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Technology Veterans weekly podcast with Carey Holzman and Mike Smith
Technology Veterans weekly podcast with Carey Holzman and Mike Smith
VET Talk Radio
Timeless stories from veterinary professionals for pet owners, veterinarians and vet nurses uploaded each and every week.
Technology Veterans weekly podcast with Carey Holzman and Mike Smith
Family Of a Vet is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families learn how to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) and life after combat through real-world, plain language education and resources for heroes, families, and communities.
Connecting Vets
Connecting Vets Every Day
Podcast by theveterinarypodcast
You can't trust anyone nowadays. The level of sedition, anti-authority behaviour and advertiser-unfriendly thought-crime has reached record levels -- especially among Australia's "elites". Luckily, The Chaser is here to sort the subversives from the patriots. Each week, The Chaser puts a comedian, writer or politician through the ringer, interrogating them on behalf of the Australian government. The stakes are high. If they fail, The Chaser has been granted the power by Peter Dutton to revok ...
Real god good
Each week Bark & Wag will interview Veterinarians and individuals in the pet industry from across the nation answering your questions about your pet. Visit to ask questions and view past podcasts.
Jennifer Quammen, DVM, MPH and Human Performance Coach Ryan Smith, MS facilitate High Performance Coaching for Veterinary Professionals to achieve a higher standard of life.
Ask The Vets
Being a Veterinarian is a pretty intense job. It's a constant emotional roller coaster. I want to share my experiences and knowledge with you. There is so much more to being a vet than saving animals. The human Component can be equally fascinating. Send me your general questions about your pets, vet life, or anything at all you would like to talk about. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - @drdanveterinary *If you have a specific veterinary question please contact your local vet. *Any veterinary ...
Vem vet mest
Growing Vet
Growing Vet
a collaborative forum where we provide a candid A commentary on topics, issues, and insight on life in veterinary school.
The only veterinarian/comedy podcast!!! Tune in every week to as Dr. Lisa (seen on Dr. Oz) and comedian Richie Redding (from Katt Williams’ tour) talk to hilarious comics about the pets they love! Comics with pets talking to vets!!!
Introductory lectures on organic chemistry covering structure and representation, reactions of alkenes, alcohols, aldeyhdes, ketones and amines, determination of structure and spectroscopy, reactions of carboxylic acids and derivatives, aromatic compounds, isomers, carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins, tautomerism and nucleic acids
Podcast by L!VET
Join Dr. Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT, an emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist, for "ER Vet !" This show is dedicated to all things emergency related. After all, we all dread having to go to the veterinarian at 2 A.M. In this show, Dr. Lee will help educate pet owners on what you really need to know about keeping your pets safe and protected. When is it a "real" emergency? When should you go to the animal ER? What can you do to prevent a visit to the ER? What do ...
Are you a visually impaired Veteran interested in learning more about technology and adaptive software? Have you received a device, like an iPhone or iPad, from a Blind Rehab Center, but require more information on how to use it? Are you a visually impaired Veteran looking for a network of peers to assist you in determining if updating your device is the right choice? If you answered yes, or simply are interested in learning more about assistive technologies for blinded Veterans, Blind Vet T ...
Ask a Vet
Ask a vet features Dr. Brett Bauscher and a panel of experts answering questions about animal care and discussing important pet care topics.
Ask A Vet
Have a question about your Faithful Friend? Have you always wondered why Fido and Tiger do this or that? Submit your question at and get insight from a real veterinarian – it may even be featured in our next Ask A Vet episode! A variety of pet topics are discussed in our podcast - learn tips for your dog, cat, or other pet!
Podcast A Vet is a podcast for Veterinarians, students, nurses, veterinary professionals and animal lovers with an emphasis on community. The podcast shares the stories, struggles, successes and insights of leaders across the veterinary industry. As modern vets, we face numerous challenges on a daily basis, from dealing with patients and clients, to running profitable practices, to dealing with internal struggles like compassion fatigue. We believe that the best way through these struggles i ...
Ask the Vets with Dr. Jeff Call-in Radio Show Ask the vets is a call-in show where you, the listeners can ask anything about your dogs or cats and other animals on Pet Life Radio
One Black Vet
Weekly random conversations about anything and everything from my navy stories to sports to current events around the world.
Vets Helping Vets
Vets Helping Vets. Is a podcast about veterans helping veterans. 22 Veterans commit suicide on a daily basis. I interview veterans and have them share their story of success in the military and civilian life. Offer advice and support to veterans in need of assistance in every aspect of life. My goal is to hopefully reach veterans out there that are contemplating suicide and have them change their mind.
Vet Hustle
Veteran Hustle AKA "Vet Hustle" enables veteran-owned business owners and veteran entrepreneurs to experience faster growth in business by generating more leads and customers for less money. More importantly, helping veterans lead and win in life, business, and personal being.
Vet Law
We help you navigate through a complicated legal system as it applies to Veterans, and the benefits and resources available.
Veterinarians, Dr Lewis Kirkham and Dr Robbie Anderton, will give you the inside scoop on the secret lives of your pets and have a light-hearted look at the latest animal news, health tips and other random facts.
Vetting the Hype
Like any discerning entrepreneur, you want to work with a professional. How do today's leaders decide who they will work with and how do they adjust when a partnership goes wrong? Subscribe to the podcast that gets top influencers to reveal the secrets that allow them to succeed. Listen as they tell the story of their worst mistake. About Vetting the Hype Host Marie White is the award-winning, #1 best-selling author of five books. She reaches half a million viewers as the host of a popular Y ...
Just another WordPress site
Gaming Vets is made up of three idiots who play video games and talk a lot of crap!
In 2008, Michael Richardson and Carl Hoffman met at a National Guard Armory in Indiana, and neither has been the same since. Their decision to make a podcast together was heavily influenced by beer (for Carl anyway). Mike's stint in radio adds an air of professionalism to the podcast, while Carl's inability to form a coherent sentence brings out the comedic side of the duo. Decidedly unfunny at times, Carl and Mike are your hosts for a podcast about anything, covering topics such as sports, ...
Just Two Drunk Vets
Podcast by Just Two Drunk Vets
This Podcast contains episodes of Bravo Brazos Valley. They are features on several Veterans from the Brazos Valley. It is created and hosted by Tom Turbiville.
The veterinary management of horses with particular focus on racehorses and performance horses, majority of our work is on athletic horses. The thoughts in these podcasts are my advice to help you manage your horse in the best way to look after their health and obtain optimum performance
Podcast for Program: Not Fit to Rule the Planet: Oil Spill Disaster, Vets Organizing Against Recruiters, the Importance of Dreams, the Actors' Gang in Prisons and A Better World Is Possible In series: The Michael Slate ShowVersion: Raymond Lotta digs into the Gulf Oil Spill and reveals how it is a capitalist oil spill in every conceivable way and points to how a socialist society would do things differently; Matthis Chiroux talks about a nationwide tour of resister vets and The World Can't W ...
Veteran Issues, Firearms news and entertainment, Guns, Ammo, gear, and the shooting sports. Vet Made Ammunition
klankkast podcast
Bridging the technology divide for Veterans with visual impairments through information and services about assistive and accessible technology.
Veterinary Record has been published weekly since 1888. It contains news, comment, letters, clinical research and jobs on a wide range of veterinary topics.In Practice provides continuing educational material for veterinary practitioners. Peer-reviewed review articles by experts in their field cover all species, providing a regular update on clinical developments.
The Vetpodcast
Presented by Veterinarian Dr Bryan Gregor from New Zealand, join us as current cat and dog health and welfare issues are discussed by veterinarians, veterinary nurses and vet techs from around the world. If you are a pet owner, an animal lover or in the veterinary industry, there will be something of interest!
After Action with Max and Paul is a podcast about national security, military life, and other random bulls—t. Hosted by Maximilian Uriarte, the creator of Terminal Lance, and Paul Szoldra, the creator of Duffel Blog.
Not just another Heroes of the Storm show / podcast. Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Schwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network. Heroes of The Storm is our business!
Massively OP
A weekly discussion of MMORPG adventures, news, and opinions by industry vets Bree and Justin.
AVMA Animal Tracks
Weekly podcasts provided for pet owners featuring pet health and safety tips from some of the leading veterinary experts in the United States, brought to you by the American Veterinary Medical Association.
This is War
A raw look at the combat and homecoming experience from American veterans who have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. “This Is War” chronicles the trials of combat vets both abroad and at home.
The show deals with tips, tricks, and advice in regards to computers and technology. The show also features interviews with leading personalities in the Toledo, Ohio area, leading figures from around the world, indie artists, commercial artists, and A FEW SURPRISES.
A Voice For Vets
Spittin Chiclets
Former NHL vets Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette and Barstool Sports' Rear Admiral bring their outspoken and irreverent opinions to the masses. Focusing on the NHL but also touching on pop culture and everything else under the sun. New Episodes release every Tuesday and Friday.
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In this episode of ER VET, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, board-certified emergency critical care veterinary specialist and toxicologist discusses the use of blood transfusions in dogs and cats. When do dogs and cats need plasma or blood transfusions? And can my pet become a blood donor? More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Blood Transfu ...…
The potential #1 QB stops by to discuss where he would want to play, discusses his relationship with Josh Allen, and the potential of sitting behind a vet QB for a year or two vs starting right away
Let's talk money. Even though we love our pets, sometimes they end up costing us at the vet's office. Why is medical care so expensive? Why don't vets just help because they love animals? Mysteries abound! In other news, Emma crushes a triathlon, a couple listeners "Come on down!" to play our version of The Price is Right, and meow for a new an ...…
On this edition of the Daily Brief, Host Eric Dehm and Producer Jake hughes kick off the show by announcing a new name, and then discuss several subjectsa including deported vets, video games, and the Patriot Guard riders. Next, Eric is joined by Jesse Iwuji, whose unique career trajectory took him from the football field at Annapolis, to NASCA ...…
Cam Dupre joins us today to talk about his time in the Marine Corps and his work with Ayahuasca. Cam was a participant in the VET (Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy) program, and has greatly benefited from his experience. Big thanks to Cam for coming on the podcast and talking about his work with Ayahuasca and the benefits he received. Ayahuasca ...…
Vi snakker om noe som er trygt og sikkert som et anker. Men de som har prøvd å håndtere dreggen i en småbåt, vet at det kan både lykkes og mislykkes.
If you think you've got to be a combat vet to worry about service related toxic exposures- think again. We talked about the effects on vets from every era (doing seemingly safe jobs) with Dr Tom Berger, Executive Director and Maureen Elias, Assistant Director of the Veteran's Health Council of the Vietnam Veterans of America.…
Florida Man on meth takes Ultrasound School by force because he think he has a bug in his ear, Some jackass spray painted a tortoise in Lake County, San Diego vets make $4K repair to tortoise with cracked shell, NYC's sex-trafficking tip-line has been wrong for over a year, Billionaire Warren Buffett eats the same thing every day for breakfast ...…
Show Highlights Picking a location is stressful and time consuming, but it can still be one of the most fun parts of starting a float center. Graham and Ashkahn examine what to look for in a new center and how to go about the search. Along with all this, they explain some of the nuances you want to discuss with your landlord when drafting your ...…
On this week's Veteran Cast, we are joined by Michael Fickert, Senior Project Manager of Purple Heart 3, a Veteran Owned & Veteran employed security company out of Indianapolis. Michael joins Veteran Cast to talk about his background in the Army, and then trying to find his purpose again after transitioning into the civilian world. Purple Heart ...…
Dec 10, 2017Det närmar sig utlandsflytt och du vet inte vart du ska börja med packningen - inga problem! Jennifer & Sandra ger sina bästa tips på hur man packar för ett halvår eller mer utomlands, och påminner om viktiga saker att tänka på. Sandra delar också med sig om sitt skräckscenario när allt hennes bagage försvann inför hennes Parisflytt ...…
Published on 04 Apr 2018. Today we’ve got an entrepreneur who created a search engine and sold it to Google about 18 months later. He took some time off and in his off time he invested in some companies, learned the other side of the entrepreneurial journey, and now he is back with a brand new business. The previous company he created was calle ...…
Published on 04 Apr 2018. Today we’ve got an entrepreneur who created a search engine and sold it to Google about 18 months later. He took some time off and in his off time he invested in some companies, learned the other side of the entrepreneurial journey, and now he is back with a brand new business. The previous company he created was calle ...… This presentation is brought to you by Ekwa Marketing, a leader in digital marketing for Medical Practitioners! Key Points at a Glance Dr. Laurie Hess, Veterinary Center for Birds & Exotics, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah Introduction Background Going down a differen ...…
Pete Wedderburn the vet came into studio to talk about our pets.
Published on 02 Apr 2018. Today’s guest hit on an interesting issue. You’ve probably felt it but most of us don’t know what to do about it. Stress.Jane Smorodnikova is the founder of Welltory, an app that lets you measure your stress and be more aware of what’s going on in your body so you can understand what your body is ready for each day to ...…
NASA’s latest exoplanet hunting mission is due to launch this week. It will look for Earth-like planets closer to home than the previous Kepler exoplanet mission. By looking at stars hundreds of light years away, rather than thousands, scientists will be able to use ground based telescopes to learn more about rocky planets. Roland Pease talks t ...…
We Have Scott Borden on. We talk a bit about growing up in the same town, scrubs, white lips, savu's, and much more!Some of my favorite reptile supplies!HerpStat Thermostat: Chip: Vet Cleaner: Camera do I use? : ...…
SEGMENT 1: National Championship game. Three dog night. SEGMENT 2: Reasons you might be dying. SEGMENT 3: Greta Van Fleet has another rock legend's attention. SEGMENT 4: EZS MHM - Gronk does something great. SEGMENT 5: Shawshank Redemption moment for 13 year old kid. SEGMENT 6: A couple gets remarried 50 years later. SEGMENT 7: EZS MHM - John B ...…
In this episode we get to talk with a really close Good Buddy Adam Flechsig, We dive into a great Army Q&A with Flex, We chat MORE about running (FUCK we better start training) the Wharf to Wharf is on our heels, We also play another game that Jerry loses AGAIN. THANK YOU to all of our listeners. We love you all!!…
Uncle Shackler breaks radio silence to come aboard and let his opinions be known about G.I. Joe and other related properties. It’s a blast as two vets talk about whatever pops into their heads about the books and other ideas related to the military.
Today we have Justin Kobylka of J. Kobylka Reptiles! We talk all about ball pythons! This one has something for everyone. How do you manage running a reptile business? Magma, spotnose clown, and all the hot ball projects!CORN SNAKE INVENTORY: ...…
Today’s episode is about Crazy Hood member Charlie – Originally from Miami, he grew up soaking in a variety of music from all genres including the Miami Music Scene. A Military Vet he introduced delegation to Crazy Hood and was heavily involved in the Crazy Hood Gear. Listen close as he shares his story. "Family Ties" is a Crazy Hood Production ...…
Join me and Dr. Jeff Lip as we have a great discussion about the valuable lessons that our dogs offer us. This all came about from my friend Ozzy Eyre from England. Ozzy has been sharing his recent adventures with his dog Jack - going to the vet and figuring out what health issues he has been dealing with - Listening to Ozzy talk about how much ...…
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review and NRATV, fills in for Mark. Robert Mueller’s special council is a clown show and a smokescreen, and he’s the perfect guy to run this scam investigation. The FISA court is a serious thing; so serious that the FBI and Department of Justice have procedures to ve ...…
Bull is another example of a Firefighter taking action when he finds a problem. Bull is walking across the Florida to gather support for Firefighter Cancer Coverage. He is supported by the nonprofit Responders 4 Life and he needs YOU to help...please sign his petiton. Bull is traveling with Army Vet Spencer who is the backbone of Bulls pilgrima ...…
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot segment gives an update on my claims with the VA but is reflective of what thousands of veterans face each year dealing with the VA, most far worse than my challenges. The VA must be held accountable. If not me (us) then who? If not now, when? Our guest this week is Jeff Dexter. He has done many things over the course of h ...…
Rowan Petty is a conman down on his luck. He's flat broke, living out of cheap hotels, and wondering how it all went wrong. His car quits on him in Reno, and he takes a job there on the bottom rung of a lousy phone scam. When he's not swindling lonely widows, he tries to turn nickels into dimes at the poker table. One snowy night, he crosses pa ...…
Danaher, a science and tech company, has just become a CareerXroads member. A global organization of more than twenty operating companies with nearly 60,000 team members, Danaher is committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life around the world. Their business works to transform the fields of diagnostics, ...…
Stoner Pisces April is sure to be a bright and productive month. It should be said that you will be in touch with more feelings than usual during this time period. That’s not a premonition of emotional alarms, merely a warning that life may be more vibrant and dynamic during this time period. As long as you live with kind intent and productive ...…
Mistakes Veterinarians Make As hard as it may be to believe, doctors are human too. An anonymous veterinarian confesses to the mistakes he/she made in their practice. Common errors include forgetting to take out an IV catheter to leaving a thermometer in. Listen as Dr. Debbie comments on these FAILS. How Much Does A Vet Visit Really Cost Resear ...…
Pamela Foland grew up in Plano, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Business in 2005. Her love of animals started at a very young age. As a child, she was constantly bringing home stray dogs, and injured birds. As an adult, her love of animals has only grown str ...…
Pamela Foland grew up in Plano, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Business in 2005. Her love of animals started at a very young age. As a child, she was constantly bringing home stray dogs, and injured birds. As an adult, her love of animals has only grown str ...…
Sorry for the delay, but one's was worth the wait! We talk about robots spying on fish Animals imprinting on everything from robot hens to sheep to buckets full of tuna! How long does it take for a dog to turn a stranger into a friend? Meanwhile, we're domesticating mice without even breeding em. All this, plus your questions: What do you do wh ...… This presentation is brought to you by Ekwa Marketing, a leader in digital marketing for Medical Practitioners! Key Points at a Glance Kelly Baltzell, CEO & Founder at Beyond Indigo Pets, in conversation with Naren Arulrajah Background New changes in Facebook What the ne ...…
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Source: Mueller Pushed For Gates' Help On Collusion; Attorney General Does Not Appoint A Second Special Counsel Names Prosecutor Investigating Claims Of FBI Misconduct; Judges Denies Motion By Stormy Daniels' Attorney To Depose Pres. Trump, Cohen; Fired VA Secretary Fires Back; Pres. Trump Bids Farewell To Hope Hicks; Trump Fires VA Secretary, ...…
Suzy Yates is joined by Dr Nick Taylor from Greencross Vets to talk about rabbits as pets for Easter and also answered all your calls.
Chris and Pete talk with our new cohost John Stokes about the fishermens guild vet gutter and vet decimate Also April 15th theres a ratcathers release party at the Final Round Game Shop in Summerville SC
Trump fires VA secretary, taps WH doctor to replace him; New WH turnover, turmoil as Trump heads for FL; Trump on VA shakeup: now vets can "run to a private doctor"; Source: Dr. vouching for Trump's health helped him get job; veterans groups fear Jackson is unqualified to run VA; "Trump whisperer" Hope Hicks officially leaves WH; Cohen's attorn ...…
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