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Once a month Stoneface and Terminal present a 2h mix of their favourite tracks - for more info go to
Terminal Talk
In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.
Taming the Terminal
Taming the Terminal is a podcast based on the tutorial created by Bart Busschots and explained to Allison Sheridan.
A Podcast In Which Our Mic Weilding Hero's Dismantle The Terminator Franchise, 2 Minutes At A Time. 1 Podcast At A Time..."Hasta la vista".... Listeners!2-T Website: Terminator: The Podcast: The Podcast & Ethan McKinley's QUESTIONABLE [EMC=Q] are part of the [EMC=Q] NETWORK(S)©Main Site: 2minuteterminator@gmail.comTwitter: ...
Dating, Entertainment and Life
Welcome to the exclusive, official TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES video podcast! Stay tuned for premium content, broadcast every Friday leading up to our big Spring premiere in February. TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES airs Fridays at 8:00PM/7:00PMc beginning February 13, 2009 only on FOX.
A 2008-2009 podcast archive covering episodes of FOX's 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' from hosts Derek Russell and Steve Glosson.
Terminal Velocity is a free monthly podcast brought to you by Hotshot Records on the Hotshot Interactive channel. Each episode will feature the latest dance tracks that are popular in Miami and around the world hosted by a special guest DJ. Look for our Podcast in the iTunes Store
Terminal Jams
Two friends listen to great music and tell you about it.
NEW EPISODE EVERY THURSDAY!Terminal Transmissions is a pop-culture podcast focusing on TV, Science and Technology, Video Games, and Movies.
Terminal Sleepover
New podcast weblog about being a young married couple.
Terminator 101
A fan podcast dedicated to the best sci-fi franchise of all time!
Terminal Tinkering
The Mac Observer: You'll Hear Your Mac News Here From Now On...
Podcast by Yasin Mohamed
A new hiphop podcast! Join us every weekend for colorful commentaries on music culture, rap memes, and in-depth reviews of the newest albums and EPs hitting the market, in both the mainstream and underground worlds. These aren't your daddy's reviews... You're listening to The Terminal Podcast! Subscribe for new content each week and follow us on twitter @TheTerminalPod. Email us at
The Terminal Mile
A podcast for Canadian Runners featuring interviews from experts, coaches and athletes! Catch a new episode every 2 weeks.
Terminal Deceleration is a comedy podcast where I talk with a guest about news events, other stuff, and metal music news.
Wake Up With Noise!
JOIN THE ARMY! Our place for fans to celebrate all things TERMINATOR! Visit us at!
Terminal Talk Radio
Flight Training Information Hub
This is a story about Abigail and her journey through a version of purgatory. Inspired by a quarter-life crisis and the idea that no-one really knows what they want. Find more information on the website.
Podcast by Jordan Zirm
A Terminator Podcast
500 years after the Earth stops spinning, humankind is in danger of extinction. Only a group of discredited scientists can save the world and every living being on it.
This is the podcast of Adam M Booth, a writer of horror and dark fiction. His work includes acclaimed zombie horror THE END, modern gothic horror ANGELA, psychological thriller DRIVE, and his newly released book, the zombie drama TILL DEATH. You’ll find these stories and more right here, at the end of the line...
A delightfully toxic mix of hilarity, snobbery and insight (though not necessarily in equal proportions) on demi-popular music and other musings.
November 4, 1971 Jennifer Rose Cooke, a girl from California, just turned 18, goes missing in a frigid forest in West Germany. She has been hitchhiking. First she caught a ride with a trucker, then with a West German soldier. Maybe she was trying to visit a young professor she had met on the boat over from New York. On that trip, he had heard her say she might throw herself overboard. April 28, 1972 Another girl, just turned three, lives with her parents in a house in Laurel Canyon that lets ...
Have you or a loved one received a terminal or other serious diagnosis? You're in the right place! After being told by doctors there was no hope after a terminal diagnosis, a functional health coach and her husband with stage 4 colon cancer find themselves "Off the Medical Grid," meaning, they began to seek health-building and life-saving solutions outside of the medical model of care. Embarking on a journey to find answers, they discovered hope, stories of inspiration, proven therapies, and ...
The preeminent source for public safety labor and employment law issues.
You will be surprised to learn just how much grief and loss impacts the workplace on many different levels. Grief Coach Linda Trignano’s compassionate and poignant conversations with those who have experienced loss and grief explores how the loss personally impacted them and their work and how their companies responded.
Quantum Physiques is hosted by Jeff The Producer and Brian Cunningham! Quantum Physiques is dedicated to health, fitness, wellness, performance and bringing you a new perspective on supplementation, exercise and spirituality. Brian Cunningham has 30+ years of expereince as an author, contributing writer, supplement manufacturer, educator and talk show host and shares his knowledge on alternative medicine, training techniques and concepts on this unique radio show. Jeff The Producer has 10+ y ...
A fun mix of movie talk featuring movie reviews, new and older movies, mostly horror and science fiction, but not limited to. Podcast also features celebrity interviews from such films as Terminator Salvation, Halloween, Pontypool, The Blair Witch Project, The House of the Devil and more!
Sci Fi Pipeline
Each week, Daron and Chris bring you news headlines from the world of science fiction, commentary, and reviews of new and catalog DVD and Blu-ray titles. Whether it's Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, superhero movies, sci fi classics like 2001, or modern sci fi, these guys love their stuff. Listen for their free-styling stream of consciousness, and love of the sci fi genre.
A detailed analysis of the human capital index presented by the experts at TriNet
A fun mix of movie talk featuring movie reviews, new and older movies, mostly horror and science fiction, but not limited to. Podcast also features celebrity interviews from such films as Terminator Salvation, Halloween, Pontypool, The Blair Witch Project, The House of the Devil and more!
Hi! This is Jen. This is an introduction to my new channel/podcast where I will be covering what it’s like to be a caregiver for my partner who is terminally ill. The ups and the downs. The tears and the laughs. My truth. Our truth. Living in the positive, while being real about the negative. Thank you for watching/listening! ❤️
The best source to come to for technical talk on DOCSIS.
Employee Hiring and Employee Management Tips Information and Small Business HR Resources
The ‘HR Over Coffee’ podcast will focus on compelling and timely HR topics like how to hire, manage and terminate employees.
Updated weekly on Thursdays, this hour plus podcasts frequently grabs hold of the stories important to the world of geeks, but reserving the right to go off topic into the completely insane.
On line training videos and technical articles about Senko products and fiber optic topics. SENKO Advanced Components develops, manufactures, markets and distributes over 1000 fiber optic products for the telecom & datacom industries worldwide.An ISO-9001 approved company, SENKO is able to provide multinational corporations with the technical expertise to liaise with engineers, and the manufacturing flexibility to develop custom products for the ever growing high tech industry.
After Action with Max and Paul is a podcast about national security, military life, and other random bulls—t. Hosted by Maximilian Uriarte, the creator of Terminal Lance, and Paul Szoldra, the creator of Duffel Blog.
Sequelitis is a podcast about movies where Matt & Manny, 2 writers in Los Angeles, pitch the alternate versions of sequels to classic movies that they wish had been made.
Buried in the abandoned structure of an experiment gone awry, a functional terminal is discovered. On what remains of its drives, the story of the facility, its purpose, and what resulted in its quarantine are revealed through the logs of those involved with it's inevitable collapse."An episodic mystery told as a series of linked vignettes that chronicle the days leading up to the collapse of an experimental city?
Geek Quorum
The Geek Quorum covers a wide range of Science Fiction and tech topics, including movies, TV, gaming, gadgets and books. Light-hearted and at times irreverent, the Quorum dishes out reviews and analysis in a casual roundtable format.
Welcome to the WB Reel News Vidcast - Comic-Con 2008 - your inside look at Warner Bros. movies and DVDs. During each podcast, we'll feature trailers, behind-the-scenes clips and more. Enjoy!
Blasting through Arnold's big screen arsenal, one shot at a time.
Wham Bam Pow with Cameron Esposito is an action/scifi moviecast. Each week, host Cameron Esposito and panelists Rhea Butcher and Ricky Carmona will terminate your boredom with movies news, interviews & watch along film reviews. It's one show to rule them all!
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Jeff Ritter is a local hero that aims to inspire the world through kindness. He does that through his nonprofit organization, Jeffros Heroes, a Non-Profit organization that inspires kids in the hospital who are sick and have terminal illness by bringing hope and happiness to those kids and their parents. He uses the power and positivity of supe ...…
When people insist on discussing the location of the running capital of Canada, the same names come up: Victoria, Vancouver, Guelph, so on, etc. but one often forgotten city that has produced a solid bunch of long distance guys is none other than Speed City, London, Ontario. Lanni Marchant, Jim Finlayson, Rob Watson all hail from the Forest Cit ...…
Find out if Austin ties up the all time DigDug Trivia series, how Fat Rob becomes Healthy Rob, why Matt Patricia's Beard will improve Detroit's run game, and what Tegray Scale's Terminator rating is.
The first day of Ramadan brings some food talk and some stick talk
Pete Nichols talks to Waterkeeper Alliance Senior Organizer Lesley Adams about a fracked gas pipeline that would trample farms, ranches, and tribal lands to reach a proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Coos Bay, Oregon. The proposed 229-mile pipeline would impact more than 400 waterways, including the Rogue, Umpqua, and Klama ...…
On episode 13 of #ThatPodcast, LPiddy and Jon Jon do a mini interview at Rupaul's DragCon Los Angeles 2018 with Rupaul's Drag Race All Star and Season 6 Miss Congeniality Ben Dela Creme. Enjoy this Terminally Delightful conversation!Subscribe to us on Google Play: to us on Apple Podcasts iTunes ...…
This week Maria’s guest on the show is Rohit Talwar a global futurist and award-winning speaker, who works with corporations and governments to help them explore, understand, and respond to the forces shaping our world. He has a particular focus on how we can harness emerging science and technology to ensure that these advances are used to unle ...…
Creating content for your business can be touch when you are busy doing everything else. In todays episode, we talk about how to get content written for your site so you don’t have to do it yourself. Resources for this Episode Writing Tools Hemingway Grammarly Transcription Services & Tools Rev Scribie Trint oTranscribe Writing Websites Upwork ...…
Gary tortures Pat with more Steven Spielberg. Listen Sunday nights at 8PM EST on Breakin' Ballz Radio. Follow the show: Facebook: The 80/20 Movie Show YouTube: The 80/20 Movie Show Pat on Twitter Gary on Twitter Breakin' Ballz on Twitter Please visit our sponsor, Everything funny and otherwise unique. A ...…
A coalition of criminal justice reform, health policy, human rights, and faith-based organizations have launched a new public education and advocacy campaign to urge the creation, expansion, and robust use of federal and state programs with the intent of granting early release to prisoners with compelling circumstances, such as a terminal or ag ...…
Secret behind a Covenant I have previously said with regards to destroying the secret behind the covenant that, the power behind what ever you are dedicated determines what the outcome of your circumstances are. This dedication does not end with an individual but travels to the third or fourth generation. Exodus 20:5-6 5 Thou shalt not bow down ...…
It’s our birthday! Corbin & Katee are doctors now! But all is not so happy with the world… A few weeks ago, Iowa became the most restrictive state in the nation for a woman’s right to choose. Fortunately, South Carolina didn’t. And on May 25th, Irish citizens will be voting on whether or not to repeal the 8th amendment to their constitution. Ch ...…
The questions that were discussed in this meeting are- How can a person who is terminally ill rise above the suffering? What can we do to help such a person? What can be done to get rid of the attachment to a decaying body? And finally some pithy advice for hardcore seekers.
The questions that were discussed in this meeting are- How can a person who is terminally ill rise above the suffering? What can we do to help such a person? What can be done to get rid of the attachment to a decaying body? And finally some pithy advice for hardcore seekers.
East Coast Radio — Terminal illness is heartbreaking; whether you've been diagnosed with it or whether a loved one is. And breaking such news to loved ones must be a very emotional and trying situation.
Andrew is back with another juicy Fear Boner! Come join in as they discuss the career of Bruce Campbell and Starz Cancelling Ash VS The Evil Dead after this third season. They also explore Evil Dead 1 & 2, Army of Darkness, Terminal Invasion, Bubbah Ho Tep, Jack of All Trades, Brisco County Jr. and more! Intro and outro music "Halloween Pumpkin ...…
Documentation Review Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes PhD, LPC-MHSP Podcast Host: Counselor Toolbox and Addiction Counselor Exam Review Addiction Counselor Certification Training (400 Hours) $149 Documenting the Treatment Process ~ The client record is the most important tool to ensure continuity of care ~ Documentation contributes to service delivery by: ...…
“Can a customer suspend house cleaning service for no reason? I'm trying to grow my cleaning company. But I've gotten a few calls "I want to suspend house cleaning service until further notice." What does it mean when a customer says I want to suspend house cleaning service? Can they break a cleaning contract like that?" Angela Brown, The House ...…
In a submission to the Federal Agriculture Department, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has called for key changes to improve transparency around access at port terminals, upcountry storage and handling, Grain Producers Australia, in its submission, called for shipping stem information on all major grades of grain to be publis ...…
Lamont Banks, Cliff Stewart, and Lisa Stewart of the Colorado exoneration firm A Just Cause discuss what happens when the wheels of justice trample unbridled over the rights of innocent Americans. Our Special Guest for tonight's show is Tanique Wright, who was terminated from PBR, a WME-IMG company in Colorado for speaking out against discrimin ...…
I'm joined by Edward Carter, aka Dotmund, for this episode - a parody of Blaxploitation films by Keenen Ivory Wayans, director of White Chicks... It's quite silly, and this podcast includes a couple of clips from the film. The film was not released in UK cinemas, so rather than the usual number one song, I've included a poem by "Flyguy", recite ...…
The ReConnect Street Intervention Program at the YMCA of Greater Moncton is changing its focus after their lease on St. George Street was terminated early. Initially, there was real concern about the future of the program. But now the staff sees it as a blessing in disguise, and decided to focus more on street level outreach, says interim direc ...…
Coming off of Mother's Day weekend we have a great show this week! We review the new releases this week: Breaking In and Life of the Party. Also, we review a ton of VoD flicks in Nateflix's Netflix Reviews including another new release: Terminal with Margot Robbie, a Fast & Furious round up, and much more!…
In this second installment of Aaron Pitrat's story, Aaron talks about his mom's remarriage, the ironic affect family stability has on his drug use, the social strata of high school, and the progression of addiction through the lens of a high functioning student in denial. Special thanks as always to Northampton Community Televison for making th ...…
01. Gai Barone - Tanita - Intro Mix 02. Tim Penner - Lost Again - Mir Omar Remix 03. Kamilo Sanclemente - The White City - Original Mix 04. T.O.M. - Monday Groove - Gundamea Remix 05. Thomas Schwartz / Fausto Fanizza / Piper Davis - Midnight 06. Nato Medrado - Small Room - Tinlicker Extended Remix 07. Zoo Brazil / Wolf & Moon - From a Distance ...…
Santiago is comes from Chile and has lived an interesting life so far. His journey has took him dumpster diving and hitchhiking across Australia to moving to Laos to get some peace and isolation. He shares his ideas about how to build a good life filled with maximum energy! This podcast is brought to you in collaboration with Radio Terminal. Sp ...…
•Digital Euphoria #213•Hello Euphorians and Happy Trance Tuesday! Coming up on this weeks emotional and incredibly epic episode expect to hear from Will Rees, Cold Blue, an all new tune from Claus Backslash, an all new tune from Arctic Moon and a fresh release from Digital Rush & OBM Notion!This weeks Tune of the Week and Euphoric Favorite are ...…
Burundians go to the polls on 17 May for a controversial constitutional referendum to decide on changes that could extend the president’s term limits. The changes to the constitution could potentially enable President Pierre Nkurunziza to stay in power until 2034 with an additional two terms of seven years. Nkurunziza has already been in power ...…
This post was originally published on the The Primal Shift. The Primal Shift is a podcast hosted by Crystal Fieldhouse and Jo Litton Click the player above to listen to this Podcast episode In today’s podcast episode we’re going to be talking low-tox skincare… because as the creator of Ecology Skincare, one of the most common topics I get asked ...…
Nick follows up a great performace in Nick-Bait, Zoe has a terminal case of Royal fever - and we may have forgotten one of the most important parts of a potato festival.... THE POTATOES!!
In this episode:- Polish Credit Office partner with “Horizon 2020” crypto start-up- SharesPost ICO approved by SEC- Gemini offers Zcash trading- BL3P terminates support for Bitcoin Cash- Price of Bitcoin moves closer towards $9000
What happened yesterday? Let's explore Sunday 12th May... Linux Terminals on Windows, VR (especially Blade Saber), React Native, Mario Kart 4K, and some Nanodegree.
We have back Lando Cal’s very first guest gamer James Burrell comes back onto the ship. We start out talking about the evolution of fighting games. What We Have Seen Rachel Dolezal Doc- The Rachel DivideJessica Jones Season 2KryptonRapture News Bad Boys 3 is supposed to be confirmed…againDeathstroke movie is allegedly in the worksFrank Miller t ...…
Listen now: Anthony Shore is one of the most experienced namers out there. He has over 25 years of experience in naming and has introduced more than 200 product and company names to the world. Some of the names he’s created include Lytro, Yum! Brands, Fitbit Ionic, Qualcomm Snapdragon, and Photoshop Lightroom. In 2015, he was featured in a New ...…
Hostiles (DVD)- (BLU-RAY)- of the Sun (DVD)- of the Sun (BLU-RAY)- Kingdom (DVD)- Kingdom (BLU-RAY)- Reacher (DVD)- Reacher (BLU-RAY)- ...…
Rob and a sleepy Jay chat about our favorite 80's action flicks including the tropes present in those films. Get ready to talk Die Hard, Rambo, Terminator, and more on another episode of Movies and Stuff with Rob and Jay!
In Which We Discuss: 1. Apparently in this reality, a porn star’s lawyer can outsmart the presidential legal team without breaking much of a sweat. America! 2. Still waiting with baited breath for that Big Beautiful shiny new Iran Deal. 3. Eric Schneiderman aimed to ruin Trump’s life, but ruined ours instead 4. John McCain is giving us all a le ...…
Mic is joined by director, producer, filmmaker Derek Braasch as they discuss recent watches, the digital age of movies, music, and upcoming projects.
Trump - North Korea- Announced to the world that it will tear down the nuclear test cite June 12 ahead of summit - ’10 times larger than Hiroshima': How North Korea's huge nuclear blast caused a mountain to collapse. Beneath Mt. Mantap in the northern part of the country on Sept. 3, 2017, causing the mountain to collapse. Such was the force of ...…
Mothers’ Day is upon us and we celebrate those who gave birth to us with a little perspective. A Dark Stuff deep dive into deadly damsels and the dastardly deeds they committed - in this case, pertaining to their children. From mothers who kill, to mother who torture, we run the gamut, and may have you looking at your mom a little differently f ...…
With Dr. Nabil Mustapha of the Elmbridge Multi-faith Forum with the theme: The medical, legal and family dilemas in terminally ill people.By (Brooklands FM).
In fact in Sunday school class he talked about it last week and then also today that the number one goal generally speaking of a parent is to make sure that they get out of the House of Thankfully or really to prepare them for adulthood and I was thinking. You know that that's kind of what discipleship is about parents to raise their kids so th ...…
Jesse is a wife and momtrepreneur who found a new purpose in life when her mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2014. Jesse wanted to do something to share her mom's legacy with the world and to connect with others who have lost their mothers. ABOUT ANITA HEIDEMA I am many things to many people but mostly a Mindset Coach and Business ...…
Death is a natural and important part of our life cycle, yet end of life care is often misunderstood and ignored. In fact, one in three Medicare dollars is spent on people who are in their last 6 months of life.On this podcast, Toula talks with Dr. Sebastian Sepulveda, author of a new book, "At Death’s Door: End of Life Stories from the Bedside ...…
Luke 23:39-41 Do you have people in your life that influence you in a wrong way? Maybe it's your best friend and you just can't seem to stand-up and say 'No' to this person you love. Maybe you should terminate the relationship before it is too late.
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