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Everything about WordPress except the Kitchen Sink!
Everything about WordPress except the Kitchen Sink!
Everything about WordPress except the Kitchen Sink!
Native insight on the weirdest, wildest headlines and general wackiness to come out of the Sunshine State
Everything we've done, all in one place.
One Foot In The Sink is a light hearted Muslim lifestyle podcast. What is a Muslim lifestyle? We believe it is living an inclusive life within the boundaries of Islam and pushing yourself to becoming a better human being and a Muslim. Of course, it involves enjoying the finer things in life too! Join Anees and Foz, every two weeks, as they talk to inspirational guests who share their motivational stories, have some banter, discuss Muslim lifestyle hacks and some funny stories! No politics or ...
This is a detailed and accurate account of the most awful marine disaster in history, constructed from the real facts as obtained from those on board who survived (
Everything and the Kitchen Sink is the eclectic mess of music and sweary rants radio show hosted by Nikki. What music will you find? Ska, punk, reggae, soul, rockabily, surf and everything in between. Oh, and Joe Strummer X3
Native insight on the weirdest, wildest headlines and general wackiness to come out of the Sunshine State
Podcast by Clay Anderson
Sinking Ship
We are a podcast of twenty-somethings who like to sit around in front of a mic and pretend to know about stuff. Hosted by four friends who collectively share a repulsive need to counter self-deprecation through exhibitionism.
Weekly sermons bought to you by Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church
a podcast about nothing. cam (current), tom (current), & james (former) spend roughly forty-five minutes every single week discussing everything and the kitchen sink. (specifically, bromega's kitchen sink) occasional guests are former bromega residents who share their favorite items. and of course, the rare episode includes the additions of connor's corner, where current bromegaite (connor) spends time discussing things that bug him.
HPS: The Sink
West Indian (American) point of view, culture, and heritage, from the lunatics behind Hot Peppa Sauce.
A weekly dose of anything and everything reaching anywhere from Alan Lomax to Grimes, Canadian Hip-Hop to Dave Brubeck, we've got it all. This is listener driven radio at it's finest. Recent winner of's Best Music Show award.
Sink or be Sunk
Educational discussions around Wargaming's World of Warships. Listen in to find talks about game mechanics, ships, and events. We invite you to learn as we learn.
Everything and anything...information today yesterday and tomorrow...what's important to me and you speaking my truths
Sports. Movies. Literally anything else we can think of.
Welcome to the God Winks and the Kitchen Sink podcast, where we tackle questions about being a Catholic today with our own personal experiences, a touch of humor, and a dose of weirdness. I’m Lauren a recent convert to Catholicism from the Mennonite faith, and lifelong Wisconsinite who loves researching natural health, and I’m Daniel a cradle Catholic, who considered the priesthood before Lauren came along, I’m part Japanese, part Italian, but all Texan. We married young and are exploring th ...
Four Pints Later
Talking Football and Sinking Pints
FlyLady Tools
We are going to use our FLY Tools Show for our Daily Pep Talk! I hope you use them to get your day moving! You can do this!
Twice a month we bring you two songs - songs you've probably never heard and songs you've requested we make for you. We serve you fresh originals and obscure gems, could be indie rock, pop, ambient soundscapes, experimental, music-made-on-retro-computers or whatever other genre we've wandered into to bring you good music. We also feature a monthly satiric SuBBrilliant News report from Tom Merritt. And you can ask us to make your dream song for you - specify the song title and what you'd like ...
The Second Amendment Podcast that has a Little Bit of Everything
TWIFP is a weekly podcast that makes staying informed in the Sunshine State easy. Keeping up with news and politics doesn't need to be difficult. This Week In Florida Politics is a weekly wrap up of the week's political headlines. Florida is one of the most influential states in the nation and the decisions made by it's political figures reverberate throughout the country. Join us, each Monday for a review of the most important political news in the Sunshine State. TWIFP: Brief & Unbiased
The Game of Thrones After Show recaps, discusses and comments on episodes of HBO's Game of Thrones. Additionally, during hiatus weeks, bonus episodes will be posted on topics related to the books and series.Show Summary: George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" is brought to the screen as HBO sinks its considerable storytelling teeth into the medieval fantasy epic. It's the depiction of two powerful families -- kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and ...
Listen,feel and sink deep down in your dream.
The best Podcast the universe will never hear
The New Song network is an international family of churches that share a passion for reaching neighbors, nations, and generations with the good news of Jesus Christ's love and power. We are dedicated to helping men, women, and children sink deep roots in the things of God, find hope and healing as they grow in a love relationship with the Savior, and mature into joyful, biblically sound disciples who live fruitful lives of ministry that honor God and draw others to Him.
Shark Interviews
Sink your teeth into these Alternative Shark band interviews! #biteme
Titanic Letters
To commemorate the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Ciaran Hinds introduces a series of letters written 100 years ago to the day by people on-board, each read by a different famous person
NEW EPISODES DAILY!!!!BEWARE THIS PROGRAM Is Not For The Faint Of Heart It Really Isn't. Welcome To U.R.R Underground Railroad Radio New York City, PLEASE Except NO IMITATION...!!!??!!! Open Information Forum. broadcasting DAILY! + Everything And Anything Under The Kitchen Sink. The game has been changed yet again best believe... Home of (URRTV) URRTV #URRTV #URR Underground Railroad Radio TV our YouTube channel. Streaming LIVE! Tinchat & Google+ LIVE! Web Chat every episod ...
Tour Stories
A podcast featuring your favorite artist stories about life on the road. Hosted by Sink In.
Twice a month we bring you two songs - songs you've probably never heard and songs you've requested we make for you. We serve you fresh originals and obscure gems, could be indie rock, pop, ambient soundscapes, experimental, music-made-on-retro-computers or whatever other genre we've wandered into to bring you good music. We also often feature satiric SuBBrilliant News reports from Tom Merritt. And you can ask us to make your dream song for you - specify the song title and what you'd like it ...
From the short fiction site comes Audiologue, an audiodrama podcast about isolation, science fiction, and survival. The first 8-episode arc titled "Echo" follows James Andrews, a researcher, after a container ship sinks and cuts off communication between the underwater research base he's in and the world topside. Season 2 titled "Vigil" is coming in March 2018!
Podcast After Dark
Join Asai Nero Tran and company as they kick back and chat about whatever they want for as long as they want.
A kitchen sink podcast of news, philosophy, and everyday life
Hashtag Pistons
Hashtag Pistons is a Detroit Pistons podcast hosted by Joseph Sinke, which is part of the Hashtag Basketball Podcast Network.
Experience the most innovative and best kitchen products for your home with our Kitchen of the Year podcasts. Let CaesarStone, HP, Jenn-Air, Kohler, Shaw, and Tassimo show you first-hand why their products deserved to be in House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year.
The Bathroom Sink
When the Apple designers first came to Steve Jobs with the iPod he picked it up, fiddled with it and then dropped it into a fish tank. "Those are air bubbles," he snapped. "That means there's space in there. Make it smaller."A successful designer needs a critical awareness of the design all around us and the factors that produce it. They also need to be able to look at an item and analyse - what it is, what does it do, why is like that, how is it made?In this new iTunes collection members of ...
Movie Nosh
Welcome to Movie Nosh with Mike and Josh, where each week we sink our teeth into a different movie feast!Movie reviews? Check.Movie news? Check.Games and challenges as ridiculous as a butterfly queefing in the eye of an innocent child? Double friggin check.Go on. Give us a listen. Embrace the queef.
This is a 1st hand account written by a survivor of the Titanic about that fateful night and the events leading up to it as well as the events that followed its sinking. - Summary written by Allyson Hester
LifeHouse Church
LifeHouse Church was established in October 2002 under the leadership of Pastors Richard and Helen Kobakian. Early meetings took place in the Kobakian lounge room with a congregation of just 17. Within weeks an opportunity arose to gather at the Coburg Town Hall, a venue the church soon outgrew.Senior Pastor Richard Kobakian explains, “Together, we’re striving to become the kind of church described in the Bible, a church with relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constan ...
Find interior design ideas for remodeling your vanity, bathtub, bath sink and shower.
Castles in the Air
Where the familiar becomes uncanny, and the once comforting glow of home sinks into the inky night. Castles in the Air is a bi-weekly horror anthology series, dealing primarily with existential and nihilistic dread. Castles in the Air walks the thin line of light between awe and terror.
Spooky teen drama The Vampire Diaries is preparing to sink its fangs into TV audiences on this side of the pond. Cast members Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder discuss the popular series. The series premiere of The Vampire Diaries is available to buy now on iTunes. Jenni Falconer moderates.
Aqua Marianas
An audio drama by Sinking Feelings Productions set in a future where mankind has turned to the depths to try and explore and eventually colonize the ocean, Aqua Marianas follows the five-person crew of the deepest outpost ever placed as they try to deal with horrors we never knew about side-by-side with the daily difficulties of living so far beneath the surface.
Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families. Working under the government's shroud of secrecy, CIA operative Dew Phillips crisscrosses the country trying in vain to capture a live victim. With only decomposing corpses for clues, CDC epidemiologist Margaret Montoya races to analyze the science behind this deadly contagion. She discovers that these killers all hav ...
Published in 1911, Kandinsky's book compares the spiritual life of humanity to a pyramid -- the artist has a mission to lead others to the pinnacle with his work. The point of the pyramid is those few, great artists. It is a spiritual pyramid, advancing and ascending slowly even if it sometimes appears immobile. During decadent periods, the soul sinks to the bottom of the pyramid; humanity searches only for external success, ignoring spiritual forces. (Summary from Wikipedia)
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They took a car to the moon, let that sink in for a bit……. The Astronauts also went back to school to study rocks. Andy and Elton review “Part Ten – Galileo Was Right”. The Apollo 15 astronauts and backup crew go through extensive geology training in preparation for their mission. We do have a Facebook group if you’re interested, we’ll be posti ...…
She’s one of our wisest voices on social evolution and the spiritual aspect of social healing. angel Kyodo williams is an esteemed Zen priest and the second black woman ever recognized as a teacher in the Japanese Zen lineage. To sink into conversation with her is to imagine and nourish a transformative potential of this moment towards human wh ...…
She’s one of our wisest voices on social evolution and the spiritual aspect of social healing. angel Kyodo williams is an esteemed Zen priest and the second black woman ever recognized as a teacher in the Japanese Zen lineage. To sink into conversation with her is to imagine and nourish a transformative potential of this moment towards human wh ...…
She’s one of our wisest voices on social evolution and the spiritual aspect of social healing. angel Kyodo williams is an esteemed Zen priest and the second black woman ever recognized as a teacher in the Japanese Zen lineage. To sink into conversation with her is to imagine and nourish a transformative potential of this moment towards human wh ...…
How about this for a movie idea: a main character has to prevent a new contagious strain of Ebola spreading around the world. She’s the best of the best. So good in fact, that her work on early detection systems contains the strain at its source. Ten minutes into the movie, we see the results of her work – nothing happens. Life goes on as usual ...…
Musings Include: Office behavior. Breasts and the many uses there of. Bodily fluids in my sink. Breast milk is not like regular milk. Cube belching. Citizen Kane. The Idiots Review.
RHOZ Podcast - 2018-4-13 [00:00:00] 2:00 pm - RHOZ [00:00:34] Bedouin Soundclash - Gyasi Went Home [00:01:45] The Tragically Hip - We'll Go Too [00:05:15] Advertisement [00:05:33] Advertisement [00:05:52] Advertisement [00:06:26] Counting Crows - Walk Aways [00:07:40] Brian Ales - Happy Town [00:09:57] 30sec_song2 [00:10:36] Bedouin Soundclash ...…
The gang tries to stop a giant tentacled monster from sinking their ship!By
Sukaina Dada is the founder of SMILE Canada, an organization dedicated to supporting children and families in the Muslim community living with disabilities. A mother of two, Sukaina is passionate about helping Muslim communities become physically, socially accessible and inclusive. She is also the author the book, “A Bedtime Prayer for Peace”, ...…
Foundational Truths: The Bible is God’s self-revelation. God is the Eternal, Sovereign Creator; all that He creates is good. Man is a responsible agent, held to a moral standard. Sin originates within a person, separating us from God. God declares one righteous by faith alone, apart from works. What is the grand purpose of all history and exist ...…
Many potential home buyers in Tampa Bay are concerned about hurricanes, sink holes and alligators. Find out more about them.
On this episode of the Sofa King Podcast, we do a deep dig on the facts and failures of the attempted CIA-backed revolution that was meant to topple Fidel Castro in Cuba, The Bay of Pigs invasion. The Bay of Pigs was a not-so-secret plan for the CIA to train and arm exiled Cubans living in Miami, so they would go back to Cuba and take the islan ...…
As sea levels rise, nuisance flooding is the first wave of assault on coastal cities. Can we protect our coasts from inundation, or is retreat inevitable?---Jeff Goodell, author of the New York Times award-winning book, The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World, talks about the impact of rising se ...…
Jacaranda FM — Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga says the Centurion part of the capital is riddled with sink holes, but that no houses are in danger.
Dow plunges as trade war fears rise, Trump trashes Amazon; WH: Trump, Putin discussed meeting at White House; Sources: allies told Trump his base thinks he's softening on immigration; Trump unleashed: President ramps up rhetoric on Twitter; Trump spends time with Fox hosts, Don King at Mar-A-Lago; Trump hears from immigration hardliners at Mar- ...…
The method was similar to the one Netflix uses to recommend movies — no crystal ball, but good enough to make an effective political tool. Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data analysis and political adverti ...…
In episode 76, Ryan Janel and Dan interview Dr. Tad DeLay (Part 1 of 2) about psychoanalysis, theology and politics. We live in an era of turmoil, which is slowly drowning out the religious, economic, and cultural orthodoxies that pledged their allegiances to a sinking cause. Through the lens of psychoanalysis and philosophy, DeLay explores the ...…
It is a period of Tool war. Toolbox spaceships, striking from Tha Company, have won their first victory against the evil NorthCoast Underground. During the battle, Tool Spies managed to steal secret plans to the Kitchen Sink's ultimate studio, an armored station with enough power to destroy an entire studio. Pursued by the Sink's sinister agent ...…
Morgan talks to Heather about her current relationship "thing," the weirdest place she's masturbated, her cute AF parents, and they talk past relationships - including one guy who peed in sinks! SAY WHAAAAAAAAA!
Sam Decross is back on the show? Talk about a Poor Life Choice, am I rite? Sam invited over to his pad to talk about how his music talent management business has evolved and expanded since we last talked. He shares how every artist should wake up thinking about finding a new audience, what he looks for in artists to work with, and how Chelsey L ...…
Tune in as we throw the kitchen sink at Brad Hole. Brad is the Product Marketing Manager for Paddlesports & Marine for RAM MOUNTS, Fishing guide in Washington State, and all around stick.
TLDR by GeekWire is your daily rundown of all things tech. Hosted by Starla Sampaco. Featured Stories: ‘A little nerdy, a little smart’: Bill Gates relates, and has a blast in ‘Big Bang Theory’ guest appearance Saudi crown prince, who has been wooing big tech, will visit Seattle and meet with Bill Gates ...…
Recorded 2018-03-30 01:13:21 Tracklisting: * Apzolut - Jungle Sam * ??? - ??? * ??? - ??? * ??? - ??? * ??? - ??? * Dolphin - The Reigning Bloodclart * Sei2ure - Partystarter * Brainpain - Ugly MF * Sei2ure - Serial Killer * Brainpain - No Soul * Kriotek - Headcase * Eiton - Bitch (Proton Kid Remix) * Limewax - Landing Bone (The Panacea Remix) ...…
The Good Friday edition of Midlands Metalheads Radio's Breakfast Show with Tony.Gun – Better DaysEclipse – I Don’t Wanna Say I’m SorryMoody Blues – You And MeRavenbreed – LonelyCream – Sunshine Of Your LoveElectus – I Wanted YouBlack Oak Arkansas – Jim DandyAlice Cooper – The Sound Of ASkunk Anansie – That Sinking FeelingJourney – Any Way You W ...…
Vigaland Non-celebrity #MeToo Story #12-Joy I was twenty when I lost my virginity, but it was not a losing of choice. It was not an act of love. I remember lying in my own bed, naked, a guy that I knew on top of me, his hands everywhere, his breath heavy, an overmastering desire emanating from him. My own thinking was dulled, my vision blurred, ...…
When it comes to vomiting, it’s best to act like a Boy Scout and be prepared. Also, are all Target bathroom sinks designed to spray your crotch? Jason investigates. Also, Steve and his son are especially adept at finding dead men in bathrooms. Use this knowledge to determine when or if you will accompany them to the can. (Originally posted: Apr ...…
Design that doesn’t scale well hurts—it’s a short-term approach impacting product sprints and ability to ship quickly. Design systems offer a magic solution, but the pause in engineering resource is not easy to justify. They’re not just about pretty buttons—they’re about speed-to-fixability that ensures silo’ed bugs don’t sink your UX. Hear fro ...…
Contender # 6 - The Kraken This time, we talk about one of the most iconic creatures in all of folklore, the Kraken. From ancient manuscripts, to modern day satellite photography, humanity has been trying to warn generations to come of this behemoth beneath the waves. With documentation of this massive creature flooding the pages of fictional a ...…
Where ARE you supposed to shave???
Monitoring water use with Internet-connected sensors with Lotik… Ryan Darby, VP of Business Development for Lotik, (a smart system of wireless sensors providing “point-of-use” water monitoring to track usage and detect leaks) joins Thomas Kutzman and guest host Marc Raco in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. Presented by Prev ...…
On CorkToday - More on all 4 defendants been acquitted in the Belfast Rape Trial,How Illegal dumping is a risk to our tourism and employment sector,How do you recognise a genuine charity or a fake charity , Discussing tomorrow Patricia speaks to Paul Redmond author of the book The Adoption Machine which details the dark history into Ireland’s m ...…
Photo by: Jocelyn's Photography Shownotes Listen to our episode all about our rehearsal dinner through the wedding. Lauren talks about her something old, blue, borrowed, and new, what readings Lauren and Daniel chose, and why their wedding bouquet was featured in Reader's Digest! Links: Reader's Digest Article Music by: Nazar Hybak retrieved fr ...…
This week Graham gets graphic about a spot on his gouch, Nathan speaks about his pissy sink and the lads read out a very thoughtful email.
Today, we're bringing you the final part of our three-part series with John Mejia. John is a pilot, entrepreneur, and real estate investor who feels compelled to share his story in an effort to inspire people to create and control the outcome of their lives. In part one, John shared a heartbreaking story of growing up an immigrant in a tough pa ...…
Capt. Carlos discusses how the manic minnow lure series was developed and how to fish this slow sinking twitchbait.
The best looks on the Kid’s Choice Awards red carpet, including an interview with Sadie Sink’s stylist Ryan Richman!By (Us Weekly).
Finally the episode you’ve all been ANTicipating. The movie that proved a story about a superhero who talked to ants could have legs. The movie that everyone thought would sink at the box office, but proved to be quite buoyANT. That’s right. Billy and Christof are covering Ant-Man. Topics Include: Paul Rudd’s sex appeal, The surprising success ...…
Join us this week as we try to learn from Apple, and sink some putts in the App Store. Apple held an event, while the App Store kept churning out new apps for us to talk about on episode 60 of the AppAdvice Weekly Podcast. This week, we discuss Apple's education event, a new Toca Boca app, a mini golf game, an online shooter comparison, and more.…
This week, Sawyer worries about his most upsetting preexisting condition: smell blindness. You might think he would worry most about things like not being able to tell when the chili’s gone bad, or that his entire house would blow up at the slightest spark because he bumped the gas on while eating peanut butter tortillas over his sink like an a ...…
0:00 Titanic sinking, 1:00 Antman, 1:40 Recalibrate, 3:05 Goals, 6:50 3 Headed Dog, 8:45 Reload, 10:55 Programming, 12:30? Clubs, 16:30 Powerlifting Club, 21:15 Nutrition in the Open, 23:40 Nutrition Consults, 25:50 Movement and Nutrition = feeling good, 27:00 Post Open Thoughts
On episode 3 of Belief Hole, we begin to peel back the exoskeleton on the topic of artificial intelligence and the singularity. Is it possible that the brilliant thinking machines we are creating today could eventually become self-aware, and if so, what are the implications about our own human consciousness and reality itself? With the help of ...…
The difference matters big time. The post Emotions can sink or save you appeared first on UNRELENTING.
Set List: FOLK/ROOTS Mar 10 - Gerrit Delaquis "Calm Cloud" from Calm Cloud | FACEBOOK BANDCAMP Mar 24 - Raine Hamilton "Starlight" Night Sky | WEBSITE YOUTUBE Mar 9 - Sean Burns "Have You Seen That Train" from Music for Taverns, Bars and Honky Tonks | WEBSITE FACEBOOK POP Mar 16 - Peter Harder "I Don't Love You Anymore" from As The Universe | B ...…
Here we go again! Another full length episode with two stories sure to piss you off! Unsolved mysteries, sinking ships, missing families...We packed an hour of details leaving you to scream "what the fuck?!" So grab your wine and beer - you'll need it!
With the full party gathered at last, the time for battle has arrived. Will they survive, fail, or find a way to sink yet another island? Probably the last one, but you'll have to listen to find out for sure.Don't forget to check out our Patreon for exclusive content: And check out our store for sweet, ...…
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