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Wall St for Main St is a start up investor education, financial education, research and consulting company. We provide alternative financial information, research, education and consulting to Main Street investors using uncommon wisdom like the Austrian School of Economics. Our goal is teaching people how to fish for themselves instead of trusting their financial adviser for everything. We interview top investors, traders, money managers, financial commentators, economic experts, authors, CE ...
A timely review of the top news of the day. WSJ reporters, editors and columnists offer lively insights into breaking stories and current events.
Borussia Dortmund Podcast and Fan site
Nehemia Gordon uncovers ancient Hebrew sources to empower people with information to defend the Word of God and build their faith.
Hear the Journal's sports team's take on the most important topics and events in sports each week.
Listen to renowned analyst Frank Curzio talk with leading economists and respected investment professionals. Frank also breaks down the news of the week so all listeners can make money in these markets!
The Wall Street Lab is a podcast that explores the world of finance from an insider perspective. The hosts, Lukasz Musialski and Leo Severino, interview top financial professionals in the fields of private equity, hedge funds, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, venture capital, management consulting, trading and many more. The themes range from investment related topics, financial markets and news, career development in finance, favorite books, personal habits, j ...
One hour of the morning's top business and personal finance news. Host Gordon Deal anchors this fast-paced, entertaining and truly useful program.
Longtime New England broadcaster Michael Graham hosts a weekly podcast about life for conservatives trapped behind enemy lines in deep-blue New England. Graham is a Boston Herald columnist and Politics Editor for
IGN's weekly Game of Thrones podcast. We break down the current episode, answer fan questions and dig deep into the Seven Kingdoms to discuss everything from Khaleesi to Lannister gold.
Seeking Alpha's Wall Street Breakfast brings you all the news you need to know for your market day. Released by 830am each morning, it is a quick listen that you can put on as you get ready to start your working day.
Off The Wall is a weekly show on WUSB radio, Stony Brook - Long Island, produced by 2600 Magazine. This feed offers a high-bitrate (128k) MP3 version of the show.
Mance Rayder's core philosophy is that all human interaction should be voluntary, period! Any and all coerced or forced interactions are logically and morally without mandate. If I do not have the right to demand 30% of my neighbor's labor, I can in no way, logically or morally, pass that right on to some other man or organization. -Mance Rayder (July 2017)
Wall Jump Podcast
Join Bally, Justin, Sam en Simon elke dinsdag in de Wall Jump Podcast, een podcast over games en de gaming industrie met een gezonde dosis humor. Elke vrijdag streamen ze games op en uploaden af en toe iets op Check ook de gezellige community op
Wall Street Raw! is hosted by Mark Leibovit, former 'Elf' on the decades running Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser PBS television program and former 'Market Monitor' guest for 30 years along with Paul Kangas on the PBS' The Nightly Business Report. Mark shifts through the noise in the financial media and applies technical analysis, contrary thinking and cyclical analysis to discern trends and money-making opportunities in all the major markets. Wall Street Raw - airing Live on Saturdays [ ...
Beyond the Wall
An alt-right podcast for spic and gringo goys can come together and unite trough hardcore shitposting. Our hosts in the Taco Stand: Scrungo, Cavernario, LaVolpe and Paul. Un podcast para la derecha alternativa gringa y mexa para hablar de pura pendejada sin sentido.(Podcast en ingles)
Hear exclusive interviews by Journal reporters and editors.
Hear about the top tech stories of the day, including news and features. Plus, get a rundown on tech stocks on the move.
Running Through Walls is a Venrock podcast featuring candid conversations between investors and entrepreneurs. Each episode, we offer a behind-the-scenes look at the breakthroughs, challenges and nuttiness associated with building and growing companies. Venture capital firm Venrock has been investing in entrepreneurs across technology and healthcare since 1969.
From the beginning of creation God said it was "not good that a man should be alone." The writer of Proverbs reiterates that a man who "isolates himself is not wise." When the local church is neglected man returns to that former state of "not good" and the consequences could not be more serious. Extra (outside) Ecclesium (the church) Nulla (there is no) Salus (salvation) is the historic doctrine of the church passed from the Chief Apostle Paul through Cyprian (258 AD) Luther (1490 AD) Calvin ...
Off The Wall is a weekly show on WUSB radio, Stony Brook - Long Island, produced by 2600 Magazine. This feed offers a high-bitrate (128k) MP3 version of the show.
The final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating epic wealth. It's a revolutionary new "money show" disguised as a "real estate show."
Fly on the Wall
Your weekly window into how the most impactful moments in politics unfold. From the Oval Office to the Clinton campaign war room to the hallowed halls of Congress to Maryland's Governor's Mansion, we bring you inside the rooms where the biggest decisions are made. Hosted by a couple of college kids still trying to learn how things get done in this complicated yet beautiful world of American politics.
Wall Street Week is the revival of iconic financial TV program Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser, which aired on PBS for 32 years. The show is "about anything that effects people and their money" and focuses on long-term investing. Now airs 8 PM ET Friday nights on the Fox Business Network.
Longtime New England broadcaster Michael Graham hosts a weekly podcast about life for conservatives trapped behind enemy lines in deep-blue New England. Graham is a Boston Herald columnist and Politics Editor for
This exciting, dynamic, multicultural, multiracial, non-denominational church is located in the heart of Tampa, Florida. Founded by Pastor Randy White and Pastor Paula White.
CEO Radio with Ray Hoffman of The Wall Street Journal is a program originated by WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York City. Hoffman interviews CEOs about their business practices.
Beyond the Wall
Podcast by Alexander Hynes
Wall & Broadcast
Wall & Broadcast invites you inside the untold, little understood stories of Wall Street. With unparalleled access to industry insiders, and hosted by an ex-spy and a former boy band member turned finance experts, we deliver insightful interviews, hilarious asides, intriguing stories, and historical perspective on this seemingly untouchable industry that touches everybody.
Breaking Walls
Breaking Walls: A Podcast on the History of American Dramatic Radio.Subscribe in Itunes here -
Jo Gudgeon and Simon Columb discuss theatre, art, TV, music, cinema, comedy, games and much more! Condensed into a crisp 30 minutes, it’s easy to digest and you're invited to join us each fortnight for our fun, yet informative, banter.
Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall gets you up close to your favourite heavy metal/hardcore/pop-punk rock bands and musicians whilst updating you with the latest music news, reviews, tour announcements and playlist to get your week started heavy and loud.
Our mission is to draw consumers and business owners together to ignite the global black economy. Through this platform our socially conscious listening community will connect with black business owners and their companies, learn about their products or services, and buy from them. Each week I will bring you a new, compelling interview with an entrepreneur who will share their story, teach us some useful business information, and share their number one piece of advice for the Buy Black commu ...
Grabbing the Bull by the horns. I have never been a normal person, I plan to bring that same attitude to Wall Street. Each week I will provide you with investing tips and stock picks that will help you become a better investor and possibly find that big diamond in the rough. Some people call me crazy, that's how I know I am doing it right.
Know it Wall
Know it Wall is a place for inquisitive minds. Let world-class researchers in humanities & sciences excite your curiosity through short audio-documentaries (audiodocs). From Stegosaurus to Shakespeare, protons to pandemics, there’s no limit to what you could encounter! | Based at UCL and Imperial |
The 5th Wall Podcast is a movie trivia podcast hosted by Brandon and his two friends, Jarod and Clay. Every week, we'll talk about a movie or TV series with a quick run down of the plot, and drop some knowledge about all of the fun, juicy trivia we all love! Reach out to us on Twitter! Official Twitter Account: @5thwallpod Brandon: @bnut37 Jarod: @jboase Clay: @ClayKellett
The Yellow Wall
Borussia Dortmund Podcast and Fan site
Exploring the Foundations and Implications of Faith
Eddie's Wall
Eddie’s Wall is a weekly series hosted by former professional snowboarder Eddie Wall. Eddie famously climbed up the pro ranks while working a night janitor job in Mammoth Mountain so that he could shred during the day. In just a few years, he became one of the biggest names in pro snowboarding, in addition to winning contests and putting out legendary video parts. Eddie is now a professional host and manages our @TWSNOW ( Instagram Account
As the years move us further and further away from the realities of the Vietnam War and recognition of those who served, we must find ways to keep alive the memories of the those who sacrificed for us, and honor those who returned home to an unwelcome nation.
Welcome to the Shield Wall! Here you'll find podcast content centered around tabletop hobbies, podcasts about everything and anything pop-culture (as well as whatever topics the routine/inevitable tangents lead us to), and most importantly, a group of like-minded nerds dedicated to sharing our adventures, shenanigans, escapades, and love of the tabletop hobby with the world. We're the funniest people we know, and now, because someone thought it was a good idea to give us cameras, microphones ...
An advocate for the promotion, growth, welfare & creation of African-American, HBCU student and alumni owned businesses, entrepreneurship & economics.
The latest interviews and special features from The Hutchinson News.
Beyond The Walls
Beyond the Walls podcast is the audio expression of writer and speaker Ben James. The goal of this podcast is to take a look beyond the walls in our lives in regards to issues and topics ranging from Religion, History, Relationships, Culture, Community and more. You can contact the show at @walls_beyond on Twitter, or contact Ben directly on Twitter @sbjames2494
prologo - schema di sintesi temporale
Outside the Walls
Thoughts and perspectives that go beyond the walls of the Church featuring Brandon Andress, Sarah Lowry Dismore, and Jess Duncan.
Without Walls
Services of the Apostolic Church of Salem
Every trading day, Jim Cramer and other top financial commentators from take an in-depth look at the day's market action and discuss stocks,important news, trends, and events in the financial world and on Wall Street.
A podcast about Mexico from the other side
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Senior VP Kevin Byrne has been a fly on the wall in every Ravens draft since 1996. He tells the stories from drafting Ogden (9:19), Reed (17:28) and Flacco (20:27), as well as a very tense moment (25:57). Byrne gives insight into Ozzie Newsome and his last draft (40:22). Have a comment, question or suggestion? Email the show at thelounge@ravens ...…
The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, meaning one thing: Jared and Joe have some takes to offer up.
Sam shares an impassioned plea to everyone who has experienced God's love to break down the back wall of their hearts and let it flow out into others. This is how we can change the world.
Films from the Basement has returned with its next installment featuring the film Soft Matter. It’s an indie sci-fi horror film that touts itself as “Get Out Meets the Shape of Water.” You’ll have to listen to the podcast to see how Soft Matter is unlike either of those two films. Even though Seth warns you to stay away, Alex and I have ourselv ...…
Destiny arrives! This week, the team is ready to run through a brick wall in excitement for Avengers: Infinity War so we jump aboard the Hype Train and rank all the MCU movies so far from 18 to 1! What is the best? What is the worst? Who has the most controversial list? Listen and find out, it's ALWAYS FREE to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, liste ...…
Calibre - No One Gets YouWhiney - Sun KissedBcee - Black SkySpectraSoul - The MistressBcee - Your BodyOwnglow - Only UDawn Wall - Holding OnOwnglow - The Night Is Still YoungKove - goneSpectraSoul - Beat KeepsDawn Wall - NomadWhiney - OnyxState of Mind - DirtS.P.Y - Alone In The Dark
We need to understand that it is easy to neglect the task of maintaining the walls in our lives from Nehemiah 13:1-31.By (George Cannon).
Pop Up is your new favorite podcast about commercials. Each episode, a film industry producer (Dillon Wall) and a cultural studies scholar (Daniel Rivers) watch ads and break down the techniques, cultural relevance, and modes of manipulation that are utilized to stick to your brain like a stubborn mold.Join us this week as we dive into an ad fr ...…
Their backs were against the wall in game three, which produced a dominant 16-point win for the Minnesota Timberwolves over the Houston Rockets. Locked on Rockets host Ben DuBose joins Colton Molesky, giving reactions as well as insight into what went wrong for Houston. The duo covers what worked for the Timberwolves. They both look ahead to ga ...…
Learn the most common relationship pitfalls which affect careers and results at work, highlighting four of the 15 proven practices from FranklinCovey’s world-class solutions that will help anyone to master the skills of effective relationships: Wear Glasses That Work — How you see yourself and others impacts your relationships Behave Your Way t ...…
LIVE FROM NASHVILLE, THIS WEEKS PRIMETIME WITH THE ICEMAN SHOW IS HERE! It's a one-hour weekly radio show introducing you to Tomorrow's Country Music Stars Today! Great new country artist music, interviews, and The Iceman being his normal off the wall self. THE ICEMAN is The Last Man Standing in the World of the Throwback Radio Personalities.…
How great would it be to be able to choose the government system that best suited you? Not just “choose between the options that we give you” but to really have a choice in which government under which you’d prefer to live. Professor Tom W. Bell joins us to discuss polycentric law, a concept in which government is not only decentralized but has ...…
This is the podcast where we read and discuss the BEST in Buffy fanfiction with your hosts, JforJenny & QuinciWho. The fanfic up for discussion is If I Should Dust Before I Wake by Carrie Ann. This story is rated NC-17 for Terrifying Scenes and Sexual Content. [This fic is still being updated so the rating may change as it progresses.] Story sy ...…
What a gaggle of characters we have here today. Trump. Tillerson. Giuliani. Gingrich. One good guy: Mark warner. Get ready to smack you head against the wall. 2018 04 20. Ep17
II. A Game of Chess The Chair she sat in, like a burnished throne,Glowed on the marble, where the glassHeld up by standards wrought with fruited vinesFrom which a golden Cupidon peeped out(Another hid his eyes behind his wing)Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabraReflecting light upon the table asThe glitter of her jewels rose to meet i ...…
On this episode, Daniel sits down with educator and renown artist Edreys Wajed. Edreys shares his very interesting story of his upbringing in Buffalo, New York, his time as a musician and making the transition over to education. Edreys also talks about getting the opportunity to be selected as one of the artists on the landmark Freedom Wall in ...…
Project Arts Centre's Artistic Director Cian O'Brien and Charities Regulator John Farrelly on whether the art was in breach of the 2009 Charities Act
Project Arts Centre's Artistic Director Cian O'Brien and Charities Regulator John Farrelly on whether the art was in breach of the 2009 Charities Act
Welcome to Episode 1 of Bags and Boards! Today, we discuss one of the luckiest comic book finds ever as well as some book history on how Frederick Wortham affected the youth and industry in the 1950’s. By uncovering the past we can get a better understanding of the rise and scarcity of these collectible works of art. Need a comic store? Contact ...…
Are you the life of the party, a wallflower, or the life of the party who can also be a wallflower? Jamie and I explore the dimensions of confidence, introversion, and shyness, and how those dynamics can co-exist in one person in the exact same moment. Don't call us extroverts because we are confident and Jamie is friendly. We are introverted, ...…
A look at the competition wall being reset at Londons Mile End Climbing Wall, featuring head setter Alex Lemel, and setting super start Alex Fry.Beat by Alex Lemel-
A look at the reset of the competiton wall at Mile End Climbing Wall, featuring head setter Alex Lemel, and GB team climber Matt Cousins.Beat by Alex Lemel-
Day Trader, Joel Harrison droppin' knowledge on trading fundamentals, quick tips, and building wealth in a hip hop inspired stock market; Independent Artist A.R.T. drops his new single "Sick" (It's pure fire!); Hot topics, DJ Blinks, and more!
God blessed the nation of Israel in order to be a blessing to all other nations, but eventually, they refrained from sharing that salvation with others. After the work of Christ, followers are called to go outside the walls of the church to multiply as we make disciples and plant churches.
For the first time ever, the Jazz Notes podcast originates from UTA's Frontrunner train after Utah beat Oklahoma City 115-102 in game 3 of their playoff series. It had to originate from the train because host Cleon Wall had to get home. He admits it's not a perfect podcast because he messes up the name of the train and tries not to bother the s ...…
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The Movement (VICTORY! - 1st Preview Service) This Service is our first full service. Our focus in on the Victory we receive from God.JOY Community is a community of people who love to celebrate the Joy of the Lord.You will show me the path of life;In Your presence is fullness of joy;At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.Psalms 16:11 (NK ...…
In episode 1 I am chatting with David Nihill. David is the author of the best-selling book Do You Talk Funny? the top rated book about public speaking on Amazon in the US. David is the Founder of FunnyBizz, a community, writer platform, and conference series, where business meets humour to abolish boring content. His work has been featured in I ...…
Twitter: Denton_Day IG: DentondayEp. 57: Wall and Beal return to form, Capitals tie series, Redskins Schedule, NBA Playoffs3:54 Wizards take Game 310:31 Wall vs. Ibaka12:20 Responding from a scuffle17:02 Breaking up the Wizards (cc: Scott Brooks)26:18 Pelicans stunning performance31:02 Karl-Anthony Towns not so stunning performance35:00 Commerc ...…
The Marketing fell again today...what went on and how are investors feeling? We'll share what happened and why right here.
Lee and Todd talk about the NHL playoffs, the Leafs having their back up against the wall, they hear from John Tortorella and chat about the U18's.
Use this plan to see 27 top sights in Washington, D.C. over the course of five days of visiting world-class attractions. Suggestions for dining and advance planning, as well as ideas for modifying the plan if you have more or less time to spend in Washington, D.C. are included. Click on the audio bar at the end of this post to listen to the acc ...…
Your App Lady Show Notes Series 1 Episode 28 Welcome to series 1 episode 28 of the Your App Lady Podcast! All about apps and tech that I love and use every day. On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip. Tech News Apple’s Education Announcements The star of the announ ...…
Worm, Nuht Rash, Sam, Martin, and Gordo chat it up in the shedio on this episode before the Dustbowl III B tier Tournament in Dalhart Tx. Listen as we talk about the upcoming tournament, off the wall stuff, plus much, much more!!
For victims of sexual harassment on Wall Street, the case of Kathleen Mary O’Brien was a bad omen. In 1988, O’Brien, then a stockbroker at Dean Witter Reynolds, filed the earliest sexual harassment case we could find in a public database maintained by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Wall Street’s self-governing organization, which ...…
Dan Hill is CEO of Hill Impact, an integrated strategic communications and government relations firm located in Washington, D.C. For more than twenty years Hill has guided global and domestic businesses and high-profile individuals through complex issues, including crises and reputational attacks, by using a combination of strategic communicati ...…
Eben Pagan was originally in direct marketing in San Diego as a real estate and mortgage broker. Then a friend demonstrated how successful he was at selling products online. Inspired, Eben locked himself in his bedroom for three weeks straight, writing his first e-book entitled Double your Dating, and publishing it under the name of “David DeAn ...…
Three tunes from today's jar: Faron Young - Hello Walls Dolly Parton - Jolene Stray Cats - Rock This Town
Louise Byrne reports on a campaign by Dublin street artists against planning regulations for large wall murals
Show Highlights Picking a location is stressful and time consuming, but it can still be one of the most fun parts of starting a float center. Graham and Ashkahn examine what to look for in a new center and how to go about the search. Along with all this, they explain some of the nuances you want to discuss with your landlord when drafting your ...…
You might’ve seen Nikki Howard on the walls of Equinox Fitness or in an Old Spice commercial. She’s worked with Sprite, GMC, Lucky Brand, Xbox, Bose and American Express. Not only is she a model but she’s an actress and is slowly looking to step in the comedy world. Born in New York and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, she’s a mix of Russian, Pol ...…
Guests Conorayne I'm a ''Really gay'' Songwriter, performer and ''an absolute dorkus'' from Dublin, Ireland.~~I'd trade my left leg for a good Zoids video game.~~They/Them Conorayne (@conorayne) | Twitter Liz 🍑(formerly @LizMacaroon) Real life mother of 2, internet mother to many, Writer of words, active member of Nerdfighteria & lover of knowl ...…
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Specials; Tarrytown Chowder Tuesdays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, Senator Chris Murphy considers Trump’s “slow-motion car crash” foreign policy as further proof Donnie Two Scoops has been compromised by Vladimir Putin.Then, on the rest of ...…
Here's a sampling of what I've got lined up for you this hour: a '67 album cut by Question Mark & the Mysterians, early Tim Hardin, a track from Jefferson Airplane's debut album, plus Them, the Zombies, the Basement Wall and other garage bands, Al Green from his 1967 debut album, and lots more.
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