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Rumble Strip
Good conversation that takes its time, hosted by Erica Heilman.
If you like hard hitting news and informative talk...then listen to something else. But if you're after plenty of laughs, in-fighting and a whole lot of piss-taking, then catch up on the best bits from The Morning Rumble's daily breakfast show on The Rock.
Morning Show on FM99 WNOR at 98.7 | 5:30am to 10:00am
Rumbling Reality
Monthly Presents its weekly wrestling Podcasts, Rumbling Reality. Every weekend a brand new episode!Join us for heated debates, sometimes funny jokes, games and so much more.You can count on heated debates, a couple rants and we try to keep it fun along the way. Brand new episode every weekend!
Mr Rumble
UKG DJ I play mostly new UKG but i like to go back to the Old Skool UKG at the end of the show with a little bit of grime thrown in My Wobbly Wednesday UKG show is on Don FM Live 4-6 Wednesdayscontact infoTwitter: @mr_rumble84 Facebook: Mr Rumble #Wobble Radio: Don FM LiveMixcloud: Soundcloud: ITunes: PodOmatic: Tunein: Don FM Live ...
From The Rumble Seat
The official podcast of SB Nation Blog, From The Rumble Seat.
"On a cross-country road trip eachweek our hosts Mark and Calum draft local players and face off in a kick-ass game of road hockey! For the winner, bragging rights and beer...while the loser gets punished for sucking!" Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT starting January 10, 2007 on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN)
Yet another podcast about pro wrestling! Hosts Robert and Jordan discuss the current state of WWE PPV's and give their hopes/predictions!
St. John's-related conversation and interviews as the men's basketball program works to build a consistent winner - and to make the Johnnies true New York's college team.
Comic Box Rumble
Every week Kofi, Jack & Thom report on comic books, pop culture and ALLLLLLL the goodness in between! Whoever gives the best report puts a prize in the box which we giveaway for FREE....cause we're dope like that.NEW EPISODES EVERY MONDAY OR SUE US!!!!
Royale Rumble
Rumble Town
The people, organizations and issues moving Tulsa forward.
Rangers Rumblings
One-man podcast bringing you discussion and analysis on the Texas Rangers and Major League Baseball in short, digestible episodes. Bring your thoughts to me on Twitter!
Rumble Radio is Chicagoland's premiere pro wrestling talk show. Rumble Radio can be heard on Tuesdays from 7-9pm CST on WXAV 88.3FM in the Chicagoland area. If you don't get WXAV, you can still listen to Rumble Radio anywhere in world on The show offers over a century of combined pro wrestling knowledge, intriguing debates, weekly recaps, and tons of comedy for a listening experience that even people who are not fans of wrestling can enjoy! You can reach Rumble Radio at www.rum ...
Turnbuckle Rumble
We are talking everything WWE from Monday Night Raw to Smackdown live and every WWE pay-per-view
Film Rumble Podcast
Two sides of the film debate face-off: the film snobs (the ones debating themes and symbols) and the casual film watchers (the ones looking for an entertaining movie). They discuss the movies of today, all while trying to convince the other side why they're wrong.
The MLBTR podcast, hosted by staff writer Jeff Todd, covers the latest hot stove news and features analysis and interviews.
Lady Bear gives her opinions
Join Ham, Jon and Bill as they play that one card game called Story War. Also they talk about the news and pop culture stuff.Website:http://storyrumble.comTwitter:
Ringside Rumble Radio
Ringside Rumble Radio is a podcast focusing on the world of Professional Wrestling. Listen to us grapple the latest news and hottest topics from the WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW and much more!LIKE us on Facebook: us on Twitter & Instagram: @RingsideRumble
The Humble Rumble is a podcast that wrestles with the big issues, using a bit of tongue-in-cheek. Your hosts are Carl Ehrlich, a D.C. native who received a philisophy degree from Harvard University, and was a captain of the football team; and Jeff Dunlap, who played baseball at Northeastern University and now does sports reporting in New York. Each episode they will be interviewing guests or talking to each other about current events and personal interests.
Essencial, como o wrestling!
If you've always wanted to know what the real story was behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, the MLW Radio Network’s Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard will finally give you the real answer. A terrific storyteller, Bruce has done and seen it all and now he's going to share it all with you so sit back and be ready for a wild ride! Join Bruce and his partner in crime, Conrad Thompson as they take you through the WWF's expansion in the 80s, Houston Wrestling, the challenging early ...
The Pro Wrestling Report has been on the air since 1998 and is the first and most watched pro wrestling news show in history.Each week we bring you PrimeTime LIVE featuring all the weeks wrestling news along with special segments with some of wrestling's biggest stars!Each week we bring you a LIVE review of WWE RAW and WWE PPV events with your LIVE phone calls!
Everything from life, music, health, pain, love, death, etc. I'm here and exist such as you and will document the normal and strange! You have my word!
The No.1 source for wrestling news, breaking over 250 stories in 2017 via our DS Breaking News shows, the easiest and most digestible way to get your daily wrestling news.In addition to DS Breaking News, we also cover WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE PPV analysis and nostalgia content, which centres around our flagship show, "Back to the Monday Night Wars."The Dirty Sheets also delivers exclusive ground-breaking interviews, with previous guests such as, Drew McIntyre, Bruce Prichard, Vince Russo, ...
BSing about the world of professional wrestling... entertainingly.
Mad About Movies
Mad About Movies is your go-to podcast for all things cinema. Every week, we discuss the latest in movie news, rumors and rumblings and dive deep into a discussion of our chosen movie of the week. Stay tuned to the last segment for our patented Weekly Recommends, in which each of the hosts suggests something that you should check out ASAP.
The Blue Jay Hunter Podcast is all about Canada's team - the Toronto Blue Jays. Hosted by long-time Blue Jays blogger, Ian Hunter. He breaks down the latest Jays news, rumours and rumblings about the club.
Destiny Reset
Welcome to the Destiny Reset Podcast - the show about everything Destiny the Game! Every week, Hosts and Destiny Addicts AER0KNIGHT & CyborgSasquatch update you on their most recent reset, all the latest Destiny News and Rumblings, and hash out a main topic to keep you at the top of your game. You can also expect in depth tips, commentary from other players, the occasional Community Guest, and a healthy dose of the #DRPfam--the amazing community that has formed around the show. Tune in and s ...
A group of friends who ramble and shamble while dice rumble and tumble. Call us casually-hardcore role players of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.
Get interviews with all of your favorite FWE stars. Stay up to date on all the latest news, gossip and rumors concerting FWE. Plus, check back for giveaways including tickets, vod credit and merchandise!
WWE Network Review
New to the WWE network ? Or are you an old subscriber who's watches Rumble's and Maina's and not much else. Well listen to the WNR podcast where we guide you through everything new to the network. Plus Classic content you might have missed out on plus every month Nxt Update latest news Every WWE ppv and Nxt Takeover , We are the WNR!!
For All Obsessed With WWE Wrestling!
A wrestling-themed podcast from 4 dudes hailing from Sudbury, ON, Canada.The Four Northmen are:Jamie RowlingsMatt McGregorRichard PepinScott Crowe
Doing the job with Jay and Bob!
WWE Network Review
New to the WWE network ? Or are you an old subscriber who's watches Rumble's and Maina's and not much else. Well listen to the WNR podcast where we guide you through everything new to the network. Plus Classic content you might have missed out on plus every month Nxt Update latest news Every WWE ppv and Nxt Takeover , We are the WNR!!
Nicholas is a former 20 + year multi format radio personality. Thank you for listening! "Funk iz gettin' ready to rumble!" (Nick)
Heck in a Sec
A WWE PPV podcast where host, Jamie Weiss, finally forces her friends to watch wrestling with her and then they talk about it.
Konjectural Kombat
Where Factual and Fictional Engage In Fisticuffs! Have you ever wondered who would win a fight between the US Presidents? Have you ever shuddered at the possibilities of superheroes, movie characters, and literary icons coming to blows? Want to learn history in the most action movie way possible? Let the battle begin!
Daytime soaps just got a hot new website with "Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps", bringing you episodic daily recaps, major soap actor casting news, and backstage and behind- the-scenes rumblings.
Maniathon podcast
Nathan Adam and John Heaney watch and review every WrestleMania show from the hallowed halls and beyond in an attempt to find the greatest of them all.
Get Back To The Wrestling -- The Professional Wrestling Podcast Where It's ALWAYS 6:05 (5:05 Central)! Join lifelong wrestling fans Jason Jaconetti, Luke Jaconetti, and Chris "Hair Metal Hero" Tyler as they delve into the squared circle and the entire wrestling world! Tired of silly angles, nonsensical swerves, and endless repackages? Then it's time to GET BACK TO THE WRESTLING!
The real paradise for experienced music lovers!You’ll never get bored with this channel: moderators of the Old School station lay mats on the floor and practice Air Twist and Backspin from dawn till dusk. It’s just impossible to work with such a vibe!«Super Fly Jam» — declares a robot voice, «Backing to the Old School» — roars an unknown MC, a sudden scratch turns on the familiar beat.You’ll never get tired of this music. That London 2 Step of the late 90s, rumbling big beat from distant chi ...
Garb your ears in tunes from The Shend's garden shed. Piles of Punk, slabs of sixties psych, Rock and Roll rumblings, wodges of weirdness and steaming lumps of strange ranging from the forties to the day after tomorrow. Stuff you've heard and stuff you'll wish you hadn't. What the hell is going on?EMAIL:
Off the Mark
Every month join Andrew, Aaron, Doug, and Roger for their take on wrestling! They are four smarks and fans discussing this month in wrestling. Andrew, Aaron, Doug, and Roger also have specials that discuss certain topics including Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, Games, Movies, and much much more. Covering all types of professional wrestling including the WWE, GFW, ROH, and more!!!
Synthetic Elements Podcast. Get ready forTechno-Tech Infused Tracks,Aggressive Beats,Tribal Rhythms,Rumbling Baselines,Dark Synths and Morphed Noises all Mixed by DJ Tommy Myst.
Your Stupid Minds
Bad movie podcast dedicated to the most enjoyable genre, exploitation, low-budget, and cheesy films. From Cool World to Cool Dog, Ready to Rumble to Robot Jox, and LXG to LOL, Your Stupid Minds appreciates all varieties of schlock. Updates every other Thursday.
Like all Henty books, this one centers around a young English lad whose courtesy and courage win the day. Harry Sandwith travels to France to serve a French Marquis, despite the rumblings of a revolution. Follow along to benefit from a wholesome story full of historical facts in good, old Henty fashion. (Introduction by Jenn Raimundo)
Interviews, Reflections, Rumblings and ramblings on all things life, spirit-filled, motorcycles and the way the dance unfolds.
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Thank you for tuning into another crazy Royal Rumble episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli! This episode Ryan and Sam swapcast with Pat Miletich and Jeffery Wilson of The Conspiracy Farm podcast with special guest Eddie Bravo. On this podcast we discuss....1) Trump2) Agents of Misinformation 3) Qanonand of course4) Flat EarthGet your tickets ...…
Today on the show - Sportsgasim, dancing injuires, you + fire = ?, Jeremy Corbett, is your partner your foreman, sleeping in a furniture store, Zac & Shavaughn DWTS
Rumble strips are in place for one reason - to tell us we're moving in the wrong direction. You can't correct what you don't detect.
On this weeks episode of the podcast Mike Freland, Darragh O'Connor, James Truepenny and Marcus Green talk about all the happenings hot on the heels of WrestleMania, WWE's upcoming Saudi Arabia Greatest Royal Rumble show and all the latest action in the world of independent wrestling.​
The biggest show of the wrestling year has come and gone. This week on the show I'll review Wrestlemania and give my thoughts on all of the matches and moments from the big event. Plus, I'll discuss NXT Takeover New Orleans, RAW and Smackdown after Wrestlemania, changes to Undertaker's match at the Great Royal Rumble, Rusev possibly being relea ...…
We have IZZY NOBRE on to talk about his game, 99Vidas which is currently FREE on PS+ this month! Nintendo is surprised us with a BUNCH of unreleased games that will be PLAYABLE at PAX East this weekend. We get into a little tif about what's better, 3DS or Switch. Nintendo is making it's own game engine open to developers called "Bezel Engine." ...…
Steve DeMarco returns with The Lucha Lounge, this episode he talks about the events that took place at the Humble Rumble 25.
THIS IS THE EVENT THAT WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF THE COMIC BOX RUMBLE UNIVERSE.....FOREVER.....or until we record another episode next week.This week it's the X-Men Fantasy Draft! We pick 1 leader, 5 members and whole lotta reasons behind who has the top squad.Listening to hear what our mighty mutants teams are fighting for and which universes th ...…
On this edition of Wrestling With the Dawg, Eric Allen from On the Stick Network joins the Dirty Dawg Darsie to chat about Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie vs. the New Age Outlaws for the WWF Tag Team Championship in a Dumpster match at WWF WrestleMania XIV! They discuss Mike Tyson in the WWE (as well as comparing Mike Tyson to Ronda Rousey), S ...…
God is raising up an Elisha generation who will walk in a double portion of Elijah anointing. They will be those who will strike the ground for revival and reformation everywhere they go and make Jesus famous in all walks of life. Watch as Jerame shares a fresh revelation of the DNA of a double portion generation as well as about a fresh move o ...…
Say Hello to the Bald Guy, Bow to your King! This week, the guys discus the "Greatest Royal Rumble Ever" the road bumps for Rousey, and the year that was Drive By. Also, they give their thoughts on which match should close Wrestlemaina
Essentials by @EllisOfficial | Spotify playlist: on iTunes: your music: Khan - Lick ItSikdope x LOUD ABOUT US - Back AgainRudeLies - WTR Habstrakt x Jace Mek - I WannaJoey Rumble - Battle Royale Sagan - Dance With MeTroye Sivan - My My My (Thr ...…
We're less than two weeks away from Wrestlemania, and Ben and Danny can hardly contain themselves. Every day at work, they stare longingly out the window, waiting for better days to come, more specifically, next Friday when they leave for New Orleans. Until then, they have plenty of things to talk about.This week's topics include:-New Japan's S ...…
This week Keith is flying solo, Keshia had a change in her work schedule. We will get you caught up on what we have been doing and the week in wrestling. Some New Japan talk and what to expect next week. Show Notes Open ShowRAW Recap-Brock and Paul open show, Roman Reigns shows up and gets beat up again-Nia Jax def Mickie James-Video Package fo ...…
Arthur Arkush of Pro Football Weekly joins the program to break down what we learned from the Bears at the 2018 owner's meetings. And, to dive in on some necessary fashion takes. Trey Burton's comparison to Travis Kelce as a "U" tight end. How will he fit in Chicago's offense?How will Adam Shaheen's future develop?The different WR descriptions ...…
Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. –Rumi This winter Susan Randall worked with the defense on a sentencing case for a high profile multiple-murder here in Vermont. A sentencing is the time for considering the pain caused by a crime. It’s also a time to ask, How did we get here? What happened in ...…
In Episode 18 of IMCA.TV Dirt Nation we chat with Wyatt Burks.Watch the Rumble in the Bullring LIVE March 30-31, 2018 with a Monthly or Yearly Viewing Pass on IMCA.TV!
Since the Eagles aren't prepared to fly our heroes to their ultimate destination, Gandalf has to arrange other assistance for them. And, surprise, he's planning on leaving them at the doorstep of the Mirkwood. Not very nice, Gandalf.
In Episode 17 of IMCA.TV Dirt Nation we chat with Landon Simon.Watch the Rumble in the Bullring LIVE March 30-31, 2018 with a Monthly or Yearly Viewing Pass on IMCA.TV!
In Episode 16 of IMCA.TV Dirt Nation we chat with 2017 POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprints Champion Korey Weyant.Watch the Rumble in the Bullring LIVE March 30-31, 2018 with a Monthly or Yearly Viewing Pass on IMCA.TV!
In Episode 15 of IMCA.TV Dirt Nation we chat with 2014 POWRi Lucas Oil WAR Sprints Champion Chris Parkinson.Watch the Rumble in the Bullring LIVE March 30-31, 2018 with a Monthly or Yearly Viewing Pass on IMCA.TV!
This week! The boys are joined by another friend of the show this week, Anthony. While the Hogg roast in Florida continues to cook up controversy and nonsense, the crew talks about Roseanne’s return, brew tours, guns, and yes…we even touch on Hogg-warts and his bully pulpit. Join us for rambles and rumbles, revelations and revolutions, all with ...…
Tracklist:1. Genotype - Rumble2. Genotype - The Equaliser3. Genotype - Special Unit4. Craftsman - The Warriors5. Genotype - Extraction6. Genotype - Freedom Of Beatz7. Genotype - Freedom Fighters8. Dbr & Genotype - Zombies - Ingredients Records9. Genotype - Pyramidz10. Genotype - The Triangle11. Genotype - Dirt12. Genotype - Chud13. Genotype Ang ...…
Tracklist:01:07 Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Nicky Romero - Hey Girl, Hey Boy (Nicky Romero Intro)03:56 Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko vs. Florence & The Machine - Forever You've Got The Love (B-Rather & Fuerte Mashup)07:30 Raiden & Yuri (Girls' Generation) - Always Find You (Sunstars Remix)08:05 Nicky Romero ft. Taio Cruz - Me On You 10:50 J ...…
Tracklist:00:35 Nicky Romero ft. Eric Lumiere - The Moment (Novell)05:23 Sunstars - Flames (with Mark Knight & Koen Groeneveld - Put Your Hands Up (Acapella)07:40 Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Melo.Kids Remix)11:00 Trilane & Yaro ft. Max Landry - Miss Out (Nicky Romero Edit)14:35 Tom Tyger & Melsen vs. Camelphat vs. Shapov - I Need U Paradigm (Dim ...… Moving right along with our 2018 NFL Draft position-by-position series, the CPGM Front Office analyzes the second level of the defense, the linebackers. Prior to our thoughtful and poignant analysis of the 2018 NFL Draft Class prospects at the linebacker posi ...…
First Daniel Bryan NOW NJPW! Strong Style Evolved broke the wrestling world with the Golden Lovers/Youngbucks main event. This is a must see show HIGHLY recommended. Leo and Mario break down the show and discuss the future and possible changes for NJPW. The duo also talk about the trending WWE topics: AJ Styles cleared, Brock destroys Roman onc ...…
Oy! Ring yer mates because the TILP boys are ready to rumble. This week, we chow down on some bad girlfriend material, Michael warps his own time continuum, and Mike explores the great Disney War Crimes Trials of 2027.Highlights include: Dummy issues [2:10]Bronson Butter Brawl [8:50]Baby Bird Sex Romps [19:30]Michael breaks time [34:00]Penis fa ...…
The Ward. It's so ubiquitous to the city that you don't even need to identify it by its full name. It's just the Ward. In the (not literal) shadow of downtown, the Ward is one of the oldest parts of Guelph, and it's seen a lot of changes over the decades, but perhaps none so pronounced as what's happening now. The question: might there be some ...…
EP34 | DeJong, Kingery, & Marte Extensions, MadBum & Turner Injuries Plus Predictions | Week of March 26th 2018DeJong, Kingery, & Marte Extensions, mix in some MadBum & Turner Injuries, Plus Hitting/Pitching Predictions, Awards, and Q&A!Fantasy Front Office CreditsSoundfile Attributions:Crowd Noise Recorded by GoGoMusic Credits:http://Bensound. ...…
Welcome to episode 2 of the Daniel Bryan Yes Movement arc. In this episode we review the notorious 2014 Royal Rumble - a night that will forever be etched in infamy. Beginning with a Daniel Bryan match and ending with the crowd bemoaning the lack of Daniel Bryan, this was the night that the fans drove the final nail in the coffin of kayfabe and ...…
Ron and Boomer are back to hit on all topics that happened over the weekend with a special guest Nick Diamantis: Beat writer for SB Nation’s Rumble in the Garden and play by play analysts for WSJU radi
We are live tonight at 6pm CST with another episode of WrestleCast Radio! 1-347-857-1060 is the number to listen via mobile as well. We come at you tonight with a wrap up of the week that was outside the ring. Could we see two women main event next years Wrestlemania? Hulk Hogan getting closer to a return? Could Shane McMahon miss Mania, or is ...…
No Gimmicks Needed is a place where the format is simple, the news is real and the bells and whistles are unnecessary! Join us weekly as we give you the hot updates, news and rumors in today's pro wrestling and get you ready for the upcoming WWE PPVS! We don't take ourselves seriously but do give our audience our great wrestling minds and bring ...…
Rich Howlett (no relations to James) long time supporter and friend of the podcast joins us along with the winner of the first comic box IAN MORLEY for a little chat about well, that's right, you've guessed it, COMICS, MOVIES AND TV SHOWS!We get balls deep in Infinity War and Ian sets us a new challenge for our upcoming report!…
No Gimmicks Needed is a place where the format is simple, the news is real and the bells and whistles are unnecessary! Join us weekly as we give you the hot updates, news and rumors in today's pro wrestling and get you ready for the upcoming WWE PPVS! We don't take ourselves seriously but do give our audience our great wrestling minds and bring ...…
America’s number one selling candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. For ages, the iconic two-cup pack was the only way to consume these milk-chocolate meets peanut-butter masterpieces, but in recent years Reese’s has branched out to include new varieties such as the Big Cup™, minis, and seasonal variations like “ghosts”, “trees”, “hearts”, and “e ...…
Hard-Hitting TAWF journalism: Hulk Hogan (not to be confused with Terry Bollea) may be returning to WWE very soon. WWE denied Hogan being under any contract, but his return seems imminent. Rey Mysterio is in talks with WWE about a possible return. Mysterio made a guest appearance in this year’s Royal Rumble. A lot of fans commented on the fact ...…
After a hard day on the fabled land bridge trail connecting Canada to Finland, the Riders reached Greenland and set up camp beneath a towering snow-packed cliff. As Side Meat begins to open the first can of beans, the tin’s loud pop resonated throughout the campground, triggering the low rumble of a nearby avalanche in the distance… featuring M ...…
Ryan & Patrick are back! They discuss the bombshell news of Daniel Bryan being cleared to wrestle in the WWE. We finally get the pay off match between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan. The boyz will talk about upcoming NJPW events and the WrestleMania 34 card and potential matches that haven't been announced yet. Plus, there of rumblings of WWE ...…
“Dying Songs” focuses on melancholic electronic music but isn’t limited to that. Sometimes it gets dark, sometimes I try to mix techno awkwardly, sometimes i get nostalgic… I like stuff that’s dreamy, ghostly, pretty and sad. I’ll try out new productions of my own, as well. I’m keeping it pretty open and we’ll see how it evolves.” – Jimmy DOWNL ...…
tWoTcast episode 195 (The Royal Rumble 4) Our fourth Royaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll Ruuuummmmmbllllllllllleeee! Featuring: Jono, Joe, and Tom! This Royal Rumble is thirty contenders from any property we've ever covered BUT those thirty contenders are pulled out of a hat conatining 60 contenders! Its anyones guess who will come out next! tWoTcast Arch ...…
Essentials by @EllisOfficial | Spotify playlist: on iTunes: your music: Holo - Lights (Beau Collins Remix)High 'n' Rich - Once You Know [*]Blinders - OkamiBOUGENVLLLA x AZEALIA BANKS - FLOAT MY 212 (Ellis Mashup)Sagan - Need You Too Zedd, Grey - Adr ...…
Daniel Bryan is back, and so are Chris and Silky! Here’s what we’ve got in store for you this week on the show. THE BIG 3 Nearly three years after what many feared would be his final match, Daniel Bryan has been cleared by WWE to return to in-ring action. The current Smackdown Live general manager and leader of the “Yes Movement” had retired fo ...…
Author : N.R. Lambert Narrators : M.K. Hobson and Tina Connolly Hosts : David Ian McKendry and Rebekah McKendry Audio Producer : Chelsea Davis Artist : Geneva Benton Discuss on Forums PseudoPod 587: ARTEMIS RISING 4: When the Slipling Comes to Call is a PseudoPod original. Spoiler InsideSelectShow I found the seed of this story in an odd little ...…
What the hell was that? A fart? A stomach rumble? The amount of questionable noises coming from Junior’s chair this week are a little disconcerting, but at least Pixel Glory is here to save us! Pixel Glory is a deck-building game that sees the players form a team of wizards who draft spells to build their own “spell decks” in order to venture i ...…
On this week's Epic Hour of Wrestling, OKayFabe covers: -Plans for Joe’s return: Reigns after Mania -Update on Draft news -Mysterio NOT to WWE but another company? -Mysterio injured torn bicep -Dual branded house shows? -UK Division busy again?! -Garza Jr & Ultimo Ninja to WWE?; WWE looking to sign more Mexican/Spanish talent -Owens & Zayn vs S ...…
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