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Down for Whatever is a sexuality podcast featuring sex-positive interviews with real people about their real sexual experiences. With candor and humor, Myisha helps to demystify modern sexual dilemmas by highlighting the experiences and expertise of her guests who represent a wide spectrum of sexual identities, orientations and backgrounds. For more information, visit
Whatever Works
A couple of mobile tech podcasters turn their hands to a broader topic for this twice-monthly podcast, now to consider a veritable potpourri of gadgetry and objects of interest all in the name of fun! Why not tune in and find out what we've been playing with? It's Whatever Works for Dave Rich and Ted Salmon.
A podcast for the working photographer. From veterans of iStockphoto and creators of Stocksy United. We take a deep look at running a photography business, the gear we nerd out over, and what motivates us to turn pictures into a career. We talk about stock photography, cameras, lenses, fashion photography, street style, social media and a healthy dose of whatever.
This is a podcast about whatever happened to pizza at McDonald's.
Major League Baseball pitching legend Curt Schilling discusses sports in a live-radio setting
The podcast where we could talk about ghosts, could talk about life... whatever. Wide ranging subjects.
Do you still recite, "New year, new look, new Paige" at the beginning of every year? Do you still call Drake "Jimmy"? Do you love reliving the glory days of the most dysfunctional school in Canada? Holland Baker and Kelsey Pillischer take on the task of watching every single episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation and gab, analyze, critique and just plain enjoy the show that truly goes there.
Whatever It Takes Ministries with Paul & Jenny Speed is dedicated to helping couples and individuals do Whatever it Takes to succeed in marriage and in life.
Whatever is Whatever is a long form conversational podcast. Host Maya Hislop talks to women of color about the meaning of life. S*** gets existential and funny and truthful!
Our expert ABC7 meteorologists walk you through weather phenomena, the ins and outs of the weather industry, and give you a detailed look at how weather affects the world around us.
Whatever Whatever Amen Consciousness Podcast Page
The Home Improvement Hour is a Live Call-In Radio show for the Beginner, intermediate and Advanced Do It Your self person. Every show our Host Tim Bishop will do his best to bring in experts from the construction trades. Covering a wide range of trade professionals from Painters and Flooring Installers to Electrician's and Plumber's, Concrete pavers and Roofers to Inspectors and Real Estate professionals
Home of the Barely Soccer Podcast. News, fashion, dumb product reviews, skits.
Whatever Comes Up
WCU Podcast "Whatever Comes Up" - is a show based around combat sports (MMA & UFC) with a mix of banter about everyday life experiences - current news topics and talking to different guests ranging from athletes to comedians & actors.
Whatever Whatever Amen Consciousness Podcast Page
A show devoted to talking all about games, films, and music. With a panel of Alex Dyke, Chris Pelley, Tyler Wall, and Trevor Neely! Also featuring tons of Trey Dinoto, Carson Hudson, and Taylor Moore.Send email to to have it read on the show.Message Kc on his Instagram for art inquiries! All art by Kc Winnecke.
Whatever You Niche
Podcast about niche/underground/misunderstood communities and interests. Special guest each month.Hosts: Alex Burgan, Caleb Miller, Nick WeckmanContact us if you know a guest candidate or you'd like to be one!
My So-Called Whatever is a weekly 80’s/90’s nostalgia and NKOTB podcast (New Kids on the Block) based on awkward moments and experiences of two life-long friends and their listeners. From first crushes to favorite toys to NKOTB (yes, New Kids on the Block) - we’ll dive into those memories we want to remember forever - or maybe forget. We know you’ve got the right stuff - but are you ready to join THIS block party? Baby, I believe in you. We’ll be loving you FOREVER if you send us YOUR storie ...
Hello me, it's me again: Dave Mustaine here, lead singer of the greatest Heavy Metal band of all time bringing you bite-sized Metal news to shove up your... well... they won't let me curse in my iTunes description, but you know what I mean.
Whatever Whatever Amen Sex and Love Podcast Page
Whatever It Means To You is a storytelling collective featuring content from multiple contributors and creatives and is the brainchild of Jared Cramblet. Cramblet, who calls Destin, FL home, is a Talent Manager and Booking Agent who has been in the music business, in one way or another, for over a decade. WIMTY aims to join the recent revival of the art of storytelling and in an entertaining way.
Literally Whatever
Join the fun as Denton Walker & Cam Moen dish out their weekly funny stories, movie reviews, quizzes and more! Whatever we ramble about is literally what we're rambling about. New episode most Tuesdays!
Whatever Whenever
I talk about whatever intrests me ranging from movies to space to videogames. Send in cool topics and I might talk about them
Whatever Happens
Philippians 1:12
Discussions on Gaming and Game Design, History, Philosophy and Religion, and Current Events and Society presented by Creepy Assassin's Stone Lovecharm
Whatever Talk
The Whatever Talk is really self explanatory. Its the show where we make fun of reality. We're grown-ups right, so lets act childish. Say whatever it is on your minds even mention the things not on your mind... BUT whatever and however you say it, smile :) & have fun, so what you mad :) WT wants you to not be afraid to say whatever you want to say... Really all the crazy things you think only you think about NOPE, your not the only one. So, Free yourself, Whatever Talk!
We are like the ice cream cone with the multi flavors you accidentally dropped in the dirt, but still eat because its way to delicious to resist.
A mixture of sports music politics and pop culture featuring Co hosts Yxng.Wxvy and John Wayne
Whatever Today
Random things, Whatever I Feel like
Do Whatever
Go down all the rabbit holes! Do Whatever is a philosophy that encourages everyone to shake off the obsession with single-mindedness and get their hands into everything they can find. Mike Beech is an entrepreneur, champion athlete, author, and family man who will take you on his own personal journey into all of his 'whatevers.'
Whatever Happened
Ben and Bex navigate the world of nostalgia via the TV shows, bands, fads and people we used to know and love.
Eric Dadourian and Allen Strickland Williams bring on their comedy pals to talk about Twitter and best friends and WHATEVER else they want. Produced by Katherine Swope. Theme song and art by Ramin Nazer.
Nothing Whatever
Voice collage pieces and personal comedic sketches for enjoyment and challenge.
On the UP2U Podcast, Michael Helms talks about what motivates people and what drives them to get out of bed every day. We’ll learn from individuals who have overcome challenges and strive to be the best they can be. The UP2U Podcast was created for all of us. Each episode will empower us to take the next step to becoming the person we want to be. No more excuses! Whatever happens in life is UP2U!
Whatever We Want
All topics, whatever we want, be good, do good, be the change, but BE
When a butterfly spreads its wings, mayo isn’t miracle whip...
Everyone has something to say. So does Taylor. Topics will range from 90's sitcoms, stupid things people do, serial killers and why Dunkin Donuts is way better than Starbucks. Pretty much the basic, "I have a podcast and can talk about whatever I want." Join me, won't you?
Whatever We Want
Sean and Mike. Mike and Sean. The Amazing comedy duo make their triumphant arrival to internet radio. Join them as they discuss current events, personal experiences and those moments that make life unbearable. Cozy up and listen to Whatever We Want with Sean Faye and Mike Perdomo
Health Educators Sam Whitney and Amanda Lee will be talking all things health and wellness in this informative and conversational podcast. They'll be breaking down health topics and skills discussed in their classrooms and focusing in on current health issues. All coming to you from the Seacoast of New Hampshire.
Now and Whatever
A podcast featuring candid conversations between a husband and wife living in the Pacific Northwest. Follow along to hear our weekly ramblings about what's going on now in our lives in Seattle, the latest news making headlines and whatever else grabs our attention from silly to serious.
Whatever We Want
Tyler Bastianson's Podcast about anything with anyone whenever! Interviews every Sunday plus more. Subscribe for updates.
Experience model behavior at its worse! An unfiltered insight into the bizarre and disgusting minds of "beautiful people" and industry-related guests. TMI is key here!
Faith and Whatever
Christian perspectives on faith, and whatever else we find interesting
One to Whatever
Host Seth Milstein consumes 1 item of pop culture (film, album, TV series, etc.) of his guest's choosing. Then they use that one thing as a springboard to discuss the various ways that pop culture has played a roll in their lives.
What ever happens happens is a talk podcast where synthetic media groups aka Ivan And Johnathan talk about their life and other things that have been going on.
Eddie and Neil talk about stuff. Probably tech-related, but always from last week.
An annual podcast about 'Die Hard with a Vengeance,' the best 'Die Hard' movie ever made, in which brothers Andrew and Kevin re-watch the last film of the trilogy (yes, trilogy) and talk about it.
Podcast by Delon Villanueva & Sydney Stuart
Whatever This Is
A podcast where two guys try to continually discover whatever this is.
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This is a live stream and recording of our Tuesday evening Dhamma class from Cross River Meditation Center in Frenchtown, New Jersey on May 22, 2018. The stream begins every Tuesday at 7:15 PM Eastern US time. My Dhamma talk and our sangha discussion will be on the meaning of emptiness within the Buddha’s teachings - to be empty of ignorance. T ...…
The Reel Thing for May 22, 2018 Happy World Goth Day! (Shut up. So, we got some stuff we want to talk about or whatever. Pssh, we hate everything…) The Game of Thrones experience abroad in northern Ireland as told by Mark, and the reviews of Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool 2. Short, sweet and to the point this time around the sun. Thank you ...…
Sam's got all kinds of tales from his road trip with his son including cowboys, mechanical bulls, and #1 overall NFL draft picks. Thomas has a couple of whatevers but mainly it's Sam's time to shine.
Sam’s got all kinds of tales from his road trip with his son including cowboys, mechanical bulls, and #1 overall NFL draft picks. Thomas has a couple of whatevers but mainly it’s Sam’s time to shine. Direct Download The post CS177: Mechanical Bull Shipment appeared first on Comedy Shoeshine.By Comedy Shoeshine.
Hi everyone, it’s Mick here and welcome to Wednesday’s Podcast. Hope your week is going well and you have had some time to enjoy the sunny weather. ‘Freedom’ is our theme this week as we continue our reflections in Paul’s letter to the Galatians; today’s Bible reading is Galatians 4:21- 5:1 and you can hear the whole passage at the end after th ...…
Today I'm talking with Erin McDonald, owner of Pelvic Floor Indy. She helps women find pelvic health, whatever that might mean for them, addressing issues that often appear as women age and our bodies change, through combining breath work, alignment, visualization, and movement to create optimal pelvic health. Erin's website: http://pelvicfloor ...…
Whilst sick as dog butter, I get the opportunity for some deep reflection. I talk about "The Royal Wedding", Pope Francis and how you can do whatever you want. JR* the Podcast RSS
“At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.”—von Goethe. Every movement is intentional and creates an intended result. Are you running up life's escalator or are you standing still? Intention is the difference between accomplishing everything you desire or simply living a life of regret. There is no middle ground. ...…
Did you want to know if next seasons shows look good? Well you’ve come to the right place. But that’s not all, the guys are also talking about all the news that happened over the last week. Casting confirmations for IT: Chapter 2 Clue might get an R rating Upfront Trailers and what we thought about them SHIELD pushed to next summer Whitney Cumm ...…
A GROUP OF DUMMIES TAKES ON…. MENTAL HEALTH/ILLNESS!Welcome to A Group Of Dummies, where we take a group of 3-4 of people in our network who have had some experience in a particular field, we gather them up in a round table discussion and hash out whatever is on our minds!This week we have on:Mark Metry: Host of the Human’s 2.0 Podcast, co-crea ...…
“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life.”Galatians 6:7-8 ESVIf we’re honest, we will admit that it often seems as if the wicked prosper while the righ ...…
What is Tuesday? What ever you make it. But remember, it is going to be just as great a day as you make it. So join me and make it a great one. Link: Ski on Quora Do you have an Alexa device? Great! Simply repeat after me: “Alexa, enable Audio Dashboards Podcast.”
How to Create Your SaaS Sales Comp Plan When I was a new sales manager, compensation planning was one of the biggest gaps in my knowledge. Having not been a sales rep myself, and only a founder who sold, I had never personally had a comp plan. When I created my first SaaS comp plan, not only did I have no clue to start, but there were also no a ...…
Here’s my chat with Kelvin Nyeusi Mawazo about his series Black Sun. Born and raised in Toronto, Kelvin uses the skills he’s acquired as a photographer, front-end web developer and a college instructor to not only digitally illustrate his books but to also teach others how to do the same via his YouTube channel. He’s a lover of science fiction, ...…
On This Week's Show.... Josh, Tim, and Mike talk about DNA and your genetic privacy in 2018. On the heels of a serial rapist being caught when the police used a commercial genetic profiling service to compare their suspects DNA with what was publically out there, we have to wonder – is our genetic information safe? Obviously, it’s a good thing ...…
Discover how to get rid of the demonic forces that are in your life by learning how to identify negative traits that are within us. Being able to do so will help us to make adjustments to our life and defeat whatever evil spirit(s) that are holding our thought life hostage.If this podcast has been a blessing to you (, plea ...…
Fear is a crippling reality.Fear often brings on sleepless nights that turn into zombie days which lead to exhausted minds and bodies unable to stand in faith. The feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming and often leads to depression. A person in fear feels completely alone, forgotten and unable to see anything clearly.2 Timothy 1:7 – "For ...…
Jimmy steals the show on this episode with the most interesting job interview I've ever vicariously been through. BUT THEN I, Trev, steal the show with how cooperative I am in a wild situation. WHAT'S THIS?! Bods steals the show with the performance of a life time, supplemented by Aaram's antics. This episode is a doozy, folks. Guests: Bods, Ji ...…
The Child Whisperer Podcast is back! And it has a new format to better serve busy parents like you. Carol Tuttle, author of the bestselling book The Child Whisperer, is now joined by co-host, Anne Tuttle Brown, a mom in the thick of daily parenting. Every Tuesday, they answer a question and give you a simple Parenting Practice to make your week ...…
Welcome to the #1 podcast in iTunes in the category of Fashion and Beauty where you can always count on Danielle, Val, and Ani to be real, raw, and highly entertaining. This week’s conversation of Profit is something many artists feel uncomfortable talking about, saying it’s not about the money, it’s all about the art – yet most artists are lit ...…
politics piss you off. Fans of ‘News and Politics from Jazz Joy and Roy’ hosted by celebrity global mobile DJ Roy O’Dell Gray Sr are experiencing a 15 second delay when loading episodes, because our esteemed broadcast partners are generating more JazzJoyand ...…
Affiliate disclaimer: Heads up! There are affiliate links in these show notes. What that means is if you click on a link and then make a purchase, I make a small percentage of money because I referred you. This comes at no additional cost to you. I only share products and resources that I trust and that I know will help you in your business. Gr ...…
This episode of Why, Why, Why! features stories on the theme of “Chutzpah”as told by Gwen Dreilinger, Mel Lidman, Alon Tal, Chavi Karkowsky, Judy Maltz, and Ibrihim Ahadi. Next month's event will be held on June 4th (details) and will feature stories on the theme, “Talkin' About a Revolution!” Pitch us stories about revolutions you've seen, fom ...…
This week on The Day Ones Podcast, we're back with a mini episode of sorts. We share some breaking news on the state of the podcast and give a little insight into other projects to come.Then, we share an interview(?) we stumbled upon with "The Lazy Luchador"(6:14). It's a small look at some of the random sh*t that happens when we're recording a ...…
I wanted to take some time to talk about what exactly “self-awareness” is and some of the ways you can begin cultivating it in your own life. To me, self-awareness is developing a deep understanding of who you are to yourself and in the context of community. It’s a conscious, intimate relationship with your core that, over time, allows you to s ...…
Maybe it's our fascination with the Brits and their Royals, or maybe it's our commitment to bettering our health, whatever, tea is making a big splash in America. In this episode, Rolonda chats with American Tea Room CEO David Barenholtz about some of the 2000 different kinds of teas worldwide and their tremendous health benefits, from preventi ...…
Larry Borden - Four Feet Of RainKing Vicious Assasin – This so litBosna Dani – Blue GravitySojo Mojo - Something To Smile AboutWalter Barnes Jr. and Men of Ministry – Whatever you NeedCollegians – Black MassGold Standard Ltd – Lunar EclipseCap – Psycho
Podcast #17 Summertime Essentials Summertime is here! Let’s talk about a few ways we can be prepared this summer. Quick notes: You can take essential oils in your carry on as long as they fit in the standard quart size baggie It is safe for them to go through x-ray Apply your oils before you get on the plane, train, or whatever. Make an essenti ...…
In entrepreneur circles, failure is a big topic. People talk about “failing forward” and why failure is so important—others resent failure and want to do it right the first time. Maybe you’re afraid to fail. Maybe you seek out potential failures so you can learn from them. Whatever your approach to failure is, this episode will clear up your th ...…
(Left to Right) Bo Kratz, Paul Sandburg, Sheel Kohli More info on SIRs More info on Dragons For those of you who just read the blog version of each episode…this is one where you really should listen to the podcast! There was just too much good discussion to capture in blog form. Click icon below to listen on Apple or Google. A summary of the sh ...…
we discuss the news and whatever
We all agree that everybody wants to be loved. Most psychologists agree that man's greatest need is to be loved. No barrier can withstand the mighty force of love. Agape is God's supernatural, unconditional love for you which is revealed supremely through our Lord's death on the cross for our sins. It is the supernatural love Jesus wants to pro ...…
Are you afraid of feelings? Do you know someone who has had a major butthole relapse? Please write into the show are zero audio related mishaps on our end. It's probably your headphones/speakers. Maybe get those checked out or whatever...
We discuss using cash cards without electricity, American Idol, Billboard Music Awards, 90 Day Fiance, and whatevs.
There's a slew of reissues and previously unreleased offerings, humor, spoken word, jazz, world music, folk, and early synthesizer selections all blended together on this edition of TRANSMUSIC AIRWAVES (Episode #268).Some notables include a cut from the latest release by THE FLAMING LIPS (from their earliest recordings), an unreleased song from ...…
In the first message of our new series in the letters of John, Andrew Schey sets up the context for the letters and explores the importance of truth, how truth is disregarded today, and how the historical veracity of the claims of the Bible are important to for us 2,000 years later. The goal of John's opponents was to spiritualize everything an ...…
In the first message of our new series in the letters of John, Andrew Schey sets up the context for the letters and explores the importance of truth, how truth is disregarded today, and how the historical veracity of the claims of the Bible are important to for us 2,000 years later. The goal of John's opponents was to spiritualize everything an ...…
Red Dirt Music Radio Episode 57 Air date 05/18/18 Intro/outro music Things Can Only Get Better – Mike & The Moonpies Puttin’ It Down – Mike & The Moonpies Segment 01 (20 mins) Whatever You Throw – Wes Nickson Road Song – Dirty River Boys Ride With Me – Kyle Jennings Knew My Name – And Then There Were Two Mine All Mine – Dave Fenley Segment 02 ( ...…
Today I’m talking about bold choices! Naughty choices too. My start as a dominatrix, where I have taken it, and a bold choice of Mine in the last segment!
After several weeks, we have fixed the glitches that prevented us from posting each week's sermon audio. Here is the sermon from Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 1018. Earlier this week, I was down at the Wesleyan Child Care Center, picking up my son Ian... (By the way, if you’re looking to top off your joy tank, just go ahead and put a marker on your ...…
The Bible is primarily about God’s story—the good news of who God is, what he’s done, what he’s doing, and what he’s promised for the future. And when you see this story and you understand that you actually have the opportunity to play a key role in it, it changes you forever. It gives you a greater purpose. And it gives you a better perspectiv ...…
Luke 9:1-17 (ESV) Jesus Sends Out the Twelve Apostles 9:1 And he called the twelve together and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal. 3 And he said to them, “Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not have two ...…
Mark 11825 And many spread their cloaks on the road and others spread leafy branches that they had cut from the fields 9 And those who went before and those who followed were shouting Hosanna Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord 10 Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father David Hosanna in the highest 11 And he entered Jerusalem an ...…
Season 2 of the Moron Gaming Podcast is upon us. Listen as Todd regales us with tales of woe, Andy is playing more old games, and Dale is somewhere. Look, we don't have all the answers here. What we do know is that Rage is all the new rage, Microsoft is making gaming more accessible, and Nintendo is making the NES Classic more accessible. And h ...…
Today, Melissa a recent graduate from Rutgers University tells her story. Many persons are opting out of the university path due to the cost and slow climb it provides to success. But Melissa sees a different side to the coin.She is very grateful that she was able to attend university and actually found the experience to be a remarkable one. So ...…
I met up with Karl Kerschl about his new series Isola during the 2018 Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Karl was kind enough to chat with me about the title among a few other things too. Karl helped create a wide array of comics and graphic novels in his career, including Adventures of Superman, Majestic, All-Flash, Teen Titans: Year One and Gotham ...…
This week, I am featuring Nicole Bathurst, an Australian Dietitian talking about eating less sugar and not feeling hungry. We go over how to break that sugar addiction that might be holding you down. Nicole Bathurst is a Dietitian with a difference. She has a unique blend of expertise and experience which helps facilitate practical, lifestyle c ...…
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