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Friends from the Los Angeles comedy scene discuss the Beatles, one album at a time. We have no special qualifications nor reason to do this. And we often get facts wrong or leave them out. We just want to because we're obsessed with the Beatles, like any rational human. TOPICS INCLUDE: Reasons we love them! Stories we've read! Opinions we hold! Excitement we cannot contain! THE BEATLES!
Screaming in the Cloud with Corey Quinn features conversations with domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing. Topics discussed include AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and the "why" behind how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.
Jenna and Bodhi Elfman discuss marriage, life and annoyance. Not in that order.
Scream 101
A horror buff brings a non-horror obsessed friend on a journey through a subgenre neither of them know much about.
A pop culture, music, and television podcast hosted by @brycewallar.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Ready to screw YOUR 9-to-5? Josh and Jill Stanton deliver weekly tips, resources, interviews and practical steps to help you transition out of your job and start a wildly-successful online business that works for you. Each episode is designed to give you simple steps and strategies you can use today to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!
Christmas Eve. Guests round a fireside begin telling each other ghost stories. One of them relates a true incident involving the governess of his little nephew and niece. Strange events begin to take place, involving the housekeeper, a stranger who prowls round the grounds, a mysterious woman dressed in black and an unknown misdemeanor committed by the little nephew. The Turn of the Screw by Henry James was published in 1893 and it remains one of the best-known and admired works of this grea ...
The Horror films you must see, and will fall in love with.
Conservitarian Talk Radio for Patriots who still believe in Freedom, Liberty, and the Rule of Law.Join us each week for 90 minutes of Conservative/Libertarian Commentary and Humor as well as the politics and news of the week viewed through the prism of the Constitution and Conservative thought. With your hosts Mag Thomas in Seattle and Kimberly Jacks in Norfolk-Covering the U.S. from coast to coast with conservative talk radio awesomeness!
John and Kaitlin recap and discuss all things MTV's SCREAM, from the red herrings to the sketchy love interests to Emma's cheesy one-liners. Tune in to hear them rank the grossest deaths of the season, ask serious questions about the Brandon James mythology, and side-eye the show's biggest suspects for Ghostface 2.0.
THWIP! Swing on by to hear a discussion of each of the 41 Spider-Man comic issues done by the original creative team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko! We get into: Stan's terrible puns! Steve's angsty inks! The compelling villains (Doctor Octopus)! And the sometimes very dumb villains (Fancy Dan)! And anything that made these issues the BIG BANG of modern super-hero comics! Your co-hosts, UCB performers Will Hines and Kevin Hines, have no official qualifications except for a life-long love of Spi ...
Screaming Into Traffic is a humorous weekly recap of the latest in pop culture, entertainment and gay news from the opinionated mind of celebrity blogger Johnny Lopez. Join LA Lopez and his holy trinity of panelists, Josh Wells, Joshua Rogers and Lou Verdi, as they keep it real, raw and ridiculous
Now Screaming
Evan and Liz are watching every single horror movie currently on Netflix... so you don't have to. Tune in every Tuesday to listen as they bring their unique perspectives to the good, the bad, the ugly, and the woefully under-budgeted of horror film streaming.
Scream Fiends
Each week Alex and Russ tackle the latest news in the world of Horror Films and TV. Watch and listen along as the discuss a new film every episode.
Screw It!
Screw It! is the modern day advice column we've all been waiting for. Self-proclaimed wine-o Diana Moore hosts the show every week with a glass o wine in hand ready to give you her perspective on things! From sex and dating to pop culture and world events-- she's got the conversation covered! So grab a glass, sit back, give us a call and say screw it! Call (323) 612-8793 if you'd like to get advice from Diana! Leave your name, city and state or stay completely anonymous!
We are a talk radio show based on all things B Movies and Horror!
Sirens of Scream
3 lady geeks explore the dark side of comics, games, film and tv. The spooky and sinister, the gory and gross; nothing is off limits.
Join our deadicated hosts Sarah and Ben as they review horror movies in chronological order and rank them from best to worst. Updated every Wednesday.Theme music Now I Know by Jared C. Balogh
The I Scream You Scream Podcast is here on GAMbIT and iTunes. Editors M. Poupard and S. Roy bring you all the horror news and love on this one of a kind, unfiltered horrorcast!
Screaming Queenz
Screaming Queenz - the horror podcast with a queer eye, looking at everything from video nasties to giallo!
A master feed for all of our shows!
Life is boring. Hobbies are fun. Two fun guys talk about the fun stuff they do to have fun. Having fun yet? Start listening and you will.
A Weekly podcast about life and comedy from Micheal Foulk (Greetings, from Queer Mountain), Vanessa Gonzalez (San Francisco Sketch Fest), and Nathan Ehrmann (Gutbusters). Produced and recorded in Austin, Texas and Brooklyn, New York.
Don't Screw It Up
A guide to pregnancy and parenthood by people figuring it out as they go.
Because what else can you do?
Ready to screw YOUR 9-to-5? Josh and Jill Stanton deliver weekly tips, resources, interviews and practical steps to help you transition out of your job and start a wildly-successful online business that works for you. Each episode is designed to give you simple steps and strategies you can use today to make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality!
SCERA Spotlight is a closer look at the people and events of the SCERA Center for the Arts and the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theatre in Orem, Utah. Join us every two weeks for news and upcoming events, guest interviews, discussions, fun and games! Reach us at
Plymale Scream
Conversations about sound, music, and the art of recording.
METAL MOTIVATION takes the power and aggression of heavy metal and combines it with the proven principles of personal achievement to create a system of "life mastery" that obliterates weakness and strengthens personal resolve. This is not merely "Tony Robbins dipped in metal"—it’s a completely unique "metalosophy of success." As the originator’s say, "IT AIN'T SELF-HELP, IT'S METAL HELP!"
The unofficial podcast of the Manly Sea Eagles, the greatest rugby league team in the NRL.
Are You Afraid?: SCREAM QUEENS is the unofficial Scream Queens internet radio show exclusively on During each episode, the co-hosts are going to recap, review and dissect the latest episode of the hit FOX series.
Screaming Kink
Opining about all things kink, BDSM and D/s relationships
Scream Machine
Podcast and blog for industrial duo Scream Machine.
Instant Screaming
Bi-Weekly horror movie review podcast featuring ONLY movies found on streaming platforms. Hosted by Sarah "Flash" Gorman and Baltimore Troublemaker Justin Getka. Neither of them
Scream Cast
There are so many streaming apps out there, we are attacking them one horror movie at a time to answer the question, Would You Stream It?
Scream Stream
Your weekly spoiler-free guide to horror entertainment. Blindly picking a horror movie can be frustrating and time consuming so, let me do the work for you. Each week I review a streaming horror movie, cover industry news, and let you know what the week's new releases are. So, join me every Monday as I separate the best from the worst of streaming horror so you don’t have to.
Scream Speak
Podcast by Scream Speak Podcast
Scream Girls
Hey, boos! We're Callie and Kaitlin. We watch scary movies and podcast about them. If you like horror or comedy or chit chat or peplums, welcome home.
What I would love to do with this podcast is help bridge the gap of religion and spirituality because as I start to learn about some of these new things that I’ve been curious about I’m starting to learn and understand that a lot of the time when people are talking about certain things in religion or certain things in spirituality, we are talking about the same things but using different words. I want to unpack the box that some of us feel put into under religion and open that up a little bi ...
Keep Screaming
Join Bee and Ryan as they dive deep into the best and worst of their favorite genre: the slasher movie!
SCREAM PODCAST by SCREAM PARIS Hear each and every week the sound of the biggest French gay party !
Screw It!
a podcast about wine
Scream Kings
Two best friends, a horror writer and an occult enthusiast, discuss horror movies, TV shows, books, and video games, as well as creepy folklore and the occult
Four women from different backgrounds, who met online, discussing relevant topics in today's society.
A unique blend of various house styles...From groovy to gospel to progressive....I love it all.
University of Southern Indiana's radio station 95.7TheSpin Screaming Eagles Sports
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Crea una buena estrategia en las Redes Sociales para tu Empresa o Negocio # 3:: Podcast con Juan LLerena Bienvenido/bienvenida! y comenzamos… Pues hoy hacemos una reflexión de nuestra presencia en las redes sociales así como también hacemos una pequeña auto-evaluación de lo que conocemos de nuestros clientes y las mejores formas de determinar c ...…
This is the 1st episode! Steve introduces himself and the the show. He discusses 10 things that he screwed up that you can learn from.
Hey everyone, this podcast is all about my friend Peter.
Callie and Kaitlin join forces with special guest Tom Saporito, star of Found Footage 3D, for this important PSA about the dangers of heteronormative sex.
Talking Points: bad deals, insurance, self driving cars, cat videos, we yell at clouds, sneezing, traditions.
Today we dive into the topic of ego. Book: Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday
Join us for this episode as Virgil Carroll Principal Human Solutions Architect at High Monkey talks with Doug Burgett, Creative Director for Marketing Communications for Enrollment Management at the University of Illinois about the unique challenges and opportunities when tackling digital accessibility compliance in a multi-editor environment! ...…
Today I would like to give you a glimpse into the story of one of our clients: Gary David. For years, Gary had been telling his wife that if the time ever came to sell their home, they would come to me toget the job done. So when Gary’s kids left the nest and the time came to downsize, they finally followed through with what they had been consi ...…
This week Bill and Kyle are dealing with all their emotional luggage, their cargo as it were, and watch the new horror movie that just dropped on Netflix, Cargo (2018). Join #thepoliteboys as they dig into the genre bending horror/drama, hit you with the pleases and thank yous, give you the question of the week and answer the ultimate question ...…
Heather pounds the pavement asking people if they enjoy being scared and why.
Join The Amateur Nerds as they explore Minnute 21 of Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox! In this minute, Mr. Fox and Kylie run through a field screaming, and then we are finally introduced to the sport of Whack Bat! Please rate, review, and subscribe!
Anyone that is questioning the path they’re on, or uncertain about what they really want in life will live this episode. Kevin Bulmer is a rock star public speaker, business and mindset coach, host of the Journey’s of the No Schedule Man podcast series, a prolific video blogger, and an all-around great guy.Kevin opens up about the costs of doin ...…
In this episode we discuss therapy, little things you can do to get out of a funk, no humans weekends and our experiences with mental health. As always, subscribe on iTunes or Spotify! Send us an email at or slide into our DMs on IG @screamingcompliments if you have a topic you'd like us to talk about.…
On this episode of The Cinemadventure Podcast Aidan and Blake talk about one of Blake’s favorites, Wes Craven’s “Scream 2.” the boys talk wigs, satire, and more. Follow us on Twitter @thefilmcast
Has Donald J Trump Screwed Iran, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Gaza all in one week? ? I think he has. I am back this week with an expletive and rant filled show fueled by the concept that Donald Trump is essentially trying to fuck the world. Summer is here … WOO! This means University is over for the year and I have more time for Podcasting an ...…
This week, Ryan watched a whole bunch, Bee discusses her enjoyment of Doctor Strange and they delve into one of the biggest gay slashers Hellbent. Figure out what we enjoyed more: the killers sweet goatee or the awesome punk rock soundtrack.
Who you gonna call? The Best Picture Pals! That's right, on this very special episode, we talk about Best Picture's exciting new emergency response service! We also talk about Cody's pick for Best Picture of 1996, Scream.
Come with us on our journey to Dallas as we attend the annual TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND! It's only the best party of the year!
After some major PC issues, I'm back with a brand new episode! This week I take a look at 2016's social media horror flick, Friend Request. Friend RequestWritten by: Matthew Ballen and Philip KochDirected by: Simon VerhoevenStars: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, and Brooke MarkhamSynopsis: A popular college stud ...…
Toto, we're not in Oklahoma anymore! come with us to Kansas and to the land of Oz. Well, the Oz museum anyway. We discuss the cinema classic as we tear through the plains. Join us!
Callie and Kaitlin watch a sorority girl attempt to solve her own murder. Callie and Kaitlin watch a sorority girl attempt to solve her own murder. Callie and Kaitlin watch a sorority girl attempt to solve her own murder. (Whoa. Deja vu.)
THIS week, the lads are joined by supreme intellectual b0$$ pal Olivia to discuss this week's vile Gaza attacks, the mechanics of Israel's apartheid agenda and Channel 4's Genderquake show and debate.
If you are yelling and screaming at your AGM, expect to be asked to leave. Raised voices will not be tolerated, you can be thrown out or the meeting may be closed. There is no rule that says motions have to be discussed or debated prior to a vote, The Chairperson can just call for a vote. If that does not work for you, find out the costs of cal ...…
The Warner Brothers try their hand at horror yet again with 1936's THE WALKING DEAD starring show favourite Boris Karloff and directed by Michael Curtiz. See just what this film noir-prototype has to offer...Hint: it's not zombies!Context setting 00:00; Synopsis 23:55; Discussion 30:29; Ranking 54:14…
Subscribe To THE HARD SKLTR Youtube Channel: Suckers, prepare to loose your mind with this Explosive track!If you're unhappy with this upload then email
In this real girl-to-girl conversation, I’m speaking with Jill Stanton, one-half of the Screw The 9 to 5 community - which helps new and existing entrepreneurs solve problems related to life and business through actionable insights and simple “how to’s.” Jill is sharing what it’s taken them to get their business to where it is today and how she ...…
This week Bill and Kyle decide to celebrate Mother's Day and stream Mama (2013) from FX Now. Join #thepoliteboys as they talk about this mom inspired horror flick, hit you with the pleases and thank yous, quesiton of the week and answer the ultimate question "would you stream my mom?" or really Mama, #WYSI?…
Chris and Brian are joined via ZOOM by Ben Lovro of En-Vision Home Solutions. En-Vision Home Solutions is a real estate company in the Columbia, SC area that helps distressed home sellers sell their home fast and for a great price. Ben shares a little of his personal story and talks about growing a business after having served a stint in prison ...…
Apologies for the delay on this special episode where Bill and Kyle do their second live recording in front of an audience at PodSlam 2017 for Connor's Cure. If you are interested in donating you are able to by going to it's for a great cause. Join #thepoliteboys as they raise money and do ridiculous math because they wa ...…
Chelsea's no-show in the last 2 games of the season is the highlight of the last weekend of PL matches this season. Man City become the 1st team in PL history to score 100 points. Is there any scope for improvement for next season? And also, Yaya checks-out of City! In the second part of the show, We quiz ourselves to check if we know some impo ...…
Trinity's Wet T-Shirt Special, robo iguanas, killer children, laser light show, boxing robo dogs, oxygen bugs, teddy bears, VR Porn?, screaming robots, the end of Val Kilmers career...and much, much more!!! In The mountains today we strap on our Tab devices and head out into the wasteland as we discuss the 1995 Sci fi film Screamers, Directed b ...…
Unfortunately, Lloyd had to take the week off so we have PK Screams filling in for the week as we talk about all things photos and music, and everything in between!
In today's episode we are talking about THE SCALE!! This is a rather tough topic because there's some controversy surrounding whether it's necessary to use to determine progress or not. All too often, the number reflected on this dreaded machine haunts us and causes us to judge ourselves. BUT, what happens when we can take a step back and separ ...…
In this episode, we discuss our fascination with Serial Killers, Why it is that we are so interested, Who are each of our favorite killers, John Paul Gacy got screwed, What would it take for you to kill, We still think Ryan's house is haunted by Drippy...and if you see Joe in a chicken costume, you picked the wrong house.…
Some people find themselves in a vanilla relationship and develop kinky desires during that relationship. Some gave up kinky desires altogether in the name of love, never really addressing the matter beforehand with their partner. We'll also touch on a bit of self satisfying, AKA solo play.I have started a Patreon page to help with funding the ...…
Thank you for joining me today as we talk about What is Kink? Setting Limits in Kink and Kink Shaming.This podcast is a compilation of 3 videos I presented on my YouTube channel, Screaming Kink.I have started a Patreon page to help with funding the creative process that is podcasting and creating YouTube videos. If you enjoy my content please c ...…
Episode 2 of our Health Series is out! Today we are talking about sex, sexual health, respect in sexual relationships, how our culture views/presents sex, and consent. (Among other things!) Some IG accounts we love - women who are owning their sexuality: @ripsnorter @hippiebumpeace @ihartericka @rashidakhanbey @evyan.whitney @cheyennegil @nolat ...…
Kansas football might go the entire decade without a road win. Their last road win came in 2009 and their last Big 12 road win was in 2008. Have they reached a point where embarrassment and futility can't get worse?Ohio State won't allow grad transfer Joe Burrow to speak with Big Ten schools. Why are schools given that power?And what's a terrib ...…
*Explicit Content* In this episode we read about a fathers love for his children in, "Screaming Across America" by Mindy Littman Holland. Happy Podcast Friday. Please visit our SPONSOR! Clean Cut Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, UT (21 E Kelsey Ave 84111). All their links are below to schedule an appointment, walk ins are welcome. By mentioning " ...…
I have some bad news, Screamers. I updated my PC to the new Windows 10 April update and it broke my sound card. I can't record or edit any new Scream Stream recordings so, until another update is released, or I get a MacBook Pro, I'll be releasing some of the episodes from the original run of Scream Stream from 2014. I didn't want to just leave ...…
Callie and Kaitlin discover that just because a scary movie was made in black and white doesn't mean it can't be RED HOT. Listen as they swoon over a mustachioed ghost hunter, draft a quick lesbian fanfic, and bask in the raw ectoplasmic power of a repressed female libido!
River Musings & Tunes with Georgie - Cut Grass Screams
1. Alex Arnout - Baby Wants To Groove- Clive Henry & Alex Arnout Edit 2. Muzik Box London - Monkeycat - Attaboy Remix3. Sasse - Roland - David Duriez Robotwars Remix 4. Christian Nielsen - Together Exploited Ghetto Mix5. So Inagawa - Selfless State 6. Mr. Tophat - Drops N Pops (2016) 7. Crowdpleaser - Jonx - St Plomb South Jonx Remix 8. Martin ...…
Fuck La La Land!!!The one where I express my frustration with folks who love that generic ass high school musical theater, damn there two hour talking celluloid landfill, culturally significant as buzzfeed food videos involving fucked up versions of traditionally black recipes, tone deafening think piece on why gentrification is hip in Los Ange ...…
It's John's pick this week as we continue our look at sequels with the 90's meta horror hit, Scream 2 (1997). The Too Much Free Time podcast hosted by Marc Burris, Peter Blankenship, and John Girdler.
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