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Zeus Plug - a Doctor Who podcast series discussing each new episode of Doctor Who as it broadcasts, as well as special one-off episodes in between series. Made in New Zealand. Broadcast to the world.
Dr Zeus
Zeus Down Show
Comedy podcast with artist-in-house interviews, movie and news topic discussions, or anything that comes to the top of our head, plus selectah sounds. Call-in, message, or comment on FB Live Friday or Saturday nights @ 9 with host, Uriah Jacquez. Like us on Facebook (link below) to hear us live and make a eardrum bounce.
Zeus Osorio
Welcome to the Zeus Osorio podcast, where amazing things happen.
Silver footed, fair haired Thetis, Ares the God of War, Nike the Goddess of Victory, The Furies and The Muses, Zeus the presiding deity of the Universe and the magical, mysterious Olympus, are some of the amazing, mythical Greek and Roman deities you'll encounter in this book. Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome by EM Berens was originally intended for young readers. Written in an easy and light style, the author attempts to bring the pantheon of gods into a comprehensible format. H ...
Of Truth
The Wonder Woman podcast
"The Cradle"
At long last, fans of "Assam & Darjeeling" can listen to the next chapter in the story of everyone's favorite little girl lost, Jee. In "The Cradle" Jee is enjoying the new freedom that comes with being an exile from the land of the living. But she soon discovers that freedom has its share of discomforts and dangers. Caught in a torrential downpour, she is taken in by a kindly old couple who, it turns out, have story of their own to tell. And Jee discovers yet again that things in the Underw ...
A divinely beautiful woman who becomes the cause of a terrible war in which the gods themselves take sides. Valor and villainy, sacrifices and betrayals, triumphs and tragedies play their part in this three thousand year old saga. The Iliad throws us right into the thick of battle. It opens when the Trojan War has already been raging for nine long years. An uneasy truce has been declared between the Trojans and the Greeks (Achaeans as they're called in The Iliad.) In the Greek camp, Agamemno ...
Match One Podcast
Welcome to the Match One Podcast and up and coming podcast with the duo Zeus (@ZeusMatchOne) and T.Diddy (@BigCuzzDwic).
Zak Attack Wrestling
Every week Zeus and Kyle get together to give a young perspective on pro wrestling only at
The only podcast you’ve ever needed! Join us on a rant about film, social things of the world, and overall random things. Hosted by Narce & Zeusintro/outro music made by LIO
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Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for April 13, 2018 is: aegis \EE-jus\ noun 1 : a shield or breastplate emblematic of majesty that was associated with Zeus and Athena 2 a : protection b : controlling or conditioning influence 3 a : auspices, sponsorship b : control or guidance especially by an individual, group, or system Examples: The matter ...…
Kurtis and Tommy jump into Roger Stern’s legendary Avengers run with the final Stern volume! This volume features incredible battles that pit the Avengers against Zeus and the rest of Olympia, Magneto and the X-Men, the West Coast Avengers, a dozen dead heroes and villains, and even Doctor Doom! Issues discussed: Avengers #278-285, X-Men vs. Av ...…
Prayer, cookies and milk Money.
In the name of Bono’s hair plugs and all things 80s.
Marlon Brando, Hollywood, craziness and high school 1999 fatty foods.
Sermon by: Robert Austell; April 1, 2018 (EASTER SUNDAY) - Acts 2:22-36 :: Sermon Audio (link) :: Click link to open and play in browser; right-click to save. Sermon audio is also accessible as a free podcast in iTunes. Search for "Good Shepherd Sermons" or "Robert Austell." Your browser does not support the audio element. ::: Scripture and Mus ...…
A weekend of solids and the glory days of 2008 and the current crap shoot that is America.
The recovery of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Good Friday.
Jesus “Zeus” Hernandez is the epitome of the American Dream. He and his mother Idalia immigrated to the US in 1980, when they boarded a boat in Cuba’s Mariel Harbor, seeking asylum from oppressive dictator Fidel Castro. The Mariel boatlift is part of modern American history. It changed the entire city of Miami forever. It also gave a young boy ...…
01. Mr Deka, Alessio Viggiano - Theatrum Orbis (Original Mix) [Saint & Dont Music] 02. Matt Sassari - Speshail (Original Mix) [Moan] 03. Green Velvet - La La Land (Matt Sassari Remix) [Relief] 04. Mr. V, Low Steppa - My House (Joeski Raw Mix) [Simma Black] 05. Sidney Charles - Unchained (Original Mix) [Truesoul] 06. Matt Sassari - La Queen (Ori ...…
Omg it’s almost Good Friday. Quick grab some fish.
Thankful for sushi friends and family.
The complete recording can be purchased at poetic romanceby John KeatsEndymion is the largest work by John Keats and was composed between April and November 1817. It was published in April 1818, and the critical reception was almost universally hostile. The plot is built around the ancient Greek ...…
Fun and games with Suzy Orman impressions.
Fun with guests.
Noir Recommends 058Recorded live at Ressonancia Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To see pictures and videos from the shows please visit Instagram: SAMA - Indifference (original Mix) - Noir Music02. Thomas Schumacher - Wake Up (Original Mix) - Electric Ballroom03. Beico & MT93 - Let There Be Dark (Original Mi ...…
Sam (a Christian) and Dave (an atheist) talk about how their differing spiritual views affect their relationship. They also briefly discuss Tiangong-1 and the 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal Our podcast of the week is Film Snuff links Contact us Follow us Sponsored By: Subscription links: Subscribe to the podcast in ...…
Welcome to Monday’s with money.
In this episode, we discuss (1) the disobedience of Poseidon and his relation to Zeus, (2) the dualities and relationships of Book 13, and (3) the full depth of man's recklessness examined in the wake of conflict amidst the gods themselves.
Howling at the Sunday moon.
Stormy and Sunday’s.
On our latest episode, the Oracles bravely laugh in the face of the fates by taking a look at children of one of mythology's greatest cads, Zeus. We'll cover everything from dehydrated celestial bears to egg shell hats and golden showers, all of which help us to better understand the greatest lesson of the ancient greeks; Zeus is an asshole. We ...…
An early Saturday
No fucks were given.
For Elvira and me.
Break on through with me.
Andy Cohen sucks and so does your fake enthusiasm.
Fake is what you make.
Acts 14 In Iconium 1 At Iconium Paul and Barnabas went as usual into the Jewish synagogue. There they spoke so effectively that a great number of Jews and Greeks believed. 2 But the Jews who refused to believe stirred up the other Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers. 3 So Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there, speak ...…
01) Township Rebellion - Ramses [Filth on Acid] 02) HEYZ - Schedule 2 [Mau5trap] 03) Hidden Empire - Tornado [Stil Vor Talent] 04) Steve Mulder, Luca Gaeta - Bells (M. Fukuda Remix) [Funk'n Deep Black] 05) Christopher Coe - Headland (Reinier Zonneveld Remix) [Awesome Sound Wave] 06) Riva Starr & Tiger Stripes - Sound Of The Bettest [Truesoul] 0 ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: From GodsSubtitle: Descendant Prophecies, Book 1Author: Mary TingNarrator: Emma LysyFormat: UnabridgedLength: 8 hrs and 12 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 05-13-15Publisher: Author Mary TingRatings: 4 of 5 out of 124 votesGenres: Teens, Romance & Fri ...…
What in the shit are we talking about this week? Norse Gods! Turns out they’re still being worshipped today. Who knew? Well, our own Timesuck editor Jesse Dobner for one, who is a practicing Asatruar. Apparently a lot of people in Iceland also knew and quite a few in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Even a few Timesuckers. I didn’t. I thought Thor ...…
View From The Top Rope Presents episode 35 featuring The Ringside Rant. Chad, Diesel and JR come to you from Zeus's Lair to deliver another wonderfully wacky episode of the best podcast in the known universe done from Wisconsin by 3 #GoodBrothers. The boys have their normal opening banter for a hot minute before diving directly into The Mystery ...…
District Chief Peter 'Zeus' Reid was born and raised and continues to live in the city he has served for the 35 years.A Hazmat Officer for 8 years and a member of his Department's Peer Support Team, he brings knowledge, experience, passion, and compassion to the Fireground and the station.He Captained his Department’s Combat Challenge / Firefit ...…
Narce and Zeus talks about their childhood. Zeus Draws a picture; while Narce stands up.Please rate, review, and share!Follow us!Narce: ...…
Does the NT ever call Jesus â??Godâ??? If not, why are supposed â??Biblicistsâ?? so adamant that you must believe he is? Is Acts 14, 12, where Barnabas is called Zeus and Paul is called Hermes, based on a well known story among the gentiles? Why didn't Jahve just cure Moses of his speech impediment? Isnâ??t Aaron a useless addition since it is ...…
This week we bring you an episode with a Grecian flair. Drew and #1 Fan Harrison Human Guinea Pig’d Blue Zeus, male vitality pills they found in a London pub bathroom, and told Danny about their experience. Drew, Danny, and #1 Fan Harrison then reviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first ever film, Hercules in New York. At this point you’re probably ...…
Burlington, VT alt-rock trio - Interview and Live Performance - Hosted by Tim Lewis, Engineered by Ryan Cohen - Recorded at Robot Dog Studio - Originally aired on
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