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After overcoming medical trauma, Gary Savoie has made it his mission to uncover all of the secrets to overcoming life’s challenges and living a better life. Through inspirational stories and messages from those who have overcome adversity first hand, mindset gurus, and influential experts the Laugh At Adversity Podcast provides you with everything you need to conquer your challenges and turn your struggles into strengths. Overcome adversity, relationship problems, financial struggles, confli ...
Sisters Melanie and Deborah take a playful and thoughtful look at knitting, travel, and life.
Take a well deserved break with us!
Savvy Painter is a weekly podcast for artists who mean business. Antrese Wood talks to expert painters about the business of art and how it gets created. Want to know how leaders in the fine art world of plein-air and landscape painting got their start? What habits do top artists have in common? Savvy Painter digs deep into the struggles and successes of contemporary painters. Artists spend enormous amounts of time alone in their studios. It's easy for them to believe their challenges are un ...
Mental health advice and tips
Welcome to psychology for the rest of us. Host Dr. Ellen Hendriksen takes the science of psychology and makes it both entertaining and relatable. Using a sympathetic ear and evidence-based research, she explains the ‘why’ behind emotions like joy, anger, fear, trust, and anxiety, and helps you better understand the relationships you form with your friends, family, coworkers, and yourself. Seeking a healthier emotional life? It’s time to bring a trained psychologist and mental health expert a ...
The Tax-Savvy Expat Podcast helps American expats and digital nomads to (i) maximize the tax-reduction (and even tax-elimination) opportunities available by living abroad and (ii) avoid the pitfalls along the way. Stewart Patton, US tax attorney and expat entrepreneur, dives deep on a narrow topic in each episode, clearing away the myths and misconceptions to get to the real meat of the matter.
Naturally Savvy
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea Donsky, and health expert Lisa Davis discuss their passion for living a natural, healthy lifestyle. As ambassadors of all things natural, their mission is to share with others ways to become healthier by exploring better nutrition, safer products and greener options... and to help you live your life so you too can become Naturally Savvy!
Savvy Radio Show
Put down the hammer and pick up the pencil and listen to the Savvy Radio Show dedicated to helping investors in real estate grow their business. You will find interesting interviews, tips and practical information that will blow your mind not your wallet. Ask a question text on your mobile device to 405-633-2528.
The Savvy Dentist
Create a dental practice and a business life you love with Dr Jesse Green as he interviews successful dentists, entrepreneurs and athletes . Listen in as guests share their stories, ideas and business techniques that you can take back to your practice to have more patients, more profit and less stress. This is the podcast where great dentistry meets great business. For more free resources visit
A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.
Gay Savvy Podcast
Gay Savvy is a youthful gay friendly radio show based in Brisbane, Aus, providing a mix of local and community events, politics and current affairs, entertainment and music. Freakin' hilarious, it may just change your life!
Ask a House Cleaner is a daily show where you get to ask your house cleaning questions and we provide answers. Learn how to clean. How to start a cleaning business. Marketing and Advertising tips for your cleaning service. How to find top quality house cleaners, housekeepers, and maids. Employee motivation tactics. Strategies to boost your cleaning clientele. Cleaning company expansion help. Time-saving Hacks for DIY cleaners and more. Hosted by Angela Brown, 25-year house cleaning expert an ...
Savoirs contre pauvreté
Catch Sports 56 Middays with Greg Gaston and Eli Savoie every weekday from 11-1 on Sports 56!
Savvy Spiritual Growth Radio provide advanced intuitive insights into life and business for conscious spiritual growth. Cultivate a purposeful life and a deeper connection to the universe. Explore higher spiritual realms with information and exclusive tools for spiritual growth. Access animal and angelic guidance to support you in life. Discover the various types of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical energetic blocks that can affect us. Become inspired by the personal stories and spir ...
This is THE podcast about the "Journey to Remarkable" for Retailers, Entrepreneurs and small business owners who just won't settle for Ordinary! It doesn't matter if you are a brand new entrepreneur, if you have been a business owner for many years, or are just dreaming of opening your own enterprise. It's time to travel the road from Ordinary to Remarkable! The Remarkable Retailer Podcast will focus on taking YOUR business to the next level, and will offer Tips, Tools & Tactics to help you ...
Savvy Business Radio runs weekly broadcasts devoted to helping business owners and entrepreneurs. We provide small businesses a platform to express their dreams, hopes, lessons learned and expertise with the world.
Helping Parents Plan, Prepare and Pay for College
A weekly show about youth, music, arts, business, global culture and giving back to society with G. Davvis-Carter and J. Logan as your Hosts.
Whether you've been a patient of mine, or read my books, or attended one of my speeches, you know where I stand on issues involving hormones and women's health. My messages have been consistent over the years - and they've been proven reliable. Messages such as "Hormone is not a dirty word" or "Your health problems are NOT all in your head" or "Take charge of your health - and find a doctor who listens." As you know, the traditional news media have not always been receptive to these messages ...
Welcome to Through The Business Lens – a podcast for busy photographers looking for quick tips and strategic snippets to help build their brand, grow their business and price themselves for profits. Your host is Kim Hartz - long time professional photographer who's been there and can help guide you and your studio down the profitable path!
We are a podcast that review and discuss movies as well as break down the week in movie news.Main show - MondayMovie news & Film Club - Thursday
Savvy Social Hour
The Savvy Social Hour podcast is a show for female biz babes looking to uplevel their business and become rockstar entrepreneurs in no time. Your host Jenny Suneson of Confetti Social is a social media strategist + coach who helps female entrepreneurs conquer social media one post at a time.
Savor Scripture
Exegetical, worshipful reflections on Scripture.
Savor California
Hi! I'm Jane St. Claire and is my way of letting the whole world know about the fantastic foods and beverages being made in California. On this video blog our group of foodies are going a step further to show you how to use them. Start with the best, and it gets even better!
Cents Savvy
Cents Savvy provides financial literacy tips and tools for those working towards financial independence. We’re talking personal finance, debt management, taxes, and small business accounting!
Genre Savvy
A podcast devoted to the narrative arts, Genre Savvy is about story, creativity, and entertainment media. We don't like stories: We love them. And if we don't love them, we make them better!
Information and Inspiration for parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities.
Savory Beats
A Music Blog by Raha Wala
Savvy Davis
Welcome to Savvy Davis's Podcast, where you can find the uncut, raw, unedited truth. A Realist go-to for Realism ism.
The Savvy Young Professional Career and Leadership Podcast is a weekly show helping Young Professionals navigate though their career business and life, the savvy way. The weekly show interviews experts and professionals on topics relevant to anyone seeking to take their career, business and life to the next level.
Market Savvy
Podcast by Megan Walker
SAVI’s weekly Up All Night Radio Show
"Can Do: Lessons From Savvy Montana Entrepreneurs" is a podcast all about why Montana leads the nation in entrepreneurship and business startups. Host Arnie Sherman picks the brains of successful Montana entrepreneurs and shares their lessons with you. From cricket farms to romance novels, "Can Do" shares the secrets to business success in Montana. Tune in for new lessons Fridays at or wherever you get your podcasts.
Digital Marketing Agency Sydney | Fiona Soutter Digital Marketing Specialist
Savie Kara
Welcome to the Savie Kara’s podcast, where amazing things happen. You will hear different lessons to boost your self confidence and we will have different biblical lessons:)
Screen Savor
Socially Savvy
This fun interactive show touching base on all things Social & Savvy, from topics on re-establishing what Social is, How to be Socially Acceptable in person as well as in the new Social Media ring. We chat on food, wine, entertainment & events. Do live interview's and broadcast live from different locations every week.. Host Lb Dutchess is joined by different co-hosts & special guests each week to create a fun dynamic team to talk about what it means to be Socially Savvy Today.
Tech Savvy
Tech Savvy provides a fresh look on the latest technology available, how to use it, what the Church is doing with it, and ways we can use it for good.
Stage Savvy
Covering the performing arts, mostly in the Kansas City area.
Christina Nitschmann is a highly sought Christina Nitschmann is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and radio show host of Savvy Business Radio. As the host, Christina has the unique ability to connect with each and every guest at a emotional level that sets Savvy Business Radio apart from other broadcasts. Savvy Business Radio is home to over 3.5 million listeners per month via our AM/FM stations and podcasting platforms globally. Savvy's shows also run in syndication through and iHea ...
This is Be Savvy Live Wealthy, talking about wealthy habits
Savvy Biz Talk
Social Media Marketing for the modern day business owner. I focus on marketing tips that you can easily digest and implement.
Welcome to Self Made and Savvy. A podcast for multi-passionate women. Each week we discuss tips and strategies on how to build a healthy entrepreneurial mind-set, learn how to unleash your potential, set goals, and run the business you love and deserve.
Your Savvy Success
I am obsessed with helping high achieving, ambitious women design the life of their dreams.
Street Savoir-Fae
a podcast about urban fantasyRated R for language and occasional discussions regarding certain "anatomy"
SPOTLIGHT Birmingham Based Startups: IDENTIFY Birmingham Based Business Services to support them
The Live Financially Savvy podcast was created by Atiya - The Savvy Accountant. She created the podcast to help others Live Financially Savvy. She has a passion for building generational wealth and wants to help others do the same. Lower your debt and build your net worth using techniques you learn here from others doing amazing things to Live Financially Savvy!
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Don't be scared, but this is the episode where Duck and Kevin finally reveal our mom anthems. Kevin does fashion and there's talk about sabering. The boys call 20$ bottles "cheap" wine and do other class traitor activities. Please don't tell Chapo. Please write in any romantic quandaries to for 100% legally binding advi ...…
How do you find my perfect partner, What do you value in a relationship? Where do you meet this person at? These questions and more are answered with my guest Savoi Wright. He is a Lifestyle Expert and NLP Practitioner, International Public Speaker, Amazon Published Author and Philanthropist.For my listeners you can use a special discount for h ...…
Amit talks with Hillary Savoie, Founder of The Cute Syndrome Foundation. Hillary shares her journey as a parent and rare epilepsy community leader.
This is Heavy Rotation, a weekly celebration of the music that brings us together. On this week's show, we continue our mini-series playing tracks from Dj CUTMAN's This Week in Chiptune Episode 200 mega-bundle of chiptunes and all around good stuff with Warez Waldo's The Arrival, Bitonal Landscape's Supa Pawa, and Trash80's Theia. Buckle up and ...…
At the early age of 4, David Dilks began his first career as a classical pianist and played competitively from age 5 until 13, even performing at Carnegie Hall in NYC and the Academy of Music in Philadelphia. Although David found success early on with his musical talents, he never wanted to play the piano. He often felt loads of outside pressur ...…
To celebrate White Cane Week, AMI-audio attends the AMI Canadian Vision Impaired Curling Championship, broadcasting live from the historic Ottawa Curling Club. Curlers Camille Savoie and Fraser Hiltz from Team Saskatchewan tell us about their respective journeys with vision loss, and about their involvement with blind curling. They also discuss ...…
1. Culture Code feat. Karra – Make Me Move (Original Mix)2. Porter Robinson – Flicker (Original Mix)3. Juventa & Shanahan – 7evens (Original Mix)4. Thomas Gold feat. Mimoza – Dreamer (Original Mix)5. Zedd feat. Alessia Cara – Stay (Original Mix)6. Lione – Leave This Place (Original Mix)7. APEK feat. Stassi – Supernatural (Original Mix)8. WRLD f ...…
Tiger Talk for week starting 10/23/17 Posted by Tiger Talk on Sunday, October 22, 2017 Hello and welcome to Tiger Talk for the week of October 23th through October 29nd 2017 Visit us for show notes and links at or on Facebook for replays of our live podcasts. News Tigers ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Barbara Grellier : "Instagram est une vraie source d'inspiration pour m'habiller" (Chiffon le podcast - Saison 2, 4)Auteur: Valérie TribesNarrateur: Valérie Tribes, Barbara GrellierFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 19 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: ...…
Tony Savo is the owner of Sactown Famous, based out of Sacramento, CA IG//@tony.savo Go follow the show on twitter: @RiotsModernLife and follow Riot at @riot_craig on IG/Twitter and follow Adam on IG Adz916
Tony Savo is the owner of Sactown Famous, based out of Sacramento, CA IG//@tony.savo Go follow the show on twitter: @RiotsModernLife and follow Riot at @riot_craig on IG/Twitter and follow Adam on IG Adz916
Alex Sarfati, voyageur gustatif, à 70% Payé pour faire le tour du monde, Alex en a profité pour goûter à tout ce qu’il trouvait de commestible dans les restaurants et et échoppe de son périple en Asie et ailleurs. On va entendre de la bouche qui a goûté le bébé oiseau dans l’oeuf et tout ça. Je prédis aussi une surprise assez conséquente. OUF! ...…
The Ripple Effect - Invisible Impact of Suicide Reach Laura Savoie @Ripple111710
Jerry Savoie wins in Pro Stock Motorcycle at the NHRA Summeranationals in Englishtown.By (WFO Radio).
NHRA Summernationals Winners Edition featuring Steve Torrence, Bobby Lagana, Mama Kay Torrence, Jack Beckman, Neal Strausbaugh, Frank Aragona, Greg Anderson, Jerry Savoie, Rickie Smith, and Dan Northrop. The NHRA's Alan Reinhart and host Joe Castello recap Englishtown and get ready for Thunder Valley!…
Passenger 10 – Redemption (Original Mix) Playless – Rain Ndua – Memories SAINT WKND – Postive Vibe (Original Mix) Duke Dumont – Need U 100% (KREAM Remix) Left/Right – Don’t Give It Up (Original Mix) Antonio Giacca, Fort Arkansas – What U Know (Original Mix) Disclosure – Boss David Keno – Moonshine (Original Mix) Antonio Giacca – Down Like the R ...…
1. Riton - Rinse & Repeat ft. Kah-Lo2. Cheats Codes ft. Demi Lovato - No Promises 3. Distrion & Alex Skrindo - Lightning 4. Kontinuum ft. Savoi - Lost 5. Mike Williams - Another Night (Roses Remix)6. Bart B More & Chocolate Puma - Rising Up 7. Jonas Aden - David & Goliath 8. Axol & The Tech Thieves - Bleed 9. Curbi - Insect 10. Uplink & Jason G ...…
Abstract The online classroom environment can sometimes cause students to feel isolated, both socially and cognitively. Digital storytelling creates a framework that can bring the online classroom to life, energizing social-cognitive dynamisms, and promoting a more authentic sense of community in the virtual teaching and learning space. During ...…
Podcast: Día de Cómics Fecha de los cómics: 10/Mayo/2017 Host: ElíasCo-Host: FedeCo-Host: ChelaInvitado: Vanesa, Alejandra y DulceNotas del showTag inicial INTRO MUSICAL Bienvenida al Podcast “Día de Cómics” / Introducciones Alerta de Spoilers _________________________________ DC Rebirth: – Titans #11 – Action Comics #979 – Supergirl #9 – Super ...…
Have you ever been in a discussion, defending a point vihametly and then realized you were wrong? What did you do? Did you dig in even deeper or admit your mistake? Today Joey and Grant discuss the potential damage you can do when you don’t admit your mistakes and the benefits of acknowledging your short comings. Guest Tony Savoie from Louisian ...…
Martyn – U1-U8 (Original Mix) Nphonix – Asunder Shiba San – Got Drunk (Original Mix) Matchy & Bott – Paris Nights (Original Mix) Black Loops – Sex (Original Mix) Nvoy – Higher (Extended Edit) Mat.Joe – Music On (Original Mix) Kyle Watson, Popartlive – Sink Deep (Original Club Mix) Nora En Pure – Diving with Whales (Daniel Portman Remix) Eddie A ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Entre mes doigts coule le sable (Marie-Lou & Matthieu 2)Auteur: Sophie Tal MenNarrateur: Mathias Casartelli, Aurélie Le Roc'hFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 6 hrs and 15 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 05-03-17Éditeur: Audible StudiosGenres: Fic ...…
In this episode of Houghton75 we speak with Tom Conley, Abbott Lawrence Lowell Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies and Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, about the work of Oronce Finé, and the surprising things we can learn from maps.Find out more about the exhibition and Houghton Library’s 75th anniversary celebrations a ...…
Live video: Feint – Words (feat. Laura Brehm) Calyx & TeeBee – Cloud 9 Technimatic – It Must Be VIP JLO – Waiting For Tonight (Oliverse 2017 Bootleg) Nutronic – Dust That Sings (DJ Yox Remix) Pendulum – Blood Sugar Dan Dakota – Stood In The Dark Delta Heavy – City Of Dreams Amary ...…
Canadian violinist Karen Gomyo talks about her priceless Stradivarius violin and choosing a cadenza. Plus, TSO Assistant Concertmaster Marc-André Savoie talks about his role in the Orchestra.
Tracklist Mix 1 1. Goldwash - Honest (Original Mix) [GOLDWASH] 2. Two Can - Holding On To You feat. Savoi [TWO CAN MUSIC] 3. Oliver Heldens - I Don’t Wanna Go Home (Kyle Watson Remix) [HELDEEP] 4. Felix Cartal - Get What You Give (Extended Mix) [ENHANCED] 5. Malaa - Contagious (Original Mix) [CONFESSION] 6. Mark Martins - Feeling (Original Mix) ...…
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