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Urban Achiever
A podcast about love, loyalty, faith, friendship and music.
discusses survival, preparedness, guns, tactical, urban homesteading, personal safety, food storage, gear reviews, and other topics with ACTIONABLE information every Monday with a comedic twist and NO TIGHT TINFOIL HATS.
Urban Agriculture is a podcast about food production within the built environment.
Urban Dharma
Kusala Bhikshu and his Urban Dharma; an American born Buddhist monk living in Los Angeles, California. Kusala shares his understanding of Buddhism in a simple, non-technical way through stories, humor and personal insights.
Pedram Shojai is the Urban Monk. He is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Taoist Priest, a Qi Gong Master, film maker, author, and Kung Fu world traveler. He invites you to join in the conversation exploring what it means to live with balance in the 21st century.
Urbanism Speakeasy
The Human-Scale Design Podcast
A weekly podcast taking a look at the stories that we tell over and over again. What our myths and misdeeds, fears and fables say about us as humans.
Third Wave Urbanism
A podcast highlighting the new normal of urbanism in our globalized cities, as told by Kristen Jeffers and Katrina Johnston-Zimmerman - two female urbanists.
The big ideas of cities, urbanism, technology, and the brain by Justin Hollander, urban planning professor at Tufts University.
Market Urbanism Podcast
Welcome to the Market Urbanism podcast, where we’re liberalizing cities from the bottom-up. A podcast examining urban planning, transportation, and urban economic development from a classical liberal perspective.
Insights into urbanism, urban design, architecture, planning, landscape and engineering design.
Bullets, beans and band-aids baby! From defending against a home invasion to escaping and evading social chaos after a collapse, Modern Combat And Survival Magazine's podcast connects you with the most advanced firearms, urban survival tips, and close quarters combat tactics from the world's top experts. Subscribe to our survival magazine for free at
Creepy urban legends and perplexing unsolved mysteries.
Think you can't experience wildlife in the city? Get wild right where you live with the Urban Wildlife Podcast. Hosts Billy and Tony explore the fauna and flora of cities around the globe.
Welcome to The Urban Farm Podcast, your partner in the Grow Your Own Food revolution! This audio only podcast features special guests like Jason Mraz, Lisa Steele, and Kari Spencer as we discuss the art and value of growing food in urban areas. We'll explore topics such as urban beekeeping and chicken farming, permaculture, successful composting, monetizing your farm, and much more! Each episode will bring you tips and tricks on how to overcome common challenges, opportunities to learn from ...
Urban Guru Cafe
Discovering what you truly are
Learn to grow fruit trees organically in our online gardening workshops. Learn key organic fruit tree care skills in just 8 hours.
FEATURED AS "NEW & NOTEWORTHY" BY APPLE 2013-2014 *** Urban Dharma NC is a new Buddhist center, a community-in-progress in western North Carolina. We are committed to the growing of Dharma, for Dharma to take roots in our lives here in this corner of the world, in this part of North Carolina, on the soil of these Appalachian mountains. Our motto "Changing Minds, Transforming Cities" expresses the vision of living the transformative teachings of the Buddha in a contemporary, urban context whe ...
Urban Permaculture
DIY Food Supply
Sportive Baile Funked up jazzy audio joints. Berlin based Mr Phipson presents you an urban mixture of tunes from the past and future. Bossa Nova, Jazzed Up Beats, Electronica, Tropicalectro, Brazilian Beats, Tropicalia, Rare Grooves, Afro-Latinized Funk, Drums'n Breaks, Drum'n Bossa, Deep Beats, Baile Funk, Hippy Hoppy and other funky oddities. From the good old times back in the days to the era of dual processor powered favela funk. The sound of shantytowns worldwide from underground to Roo ...
A unique biblical apologetics radio show that covers theology, faith & culture with a fresh urban slant. Imagine a program that uses a theological term like regeneration (“new birth”) right next to a slang term like chop it up (“to converse”) – that’s us!
This is a podcast dedicated to living a more self sustaining and prepared lifestyle in the urban context. This is episode one so I cover a bit about me and what that podcast is going to cover in the future. I also talk about water storage and resupply.
Featuring discussion about transportation, urban planning, education and public health, among other topics. If you're interested in cities, this is the show for you. Produced by Rice University's Kinder Institute for Urban Research.
Urban Soundscape
A soundscape is an acoustic environment or an environment created by sound. Urban Soundscape is about the sounds of the cities in the world. The podcast will provide you with short (< 5min) field recordings of everything my ears wants to listen to. Please use ear phones to get the best effect for binaural recordings!
Theology of Urban Mission
Turning Lambs Into Lions - a site for all Krav Maga practitioners and Martial Artists
Urban Decay is a role playing adventure set in a zombie infested reality using a game called Dead Reign. Follow Jon, Ryan and Shane as they are thrown into a world created by Brandon the Game Master.​Dead Reign:
Urban Radio Hits
Welcome to the official podcast station of Urban Radio Hits, the station where we play music from all different genre for everyone to enjoy. Urban Radio Hits will come back stronger than before in 2018 with more air time, and much more music, so stay tuned... Thank you all for your continued support.. 2018!!!!!!
Sharing tips and information about organic gardening, self-sufficiency and Survival, as well as Natural Health, Home Remedies and Vegan Recipes
Urban Tiger Radio
Urban Tiger Radio is proud to help 'Changing Faces', a charity designed to provide life-affirming support for those with disfigurement. If you only give once this year, consider this. You can TEXT: UTCF17 plus your donation (e.g. £5) to 70070Meanwhile, The Urban Tiger will keep bringing you regular free podcasts of short stories, independent and original music and poems, plus occasional tracks from my friends. I look forward to your comments...
Welcome to Urban Design London's video podcasts. These provide illustrated insights into urbanism, urban design, architecture, town planning, landscape and engineering design and related subjects from innovative practitioners. This content has been enabled for and may be viewed in iTunes on the iPad, iPhone and iPod. This ideally requires a broadband Wi-Fi connection.
An eclectic mix of urban soulful house music sometimes live from CyberJAMZ Internet Radio Saturdays 4-6pm EST
Sports Urban Legend
Sports talk for die-hard sports fans.
Amazing insights about Jewish spirituality and Torah from leading NYC rabbis.
Currently selling out amphitheaters and arenas across the country with his electrifying Light the Fuse tour, country music star Keith Urban is set to release his eighth studio album, "Fuse," this fall. Join us in welcoming the four-time Grammy award winner for a moderated conversation and audience Q&A.
Urban Spinster
Celebrating the SINGLE life without judgement and redefining the word “Spinster”
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Urban Logic Show
Urban Logic Show Podcast Hosted by Rudy Ray
Audio Books from the Public Domain
Urban Dreaming
Stories of resilience and survival and connecting with culture and spirituality in the city
Urban Jungles Radio is a cutting edge radio/podcast program that explores various topics in reptile, amphibian and vertebrate care. We feature celebrity guests, musical parodies, and hard hitting news topics. Join your host Danny Mendez, a Zoologist with a rich background in the professional zoological world as he explores various topics of interest and brings you the best interviews from all over the world.Urban Jungles Radio is LIVE every Friday night (More or less...) at 10pm. Be sure to ...
Urban Art Music
Nu Disco / Deep House / Soulful House / Afro / Tech
Urban Mysticism is a lifestyle that integrates a modern context and modern practices with ancient spiritual values and archetypes. We discuss issues that pertain to spirit, culture, subculture and technology with a hip, urban edge.
Podcasts from Dusty Gedge of covering Urban Green Infrastructure
Hunt. Fish. Camp. Cook.
Welcome to this podcast series being brought to you by the University of Massachusetts Environmental Conservation's Urban Forestry: Structure, Function & Value class. The podcasts, outlining our semester's readings, is intended as an opportunity to explore the foundation urban forestry, and will introduce concepts related to the management of urbanized landscapes. The podcasts, presented by members of the class, will focus on what comprises the urban forest, its function as a natural system, ...
The Southside Connection show is a talk show dedicated to connecting the urban streets online with southern local music, current events in the south, music news, important urban issues, pranks, interviews and more........The Energy Lounge show is a talk show for urban professionals discussing urban society, family and social issues, sex and relationships, love advice while exposing local artists and original music in conscious rap, R&B, Nu Jazz, Neo Soul, Poetry and more...
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1.Red Zebra,Graveyard Shuffle2.Kill Your Boyfriend,Alan3.Metal Urbain,Paris Maquis4.The Insane,Berlin Wall5.Hawaiian T-Shirt,Chantelle6.Gas Huffer,Hot Cakes7.Ti LAfrique,Soul Sock Sega8.Circle Jerks,Paid Vacation9.The Cravats,Hang Them, Shoot Them, Electrocute Them10.Heart Shaped Hate,Princess Shredder11.Lebanon Hanover,The Crater12.Fort & Gael ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: Lèche-vitrinesAuteur: Sarah-Maude BeauchesneNarrateur: Catherine BrunetFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 3 hrs and 52 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 12-26-17Éditeur: Audible StudiosEvaluation: 5 sur 5 sur 1 votesGenres: Teens, Romance & FriendshipR ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: La patience du franc-tireurAuteur: Arturo Perez-ReverteNarrateur: Marie-Christine LetortFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 7 hrs and 46 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 12-21-17Éditeur: SixtridGenres: Fiction, ContemporaryRésumé de l'éditeur:Un édit ...…
Episode 13: Commerce transnational et espaces urbains en Algérie L’Algérie est un espace-clé en Méditerranée afin d’observer les réseaux qui se tissent depuis la Chine jusque dans des marchés qui trament l’ensemble des territoires nationaux. La mise en place d’une route commerciale globale reliant différentes places et comptoirs marchands, sur ...…
Les changements dans les zones urbaines au Royaume Uni fournissent aux moustiques ...
Un treizième numéro subtilement coquet, dans lequel il est entre autres question de :- Jungle urbaine- Gestion d'avant poste ennemi- GirardVerse- Rakka- Mauvaise gestion du temps-- Playlist --Meguro Shoji - Shadow World (intro et fin)Modest Mouse - Wild Packs of Family DogsCigarettes After Sex - KIrene Cara - What A Feelingt.A.T.u - GomenasaiJa ...…
Welcome back, gang! Here is our Canadian Literature Classic. We hope you enjoy our discussion. Do you lean more towards Tania’s reading of the novel or Kirt’s? If Duddy is the apprentice then who is his mentor? Let us know. Join us next month for Kirt’s Birthday Pick, River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay. We’ve been assured that you don’t have to ...…
Las du train de vie urbain effréné, Arezki Arnaud et Florian ont pris des vacances en Grèce ; ils ont profié de tout : Soleil - Plage - Feta - Amazones et Gaz Moutarde.Note : 3 miams00:00 - Intro02:20 - Jingle01:50 - News (Rétrospective Jean Rouche, le podcast MeatEater de Steve Rinella)11:55 - Wonder Woman de Patty Jenkins34:00 - Wonder Woman( ...…
Cette semaine Decryptualité donne la parole à Frédéric Urbain qui présente les Framabooks dont son propre roman "Vieux flic et vieux voyou".énérique – La prose du pépère – Les Barons Freaks – LAL
PrimeTime Kitchen Fridays 8p Sundays 8a
作为世界著名的咖啡连锁店,星巴克已经成为了中国年轻人喝咖啡的首选。无论是北京、上海、广州这样的大城市,还是一些比较偏远的小城市,你都能喝到这杯印有绿色美人鱼标志的星巴克咖啡。很多人还会戏称它为“星爸爸”。 尽管很多人抱怨星巴克的咖啡太贵,味道也不好,但是不可否认,因为星巴克的普及,越来越多的年轻人开始把咖啡作为一天的开始,并把它融入到每天生活中。不管是在机场、火车站,公司楼下还是百货公司,当你最想坐下来休息一下,或者和朋友约会见面时,星巴克是最容易找到的小憩之处。 在中国的一些景点,你也可以找到星巴克的身影。我特别喜欢杭州灵隐寺边的星巴克。在那个千年古寺的旁边,星巴克也改变了以往的风格,融入了很多中国的元素和装饰,使它与周围的环境更协调。另外,星巴克在每个城市还推出了带有当地独特风格 ...…
作为世界著名的咖啡连锁店,星巴克已经成为了中国年轻人喝咖啡的首选。无论是北京、上海、广州这样的大城市,还是一些比较偏远的小城市,你都能喝到这杯印有绿色美人鱼标志的星巴克咖啡。很多人还会戏称它为“星爸爸”。 尽管很多人抱怨星巴克的咖啡太贵,味道也不好,但是不可否认,因为星巴克的普及,越来越多的年轻人开始把咖啡作为一天的开始,并把它融入到每天生活中。不管是在机场、火车站,公司楼下还是百货公司,当你最想坐下来休息一下,或者和朋友约会见面时,星巴克是最容易找到的小憩之处。 在中国的一些景点,你也可以找到星巴克的身影。我特别喜欢杭州灵隐寺边的星巴克。在那个千年古寺的旁边,星巴克也改变了以往的风格,融入了很多中国的元素和装饰,使它与周围的环境更协调。另外,星巴克在每个城市还推出了带有当地独特风格 ...…
作为世界著名的咖啡连锁店,星巴克已经成为了中国年轻人喝咖啡的首选。无论是北京、上海、广州这样的大城市,还是一些比较偏远的小城市,你都能喝到这杯印有绿色美人鱼标志的星巴克咖啡。很多人还会戏称它为“星爸爸”。 尽管很多人抱怨星巴克的咖啡太贵,味道也不好,但是不可否认,因为星巴克的普及,越来越多的年轻人开始把咖啡作为一天的开始,并把它融入到每天生活中。不管是在机场、火车站,公司楼下还是百货公司,当你最想坐下来休息一下,或者和朋友约会见面时,星巴克是最容易找到的小憩之处。 在中国的一些景点,你也可以找到星巴克的身影。我特别喜欢杭州灵隐寺边的星巴克。在那个千年古寺的旁边,星巴克也改变了以往的风格,融入了很多中国的元素和装饰,使它与周围的环境更协调。另外,星巴克在每个城市还推出了带有当地独特风格 ...…
Écoutez ce livre audio dans son intégralité gratuitement sur Titre: L'ombre du jeu (Morbourg 2)Auteur: Pierre BéhelNarrateur: Pierre BéhelFormat: UnabridgedDurée: 2 hrs and 33 minsLangue: FrançaisDate de publication: 04-19-17Éditeur: Institut Pierre BéhelGenres: Mysteries & Thrillers, Classic DetectiveRésumé de l'éd ...…
Logan Ketterling is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Minneapolis who combined his passions for fashion, storytelling, and online marketing to launch a successful jewelry business. Logan's brand Urbain creates unique pieces from places of significance such as historic sites or local hotspots. Since the launch, Logan has worked hard to get awarene ...…
What a great episode! First up we had Urbain Wolf in the studio to talk his amazing play Custody. Also in the studio, we had Jay Taylor and Oliver Coopersmith to talk about their new, two-man play 46 Beacon. On the phone, we had Max Casella who told us all about The Kid Stays in the Picture which is at the Royal Court Theatre right now! Finally ...…
This week we look at the work of William Herschel, Giuseppe Piazzi, Heinrich Olbers, Urbain Le Verrier, Alexis Bouvard and Johann Galle as they discovered new worlds in a Newtonian solar system. We consider the mathematical frameworks of Laplace and the Titius-Bode Law as guiding physical laws for the investigation of the natural universe.…
Eric Debris/Metal Urbain sits down with Jesse of AT!
Eric Debris/Metal Urbain sits down with Jesse of AT!
Toujours à l’affût d’un croisement entre cultures urbaines et beats afro-caribéens, DJ Mellow hante la scène Global Beats depuis près d’une décennie. Dès 2008, c’est à la tête du collectif bruxellois Lowup qu’il régale les aficionados et convertit les incrédules au son de l’Internationale du Ghetto, dont il est un incontestable ambassadeur. Il ...…
Pompon nous guide dans une randonnée rock sur les sentiers alternatifs de nos belges contrées. De périphéries urbaines mal famées en zones verdoyantes, une nouvelle aventure sonique, passionnante et survoltée, pleine de surprises ou de (re)découvertes.Avec : Miam Monster Miam, Polyphonic Size, Odieu & Le Feu, Flexa Lyndo, De Profundis, Dario Ma ...…
Since there wasn't enough time to talk about pacts with The Devil during the normal broadcast, here is a podcast-only extrasode. You can see an image of Urbain Grandier's alleged pact with The Devil (and others) here: and another supposed infernal pa ...…
Celebrated English/SF street artist Ben Eine.
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