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Kaijusaurus Podcast
Ogni giorno+
A lifelong kaiju fan and a newbie make their way through the thirty-plus Godzilla canon, sharing their thoughts and waxing lyrical on each film per episode.Hosted by Steven Sloss, Ross Menzies, and friends.Edited and produced by Steven Sloss and Ross Menzies.
Fitzdog Radio
Fitzdog Radio! Honest funny interviews w/ Greg Fitzsimmons' new and old friends diving deep and laughing hard. Guests include Zach Galifianakis, Joe Rogan, Sarah Silverman, JB Smoove, Chelsea Handler, Nick Swardson, Sebastian, Judd Apatow, Steven Wright, Dave Attell, Louis CK and Bill Burr
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My friend and one of my favorite comics Anthony Jeselnik describes slapping an audience member in the face & a 400 lb man getting muscled out of his show by a small female cop.
From the comfort of Chelsea’s Bel Air estate we discuss Chelsea drinking less, smoking pot more, and trying to not grab people’s asses. Check out Chelsea's book Life Will Be the Death of Me: ...and you too! including her tour and podcast of the same name! Also watch her Netflix special Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea (Editor's note: Chelsea' ...…
My old boss Judd Apatow says cool stuff about his new scrapbook of Garry Shandling. Also an update on the new Pete Davidson and Bill Burr movie he just directed.
My pal Doug Benson agrees with me; when a party starts at 8:00, you get there at 8:05. THAT is cool.
My brother Joey Diaz sits with me at the Comedy Store and we relive what was one of the greatest nights of comedy we’ve been a part of. And it was just a random night.
Comedy Central Roast head writer Mike Gibbons takes us backstage the night of the roast and into the writers room to talk about some of the great material that didn’t make it on. A BONUS EPISODE this week!
Fitzdog Radio Hall of Famer Mark McGrath is back! Check it out now.
My friend Brian Posehn admits to getting his ass kicked by his son. He had to go to the chiropractor. I would have used his college fund to pay for it.
Psyched that my friend Whitney Cummings is back on the podcast! We talk about her awesome new special on Netflix and the art of roasting.
I've got my old pal Tony Hinchcliffe on this week, and although we weigh less than 300 lbs combined, it is a heavy podcast.
I’ve worked with Karen Kilgariff in the alt comedy rooms, in writers' rooms, and briefly at a taco truck on La Cienega. I love her podcast My Favorite Murder and I'm psyched she’s back on today’s podcast. Get the new Fitzdog Radio before it’s old.
Tom Arnold stops by to weigh in on Al Franken and recounts his fist fight with Marc Burnett.
CIA led mind control experiments played a role in the Manson murders. Greg’s pal Tom O’Neill describes it in his new book Chaos.
Daniel and Greg talk at length about how they would make love to their publicist Michael O’Brien.
Comedian and friend of the show Ian Edwards talks about Lenny Bruce, Andy Kaufman, and Dane Cook.
Greg breaks down Erica’s walls as they do an acting exercise and make some phone calls. Check out her new album “Sad Lemon”
Bert and Greg record their version of “Guys we’ve f****d”. Both sunlight and shade are thrown around the comedy community.
It's Mike Gibbon's Dad on Father’s Day! Gibbons Sr. talks about growing up poor in the Bronx and hanging around Greg’s dad (who was from a better part part of the BX). Heartfelt and funny.
Jackie has been killing in the clubs for 30 years. She has an original, hilarious voice and has insightful takes on comedy today.
Beth Stelling is a triple threat (maybe quadruple if you count cello). My pal from Crashing talks about kissing your mother on the lips and shitting on the field hockey field.
The Aceman shows off his verbal prowess and explains his transition into standup comedy.
Boston legend Steve Sweeney has done films with every star in Hollywood and been one of the most influential comedians in New England history. His new film “Sweeney Killing Sweeney” is hilarious and available on iTunes.
David recounts a hilarious drunken fight with his wife on his last bus tour. Also a lesson on the most productive ways to take drugs. His new special is fantastic!
On this 90 minute podcast old friend JB Smoove is enraged over any dipshit that tries to fly a “contraption” over the beach in Malibu. Learning Improv early on helped JB become successful as an actor and a person. He tells us to just listen and show gratitude.
Greg has a big announcement before he talks with his guest Chad Daniels. They discuss his new Tom Segura produced special and life on the road.
Due to popular demand, Steven and Ross make a long-awaited return! Since our last Summer, you've said gimme, gimme, gimme! So the Kaijusaurus Podcast boys responded to the S.O.S. and make a dramatic one-off return to cover a long-requested topic, recorded last night in Glasgow... (April Fool's Day 2019 Special)…
It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.In the final episode of the Kaijusaurus Podcast, Steven and Ross review Toho's 2016 revival Shin Godzilla, then diverge on to reflecting on three years of kaiju podcasting, read out submissions and questions from listeners, and look ahead to the future. Kanpai, Kaijusaurus Podcast!…
Steven and Ross tag along with the Brody Bunch and hunt down some MUTOs as they discuss 2014's franchise revival Godzilla - the second American Godzilla feature, and the first in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse. Four years on and in the midst of a genre renaissance, how does Gareth Edwards' film now fare? Tune in now!…
For the erratic and frenzied 50th anniversary Godzilla movie comes an equally erratic and frenzied new episode of the Kaijusaurus Podcast. Steven, Ross, and Laura discuss Godzilla: Final Wars in all its insane glory, from Don Frye to Sum 41, and everything else in-between. Listen now!By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
The Kaijusaurus Podcast boys are tasked with laying Godzilla's tormented spirit to rest as they discuss 2003's Godzilla: Tokyo SOS. Steven and Ross draw comparisons with Masaaki Tezuka's previous Godzilla films, and share pitches for a concluding chapter of the Kiryu saga. But what did they think of the film itself? Listen now to find out!…
Steven and Ross gear up and get into training to discuss 2002's Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. The duo take the end-of-year opportunity to look back on their favourite film and TV events of 2017, as well as make an important announcement about the future of the Kaijusaurus Podcast.By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
Steven and Ross awaken the sacred Guardian Monsters to combat the returning threat of Godzilla in the latest episode of the Kaijusaurus Podcast! Discussing the fan-favourite 2001 entry Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, the pair muse on the film's earlier iterations, its title monsters, and much more.…
Black holes! Alternate histories! Giant dragonflies! Catastrophically irresponsible insect-enthusiast children! Steven and Ross take on 2000's Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, discussing the film's place within Toho's Millenium series while attempting to reconcile the film's strengths with its flaws. Listen now!…
Steven welcomes Raffael Coronelli back to the Kaijusaurus Podcast, who since his last appearance on the show has written and published his own kaiju novel, Daikaiju Yuki. Steven and Raff chat about the novel, what it takes to create your own kaiju story, the current kaiju genre resurgence, and so much more. It’s time to party!…
A new Millennium dawns on the Kaijusaurus Podcast as hosts Steven and Ross take on the last Godzilla film of the 20th Century - 1999's Godzilla 2000: Millennium. Toho's franchise reboot has drawn a mixed reaction from fans over the years - what will the duo make of it? Listen now!By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
Steven, Ross, and Laura take to Facebook to broadcast a LIVE discussion of the most controversial film in the entire Godzilla series - Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin's 1998 Hollywood feature. Will the much-maligned film be given a fair trial, or will it be sent straight to the gallows? Either way, one thing's certain - there'll be a lot of fish.…
Reaching the end of the Heisei run of Godzilla films is a milestone for the Kaijusaurus Podcast boys - but will Steven and Ross survive the micro-oxygenated rage of 1995?s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah? Listen now to find out!By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
Steven and Ross are tasked with piloting G-Force’s latest weapon MOGERA and bringing down the tyrannical Spacegodzilla in the new episode of the Kaijusaurus Podcast! The duo discuss the much-maligned film at length, and introduce a possible new feature to the show - TRUE GRIT! Enjoy!By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
G-FORCE enlists Steven and Ross to watch and review 1993's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II - the franchise's (early) 40th Anniversary production. But will the Kaijusaurus Podcast boys survive run ins with Rodan, Baby Godzilla, telepathic children, and Pteranodon robots? Oh, my!By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
Steven and Ross return to Infant Island in the Kaijusaurus Podcast’s discussion of 1992?s Godzilla vs. Mothra. However, this episode comes with a twist - could this be the first Godzilla film Ross doesn’t like? You’ll have to listen to find out!By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
Time travelers from the 23rd Century come back to warn the Kaijusaurus Podcast of a greatly convoluted scheme to erase it from time itself! Or at least, that's maybe how it feels - Steven and Ross wrap their heads around 1991's Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah in the latest episode of the Kaijusaurus Podcast.…
A rare UK screening of a new Godzilla film is the focus of the latest Kaijusaurus Podcast, as Steven and Ross chat about their experience at the Glasgow Film Festival's February 2017 screening of Shin Godzilla, as part of the festival's FrightFest strand. Warning: spoilers for Shin Godzilla (and many, many tangents) lie within!…
In their first episode of 2017, Steven and Ross discuss the 1989 fan-favourite series entry Godzilla vs Biollante. But do their opinions of the film match up to the community’s high regard of it? And look out for that Saradian agent!Show notes here:…
The Kaijusaurus Podcast returns after a few months' hiatus with Steven and Ross' discussion of the 1984 series revival and reboot, The Return of Godzilla. The duo talk of everything from cold war tensions to how the film plays in the current global political climate - with time enough to also discuss their favourite ABBA tracks.…
Before they move into the Heisei era, Steven and Ross take time out to reflect back on the Showa series of Godzilla movies, discussing how preconceptions and cultural osmosis affect the enjoyment of these films. PLUS - Ross’ memory is put to the test in the first episode of Who Wants to be a Godzillionare!…
In the latest madcap episode of the Kaijusaurus Podcast, Steven and Ross chew the fat on 1975?s Terror of Mechagodzilla, talking aquatic dinosaurs, mad scientists, Scotland’s national bard, silver-clad space apes, cyborg ladies, marriage, scientific assault, and prosthetic breasts.By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
The prophecy of the Azumi Royal Family is fulfilled as Steven and Ross take on 1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla - the first film for Godzilla's mechanical doppleganger, and the final film for director Jun Fukuda. This episode also includes a brief discussion of Toho’s superhero show Zone Fighter!Show Notes- Special thanks to Tim over at kaijuf ...…
Coming to you from Chicago, Illinois, it’s the Kaijusaurus Podcast G-Fest XXIII special! Join Steven and guest hosts Alex and Raffael as they discuss evetyhing from the G-Fest weekend, Ultraman Orb, Love & Peace, Attack On Titan, and much, much more! NOTE: This podcast was (clearly) recorded before the announcement of Godzilla Resurgence’s worl ...…
Punch! Punch! PUNCH! The undersea kingdom of Seatopia unleashes its wrath on the Kaijusaurus Podcast as Steven, Ross, and Laura tackle the infamous Godzilla vs. Megalon - widely regarded as the worst of the franchise.By Steven Sloss & Ross Menzies.
Perfect peace is finally achieved on the Kaijusaurus Podcast as Steven and Ross talk space cockroaches, children’s theme parks, and monsters of homework and too-strict mothers: it can only be 1972?s Godzilla vs. Gigan.SHOW NOTES- Apologies to all who submitted thoughts and opinions on Godzilla vs. Gigan and didn’t have them read out. We deliber ...…
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