TM58 – S4E10 – The Beginning


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It's Mike and Cory's last 12 Monkeys episode discussion ever for the series finale, "The Beginning"! What a great way to go out with a wonderful, thoughtful discussion filled with appreciation, speculation, and awe at how perfect everything was, topped off with some insightful, well-phrased feedback from the listeners. Like the show, the podcast got its perfect ending!

Join us for 12 Monkeys news, commentary and analysis for “The Beginning”! This week we talk about Deacon's strange task in the past that we never got to see, Cole's wonderfully understated persuasion of Cassie, the endlessly entertaining reunion of Cole and Ramse, the surprises of other return cameos for other characters, and, of course, the stellar ending with two different epilogues. Just the ultimate series finale of all time! Read more...

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