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Aaron Torres Sports Podcast, presented by Kentucky Sports Radio
DJ TORR - в прошлом известен как DJ TOR (DMITRY SVIRIDOV) а ранее CJ Svirid(off) молодой,талантливый и энергичный DJ,музыкант и ремикс-мейкер.влечение к электронной музыке появилось в далёком 2009 году,в тоже время Дмитрий начал изучать,музыкальный секвенсор FL Studio,пробовать свои силы в написании авторских треков и ремиксов. Дмитрий продолжает нас радовать весёлыми,пазитивными а иногда и безбашенными работами по сей день! Так же Дмитрий входит в...
The CONNECTED podcast is an ever developing multi-media tool and a Dynamic brand experience with a direct route to business, community, family, faith, cultural and spiritual engagement. The CONNECTED show is a home for motivational stories to live on by giving a voice to an authentic side of people all on one collective platform while promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. Be prepared to be EDUTAINED.
Welcome, dear guest! You are here - it means we speak the same language, rich and charming language of house music. I can use Deep house, Nu disco/Indie dance, Soulful and Funky house, House and Tech house accents. Just relax and listen. It won't open the future, but you might find hidden hints and discover the new spark of inspiration to work, move, think,...
DJ James Torres
Like combat boots splashed with color from a mirrorball, the music of DJ James Torres hits the dance floor like a tough guy who's not afraid to shake his hips. His spins bring edgy urban influence of the East Coast and marries it to the laid back groove of the shores of Northern California. He seamlessly blends the soul of R&B with the aggressive beats of HipHop, and fearless free spirit of House.James Torres brought the sounds of his native Newark, New Jersey, and neighboring New York City ...
Gabriel Torres takes you on an exciting journey through Dance & Electronic Music. In this monthly podcast, he showcases music from House to Techno, Electro, Progressive & Trance. Expect to hear & feel tracks that influence Gabriel in his day to day :-D Thank You for your support. Enjoy!Bookings: |General Inquiries: |Website: |Twitter: |Soundcloud: ...
Moses Torres
Welcome to the Moses Torres podcast, where amazing things happen.
Juanan Torres
Tsunamis i el mar
Jonny Torres
Opinions and insight from digital marketer, online and radio personality Jonny Torres. For inquires, contact me on Twitter @jonnytorres.
Jonathan Torres
About knowing the true facts that the world is blinded and they cant see the fake things that we have to obey by when this is not right but when u try to. Tell noone will belive cuz the system educated you wear a long time ago the way they wanted you to learn about their ways
Reuben Torres
This user has not entered a description yet.
house, tribal, underground, vocal house, tech house, progressive
J Najar Torres
Welcome to the J Najar Torres podcast, where amazing things happen.
Kevin Torres Podcast
Podcast by Kevin Torres
Will Torres Live
Live curated mix series by Will Torres
DJ Nelson Torres
Mobile & Club DJ Services
Free chapters of Why Not Me? A True Story About a Miracle in Miami. By: Raymond Rodriguez-Torres
Join this husband and wife physician team, who teach the science behind what makes us well. While the current medical model focuses on what makes you sick, the Thrive Doctors focus on what makes you well. This will be a life-enhancing hour guaranteed to enlighten and inspire you. You’ll learn the latest breakthroughs in science and tools to apply them to your life now. The Thrive Doctors are board-certified physicians who are also authors, speakers, coaches, and seminar leaders. Dr Kim and D ...
You hate your job but it's tolerable because there's two dudes at work who get you through the day. They're Matt and Horacio and they have a podcast.
La Radio Libre de Cuenca
The National Gallery of Australia is one of the world's most recently established national galleries. It opened to the public in 1982, after little more than a decade of collecting. The Gallery now holds the nation's largest and most valuable collection of art.
Erotic Talk Radio
Join your hostess Jade every Thursday at 9:00PM EST on Erotic Talk Radio. Where she will surly entice your erotic senses, taking your sensual and sexual relationship to another level, from foreplay to toy play, and everything in between. Jade will tease and please your listening pleasure with some slow jams, erotic talk, and entertainment. So tune in as her and her guests explore ways to get and give orgasmic pleasures, mentally, and physically. Erotic Talk Radio, a show you don’t want to miss!
Raising a pack of four on my own was a struggle. Not gonna sugarcoat it. I failed more than I succeeded. There was probably more heartbreak than heartfelt. But it was the love I had for my kids and my dogs, that kept me from jumping off the bridge. They needed me as much as I needed them. And despite the pain I was in, there was a reason to get up in the morning and quit my sniveling. As the years dragged on, I made a ton of mistakes. Yet with each one, I learned never to do that again. Then ...
Spiritual counselor,psychic/medium gives insight to the mystical, metaphysical and spiritual and paranormal world. Guests of similar backgrounds and stories. or email me your question at I also book private and phone sessions or by Skype.
Creative Drive
Whatever our creative passion is, we can all agree on doing more of what we love – writing, drawing, crafting, composing, photography. How do we find time? How do we exist in reality without letting it stop our progress? How do we make our projects happen in the real world; doing what we can, with what we have, while we have it?Creative Drive is a biweekly podcast for everyday people creating extraordinary things. Tune in for down-to-earth perspective, practical tips, and some occasional ran ...
Audio guide to thirty works from the National Indigenous Art Triennial 07: culture warriors shown at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 14 July – 16 October 2006
TruSouL Radio
TruSouL Radio recorded live @ Soul On My Shoe Studios in the East Bay CA USA. Deep Soulful House Music inspired by its roots, Deep Funk, Soul, R&B, Disco, Jazz, Afro and Latin infused rhythms. TruSouL Radio is an expression of music by Joseph "jojo" Torres, long time Dj, and radio host. This show is dedicated to showcasing the newest, hottest, Deep House cuts, but it also stays true to all of the forces that influence Electronic Music.
"Mixin' With Minaug" plays all of the hottest in Progressive and Electro House tracks with some occasional EDM twists. Minaug (a.k.a Liudeli Torres) will pump up your night with all of the best tracks from all your favorite producers and might even drop in a track of his own.
Shaping Sapiens
Podcast by Amelia Isabel Torres
Rapids Thugcast
The dirtiest podcast in football (according to FC Dallas fans), UZ and Ben talk everything related to Colorado soccer, specifically the Rapids and USMNT.
Podcast by Andrew Torres
You'll be able to download sermons from the First Baptist Church Youth Ministries. Such as, Youth Conference, Summer Camps, Chapel Services, Teen Church, & other sermons directed towards teens.
The wacky world of WTF that is an adult wrestling theme show. Based oon a public acces show in New York City.
A free weekly discussion about Callie & Arizona on "Grey's Anatomy". Join the community at
Audio guide to works from the NGA exhibition Michael Riley: sights unseen shown at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra 13 October 2007 – 10 February 2008
Craig Wack & Tatiana Torres keep you up to date on pop culture
Women at Work
Women face gender discrimination throughout our careers. It doesn't have to derail our ambitions — but how do we prepare to deal with it? There's no workplace orientation session about narrowing the wage gap, standing up to interrupting male colleagues, or taking on many other issues we encounter at work. So HBR editors Amy Bernstein, Sarah Green Carmichael, and Nicole Torres are untangling some of the knottiest problems. They interview experts on gender, tell stories about their own experie ...
Subnet Life
LT's "Subnet Life" plays all of the hottest in Progressive and Electro House with some occasional EDM twists. LT will pump up your night with all of the best tracks from all of your favorite producers and might even drop in a track of his own. Have any song suggestions? Just visit LT's Google+ page and let him know!
First Peoples Disability Network (Australia) is a national organisation of and for Australia’s First Peoples with disability, their families and communities. Its purpose is to promote respect for human rights, secure social justice, and empower First Peoples with disability to participate in Australian society on an equal basis with others. We are the custodians of the narratives of First Peoples with disability, their families and communities and we recognise this important responsibility.B ...
Instant Idiot Show
Podcast by Nelson Torres
Canalhas FC
Podcast by Victor Torres
A podcast hosted by Damon Grant and Marcos Torres, two NYC based percussionists interviewing other musicians who have the view from behind. Guests will be mostly other percussion players and anyone else who hits, scratches, and shakes things for a living.
Yea Man! Podcast
Yea Man! Podcast is hosted by Comedian Rodrigo Torres. Rodrigo is also the co-host of the Whats Up Fool? Podcast with Comedian Felipe Esparza. Yea Man! Podcast is a weekly podcast. Yea Man Podcast's are solo, or guests include friends, comedians, politicians and people like yourself. Keep Shining!
FitproInferno Mastermind podcast is created for the fitness professional, personal trainer and expert in the fields of health, fitness & wellness. Every week, Steve de la Torre delivers a brand new interview with todays most successful fitness entrepreneurs where they will share their journeys, failures, successes, fitness marketing, business systems and answer the PHOENIX question -"If tomorrow, you lost everything, how would you start your business all over and rise from the ashes?" If you ...
Check The Back
Podcast by Evan Laedke and Bert Torres
The Fit Healthy Moms podcast is created for mothers who are committed to being the best they can be. Every week Supermom co-hosts Sara Dean & Steve de la Torre bring you practical tips, tricks and out-of-the-box strategies to help you go from Fat and Frumpy to FIT and FABULOUS! For free workouts, recipes and mom specific fitness articles, go to
That's Your Opinion! podcast with hosts Matt Barbuscio, Daniel Torres, Reed Lubin and Mike Constantino, the weekly show that discusses movies, TV and STUFF
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Programa del dimarts 22 de maig. Començam el programa d’avui parlant de la nova publicació eivissenca ‘’, una web interactiva amb publicacions monogràfiques sobre la realitat social de l’illa. Per aixó ens acompanyen avui els seus creadors, Pau Morata i Juanjo Ribas. Neus Torres arriba com cada setmana amb la seva secció ‘Sala VIP’ p ...…
They're the biggest animals the world's ever seen, and it turns out the blue whales that hang around the South Taranaki Bight are unlike any others. US scientists have found they appear to be genetically distinct from other blue whales in the Pacific Ocean. The research is being published this week in the 'Endangered Species Research' journal. ...…
0h00: Présentation 20.02: Liste de Lopetegui Votre avis Qui manque? Quelle attaque? 20h30: Hasta siempre! Iniesta, Torres, Xabi Prieto 20h40: Segunda Huesca en Liga ce soir? Point barrage accession Le Barça B peut-il se sauver?
Recién después de que se derrumbara la casa de máquinas de la represa, el 16 de mayo, la empresa EPM -a cargo del proyecto hidroeléctrico Hidroituango- reconoció que en la zona se vivía una “situación técnica no controlada”, que había negado aunque defensoras y defensores de los pueblos aledaños exigían que se declarase la emergencia socioambie ...…
Carmelo González estará con Salva Reina, Salvi pérez y Jacob Torres en la Cochera Cabaret este jueves pero antes, como todas las semanas ha pasado por El Despertador.
Play To Your Strengths Synopsis: Are you in a situation where you want to reinvent yourself? Maybe you want to do something completely different. Maybe you've done the same job for years and want to step out. What should you do? I'm talking all about it in this episode. Highlights Of The Show: Everybody Needs A Little Push: Dear Pushy Broad Fro ...…
Fernando Torres, Andrés Iniesta y Gianluigi Buffon se despidieron de sus clubes.
Hablamos con el MVP de la Euroliga, con el entrenador del Real Madrid y analizamos en El Sanedrín las despedidas de Iniesta y de Fernando Torres
El programa más emotivo de la temporada. Despedida por todo lo alto de Fernando Torres. Hablamos con Petón. ¿Qué le dijo Godín a la grada? Última información sobre el futuro de Griezmann.
On this episode, I share a story where I helped someone and it led to anger being directed towards me. The universe also conspired to get me to connect with a really awesome stay-at-home dad and real estate expert Huge Torres who has more in common with me than I could ever have imagined.
Amb DJ ParriTots els ingredients per ballar sense parar amb els ritmes més trepidants del moment.Podeu escoltar el programa... dissabte de 4:00 a 6:00h i en redifusió diumenge de 2:00 a 4:00h. podcast recorded with
En el programa de hoy de "A Riesgo De Demanda" participan Presidente de la Cámara de Comercio y Turismo de Osorno, Juan Horacio Carrasco y el Gestor Cultural Cristián Sotelo y nuestro colaborador Alvaro Torres Riobó. Conduce maese Christian Lobo.
Programa de cuina conduït per Rocío Merino. podcast recorded with
SUPERASIS Presents: SONIDOS DEL UNIVERSO Radioshow #305 -LIVE STREAMING- En Directo- desde el Centro de Manhattan, Broadway, Nueva York: El Mejor House & Underground Dance Music 2018 de los mas excitantes Nightclubs en la Gran Manzana- RADIO NEW YORK CLUB. -EDICION EN ESPAÑOL- Especial Nervous Records NY (Made in Miami). Techno Sounds, Vanguard ...…
Bufar i fer contes (programa infantil)Espai de ràdio dedicat als petits de la casa amb amb Núria Rodríguez i Jessica Aguado.Podeu escoltar el programa... dissabte de 9:30 a 10:00h. podcast recorded with
Programa elaborat per la comunitat religiosa 'Iglesia Evangélica de las Torres'. podcast recorded with
El delantero del Atlético de Madrid, Fernando Torres, dijo este viernes al celebrar hoy el título de la Liga Europa en la fuente de Neptuno de Madrid que "nada es imposible" y "si eres del Atlético, menos"."Para todos los niños que tengan sueños: nada es imposible, y si eres atlético, menos", afirmó un emocionado Fernando Torres, que tuvo que i ...…
Amb Sol Baker.Col·laborador: Llongue.Espai musical, conduït per la cantant Sol Baker, dedicat al jazz, el blues, el soul, el rock, el R&B i altres estils musicals. El programa pretén ser un altaveu per als músics i, alhora, un espai de tertúlia.Podeu escoltar el programa... divendres de 22 a 23h i dilluns de 01 a 02h. podcast recorded with enac ...…
Amb Toni Cansino i col·laboradors habituals.Programa d'entrevistes i tertúlia sobre el món de l'esport, sobretot el futbol de primera divisió, amb el Barça i l'Espanyol com a protagonistes principals.Podeu escoltar el programa... divendres de 20:00h a 21:00h. podcast recorded with
Amb Toni CansinoLes darreres novetats del món de l'esport local i comarcal al 100% Esports amb entrevistes, reportatges, rànquings, puntuacions i molt més.Podeu escoltar el programa... dilluns de 13:30 a 14h i de 19 a 20h. Divendres de 13.30 a 14h i de 19:00 a 20:00h. En redifusió (d'aquest darrer) els dissabtes a les 12:00h. podcast recorded w ...…
Entrevista o reportatge podcast recorded with
Depois de 9 anos, o grupo Argonautas volta à cena musical cearense com o álbum, Jangada Azul. O lançamento do segundo disco do grupo marca um novo momento do quarteto que, além de Rafael Torres (violão, flauta e voz) e Ayrton Pessoa Bob (violão, acordeom, piano e voz), conta agora com a participação de Ednar Pinho (baixo) e Igor Ribeiro (percus ...…
Programa de “Voces del Misterio”, emitido el 4 de Mayo, donde tratamos temas muy especiales comenzando por el grupo de investigación GPS -Lorenzo Cabeza y Carmen Bravo- que nos hablarán de una investigación en el Castillo de las Aguzaderas en busca del fantasma que allí dicen que se manifiesta; Ana Garrido nos hablará de experiencias extrañas e ...…
Programa musical presentat per Toni Cansino.Truca i demana la teva cançó al 977646213 podcast recorded with
Amb Raquel Martínez. Espai setmanal amb l'alcalde de Torredembarra o els regidors de l'equip de govern. S'ofereix, en directe, en el marc del programa 'La Torre al dia!' i, a posteriori, de forma autònoma, durant el cap de setmana. podcast recorded with
Amb Anna Plaza i Josep SánchezNotícies locals, comarcals, culturals, esportives i meteorològiques.Podeu escoltar els informatius... Podeu recuperar els darrers informatius descarregant-los a la part inferior de la pàgina i també podeu llegir moltes de les notícies d'Ona la Torre entrant a l'apartat Notícies del nostre web. podcast recorded with ...…
Amb Toni CansinoLes darreres novetats del món de l'esport local i comarcal al 100% Esports amb entrevistes, reportatges, rànquings, puntuacions i molt més.Podeu escoltar el programa... dilluns de 13:30 a 14h i de 19 a 20h. Divendres de 13.30 a 14h i de 19:00 a 20:00h. En redifusió (d'aquest darrer) els dissabtes a les 12:00h. podcast recorded w ...…
Bem-vindos ao Descubracast #02.2, o segundo programa do selo Caixa de Brita naCopa. Nessa edição, trazemos uma análise das demais seleções favoritas para conquistar o título da Copa do Mundo. A primeira parte fala sobre a convocação do Brasil para o Mundial e já está no seu feed, acompanha lá. Então desacelera e segue a gente nas redes sociais. ...…
Bem-vindos ao Descubracast #02.1, o primeiro programa do selo Caixa de Brita naCopa. Nessa edição, trazemos uma análise da convocação do Brasil para a Copa do Mundo. A segunda parte fala sobre as outras seleções favoritas e já está no seu feed, acompanha lá. Então desacelera e segue a gente nas redes sociais. ...…
Hey Riverside! Episode 0421: Weekend Roundup with Ralph Torres. Friday May 18th 2018.
Magazín matinal d'Ona la Torre amb continguts d'actualitat, divulgació i entreteniment.Amb Raquel Martínez, Carol Cubota, Josep Sánchez i Toni Cansino.A la primera part ens centrem en l'actualitat amb les notícies locals, els titulars de premsa, la informació esportiva, la previsió meteorològica, les xarxes socials... podcast recorded with enac ...…
Conversa amb personatges d’interès informatiu a nivell polític, social, econòmic i cultural. podcast recorded with
Pastor Michael Torres – Ezra 4:1-24. Wednesday, May 16, 2018.
This week on WTF TV, Nelson Torres is still continues to celebrate his birthday by simply inviting the insane caller Captain Lenny to studio. Along with Robert Perez and Black Pipe. Plus, Nelson Torres interviews Lila Lovely & Sienna Hills at Exxxotica Denver 2018 as an exclusive to this episode This video was shot at the MNN (Manhattan Neighbo ...…
En la sección de economía de Despierta Aragón, de Aragón Radio, Jorge Torres, profesor de Contabilidad y Finanzas de la Facultad de Economía y …
Otro joven galduriense que destaca por su expediente académico, en este caso Rosendo Mendoza, Mejor expediente académico en el Grado de Ingeniería de Recursos Energéticos en la Escuela Politécnica de la Universidad de Jaén en Linares.Tomás Jiménez Godoy interlocutor del proceso de confluencia, con Izquierda Unida de cara a las próximas eleccion ...…
Lay Down The Groove are happy to present "Alter View Of Basics". Our third vinyl release where we focus on show the new way we see musical and visual concepts for the label.This time we are honored to collaborate with Click Box, who debuts on the label with a powerful opening track, amazing percussion and dubby chords. Then Max (Italy), who als ...…
EJ, Paul and Andy discuss the fallout of the two rainouts against Washington, the Brandon Drury demotion, the Supreme Court's decision to allow states to legalize sports gambling, Clint Frazier's promotion to the major leagues, and where Gleyber Torres should bat.
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