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Wooly Bully
Tim takes you on a rip roaring rock n' roll journey through the recess of 60's garage to the heights of post punk, sprinkled with hip music from today's ace players. Always the most modern music of its time.Sponsored by Dandy Brewing
The Hypest Gameplay in Podcasting! Every week, the cowards known as the Super Best Friends discuss the latest in video game news, movies, and comics. "We promise nothing, and deliver less."
Wool n' Spinning
Wool n' Spinning with Rachel Smith, the place where fibre becomes yarn.
The Woody Show
The Woody Show Morning Show with Woody, Ravey, Greg Gory and Menace
We play It Happened in FloridaDig into the crazy stuff on CraigslistWe also talk about interesting stuff that happens in our own livesYou are always welcome to join in the on the discussion (even if it is after the show) our voicemail is 704-FEZ 3200 (that's 704-339-3200)Or you can post it to our Facebook page and on Twitter @WoodyandWilcoxThanks for listening!
Planet Wool is a podcast from the International Wool Textile Organisation. At Planet Wool we bring you a series of wool industry experts from the 85th Congress of the International Wool Textile Organisation.
Wrapped in Wool
A podcast all about knitting and yarn.
Liverpool Football Club related podcast
Behind the Wool
Technically, we knit.
Virginia Woolf is one of the most influential and controversial feminine figures in the literary life of the London society. Night and Day is one of her first novels published in 1919 which displays the moral and spiritual issues that people confront. The author herself was an emotionally unstable person, her episodes of mental illness and suicidal depression being recurrent and always brought into the public attention. The novel revolves around the life of the main character, Katherine Hilb ...
Will & Woody
Raw and unsalted, Will & Woody have given us their word: they promise to make a 'genuine attempt' at drive radio. According to the guys, life would be pretty vanilla without stitch ups. So, I guess we don’t really know what they’re gonna dish up. But with a pinch of banter, a sprinkle of above-average gags, and a full cup of spontaneity, we know it’s gonna be some tasty biz.
The novel centres, in a very ambiguous way, around the life story of the protagonist Jacob Flanders, and is presented entirely by the impressions other characters have of Jacob [except for those times when we do indeed get Jacob's perspective]. Thus, although it could be said that the book is primarily a character study and has little in the way of plot or background, the narrative is constructed as a void in place of the central character, if indeed the novel can be said to have a 'protagon ...
Drum & Bass, Grime & Hip HopBrighton, UKReleases - and enquiries
Paul and Woody
Join Paul & Woody for breakfast each weekday morning on Hobart's 100.9 Sea FM
Kelly and Marsha came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn. Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves. Fiber is one of the many shared interests after over 30 years of friendship. The show is about our adventures in knitting, spinning, dyeing and other fiber arts.
Just a couple of foodie farmers raising rare breed sheep, knitting, spinning and traveling around = Transient Wool Merchants!
Verbal Storytelling Interviewing Pacific Northwest Farmers
Heart of Wool
A Video Podcast about Knitting and all things Wooly
Woody (Сергей Романенко) - один из самых заметных представителей клубного Ростова - молодой, но с большим и успешным опытом работы в качестве DJ уже в течении 7 лет. Этот человек успел раскачать огромные open-air площадки и всевозможные закрытые клубы Ростовской области и Краснодарского Края. Победитель всевозможных Dj-баттлов и музыкальных конкурсов, участник различных радио-шоу – в общем, интересное творчество, за которым стоит наблюдать! Выступления...
Hooly Radio
Your Source to Underground and Unsigned Artists to be considered for airplay email your music to
Woody Harrelson talks about Oscar nominee 'The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers.' In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg shook America to its foundations when he smuggled a top-secret Pentagon study to the New York Times that showed how five Presidents consistently lied to the American people about the Vietnam War that was killing millions and tearing America apart. Henry Kissinger called Ellsberg "the most dangerous man in America," who "had to be stopped at all costs.
Woody Wood is the wild card who has no filter. Jim Chandler is the practical one who apologizes for Woody. Savannah knows everything sleazy and is smart. And Zac is the diva. They live, eat, and breathe Nashville.
Once a week Elisabeth van Delden talks to an industry expert from the wool supply chain – from farm to fashion and beyond – delivering strategies and insights to be successful in wool.
Wookie Tennis
We are Wookie Tennis! A show in which we discuss the film and television news of the week, and occasionally go on unrelated tangents. We like to talk about all sorts of movies, but mostly Alien!
Woody P
Me myself n i
Woogys Wheeler
Woogys Wheeler
Woodie Movie
The Voyage Out is the first novel by Virginia Woolf, published in 1915 by Duckworth; and published in the U.S. in 1920 by Doran. One of Woolf's wittiest social satires. Rachel Vinrace embarks for South America on her father's ship and is launched on a course of self-discovery in a kind of modern mythical voyage. The mismatched jumble of passengers provide Woolf with an opportunity to satirize Edwardian life. The novel introduces Clarissa Dalloway, the central character of Woolf's later novel ...
Woody Guthrie: Hard Times & Hard Travellin'
Theatre Wool
A podcast about the Liverpool theatre scene hosted by resident wools Gary Lunt and Eze Serrano.
Adeline Virginia Woolf was an English author, essayist, publisher, and writer of short stories, regarded as one of the foremost modernist literary figures of the twentieth century. During the interwar period, Woolf was a significant figure in London literary society and a member of the Bloomsbury Group. Her most famous works include the novels Mrs. Dalloway (1925), To the Lighthouse (1927), and Orlando (1928), and the book-length essay A Room of One's Own (1929), with its famous dictum, "A w ...
Mr. Clark and Donald spend a year out west to the Crescent Ranch in Idaho learning about raising sheep. (summary by David O)
Night and Day (1919) is a novel by Virginia Woolf. Set in Edwardian London, Night and Day contrasts the daily lives of two friends, Katharine Hilbery and Mary Datchet. The novel examines the relationships between love, marriage, happiness, and success. (Wikipedia)
Woody Vs. Papi NY
The Culture's Finest
That Woo Life
Create the life you want to live with law of attraction, metaphysics, personal development, alchemy and all things woo. All secrets will be revealed as Queen Tourmaline inspires you to pull into your personal power, live your best life, and expand your consciousness for what comes beyond.
Our weekly look at things that somehow don't seem quite right...
It's time to start dropping the hottest production, freshest remixes. If you really feeling what I'm bringing you kick in a small donation to help further the movement. Simply hit the paypal icon and donate what you can. Thanks and keep listening.
The Tim Woody Leadership Podcast addresses challenges influencers face; providing practical, values-based application for anyone desiring to take their life and leadership to the next level.
Wookie & The Bear
Join us as we run through the week's comic book releases and look forward to what's ahead on our pull lists. Irreverent, nerdy fun with two guys who are old enough to know better.
Creative Wool Media
Recent Posts - Blip - Blip
Wrapped in Wool
A podcast talking about knitting and crafty projects.
Woody And Letters
Podcast by Tape Worms
A podcast about nalbinding and other ancient crafts with a modern twist.
Woody and Buzzed
Woody and Buzzed is on temporary hiatus while Brian works a fancy writing gig in NY.
This Great and Crowded City: Woody Guthrie’s Los Angeles
Women Writers and the Avant-Garde: Virginia Woolf and Painting
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Couple of dense south east lines pounded the low tide bank at Mid Narrabeen. Session 15/05/2018 - surfers: Vluggy, Stiffy, Slim, Hog, Dunsmore, Doovda, Matty Cattle, Wooly, and other..Song By:Gil Scott-Heron V Jamie XXNY is killing meWe're new here…
Couple of dense south east lines pounded the low tide bank at Mid Narrabeen. Session 15/05/2018 - surfers: Vluggy, Stiffy, Slim, Hog, Dunsmore, Doovda, Matty Cattle, Wooly, and other..Song By:Gil Scott-Heron V Jamie XXNY is killing meWe're new here…
Today on the show: BJ Howse comes to Erina Men Shed's rescue after items were stolen What Did You Google Last? A red-faced resident claps back at 'Vocal Performance' Australians are getting over 500,000 cosmetic procedures per year Space News Coles and Woolies axe Starburst from shelves... Become a 2GO Club Member and see Keith Urban live Our G ...…
City hit a record breaking 100 points, Southampton are safe but there are more important questions that need answering. Like have Tottenham achieved their goal of turning into Arsenal? Is Mark Hughes actually a wizard? And will Carlos Carvalhal be leaving the Swans to join the team at the Marriott Hotel. The OTLS Theme "National Hero" is perfor ...…
Opening Richard Arnold Rob - Assault at Woolies Blakey Lord Mayor Martin Haese Behind Closed Doors David Koch
Ken takes us on the journey of seeking to understand God in all His fullness, by preaching through the 2nd of Lifegates Core beliefs - The Trinity.
Wooly and Conan talk through the stories of the weekend while Daniel Flynn joins on the line for a chat.
Full show notes can be found here: ------------------------------ Frank and Alex find out it's that time again where they must suffer for their craft. The planets have aligned and they are powerless to stop it. Another 66 episodes have passed since the last incide ...…
Today on the show: Chaos for Woolies customers yesterday- how did this happen!? Ever paid $6 for tomato sauce? Do you name inanimate objects? Pinky explains Mercury in Retrograde
Welcome to a WILD AND WOOLY, but ALWAYS "CLASSY" episode of Jaig Eyes & Jedi! This week Hope Mullinax and Chris Honeywell make short work of season 5, episode 11 of Star Wars - The Clone Wars - A SUNNY DAY IN THE VOID. There will be - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING! IT IS AN EPISODE ABOUT NOTHING! Find out why this is Hope's LEAST FAVORITE EPISODE! ...…
Before he hits the Woolys stage tonight, Phillip Phillips joined us in-studio!
Phillip Phillips is at Wooly's tonight, and joins us in-studio.
Sponsored by Cedar Ridge Whiskey. Recorded on 3/24/18. After soundcheck at Woolys in Des Moines, the boys discuss their 500th show emotions, driving thru a blizzard to get to the show, a day in the life of a cover band episode, Youtube troubles, experiences in California, airplane etiquette, Wooly’s staff tries to steal our Cedar Ridge from us ...…
Our guest today is someone who's struggled between being a good mom and running a business. This is very much an all too familiar territory for a lot of moms, not just our guest today. In this episode, we will open doors for you and make you realize that having a family to attend to whilst wanting a successful business shouldn’t be a cause for ...…
Diann has had a very interesting journey. She's had three different careers. Her work specifically serves entrepreneurs with ADHD, she did her master's thesis on ADHD, and yet, she didn't recognized as her being an ADHD until she was well into her 50s. Let's all get to know Diann and together, discover her unique brain wiring, her strategies, a ...…
In this bonus episode Jake sits down with Woolie to discuss all things "Street Fighter". Enjoy the show? Consider supporting us on Patreon!
This week we'll get into what exactly wool is, why it does crazy things like shrink, pill and felt, and how to avoid all these things when washing it at home.
From cloning monkeys to resurrecting wooly mammoths, tune in for todays Everyday Science all about cloning.
Ben Percy began Writing With a Love of (Fictional) Wooly Underpants I knew I had to have Ben Percy on the show because I kept mentioning his book, Thrill Me, and it's argument that genre fiction and literary fiction have a lot to learn from each other. Ben and I talk about how he began to study writing with a great love of fantasy and science f ...…
Here are 21 tracks and some talk for the 20th hour of 2018. Wow, it seems like just yesterday we didn't know what we were doing and now there's over 50 hours of programming. Maybe we don't really know what we're doing LOL. Enjoy. Tracks: The Lawrence Arms - Warped Summer Extravaganza American Nightmare - Flowers Under Siege Screaming Females - ...…
What's up Ragers?! Stylowtrix here, back again with another loaded mix for all your raging needs! 40 new tracks, of all styles of dance music, in just 1 hours time. This weeks mix features brand new music from the likes of Dash Berlin, Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Quintino, Virtual Riot, Slander, SayMyName, Sunny Lax, Madison Mars, Vice ...…
Show 36 Delta Heavy - I Need You Culture Shock - East Block Apriskah - Push It Apashe - Majesty (ft. Waisu) Riot Ten & Sullivan King - Pit Boss (BadKlaat Remix) Camo & Krooked - Honesty (Dossa & Locuzzed Remix) Friction - Stinker (ft. Riko Dan & Tantrum Desire) Droptek & Vorso - Smog LAXX - Fake Friends Matroda - Shut It Down Slippy - Promise M ...…
We're back at it again with another episode of the Illenials Podcast East Coast! Come along with us as we discuss things like:-the nunes memo-hillary's EMAILS-FDR did 12/7-please let facebook just die-apply wants control of your campera-fuck the police-illinois local politics and the fight for $15-jeff bezos's laser helicopter-gamify billionair ...…
Wooly, Conan and Stevie take a look ahead to the weekends action along with the big talking points of the week.
If you have listened to our last few episodes, you know we've been discussing the impact social media has had on the way we interact and converse with others. We have touched on the issue of the anonymity and false sense of security cyberspace brings, but do you ever stop to think about the impact it has on others? It is easy to get swept up in ...…
Episode 034 Franky Nuts - Pass That (ft. Azzeration) Delta Heavy x Dirty Audio - Stay (ft. HOLLY) (Wooli Remix) Xilent - The X Emperor & Mefjus - Disrupted (Mefjus VIP) Tantrum Desire - Dancing Shoes Sub Focus - Circadian TC - We Going Up Enei & Kasra - Transmitter (ft. Jakes) Troyboi x Ekali - Truth (UNKWN Remix) Growlz - Gang of Killerz Knife ...…
Wooly, Conan and Conor are back for the new year with loads of talking points and Kieran Bergin joins on the line to discuss his recent criticisms of life as an intercounty player.
A lot of events to talk about this week in the podcast after the Nerd Confessions crew attended both The Game Awards and The 2017 PlayStation Experience. Is PSX just getting worse and worse every year or was it the best year yet?! How did Geoff Keighley achieve his most viewed Game Awards show ever with, “an off the charts,” 11.5 million live s ...…
Playlist Don't Give That Shit To Me by Seun Kuti on Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80 (Mr Bongo Worldwide) N.U.S.A.U. by Jungle Fire on Jambu (Nacional Records) Esma by Menahan Street Band on Make The Road By Walking (Dunham Records) Vampires by Ocote Soul on Coconut Rock (Level One) Freedom Is Free by Chicano Batman on Freedom Is Free (ATO Records) ...…
Season 2 of The Wrap-Up is here, whether you like it or not.
A new breed of sheep could change the future of sheep farming, with its wool valuable for much more than just clothes and carpets.The Astino, named after Mt Aspiring and tino (Māori for perfect), produces wool which can filter pollution out of the airLanaco CEO Nick Davenport told Larry Williams it took eight years to breed this sheep because w ...…
On our path to doubling our sales, we often find events panning out differently than we planned. Whether life throws us a curveball, or we find ourselves a little disenchanted with the business we always envisioned, it is never too late to get reacquainted with your dreams. What if I told you there is someone in the world who can help you navig ...…
Tragedy striking Texas and the nation deserves a little time on the podcast. I talk about Sutherland Springs and give my perspective on appreciation of life as it relates to a kickball game. I interview my wife, Faith, and listen to her take on several things. Her laugh is contagious! Then I reminisce on studying for the nasty bar exam (I found ...…
IBIS World senior industry analyst Nathan Cloutman talks about Woolworths’ decision not to stock many of Coca-Cola Amatil’s products under the iconic Mount Franklin brand and Coke No SugarInterview with AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver Leon and Garry talk about issues including:· Westpac and CBA profits· The pound set to fall on the bac ...…
The GAA hour brings you the 7th annual Wooly awards with special guests Cian Ward and Damien Hayes.
Recording Date: Nov 6th, 2017 PUBG cheater gets beaten up, to bad he didn’t have his speed hack on We get to dive into some of Bin Laden’s computer files, the monster even had a copy of Superman 64!!!! And of course we have some new games to….to talk about… that… no it can’t be! BUBSY IS BACK!!!!!!!! Quality Community PUBG Hacker Beate ...…
This week I talk about a little bit of it all and thanks to the Texas allergens, I sound a little "nosey." Sorry. Deal with my nose or turn it off. I did everything I could to prevent it.Here's a few pics to accompany the blog, as well as a link to an article I mention. I was going to put up a video of me singing with a bar band on Youtube, but ...…
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