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Thomas is a veteran of the video game industry and founder of the Séfu fashion brand. Join him as he interviews people around the world working in creative fields to find out what gets them out of bed in the morning. General topics include: Design, User Experience, Techno, Crypto, Cyberpunk, Making Things, Expat Life, Cultural Differences, Consciousness, and Zen. This podcast is also available as a video on Youtube.
Visual Pine

Visual Pine

Alex and Ariana

Visual Pine, a podcast about design! Ariana and Alex are two young graphic designers talking about various aspects of the design world and trying to make sense of it all. Come along for fun discussions about the design and creative world, pick up some tricks and tips, and hear them vent about the struggles they face.
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Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman join Chris and Dave to talk about building the web in 2022, micro formats and search engines, looking back on their work in building the web, anonymity and branding, the new possibilities with :has, performance gains in CSS, and the future of the web.By ShopTalk
Dave is pondering Ariana Grande's voice, should you use a SSG for custom landing pages or WordPress, Chris digs apps that allow menu customization, thoughts on companies getting acquired, where should you start with JavaScript testing, is there CMS tools in JavaScript land, and why choose Remix over Rails / Laravel today?…
We're comparing our 'fits, deleting Twitter, and lurking in Discords. And wondering about how much customization you should have over an app's UI? Do you expect it? Is taking ownership of Babel transform a smart thing to do? What are design tokens really? And how do we get to cyber pink?By ShopTalk
We're talking with Thomas Steiner of Google's Project Fugu about native apps or web apps. What is Project Fugu? Hardware limitations or requirements for using game controllers on the web. Working with new hardware API's. Reasons to choose a native app. As well as Thomas' SVG web app he's built.By ShopTalk
Chris can't remember how to get his snow blower working, and Dave can't remember how to use Docker. We're also talking CSS Reset, nuking margin, one thing you can do to make your website better, getting rid of 3rd party Javascript, testing your product on a craptop, and defensive CSS.By ShopTalk
Chris has questions about TikTok (bing bong!), a bit of FU on why accessibility isn't treated as a first class citizen, Dave tries to find a good WYSIWYG editor, why does a repo get so many stars, and should you use all: unset on individual entities to clean things up?By ShopTalk
Dave and Chris are on podcast and YouTube benders, talking CSS performance, CSS contain: Strict, what's new in CSS, how to build a great embed, one thing to make websites better in 2022, dealing with dogma in community, creating great slide decks, and #juicegate.By ShopTalk
Show DescriptionSupporting local sports teams, thoughts on WordPress' full site block editor, advice on convincing clients to move away from WordPress, modern WYSIWYG editors, Microsoft and cloning Notion, an update on Chris' hacker, and what will it take for devs to “focus” on accessibility? Listen on Website →Links Notion Obsidian Advanced Custom…
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