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Return to Sender
This is the reposting of the old Return to Sender show. Just in case you missed it the first time.
Bomba Super Show - by Sender
Sender's Podcast
The podcast of Sender (DJ Sender). DJ #1 2004-2006 in Ukraine.
Your stories. With a soundtrack.
Denis Sender - Romantic Sunset Show
Just beautiful music! Progressive, Vocal, Uplifting melodies! You have 1 hour to relaxation... Enjoy!!! Только красивая музыка от Denis Sender. У вас есть ровно час, чтобы подумать, помечтать и просто насладиться красивой музыкой на закате...
Andy Moors Moor Music Podcast
Andy Moors Moor Music monthly radio show showcases listeners with some of the biggest upcoming tracks from the scene being played, as well as some exclusives from Andys label, AVA Recordings.
SenderSmash Radio
Musician, Audio Engineer, and Podcaster
Raising Kids That Money Can't Buy
Audio presentations by Kevin Elko and Bill Beausay based on their book, The Sender.
Pressing On!
Pressing On! features discussions between the Senders brothers on a plethora of topics from a Christian worldview. It seeks to employ the charge of Hebrews 6:1 of pressing on towards spiritual maturity in Christ. Feel free to leave a comment, like, or subscribe - and we hope you are blessed by our ministry!
Nyhetsfredag er Oslo-studentenes aktualitetsmagasin. Vi gir deg aktuelle saker fra studentlivet i Oslo og omegn. Sender hver fredag på Radio Nova - FM99,3, fra klokken 11:03-12:00
Bunte Welle
English:Every Saturday morning we are on air for our local and international listeners with our German radio show “Bunte Welle”. We are focused on the most beautiful German hits of all times, and entertain a wide range of people with our music selection, information about the artists, current affairs and local events. We are part of the multicultural program.Responsible for radio “Bunte Welle” are Hilli and Fritz Schmitt, whereby Hilli leads you through the show as a moderator and Fritz acts ...
Cilësitë dhe etika e Profetit (sal-lAllahu alejhi ue sel-lem)
Nuk ka dyshim se ndër bisedat më të mira që mund t’i bëj dikush është biseda rreth Pejgamberit (paqja dhe mëshira e Allahut qofshin mbi të), ngase njerëzit sot më shumë se kurrë kanë nevojë për ta njohur atë. Mu për këtë hoxha i nderuar, Bledar Haxhiu, flet në këtë ligjëratë rreth atributeve natyrore dhe virtyteve të Pejgamberit (paqja dhe mëshira e Allahut qofshin mbi të).
DJ Trancelover IN Trance session 27
Tracklist:1.Arisen Flame - Chords (Intro Mix) 2.Solarstone - The Best Way To Make Your Dreams Come True Is To Wake Up (Walsh & McAuley Remix) 3.ReOrder & First Effect - Prometheus (Original Mix)4.Misja Helsloot feat Fisher - Inspire (Aerofoil Remix) 5.Adam Kancerski - Neverending (Original Mix) 6.The Thrillseekers feat. Stine Grove - Anywhere With You (Club Mix) 7.NDS & Blue - The Diva (Denis Sender Remix) 8.Aelyn - Believe In Us (ProgressiveR Remix) 9.Lange & Genix - Immersion (Original Mix ...
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"I JUST CAME across this email," began the message, a long overdue reply. But I knew the sender was lying. He’d opened my email nearly six months ago. On a Mac. In Palo Alto. At night. I knew this because I was running the email tracking service Streak, which notified me as soon as my message had been opened. It told me where, when, and on what ...…
A staggering amount of money is wasted on mail sent to the wrong address. Here's the simple step to take to solve this problem.
H2O Cincinnati
Feuilletöne - Kultursendung für Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur
Das letzte Mal steht eine Philosophin in diesem Jahr im Mittelpunkt. Hannah Arendt wird uns in dieser Sendung beschäftigen. Auch diese Philosophin begleitet Herrn Martinsen schon länger. Außerdem geht es um Kettcar und das Album ‘Ich vs Wir’, um die Serie ‘Rick & Morty’ und um einen 14-jährigen Tomatin, der in Portfässern gefinisht wurde. Geles ...…
Feuilletöne - Kultursendung für Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur
Das letzte Mal steht eine Philosophin in diesem Jahr im Mittelpunkt. Hannah Arendt wird uns in dieser Sendung beschäftigen. Auch diese Philosophin begleitet Herrn Martinsen schon länger. Außerdem geht es um Kettcar und das Album ‘Ich vs Wir’, um die Serie ‘Rick & Morty’ und um einen 14-jährigen Tomatin, der in Portfässern gefinisht wurde. Geles ...…
This week we share some of our favorite places to exercise that don’t involve a mundane gym. We have our hearts torn out, and will share with you all why we think a seven year old should be our next president when we review Sean Baker’s “The Florida Project”. We step away from terrible television and shine a light on NBC’s “The Good Place”. We ...…
Sunday ServiceBy Pastor Bisi Tofade.
Eric Hollar
As part of a special Missions Sunday service, Pastor Eric shares about two missionaries in the Bible and talks about our responsibility to be a goer or a sender. (10/22/17)
Kaelan is come back again on our podcast series after 1 year for the 81st episode!! His first approach with the world of music came at the age of 11 when he started to study piano. Shortly after, thanks to his great devotion and deep passion for everything concerned the music, he was called from different local bands. After many years of experi ...…
SHINE ON! Kacey's Health & Happiness Show
Discover how to tap into your extraordinary human capacity for connection and healing, using astonishing new findings about the miraculous power of group intention and its boomerang effect.In The Power of Eight, Lynne reveals her remarkable findings from ten years of experimenting with small and large groups about how group intention can heal o ...…
In the premiere episode of CYBER24, we discussed some of the top cybersecurity threats of 2017 with Matt Sorensen, chief information security officer (CISO) with Secuvant, and Sgt. Jeff Plank, a member of the state Cyber Task Force. First, it’s important to know who the bad guys are and what they are after. “With the ability to anonymize your s ...… Edge God In Podcast Week 17: A Negativity Detox: Step 1 The focus for this study is a very timely topic and as we find ourselves surrounded by negativity. Let’s face it, you can’t give out to the world what you don’t take time to master within. With that said, it makes perfect sense that the first step in a negativity detox requi ...…
Key Points Email is going through a renaissance right now “You’ve got to have some broad touches to let folks that are less engaged know that you’re still alive.” Don’t just try to wow people with your email content and offers. Build a relationship and have a normal conversation Click to Tweet: Email Marketing Sales Tips and Tricks – See http:/ ...…
* Because they are real. A couple of days ago I received a text message (SMS) to my phone informing me that my site was about to be de-listed from Google. It went on to say I needed to contact the sender within 3 days to keep my Google listing active. The good news is it would cost only $40 and they can assure me it won't happen if I hire them ...…
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: magic recliner chair> subject: penultimate episodes
Tatt opp i Studio17 backstage, 13 september 2017 Lunken Kaffi gjenganger, Gustav Jørgensen er tilbake i kjent stil og vi snakker om den nye lokaliseringen vår, visuell kommunikasjon, kaffetrykkeri, Gustav flytter til Oslo, Gustavs erfaringer med tog, å tappe på nesetippen gestikulering, ordvits om Grønland i Oslo, sitat slutt, ranshistorie fra ...…
Three Keys from this Episode How to save money building your email list by only paying for valid data Unverified data can cause your email service provider to suspend your account, or worse yet, cancel your account. Cleaning your company data and email lists will improve deliverability and sender reputation. Click to Tweet: Bad data and attacks ...…
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: purple> subject: fost fest
Feuilletöne - Kultursendung für Musik, Film, Serie und Literatur
Wir sind unter unseren Philosophen bei der Stoa angekommen. Und es geht mit Seneca los. The Fall haben in diesem Jahr ein neues Album veröffentlicht, was ‘New Facts Emerge’ heißt. Außerdem haben wir ‘Asterix bei den olympischen Spielen’ geguckt und – Planänderung – einen 10-jährigen Glenfarclas verkostet. Gelesen Seneca – Briefe an Lucilius Sen ...…
Think on This - Two Truths and a Lie
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { // Enable Bootstrap Tooltips $('[data-toggle="tooltip"]').tooltip(); }); Last week in part one, we covered the technical side of bitcoin; all about where bitcoin came from, how transactions work, and some on security. If you haven’t listened to that episode, you can check it out at ...…
My ability to respond in a conscious Godly manner in the face of negative emotions is in direct proportion to my awareness around the truth that I am not another person’s emotional expressions. As I anchor my identity and beliefs in God, I am able to offer responses that validate, empathize and encourage the sender of the emotions. When I forge ...…
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: boston, ma> subject: cygnus + protips
#musicintheair - Podcast Show
Welcome to " MUSIC IN THE AIR " Villahangar PodCast ShowFly with our Sound Every Friday! Don't miss it!Mix And Selected By Natali F:- Facebook : Soundcloud : Instagram : on:- Facebook : Soun ...…
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: boston, ma> subject: FREE STUFF
Tabletop Tapes Actual Play Podcast
Episode 9: Return to Sender This is the first half of what the party does before 1921. Here's the crazy mixed-iconography symbol of the Society of Hidden Masters: James Corven is the man in the photograph. John Corven is in Boston/Arkham, and Arthur is beholden to him. Here's hoping I didn't get those names flipped in later recordings. If I sti ...…
Simon Patterson - Open Up
Simon Patterson - Open Up - 2081. FM-84 feat. Ollie Wride - Running In The Night (Josep & Kane Remix)2. Seven Lions & Jason Ross feat. Paul Meany - Higher Love (Grum Remix)3. Trilucid - Endless Moment (Martin Roth Remix)4. Cirez D - The Accuser5. Jerome Isma-Ae & Tone Depth - Arise6. Tom Wax - Flashback (Aquilla Fearon Vox Mix)7. Mongo - Krypto ...…
Topics: - Joe discusses the problem with automatically forwarding mail in the era of DMARC and walks through an explanation from Kerio: - You have a hosted Kerio email account, with a domain of - You have a forwarding rule configured to forward all email addressed to to - Gmail enforces ...…
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: indianapolis, in> subject: GEN CON?!
All versions (with talking and without talking, mp3 and wav) available at, which includes timed tracklists. This is the official version (with talking). In this episode, we have a fantastic guestmix by Bryan Summerville, and 4 exclusive world premieres!TRACKLIST:1. [0:00:33]: Andy Blueman - Time To Rest [Abora Skies]2. [ ...…
Original Transcript: Dear S, Let me just preface by saying I do not condone any illegal activity pertaining to psilocin or psilocybin otherwise known as magic mushrooms or shrooms. You, as a listener, can do whatever you please. I'm not responsible for your actions. Without further ado... A room with a letters S and H are tacked in front of its ...…
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: watertown, ma> subject: where in the world is Agent Parker
> intercepted transmission> sender: betty byline> location: watertown, ma> subject: SOON
Tatt opp i Lunkent verksted 15 juli, 2017 Liam tar opp tråden fra hans forrige opptreden (s05e02) og snakker om hans radiodager i Ashville North Carolina, han røper sitt mellomnavn, litt om Camron lovejoy og mudfoot, LUNKENT GJENSYN (ny jingle), Nilsen museum, (instagram @nilsenmuseum) Liam har flyttet til Velje i Danmark, residency på Nilsen M ...…
01. Toygun - Transitions (Original Mix) [Cyclic]02. Cari Golden, Robbie Akbal - IВґm Just Watching (Original Mix) [Akbal]03. Andrey Semenets, Bondarev - Second Room (Original Mix) [Unreleased - Soon on Parallel]04. Gorge, Markus Homm - Balance (Original Mix) [8bit]05. Andrey Semenets, Sashanti - Jupiter Summer (Acrobat Remix) [Unreleased - Soon ...…
Simple Pin Podcast: Simple ways to boost your business using Pinterest
Most of the time on this show, I interview bloggers and social media experts and share advice for you to use to grow your Pinterest account. But for the past several weeks, I have been focusing in on the basics. Things like business ethics, how Pinterest compares with Facebook, the most common mistakes I see people making on Pinterest, using Pi ...…
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