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Audio podcast of the messages at Uxbridge Baptist Church
Cornerstone Church
Uxbridge, MA
Takes on all things sports and culture.
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Pastor Christopher reminds us that Paul’s instruction for mutual submission is framed within his doctrine of unity. Christian relationships must be characterized by patience, gentleness, unity, and peace, which has enormous implications on how we parent, work, and serve.
A new MP3 sermon from Uxbridge Road Tabernacle is now available on with the following details: Title: Easter 2018 Resurrection Subtitle: Easter 2018 Speaker: Jeff Avery Broadcaster: Uxbridge Road Tabernacle Event: Sunday - PM Date: 4/1/2018 Length: 35 min.
This special Mother’s Day sermon is co-taught by Pastors Dale and Kathy. Listen as they each discuss the role of Husbands and Wives as the most tangible expression of God’s own relationship to his Bride, the Church.
As we follow along through Ephesians, Pastor Dale discusses the new standard of living required for all those who have put off their old selves and have put on the image of Christ. Some key marks of the people of God include truthful speech, responsiveness to the Spirit, honest and generous work, and treating others with compassion.…
Robbie talks through the win on Saturday, and the loss to United’s developmemt side
Robbie talks through the win on Saturday, and the loss to United’s developmemt side
Cambridge City manager Robbie Nightingale talks about the 5-1 over Uxbridge, Ben Seymour-Shove's debut and the on-pitch melee.
Past Lives with Kian Xie Join host Lora Cheadle and guest Kian Xie as they discuss past lives, why they matter, and how you can use past life regressions and memories to improve your life and relationships today. As a special bonus for Dreamvisions7 listeners, Lora is offering past life regressions, via Skype, for only $100! lora@pyramidfusion. ...…
ASK! Episode 85 – What is the most important thing someone needs when they are struggling? We also talk Tattoos and Homosexuality. All on this episode of #ASK!
ASK! Episode 84 – Was the cross necessary? Why do we need Angels to minister to us, and how do I comfort someone who lost a person that was an unbeliever? Check out this episode of #ASK!
ASK! Episode 83- Placido joins us again for Placido unplugged. #ASK!
Avoid Those People – Here is the last sermon in our Titus series. If you missed it check it out. #GoTitus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
You Were Once Foolish Too! – Pastor Jamie starts chapter 3 of Titus. He got through the first 8 verses. If you missed it check it out. #GoTitus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
Passionate About The Right Things – What are you passionate about? Check out the sixth sermon in our #Titus series. Pastor Jamie preaches from Titus 2:11-12. Enjoy! #GoTitus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
Make It Hard To Not Like You! – Here is the latest sermon in our #Titus Series. Pastor Jamie preaches from Titus 2:7-10. If you missed it check it out. #GoTitus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
ASK! Episode 82 – Placido Santos joins us today to talk God’s Wrath, people in the Old Testament, and how Christians know we believe the right thing. Check out this episode of #ASK!
Intergenerational Church is the next sermon in our #Titus series. Whether you’re young, old, a man, or a woman there is something in this sermon for you. Check it out. #GoTitus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
ASK! Episode 81 – Lauren Bundy joins us again for Mrs. Bundy unplugged. This week she answers questions about Children’s Ministry. Check it out! #ASK!
When the Church Says, “Be Quiet!” is the fourth sermon in our Titus series. Pastor Jamie preaches on the importance of being able to know false teaching when we hear it. #Titus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
ASK! Episode 80 – This week we are joined by Lauren Bundy for Bundy Unplugged. Pastor Jamie puts her on the spot with some questions about Worship. Check it out #ASK!
Recipe of a Leader – is the second sermon in our Titus series. Pastor Jamie preaches on the qualifications to become an elder in the church. #Titus #KnowTruthToTrulyLive
ASK! Episode 79 – Pastor Jamie decided to ask the questions in this episode of #ASK!
The Big Deal About Baptism – We took a short break from Titus this past Sunday. Pastor Jamie preached on the importance of baptism. If you missed it check it out.
ASK! Episode 78 – Why did God let Satan into His throne room? Is it ok to be cremated and what do I do about my anxiet? All on this episode of #ASK!
Know Truth to Truly Live – This is the first sermon in our Titus series. Pastor Jamie goes through the first four verses of Titus. Check it out if you missed it. #Titus
Do Not Fear – is the sermon from Easter. If you missed it check it out. Enjoy!
ASK! Episode 77 – When is it ok to get divorced, what is Maundy Thursday, a movie review and more on this episode of #ASK!
When Scott Bakula gets a schnoz full of space gas (*spass) he develops the ability to regenerate indefinitely, becomes I-Man, and decides to A. never have that name mentioned in this movie, and B. do what any self-respecting modern superhero would do, and become a spy. Lots of movies have musical themes for the superhero, but how many have them ...…
ASK! Episode 76 – Watch out Pastor Jamie is a little grumpy this week. However, he still made it through three questions for #ASK! Check it out.
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