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From "wokeness" to cancel culture, the culture wars are in full swing. In this series of no-holds-barred long-form interviews, The Telegraph’s Steven Edginton sits down with world-leading commentators to unpick them. New episodes on Fridays.
Have you ever felt like a fraud? That you don't belong in the room? That you could get found out at any moment? You're not alone. Each week on Imposters, Claire Cohen meets a woman at the top of her game and finds out how she defeated imposter syndrome to get there.
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“George III was neither oppressive nor to blame for the loss of the American colonies.” Andrew Roberts joins Steven Edginton to discuss his latest biography of England's “most misunderstood” king, why statues should be put into context rather than toppled and why history teachers must leave their own agendas at the door. Watch Andrew Roberts’ inter…
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