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Ducks Unlimited Canada Podcast
The official podcast of Ducks Unlimited Canada. Listen as we explore issues, ideas and research about wetlands in Canada. Wetlands are some of the most bio-diverse habitats in the country. Wetlands are vital to the health of a wide variety of mammals, birds, amphibians reptiles plants - and, of course human beings. We'll be interviewing research experts and frontline workers from Ducks Unlimited Canada in lively, engaging exchanges. They'll keep you up-to-date and up-to-speed on the best inf ...
Pharm 13 – bogcast
Bogcasts from Urban Wetlands studio featuring Pharm 13 - downtempo, ambient, soundtrack, electronic music.
Wild Florida
There's more to Florida than beautiful beaches and theme parks. There's a beautiful, crazy and sometimes scary wild side to what lurks in the thick palmetto bushes, prowls deep in the wetlands or swims under the crashing waves.
Otter Scrubber
A short 2-3 minute video podcast for kids about nature. In episodes 1-3, we'll meet elephants, waterfowl, and a BABY PANDA. After that, we'll visit the ocean, a wetland, and a volcano on Iceland.
Valley Forge Nature & Science
Valley Forge National Historical Park encompasses an area of great historical significance, as well as protecting a substantial area essential for the preservation and protection of native biodiversity. The 3,500-acre park is one of the few, large, contiguous, protected areas in southeastern Pennsylvania that has a variety of habitat types including a river, numerous streams and forested wetlands, eastern deciduous forest, and tall-grass meadows.
Isabella B's Podcast
This is the first episode of the Bella For Breakfast Podcast, great for On-The-Go Info! In this episode you will learn about Ancient India, Space, and Grasslands, Woodlands and Wetlands! :D
Bird Podcast
Welcome to the Bird Podcast — hosted by Shoba Narayan. This podcast will focus largely on birds, specifically on Indian birds with occasional global forays. India is home to some 1200 bird species, amongst the highest in the world. This podcast showcases and highlights our feathered friends We will talk to naturalists and birders about common and special birds such as the Greater Coucal, Himalayan Quail, Nilgiri Flycatcher, the Malabar Trogon, the Great Indian Bustard, and other amazing spec ...
Handbook to the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk & Suffolk, The by DAVIES, George Christopher
The Broads are Britain's largest protected wetland and are home to a wealth of wildlife, especially fish and birdlife. They comprise a network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. The lakes (or broads) were originally formed by the gradual natural flooding of medieval peat excavations and cover an area of some 303 square kilometres (117 sq mi). The rivers and broads subsequently evolved to become a system of water-highways linking the City of N ...
Cape York Land Manager
Cape York is an incredible place - around 137,000 square kilometres of diverse landscapes. The people who look after the land and sea are just as diverse and fascinating; amazing people in this amazing place. In 2016 Cape York Natural Resource Management and South Cape York Catchments met to discuss the best means of sharing the stories of Cape York's land managers. Our conclusion? Let them tell their own stories! And My Cape York Life was born.We hope you enjoy these stories as we travel fa ...
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Andy and Gina in the Morning Clips
You might know him as Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore, we know him as Christopher McDonald and he has a new movie out called Wetlands.By (100.3 The Sound).
When autumn leafturn starts near equinox in the Midwest, the deciduous trees are bare in northern Canada. In Oregon and Maine, foliage colors are approaching their best. In the Rocky Mountains, bull elks are mustering their harems, and snow is falling. Along the 40th parallel, the smoky tint of last week’s canopy quickly becomes clear and brigh ...…
The Washoe County Health District will conduct its final aerial abatement operation of the 2017 mosquito season on September 20 and 21 beginning at 6:30 am in the North Valleys area. Helicopter applications of Vectolex larvicide will be applied to over 2,500 acres of wetlands from Silver Lake to Washoe Lake, including areas surrounding Swan Lak ...…
An invasive insect plaguing the coast has killed thousands of acres of tall marsh grass that bind our fragile wetlands together. Coastal researchers worry that the threat could increase the rate of coastal erosion and destroy fish habitat. Fishermen are worried.By (Travis Lux).
Hi Everyone! Here is the news of the week! The Making of South Longfall Wetland (21:25) The Making of Crooked Shank (cont.) (29:03) The Making of North Shattered Hills (cont.) (32:37) New Title for Weekly Update (36:10) Free Trial Test #6 (Sep 7-27) Now Live! (39:12) R45 Postmortem Telethon Results (41:13) Dragon Con 2017 Cosplay Contest Winner ...…
KOWW 76. Whoa! The posse is about to dock at Ice Haven but nothing is as easy as it seems. Things take a turn and the posse needs to think fast. Can they do it? Will they touch dry(or wet?) land ever again? Tune in to find out! Yee haw! on Twitter.…
Jeff Supak, Community Resiliency Program Associate at Global Green USA, talks about the recent flooding in New Orleans and how green infrastructure such as plants and bioswales can add capacity to the city’s storm water system. For over 20 years, Global Green USA, the American affiliate of Green Cross International, has been a national leader i ...…
Camp Adulthood and the Resident Youth
On our first remote interview since Shea's New York departure, the gals talk to Aimee, a badass lady scientist who has a Masters in Environmental Studies and is a wetlands specialist. They discuss pet spiders, house boyfriends, business and the environment coexisting, being a woman in the science profession, and climate change. BONUS CONTENT: J ...…
Louisiana Today with Joey Sanders
Art created to start climate change talks sinks after storm Accused burglar doesn’t flush toilet, leaves DNA for police $1M bill deposit attempt leads to Iowa man’s drug arrest Tiny mermaid-painted shed apparently drifted 200 miles Woman writes ‘missed connection’ to man pictured chugging beer on kayak during flood…
Timothy Hawkes and Warren Petersen join Tom Williams to discuss the governors proposed 50 year water plan. Quoting from the Recommended State Water Plan: Utah faces a daunting challenge. We have the distinction of being both one of the driest states in the nation and one of the fastest growing. At the convergence of those two realities is the c ...…
New England PEER's Director, Kyla Bennett, previously worked at EPA Region 1 for 10 years as a wetland permit reviewer and as the Region's Wetlands Enforcement Coordinator. Kyla first became involved with PEER in the mid 1990s, when she became a whistleblower herself."I was dismayed to see politics trumping science and law in EPA's permit and e ...…
A feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle, A Plastic Ocean has been screening to sold out audiences worldwide. Pacific Whale Foundation will host the Maui premiere followed by a discussion with experts on the issue of marine debris. Tickets are just $15 in advance or $20 at t ...…
A Tri Colored Heron at Harris Neck NWR, GA. Found mostly in coastal wetlands along the Atlantic and Gulf, this is an adult.The big pond at Harris neck is home to many varieties of birds, some 'gators and turtles too.One minute of "fame" for this great bird... in 4K too.By Mike C..
The Valleys of Comacchio are a vast wetlands area located between Ferrara and Ravenna, in the Province of Emilia Romagna. More specifically, they lie between the town of Comacchio and the Reno River, inside the Delta del Po Regional Park.Music: Gioachino Rossini – The Italian Girl in Algerian Overture – US Army Band (Public Domain)…
00:00 - Greg gets to play tour guide tomorrow! Scott and his son Gregory Mortland are here from San Diego, in town to see their new adopted football team -- the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The football club is hosting Montreal Thursday night, and Thursday afternoon, Greg will ferry Scott and Gregory around Winnipeg on a 3-hour tour. WHERE SHOULD HE ...…
Ingham County, Michigan Drainage Commissioner Patrick Linneman is internationally known for his drainage projects. They replace pipes with plants, creating wetlands and fountains for public enjoyment. A floating ecosystem was installed this summer in the longtime polluted but much-improving Chicago River. Not only will it beautify parts of the ...…
Southeast Green - Speaking of Green
Adam Macon is the Program Director at Dogwood Alliance. He joined the organization in 2014 and since that time has successfully elevated the Our Forests Aren't Fuel campaign to international prominence, and has been instrumental in supporting the development of an international and regional network pushing back against a growing biomass industr ...…
Mandy Page For Breakfast - Triple M Riverina MIA 963
Mandy catches up with her nephew to talk "roasting", takes a walk down memory lane when there was talk of an Almond processing plant coming to Griffith, speaks with Craig from Bland Shire Council about "fossicking" and finally speaks with Bec Byrne about tree planting at Fivebough Wetlands this weekend!…
Delta Dispatches
Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts Simone Maloz & Jacques Hebert. On today’s show Brady Couvillion, Geographer with the Coastal Restoration Assessment Branch of the USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, joins the program to talk with Simone about mapping Louisiana’s coast. He's followed by Dr. Scott Hemmerling, the Director of Human Dim ...…
Q & A The HEPAC Podcast
Ian Smith works with the Parks branch with the NB Government as a Program Manager. His gig includes wetland exploration at parks in NB, outreach, community building education, running the Get Outside program and enabling and facilitating experiential learning and interpretation. He is a grandfather, father and old fart who enjoys being outdoors ...…
A podcast about movie making and the science fiction featurette, Daughter of God, with Director Shri Fugi Spilt, (Dan Kelly). Daughter of Godcast, 046, Swim. Raising funds to support wild waters. TEAM DOG! Moving right along. We’re back with the Daughter of Godcast, episode 046, swim. These skinny episodes ...…
Chapter 39 of Extraordinary Terrestrials, a serial fiction podcast about a supernatural wetland. In the last chapter, Trip and Mattie decided what they were going to do. In this chapter, Mattie does it. Tune in next Thursday to find out what Karen's mind has seen. Written, read, and recorded by Miriam Rimkunas. All piano music was composed and ...…
Conrad's Corner: Poetry From Southwestern Ohio
Steve Broidy reads his poem, "Patch of Wetlands."By (Conrad Balliet).
A few weeks ago Past Time co-host Matt Borths published a study that identified a new species of now-extinct carnivorous mammal from Egypt. The animal was near the top of the African food chain when Africa was cut off from the other continents. It lived in the same swampy ecosystem that was home to our earliest monkey-like relatives! Here’s a l ...…
Delta Dispatches
On today’s show Nikki Cavalier, Community Outreach & Media Specialst from CWPPRA, joins the show to talk with Jacques & Simone about CWPPRA and Nutria & how they affect the Louisiana Coastline. On the second half the show, Andy Nyman Professor of Wetland Wildlife Ecology at LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources, returns to talk about Roseau ...…
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