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Interested in science, technology, machinery, engineering and the history behind everyday things? We break down a weekly topic so that everyone can sound smart, even if they're not!Twitter: @UnproEngInstagram: Unprofessional_EngineeringFacebook: UnprofessionalEngineering
Gears and Beers is the unashamedly unprofessional automotive podcast. Every week Mitch, Matt, Joseph, and Joel talk about cars and drink beers. New episodes go live every Monday.Likeus onFacebook!/Followus onInstagram!/Followus onTwitter!/Apple Podcasts/TuneIn Radio/SubscribeonYouTube!/SubscribeonAndroid!/Check outourWebsite!/For business and advertising enquiries, please
Far from professional, but not afraid to touch on anything. From Hollywood, sports & just about anything else.
Rigel Walshe interviews a collection of interesting characters about turning what you enjoy into your income stream and navigating a post work world
The title says it all!
Books Read By Unprofessional People is a bunch of Unprofessional readers, read books for your entertainment
Holy Shit Balls! Our Unprofessional Opinion: the Podcast about anything and everything... Roger and Jay (and an assortment of guests) will take you on a journey through their minds and let you know how they feel and how you should feel about many subjects. Featuring hit segments including: Jam of the Year, Awesome movies we haven't seen, Personal Favorites, and maybe more! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: @OurUnproOpinion
Welcome to the Professionally unprofessional podcast, where I talk about shit that I like with people I find interesting. We jump from movies, to TV shows, to comics and video games.
Bryce and Clifford debate the REAL issues, like: How big an impact did Indiana Jones have on the landscape of popular culture? Which is better, chunky or smooth peanut butter?
We Know What We're Talking About?
Admit One Movies
Simon Oxlade and Mat Purvis are film fans, not critics. Armed with an annual cinema pass they spend their own money and then meet up in the pub to review what they have seen. Full of warm, witty banter, and sometimes gloriously profane, these shows are like sitting in a pub with your mates complaining about movies. While they may know what an F-stop is, and what the heck a gaffer does, the pair are honest film fans who reflect the opinions of the average cinema goer with their local multiple ...
A group of friends who work in the games industry meet up once a week to talk about PC games over a drink. “Off-the-cuff” is a polite way to say “unprofessional”, right?
Strictly Anonymous
Welcome to the Strictly Anonymous Podcast where you get to listen in to the secret lives of total strangers. We post ads online, real people respond, with real problems and we give them our unprofessional advice. If you have a problem and want to be on the show, email us at
Brain Enema
Completely Unprofessional Brain Enema
The UnPR Podcast
unscripted, unprofessional, and unreserved
Brain Enema
Completely Unprofessional Brain Enema
Brain Enema
Completely Unprofessional Brain Enema
Unprofessional journalism at its finest
A very unprofessional podcast about nothing from Andrew Joslyn
Unprofessional. Ridiculous. Pointless. Strange. Random. Eye-rolling. Brain-damaging. Weird.Conversations, stories, interviews, horrible singing and general nonsense. Laugh with us or at us!Listen to more of our upcoming nonsense on iTunes & Android apps.We welcome all feedback, questions, suggestions, drunken rants & general hatred!If you enjoy our podcast we also accept donations! Our PayPal account is connected to our e-mail address. Any amount donated will go directly into equipment for h ...
London, 1971. The forces of evil, so long lying dormant, are about to emerge to bring chaos and fear to the swinging streets of the Big Smoke. Who can stand in their way? Roy Steel, professional alcoholic, unprofessional womaniser & ex-big game hunter, and Lorrimer Chesterfield, Professor of occult studies at London University and owner of the 2nd largest brain in Britain. Mix one part ‘Dracula: AD 1972’, one part ‘The Beast Must Die’ with a dash of ‘The Persuaders!’ The result: The Monster ...
Damage Control Podcasting: A professionally unprofessional look at the conventions, ideas, and genres of film making.
NYC's #1 Unprofessional Art Podcast 2000
Welcome to a show that's unprofessional, unorganized & unpopular
A couple of friends letting the world in on years of conversations about sports. Join Satch and Po as they give you their unprofessional opinion on all things professional.
An (Un)professional podcast about 2 boys playing games and chatting absolute rubbish
The show where 2 guys get together each week and talk about NCAA, international wrestling, and life in general. We give a lot of information and insight while doing it in an unprofessional manner. Thanks for listening and sharing! Find us at
Infuriating Podcast
The most unprofessional podcast ever
IT'S THE GREATEST NIGHT IN THE HISTORY OF UNPROFESSIONAL WRESTLING PODCASTING. An Australian & two Americans review WCW and WWE(F) pay-per-views,. wrestlers' movies & more! Join Frank Harris, Josh Armour and Brandon Dalton, have some laughs & take a walk down memory lane.
Southern Made Media
Southerners Ne with the Tea and Savage K share unfiltered views on news, trash, and pop culture as unprofessionally as possible.Email: SouthernMadeMedia@gmail.comContact: (318)639-0379
Hawaii's "best" Unprofessional professional Podcast! Covering Sports, Hip-Hop, Current Events, Hawaii news, anykine stuff,more sports and more hip hop with Kavet the Catalyst and Zack Morse! Sleep times over brah!
Ty and Jon discuss forgotten b-movies, random television, and other fringe cultural ephemera with their trademark brand of subjective unprofessionalism
A totally unprofessional and laid back Film and TV Podcast made by a group of friends
Nerd on Nerd
Nerd on Nerd is a podcast where Ellie and Liam bicker and argue about a bunch of nerdy topics. Sometimes they get guests on and the guests have to listen to them argue. It's pretty unprofessional of them to be honest.
Parkscope Podcasts
Parkscope Unprofessional Podcast Hour: The best not really an hour podcast to hear babble about theme parks and amusement parks. Joe, Nick, Mike, Lane, Sean, and friends cover the news and happenings at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, and our local favorite parks.Immersive Irony Experience Theme Park Podcast: Alan searches his decades built rolodex for fans and industry insiders to deep dive into coasters, amusement parks, random dark rides, coaster culture, and more.EXPLICIT WARNING: ...
McDirty's Finest
McDirty's Finest is a Texas/Discovered Planet based podcast hosted by Tim, Truman, and Taylor. The three McMU grads come together bi-weekly to discuss life, spread wisdom, make jokes, and be slightly unprofessional.
Vin The Human, Alphaspecter, Bobb-A Fett, and Dr. T Neil needed an excuse to hang out and unwind from the trials of everyday life. Thus, Sorta My Podcast was born. Now, with Commoners Commentary and the Sorta My Brand YouTube channel, you're bound to find something you like from these unprofessional schmucks!
Cannon Fail
How Ya Doin'?Cannon Fail is a podcast hosted by Fuck Yeah! Molecules bassist Marek Ranse, back from the dead and The Trashman!, Mike Paige. The boys for the most part, cover the recent events of Insane Championship Wrestling and retro wrestling Pay Per Views, occasionally talking other subjects like movies, comics, music and other shit.We understand there's a lot of podcasts out there but none as charmingly unprofessional as this one, but as always, if you don't like it, that's cool, it's fr ...
Banter Pod
The most unprofessional podcast that brings you banter, news and reviews.
Dan and James explore and offer their unwarranted, unsolicited, and unprofessional advice.
Heebie Jeebies
Do you like movies? What about scary movies? Are you struggling to find one to watch? Let two horror movie enthusiasts tell you the best and the worst-best of horror films (in their unprofessional opinion.) Including but not limited to: All the spoilers under the sun so you'll know exactly when to close your eyes to the romance of being disemboweled. You're freakin' welcome.
We are a brand new video game podcast based out of Vancouver, Canada. Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their casual, unprofessional takes. Catch us on YouTube using keywords: D-Up GamingPlease subscribe, like and share. We look forward to hearing your comments and feedback. Much Love.Visit us. us on Youtube! Follow us on Twitter! #DUpGaming #Weekly ...
Semi Pros
Bringing you unprofessional Premier League, North East football and general sports talk with appalling production values since 2016.
Around the Median
Sports, news, politics, religion, and pop culture from everyday people. No experts, just thoughts, experiences, and opinions. It's raw and unprofessional, but that's kind of the point.
Great Unknowns Presents (KGUP 106.5) is an online radio show featuring only the best independent music artists.If you love discovering new music, you're at the right place. Everything you hear on this show is current and cutting edge. What you won't hear: dated, unprofessionally produced, and low budget amateurs.If it sounds like it belongs on the radio, chances are, we'll play it.Enjoy interviews and LIVE radio showcases of multiple artists all on one show. Find a full list of previous gues ...
Un-scripted, un-censored, un-professional; Manny and Joe roll around in a beat-up 1995 Chevy Astro-Van speaking of life, love, and whatever pops into their semi-psychotic minds.
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So my excuse for the crappy audio this time will be that it’s punk to not care about sound quality, and with Spike’s glorious debut I’m trying to make the show more punk. Yeah, that’s it. *sigh* Anyway, as unprofessional as I may be Theresa Fortier, founder of and producer at still agreed to join me this week ...…
Tradcatknight Radio, "NWO DEFEATED? Destroying Jim Willie's Arguments" Talk given 4-5-18 (aprx 30 minutes) You try to be nice to these heretics but sometimes you have to lay down the law. I destroy Jim Willies' arguments that "Trump is not another zionist stooge" and also he thinks the new world order is already defeated! What a delusional fool ...…
today meggie and connor are joined by comedian merrit landsteiner to do some commentary for the movie blue valentine. This thing has everything you could ask for: rory and connor’s roommate josh coming in the room and saying stuff off mic, merrit and meggie making connor uncomfortable by asking him about love, connor very unprofessionally pausi ...…
Established in Amity is the perfectly unprofessional podcast for any horror junky! Laura, Justin and Jordan talk about all the scary books, movies, television shows, haunted locations, and folklore they love!Rate! Review! Subscribe!Like us on facebook at: us on Twitter at: @establishdamityFollow us on I ...…
On this Marvel themed episode of Completely Unprofessional, Dante Chang welcomes comedians Austin Hall and Omar D. They rank their top 5 Marvel movies, dissect the Marvel universe, and talk crap on each others list.Video version of this episode is available on YouTube at Please follow Dante on social media @Dan ...…
John Currie got fired by Tennessee when the year was still 2017, yet we, the idiot sports internet, are still talking about it in March 2018. Why? Because the Vols decided to give the world a BUNCH of Currie's text messages, allowing us to discuss important matters like: Why Gogo Inflight is a Georgia weapon Group texts, and the misery they pre ...…
Business is full of highs and lows, it doesn’t matter how successful you become, problems always arise. Jack is extremely raw and honest in this up-close, personal interview (I learnt even more about him than any interview before). Jack shares his hardest time in business history, when everyone was telling him to pack up and walk away. How he t ...…
Vinny and Tylah discuss SXSW, meeting famous people, and other people’s bad kids.
Episode 8 covers tons of celebrity gossip!!! From Trey Songz to Nick Gordon Guest Host: Demi Nyx Main Topic: Situationships Trash: IHOP in Maine & Unprofessional individuals Petty Corner: Those who play victim & Deadend Career Choices
Rihanna VS Snap Chat / DJ Envy VS Desus And Mero / unprofessional VS professional by Fire & ICE PODCAST
On this episode of Completely Unprofessional with Dante Chang, JR Cruz (@JRCruzComedy) talks about his penis procedure. Dante talks about United Airline's love of puppies, and the crew talks about the potential meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.Video version of this episode is available on YouTube at ...…
Gyasi and Jeff recall fond memories of Toys R Us, discuss Drake's record-breaking Fortnite stream on Twitch with Tyler "Ninja'' Blevins and the Shadow of the Tomb Raider reveal blunder. Gyasi and Jeff discuss gaming news weekly and give their unprofessional takes on things.Watch us on Youtube! ...…
Special guest Brett Wasson of Vita Versus sits down to discuss their new music for 2018.
Tylah sits down with two members of the opposite sex to discuss how hard it is to be a woman.
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Just Do ItSubtitle: Ten Ways to Help Increase Making Your Dreams and Goals a RealityAuthor: Paul BrodieNarrator: Paul G. BrodieFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 22 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-22-16Publisher: Paul G. BrodieRatings: 2 of 5 ou ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Naked FaceAuthor: Sidney SheldonNarrator: William RobertsFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 hrs and 41 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-03-14Publisher: Phoenix BooksRatings: 4 of 5 out of 10 votesGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryPublisher's Summary:Hans ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Lost Fleet: ValiantAuthor: Jack CampbellNarrator: Christian RummelFormat: UnabridgedLength: 10 hrs and 13 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 06-24-08Publisher: Audible StudiosRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 5009 votesGenres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Sci-Fi: Con ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Taken by Two DoctorsAuthor: Jasmine BlackNarrator: Sierra KlineFormat: UnabridgedLength: 29 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 03-01-17Publisher: Spunky Girl PublishingRatings: 3.5 of 5 out of 16 votesGenres: Erotica & Sexuality, FictionPublisher's Summ ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: When Dad Killed MomAuthor: Julius LesterNarrator: Jeff WoodmanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 hrs and 58 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-05-13Publisher: Recorded BooksRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 8 votesGenres: Teens, Fiction & LiteraturePublisher's Summa ...…
In D-Up Gaming Podcast episode 7, we discuss what Playstation Plus dropping PS3 and Vita could mean and the potential effectiveness of ESRB's new "In Game Purchases" tag. Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.2:16 Playstation Plus to exclude PS3 and PS Vita games from Instant Col ...…
In D-Up Gaming Episode 6, Gyasi and Jeff discuss the extra taxing of Mature-rated games, Net Neutrality ending and Gordan Freeman's RETURN... to Final Fantasy XV? Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.1:40 10% additional tax on "Mature" and above games!? Politicians blame violent ...…
In D-Up Gaming Episode 5, Gyasi and Jeff discuss the "Cursed" setting on Sea of Thieves, Spyro and Devil May Cry HD remasters, other gaming trilogies we want to see remade.Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.
In D-Up Gaming Podcast episode 4, Gyasi and Jeff discuss the EVO 2018 lineup, the omission of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Fortnite surpassing PUBG (kind of), spending Nintendo Gold Points as cash. Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.
In D-Up Gaming Podcast episode 3, Gyasi​ and Jeff​ discuss Nintendo Online service, the Mario Kart Tour announcement, why video game movies suck and THREE game delays! Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.
In D-Up Gaming Podcast episode 2, Gyasi and Jeff discuss God of War (2018), Xbox One Game Pass, Overwatch League's Pro finger incident, the delay of EA's Anthem. Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.
In our very first episode, Gyasi and Jeff discuss Nintendo Labo, MHW Rathalos Edition 1TB PS4 Pro and others. A bit rough around the edges, we hope to hear your feedback. Gyasi and Jeff get together weekly to discuss gaming news and give their unprofessional takes on things.
Episode 6 covers NBA YoungBoy and his shenanigans, Monica Lewinski's #metoo enlightenment, Black Panther kicking ass in sales, & Safaree's Mandingo Warrior. Guest Host: TeeCee aka T-Cheri Main Topic: Cheating: Then vs Now Trash: Rude children & The Unprofessional Photographer Petty Corner: Don't invade my personal space & make sure your feet ar ...…
In this episode of Completely Unprofessional with Dante Chang he welcomes internet sensation Ryan Davis along with co-hosts Fuquan Johnson and Austin Hall. They discuss Ryan's newfound fame, being on the road, and their opinions on Chris Rock's new comedy special. Video version of this episode is available on YouTube at ...…
Hello, I'm a person who is a unprofessional person who talks about awkward stuff.
Listen to this article: Disturbing news has surfaced in the form of a simple email sent to a person who mined Bitcoin Latina. In an email to a user that goes by “Caustic”, John Gotts displays a sad and unprofessional manner. Let’s...
Mekal and Tylah sit down to discuss what this world has come to within the last two weeks.
Knicks suffer a devastating loss with Kristaps Porzingis tearing his left ACL...The ramifications for the rest of the team, trade deadline, coaches, and his long term health...Let's see what the young guys have...Josh McDaniels backs out of Colts Head Coaching job, sort of reminiscent of Belichick and the Jets...Unprofessional and the fact that ...…
The Gang discusses racism, skin care, and poo tales.
Black women across the world are embracing their naturally kinky and coily hair. However, in recent years, some schools and businesses have enforced grooming standards that deem natural hair unprofessional—leaving many black women and men to wonder what recourse they have when faced with natural hair discrimination in professional and academic ...…
Vinny tells the gang more stories of his life.
As you can tell by the expression on my face, I'm so excited to share this episode with you! This is my beautiful friend Alex. Listen in on us sharing some very innappropriate (still funny) stories on unprofessionalism in the work place. Fair warning, we laughed, A LOT. It might be safe to turn down the volume a tad. Anyways, here's the first o ...…
If you can get pass the completely unprofessional interviewing style of these two, we have musical prodigy Luke Lyons on the podcast. Luke shares his story, Mike drinks from a water bottle, and Allen loses us any future sponsors...Enjoy!
ON THIS EPISODE “We promise not to interrupt your family during dinner time.” – Jay Lieberman On this week’s episode, we hear from podcast founders Jay and Michelle Lieberman and learn what qualities make the ultimate team member. As many of you hear already on the podcasts, you know that Jay and Michelle’s work is based on authentic relationsh ...…
Friend of the podcast Cameron Tinybow Picadegallo joins us again!Checkout the new Ep "Movement I: Concept." by Utah's own Founders of the Ruin: our general unprofessionalism on the delicious rum of our sponsor Outlaw Distillery!Makers of fine handcrafted spirits, Outlaw goes out of their way to ...…
Sometimes you look at them in wonder, and other times you just look.PJ and Brazen get more than they bargained for at a Local H show, Fisi begins preliminary planning for a couch-competitive Valentine's Day, Wookiee patents a new sweater design and Beth reminisces about an age-new problem: people paid to move stuff are scandalously unprofession ...…
On Friday's Mark Levin show, Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham have official requested an investigation to be opened into Christopher Steele who was the main guy behind the Fusion GPS Trump dossier. They think Steele has lied to the FBI and should face the same scrutiny as Trump officials have. Also, John Solomon calls in to discuss ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: All Roads Lead Home (Bellingwood)Author: Diane Greenwood MuirNarrator: Logan RussellFormat: UnabridgedLength: 11 hrs and 2 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-05-18Publisher: Diane MuirRatings: 2.5 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, Coz ...…
In this episode, we chat with fashion lifestyle vlogger Adrianna Wang. A couple years ago, Adrianna started posting videos on Chinese video sharing site Meipai and now her channel called “The Mulan Show” has nearly 500,000 followers who live vicariously through her high-energy vlogs. What drew me to Adrianna was her unique style [...] The post ...…
Here's to being unprofessional, not knowing, not being the expert... letting go of assumptions, fixed views, perceptions, judgements and ideas in favor of....going on a pilgrimage! in China, there was a teacher named Dizang who had a student named Fayan. Dizang saw Fayan all dressed in his traveling clothes, with his straw sandals and his staff ...…
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