! Brought to you by the creative team behind CBC’s This is That, each episode playfully explores one of our country’s provinces and territories offering fun documentaries, cool interviews, adventure stories and comedy!
Discover the joy of the journey with the AMERICAN ROAD. AMERICAN ROAD with Thomas and Becky Repp, co-hosted by Foster Braun is a talk show that celebrates travel across the two-lane highways of North America. This unique broadcast is an extension of AMERICAN ROAD, an internationally distributed magazine, which celebrates the people and places along America's two-lane jewels.
Road Trip Radio
Welcome to Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man! Join us every Monday at 9 p.m. East, 6 p.m. West, where travel and the open road are always the topic of conversation. We discuss the most important topics and talk with the most interesting people in the world of travel. Call in and join the conversation with host Jeremy Krug, and enjoy the fun every week on Road Trip Radio!
The Home of the Nostalgia Roadtrip Podcast and Friends!
Podcast by Mona L. Hayden, Editor
One day, while travelling to East Texas, the White Lightning HQ crew awakened the vengeful artificial intelligence of the GPS unit known as Delilah and were transported to another realm so similar to our own that it probably was, except it was super weird. As it turns out, the combination of being trapped in a moving vehicle for an hour and the constant threat of murder by a cold, unfeeling machine makes for some great podcasting. These episodes are infrequent, as they require a roadtrip to ...
Road Trip
Podcast by Studio Cloud Nine
Roadtrip Sessions
Mathieu Koss presents ' Roadtrip Session ' his monthly Radio Show!Alok & Mathieu Koss - Big Jet Plane ↪︎ Available Now: Sessions on Spotify :
Road Trip
Point your camera out the window and start shooting. Show us where you're going, where you've been or just share the streets of your hood. It's about the road... and a trip... okay, it's about the Road Trip.
Reports from the road as the BYOB Hosts take on pen show season!
She Explores
Inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides.A podcast for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside.
Radio Road Trip
North Highland Radio’s Radio Road Trip podcast. Join Bere as he takes you on a musical tour of the globe.
Thule Road Trip
The Possibilities of a road trip are endless. Here is a collection of stories from the road full of funny stories, useful information, and beautiful photos. Subscribe to Thule Road Trip and get all the music and videos delivered to your computer automatically. Enjoy.Thule Road Trip Video
ROAD TRIP 4K29 is an editorial video podcast with cinematic stories that brings the romance of road tripping to the front.
Road Trip Roulette
Two friends exploring the U.S. one randomly selected town at a time.
Mike's Road Trip
Mike’s Road Trip is about discovering those hidden gems of the road and sharing them with other adventurous and discerning travelers. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.
Keelay explains his new project: Traveling to Kentucky, USA in May to play a backyard BBQ!
Road-Trip to Nowhere
Two guys drive a REALLY long way for a pint. Hilarity ensues.
Bringing you Local Music from Everywhere!
Epic Road Trip
Fables, tall tales, children’s stories, kid books and more giving you a brief moment of serenity in your car!
Join Alexander McCall, Themba Searles and Kali Blevins as they take you on a journey through different periods and styles of classical music. Along the way we’ll share interesting facts and expose you to a diverse range of pieces to increase your knowledge and appreciation of the different forms of classical music.Subscribe to a podcast of this series via iTunes using the button below or visit our subscribe page for other options.Subscribe
Casey Handmer and Christine Corbett Moran are Ph.D. physicists working at NASA JPL who happen to be married to each other. In Skylab they discuss their hobbies outside of work while going on scenic drives in their electric car, a Tesla Model 3.
Van Sounds
A podcast about movement.
Two fun loving horror fans who love road trips and talking scary movies!
Come with us as we drive across the European continent from April 7th - 25th, 2018! Our podcast doesn't really have a format, so expect the unexpected.
Women on the Road
Life on the road from the feminine perspective. In partnership with She Explores, Laura Hughes will bring you closer to some of the honest experiences that life on the road has to offer from the perspective of women who've lived it firsthand, all while learning the ropes herself in a Ford Transit Van. Find out what life is like when the road becomes your home.
Driving While Awesome is an audio podcast starring Lane Skelton, Warren Madsen, Bryan McQueen and Art Cervantes. Experts in personal automotive opinion, long time friends discuss topics on cars of all type, heavy on fun and cheap sports cars from the 80's, from a podcast studio in Santa Cruz, California. New episodes uploaded every Thursday and Sunday.For more look us up anywhere @drivingwhileawesome us on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @drivingwhileawesome
The Overlanding Podcast is a series dedicated to self-reliant vehicle dependent travel. The road less travelled is one full of incredible stories. In each episode we’ll be meeting the adventurous people who have chosen to travel the world by bicycle, motorcycle, car and truck.
On this podcast you will meet world travelers as they pass through a little place called Vermont. We will chat about the places they visited, their future plans, and the reasons they travel. We will make sure to go on various tangents to leave no road unexplored!
Thirty years ago -- in the second year of our marriage -- my husband Gene and I (with our toddler Brooke in tow) took -- what turned out to be -- a glorious two month motor trip across Canada and Alaska -- starting in Quebec and winding up in British Columbia. I still smile as I think of Gene shaving in our motor home’s rear view mirror on a cool morning by a pristine lake in Yukon Territory. I still cherish the extraordinary kindness of a farmer in Saskatchewan who rescued us from a ditch w ...
Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Gimlet Media.
This is a show that tries to shed light on interesting topics in history that have been lost to the dry pages of academic books. All too often I hear people who rag on historians and their subject for being too boring and too hard to understand. I always find this quite sad because it truly doesn't have to be this way. All too often people forget that history is about us and who we once were. People had quirks and lives; they didn't live as statistics and flat characters. People were people. ...
A new free audio stories podcast for kids! Bedtime stories, and stories for road-trips! We bring stories to life with music, sound fx, and narration! Listen and subscribe to us for the newest stories! Please visit us at and leave us a comment!
This radio program focuses on entrepreneurship & sustainability at the state and local level. Come learn how home, life, work, and community interact to make a green lifestyle.
Crossing the Divide is a daily podcast following a team of five young reporters driving cross-country at a time of deep division in America. Produced by WGBH and The GroundTruth Project. Follow and weigh in at and @XTheDivide on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
Baseball PhD (MP3)
What would you do if you could get a PhD in life - through baseball? Welcome to Baseball PhD. A podcast for your brain. 30 major league cities, 100 places to see. Let\'s touch them all as we make a road trip of a lifetime!
On this podcast you will meet world travelers as they pass through a little place called Vermont. We will chat about the places they visited, their future plans, and the reasons they travel. We will make sure to go on various tangents to leave no road unexplored!
Join Feston Pyxis on a road-trip through the cosmos, as he leaves behind his old life in search of the best and wildest experiences the galaxy has to offer! New episodes every other Saturday starting June 2nd, 2018.
Interstate 2018
With my 2006 Taurus and a secondhand Zoom H4N recorder, I set out across America to have conversations about what people truly care about when it comes to their politics. Along the way, I’ll ask a few straightforward questions: What matters to everyday Americans? What do the newspapers I read and the politicians I vote for get wrong? And is there really more that unites us than divides us?
Humbug Roam
Humbug Roam is a podcast loosely based on travel. We specialize in road trips, stupidity and utter wastes of time.
Montana Road Tripping - Discover the Treasure State Under the Big Sky!
We've moved our podcast... please search for Road Sweet Road - Travel Show ( here in iTunes. Or you can get more information from our website, visit us at Thanks, RSR team.
Will Self goes on a 700-mile road trip in a Trabant, the iconic East German car.
A Road Trip through multiple subjects throughout the terrestrial and non-terrestrial world. Providing an audio shock to your mind and body of intriguing and possibly hilarious topics
The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a serialized science-fiction story for kids (start with Episode 1), told in 15-20 minute episodes for parents to put on when driving around town, or to marathon on road trips, or to bond over before bed. The story centers on Finn Caspian, an 8-year-old boy aboard The Famous Marlowe 280 Interplanetary Exploratory Space Station. He and his friends Abigail, Elias and Vale are Explorers Troop 301, taking off from the Marlowe to explore uncharted planets, h ...
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In this episode I Recap the weekend games against Royals, Astros 11 game winning streak and a 10-0 road trip. Astros take over 1st in the West
What is up everybody? This week we have a very special episode of Keeping it Real Estate. Brendan's father, Donnie the Don, takes over the podcast to give a peak behind the curtains of the early days of the AP Boys. We talk about growing up, our school years, and how we created the company. Donnie hosts the only segment of the week, "What If". ...…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOO USSSSSSS HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOO USSSSS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ART AND JACOB DO AMERICA FEAT ERIC B CASTILLO SENIOOOOORRRRRRRRRRR HAAAAAAPY BRITHDAY TO US!!!!!! now if you sang that song in the traditional happy birthday melody then you owe someone some money somwhere for copy right infringement....speaki ...…
Hit the road with the Nameless Cults crew as we talk about horror movies taking place on America's highways! Mostly we just talk about The Hitcher (in a long, somewhat spoilery discussion), but we make time for some others at the end including Duel, Joy Ride, Breakdown and The Hitch-Hiker. Topics include the golden age of Horror Hosts, being so ...…
Kris Temple, TV & Radio Broadcaster at BBC South and Stadium Announcer in Kazan for the World Cup, shares his insight into the level of preparation that goes into the spectacle of each game. Tony makes it to the local Kremlin, gets lunch with a local connection and much more. ONE ZERO! ONE ZERO! ONE ZERO! ONE ZERO! ONE ZERO! ONE ZERO! ONE ZERO! ...…
Today I spoke with John Fisher, the Executive Director of Theatre Rhinoceros, the longest running queer theatre in the world. John directed the award-winning musical - Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. After last year’s (2017) sold-out run, and the most successful show in the 40-year history of Theatre Rhinoceros is thrilled to be presenting - BY ...…
Road Trip Through the Bible: "Consequences" by Lifehouse Newport News
WELCOME TO THE PODCAST. Blake checks in with Vitaliy while he is on the road trip on the century. Vitaliy managed to find a corner in the hotel room where he got enough internet connection to give an update on the trip. Blake had some connection issues right away so bare with them. Watch next week for a full review of the trip.…
Join Nancy J. Reid and Lisa D. Smith, the mother-daughter travel team and publishers of Big Blend Magazines, for Big Blend Radio’s Vacation Station Travel Show! On this episode, adventure traveler, writer, photographer and anthropologist Rick Quinn talks southwest road trips and discusses his latest book, RoadTrip America's “Arizona and New Mex ...…
We head to Pauls Valley Oklahoma to search for Chucky at The Toy and Action Figure Museum! Will the toys come to life and kill us all?! No, but we have fun anyway :) Listen to us talk all things Child's Play on our adventure!
North Highland Radio’s Radio Road Trip from 16 June, 2018.
Road trips have taken a more modern and interesting detour over the last couple of years as tourists choose motorcycles over their cars to find adventure. We explore routes in Northeastern Ontario and learn about planning the big trip. Show notes at:
Welcome to Desolation. Gas Stations on Every Corner. Roadside Assistance. Couches, Van Floors. Sleeping Bags, Cheap Motels. That's right assholes. It's Road Trip Time.Track List:Personality Proxy- Bad Optics- Warm Strokes of PragmatismFucking Hypocrite- Pariah- PariahWelcome to Desolation- James Dean Kindle & the Eastern Oregon Playboys- Roamin ...…
Dave and Ryan discuss their absence and their cross country road trip.
Playlist: Unknown - A Rollerskating Jam named Saturday Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Joylon Petch remix) Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Evan Hersh remix) Funkerman - Speed Up (Spiros Hamza remix) Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Jerome Robbins remix) Brandy, Monica - The Boy is mine (remix) Imagination - Illusion (Luca remix) Harvey Mason - Groo ...…
Garet and Pat drink a box of wine from a tent in Grand Teton National Park.
In the first part of our North Pilbara Football League previews for round 8, we catch up with Swans coach Brendan Wattleworth ahead of their road trip to Millars Well.
Jeff and Travis in the Year 2000 returns with a new week of songs that will tickle the fancy and warp your fragile minds.Along the way I speak on my favorite music genre unique to the 00's, we bask in one of our favorite road trip songs, and pontificate on the career and life choices of Mandy Moore.All this and I mispronounce a whole lot of nam ...…
On the eve of the great Bacon road trip, Jimmy and Chris discuss movies and tv and why they suck or don’t suck! Plus: Mexican news, neighbor and work stories! Give us a positive review on your podcast app of choice and let us know what you think! Share the show if you like it! Spread the word! Click the link @ when you d ...…
Warm weather is here! Chris and Yashy list their favourite Ontario vacation spots. If you are planning a road trip this summer, this week’s podcast features some great tips for visiting the province’s best family destinations, including Blue Mountain (2:24) and its amazing Blue Mountain Resort, Stratford (7:55), home of the Stratford Theatre Fe ...… If you’re not flying somewhere with your kids this summer, theres a good chance you’re packing them into the car for a drive that’s at least moderately long. In this episode, Troy and Seamus talk about their road tripping experiences with kids along with some tricks that make ...…
Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 33 books, including Men in Black; The Zombie Book; For Nobody’s Eyes Only; Final Events; Secret History; Monster F ...…
Katrina: Hello world. Alright. What a beautiful live stream this is going to be. Probably everybody who comes by is going to be like having a little peek over my shoulder to see why I'm talking to myself, or they'll just think I'm doing a very high tech face time on a tripod. Take my face time to my friends so seriously that I bring a tripod. D ...…
Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! Tony here. This week the very lovely and very talented Faith Kelley joins Chris and I to talk about who controls the radio on road trips, what explicit things would you do for a million dollars, and upcoming events at Mayday Brewery! visit for calendar and follow @faithkelleymusic or f ...…
My favorite gear: the Panasonic GH5S here: the Voigtlander 17.5mm here: Smallhd Focus here: was the first stop of our road trip in Oregon. The city is really nice and even if we were there for just 24h, I manage ...…
It's on the buses to see the sights while there's time - Red Square, Bunker 42, Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill with its huge obelisk and Gorky Park (ssshhhhhh!). Who needs the historical sights though when the action on and next to the buses are just as memorable! Get in touch! Francis Leach - Facebook / Twitter / Website Tony Wilson - Faceboo ...…
The men's group of St. Charles River church took a road-trip to my alma mater, Missouri State University in Springfield, MO to attend this men's conference where thousands of men from all over came for a christian event that is held once a year. It was a good time.By (Gilbert O. Emuge).
On the Fulkerson's 3-week 13-state road trip, there was one common theme, and they need to share it with all of you. Why? Because it directly affects each and every one of you, and it's the one thing that St Lucia shared from the Blessed Mother's message during the apparitions at Fatima 101 years ago. Which side are you on? Visit us online www. ...…
On the Fulkerson's 3-week 13-state road trip, there was one common theme, and they need to share it with all of you. Why? Because it directly affects each and every one of you, and it's the one thing that St Lucia shared from the Blessed Mother's message during the apparitions at Fatima 101 years ago. Which side are you on? Visit us online www. ...…
SF Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow talks about the bullpen, injuries and more.
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